Vernon Davis a no-show at 49ers minicamp


Tight end Vernon Davis wavered a bit about his intentions to report to this week’s 49ers mandatory minicamp, but he ultimately came down on the side of staying away.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Davis is not at practice on Tuesday, a move he foreshadowed in a column for that explained why he was “holding out” for a better contract. Davis had previously indicated that he planned to report for minicamp after skipping the rest of the team’s offseason program.

Davis is set to make $4.7 million this season and missed out on a $200,000 workout bonus after staying away from the team this spring. That’s a bigger loss than the nearly $70,000 in fines he’ll face for no-showing minicamp, although the price will rise sharply if Davis continues on this track into training camp this summer.

There’s been no word from Davis about his plans in that regard. His column this week made it clear that he knows holding out is his best leverage toward getting more from the 49ers, but the penalties are severe when you have a limited time to cash in on being a productive NFL player.

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  1. I like the niners but if I were the coach I would pull the Mike Singletary on him.. he can not show up and not get paid. I wouldn’t trade him either. He can play out his two years or get older and older trying to force the niners hand. He has disappeared in big games, especially those against Seattle. Unless a team is offering multiple early draft picks for him, I’d just let him be and not pay the fool. He signed a front-loaded contract knowing that the last couple years wouldn’t be a profitable.. I wouldn’t pay him a dime more.

  2. As a Dolphin fan I could careless here but I’m always on the side of the players. Get as much as you can while your still worth it because the moment you begin to decline (look at Dwayne Wade) many want to get rid of you no matter what you’ve done for that organization. David might only have 2-3 more years as a top tier TE in the NFL and he should be paid like one while he can still produce like one. Hold out as long as it takes Vernon because if the shoes were reversed the 49ers would replace you in an instant.

  3. The system is rigged toward the franchise. Anytime a player can extort the system for a bigger payday, I’m in favor.

    Capitalism dictates that if he’s wrong, he’ll be cast aside (not discarded, but coming from a weaker bargaining position), meanwhile, if he’s right, he’ll receive an awesome payday.

    In an open capitalist marketplace, what is he worth to you, 49ers…?

  4. Maybe he was busy at the barber shop getting his lebron style shape up… Dude, just shave your head, no ones forehead goes halfway to the back of their head

  5. I don’t get the hostility towards player hold outs in the NFL. It’s not as if NFL owners are forced to honor contracts or don’t squeeze players when they drop production. If a player can get cut when he plays poorly than he should be able to hold out when he feels he is under compensated and has the most leverage. The article he wrote for MMQB was pretty good. I think SF has a lot more leverage because of their depth. I don’t see this ending well for him based on that but good for him

  6. Davis was and still is a stud in this game, and was one of only a few bright spots for this team offensively for many years before the past few seasons, but the arrival of so many legitimate receivers, and the fact that he still has TWO years left on his current deal isn’t helping him much. I guess he’s worried that next year when Crab, Boone and Iupati are all up for new deals, there won’t be any left over for him. I get it, but two years left on a contract doesn’t bode well for him…

  7. Dude is 30 years old, doesn’t try to break tackles, doesn’t go for the ball when it’s up high, is 30 years old…what leverage does he really have? 49ers can draft a fresh TE next season, they have the team to let Davis walk if he wants to act like a rookie at 30 years old.

  8. So, once again, Suh doesn’t show up for a voluntary offseason workout and the media has panel discussions about it and their are a story a day about how he needs to grow up and be a team player.

    But, Andre Joohnson, Vernon Davis, etc, etc, etc don’t show up for a mandatory offseason workout, and it’s filled with posters and columnists not making it into a big deal.

    Nice to always be consistent NFL…smh

  9. If I was one of those Billionaire owners I would pay those greedy players 50k and make them buy their own insurance! Why should the owners pay for their insurance. I don’t care if most of the players have broken bodies and are out of the league by 30. Screw them the NFL is about the owners not the players. Watching football is the the one pleasurable thing in my life and I’ll pay for it as long as the money goes to the owners and doesn’t go to those greedy players!

  10. He has been convinced that he is worth more money. FANTEX is taking him for a ride. He needs to have them pull over and let him out at the next corner. Where is his agent in all of this? (or is FANTEX handling that now?)

  11. These guys forget about all the money they received up front for signing the contract and get upset when they think their annual salary is too low down the road. He’s already been paid for this year in advance with the signing bonus.

  12. Cards are offering Skillet Hands Housler and a 6th in 2018. Baalke should pounce.

  13. I probably wouldn’t put my middle finger up towards the billionaire owner. I’m guessing that $4 mil contract is about how much the owner made before breakfast today.

  14. Gotta love the media, he’s only making 4.7 mil this year. It was 5yrs/37.5 mil. He is the one that took the majority of the money “up front”. Suck it up, or go flip burgers for a living. Fed up with guys that want “lifetime achievement” contracts. Say “HI” to Urlacher in the unemplyment line.

  15. I would be interested in reviewing the offering documents and subscription agreement for Davis’ stock offering. He intentionally failed to appear for workouts which cost his investors money. Derivative action may be next.

  16. Vernon needs to take a few lessons in humility from Frank Gore and Patrick Willis.

    These are guys that appreciate the opportunity to be a part of a winning team and make millions doing it….playing a game.

    Let’s break this down with a little logic:

    – Offense/defense plays about half a game, once a week = 30 minutes.
    – 16 games in a season = 8 hours a season of actual gameplay.

    Playoffs – Another 2 – 2 1/2 hours of actual play time depending on how far they go.

    Summary: These guys actually play 10 hours of football each year and get paid millions. How much do you make in 1 day?

    Is your mind blown yet?

  17. His “investors” just lost more money.

    I fear for a world where the people who actually bought “stock” in an athlete are allowed to legally buy alcohol and guns, drive cars, and vote.

  18. Why do so few of you understand who the employer is and who the employee is? Do you honestly think that when these players sign their deals that they’re unaware of the teams ability to terminate/cut said player? It’s business, people. I don’t fault him one bit for trying to get more, but there is always a consequence, for both the player and the organization. And for the record, in case it isn’t already obvious, I’m a pure capitalist.

  19. A real shame, I’m of the opinion that Fantex has inflated his ego to pre-Singletary levels and made him believe that this in some way is beneficial to his future. I hope the front office doesn’t budge.

    With the talent on the roster and Harbaugh coaching this team is a perennial contender. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you Vernon.

  20. I respect a player’s right to hold out to extort a better contract because team’s can simply cut a guy that does not perform, regardless of the length of the contract.

    That said, if I were the team I would let him twist in the wind and not play all year. He is not the difference between winning or losing the NFC.

  21. 49ers won’t win their division for many years, so he has every right to demand immediate compensation for previous performance.

  22. I thought the 49ers would implode because of Aldon Smith and the Harbaugh/Baalke contract issue but Vernon Davis and the O-line guy just go: “Damn, why wait until the season begins?”

  23. That window is completely shut 9er nation. Hope you enjoyed your last few years of “success”? At least you’ll always have the 80’s.

  24. The 9ers should do nothing until Vernon honors his contractual commitments. Then, and only then, should the begin negotiations. Stop disappearing when it counts, Mr. Davis, and you’ll get paid.

  25. I’m predicting massive fail on his part. I’m pretty certain the front office is not going to be setting a precedent for being pressured into paying more.

  26. As a Niners fan I find this hilarious. In eight years of horrible football we didn’t have one issue with a contract except when we drafted Crab. Now we are winning again and there are issues. These players want to get paid when they are already getting paid! Vernon your a good TE not a great TE and your not a WR!!! You put up good numbers for a TE if you put up the same numbers as a WR you wouldn’t be making what your making now it would be less. Hey wait a minute maybe we should consider him a WR and cut his pay, shouldn’t it work both ways? I could care less if he’s not there the 49ers are smart they will figure it out and this gives Vance more reps. I could see if Vernon was underpaid like Boone but he’s not he just looks like a selfish punk. He’s gotten two fat contract one without deserving it when he was drafted so it’s not like the 49ers haven’t taken care of him. They are taking care of him now I wouldn’t give him one more penny!

  27. Vernon I love you bro but I can see us using a lot for 20 personnel ( 3 WR and 2 RB) this year if you dont want to be part of this team. I think we will be fine dont expect the Niners to give in. I would get your butt to camp sooner rather than later. remember its the TEAM.

  28. The 49ers should bring in Jermichael Finley for a tryout. Then watch how quickly Davis gets over being butthurt at “only” being the 3rd highest paid TE in the NFL.

  29. After watching ESPN’s E60 – Patrick Willis, I will never respect another player that holds out and takes what he has for granted.

    That 12 minute video will 100% change your mind about football players…forever.

  30. I used to like Davis, but he’s proving that he’s a self-centered bum. The Niners gave him a $10 million dollar signing bonus and $5 million per year. He signed that contract and now is reneging on it.

    The Niners need Davis, but I say get rid of the bum. He’s already one of the highest paid TEs in the league.

  31. I can understand some NFL players holdouts, based on the way contracts are structured in the NFL. However, Vernon does not have a leg to stand on!

    Everyone keeps throwing out the 4.9 mil number he’s due to earn in ’14. How about the contract as a whole? The massively front-loaded contract, with the fat signing bonus, that pays him an average of 7.5 mil/yr over the life of the 5 year deal? The deal that at the time, paid him more than any TE in NFL history? The deal that still today, places him 3rd in the NFL in avg dollars per year?

    Get over yourself Vernon… Stop focusing on your “BRAND” and get back on the damn field.

    Then Niners should play hardball with him and I fully expect Baalke et al to do so!

  32. As a 49’er fan, Vernon would have more of a case, if he actually would have showed up & done something in the NFC championship game, from which he basically disappeared the entire game!!

  33. Leverage? He’s a pro bowl quality TE. How’s that for leverage. Not too many of those out there. Graham, Gronk, witten…, people act like they can just plug in a rook and he’d take over by being a ” product of the system”. Won’t happen. And 30 yrs old too old? look how long Gonzalez was producing. I don’t see Davis just becoming washed up over night because he’s 30 now. 9ers need to pay this guy before some else does, because someone else will. Everyone thought Gonzalez was done till he went to Atlanta and ripped it up there. Look at KC’s TE’s now. Yeah good call there KC.

  34. I respect Davis for telling it straightforwardly in his MMQB column: it’s nothing personal and he wants his team to succeed, but eventually the game of football will leave him behind without a care and he has to make his money while he can. Regardless of whether or not you agree with his actions, he’s being totally honest and pragmatic.

  35. Vernon Davis all be it a great TE, is a freaking spoiled brat of a man. You have a contract that YOU signed. NOW HONOR IT,

  36. Great “branding” man! – this guy is a tool, an embarrassment for the 49ers in an off-season filled with embarrassments. This is from a niners fan.

  37. This is why you don’t give those huge signing bonuses. Players think they are making 9 mill a year on a 7 mill/yr contract and when the signing bonus runs out they are only making 4 mill a year.

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