Adrian Peterson thinks coaching change could make quick impact on team


As Vikings running back Adrian Peterson closes in on his 30th birthday, one of the best players in league history will be working with his third head coach at the NFL level.  And while the presence of coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner won’t make Peterson play any harder, the 2012 league MVP believes that Zimmer and Turner will get the best out of players who aren’t necessarily self-motivated.

“Me personally, I could play for a guy like Coach [Leslie] Frazier and go out and still give 110 percent,” Peterson told Tom Pelissero of USA Today.  “A lot of guys can’t respond to him. . . .  Some guys can respond to that.  Some guys can’t.

“Some guys need that guy that is going to be in your face and tell you what you don’t like, but you know is true.  Guys respond to that.  It’s a different energy level when you get that from your head coach.  It’s probably the first time we experienced that.  Coach [Brad] Childress was kind of fiery at times.  He’d talk noise to you and get on you as well.  But in this sense, it’s from the head coach, the offensive coordinator — it’s around the board.  I think as men, it’s not to a disrespectful level.  So, they’re able to take the coaching, enjoy it more, have fun while doing it and then have that sense that, ‘You know what?  I like this.  This is fun.  This is what I want.  This is what I’m needing.’  That’s what I’m kind of sens[ing].  That can change a team just like that.”

With the talent levels tighter than ever in the NFL, the right coach at the time right could be the difference between a playoff appearance and another year on the outside looking in.  For the Vikings, maybe it will eventually mean a return to the game in which the franchise has lost four and won none.

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  1. Adrian Peterson is the best RB to ever play the game.

    The Minnesota Vikings have the best fans of all time.

    We have the most historic franchise of all time.



  2. It will make a quick impact. 1-15 coming!

    At least you can try to pick up some top defensive talent in next years draft! You’ll need it.

    League’s worst. By far.


  3. The greatest RB in the world is as wise as he is talented.future first ballot HOF along with future HOF coach and qb.the vikings will tear up the NFC north and their laughable tasteless defenses(especially the packers)and take the division by week 15.our future shines brighter than yours.SKOL

  4. They are so crappy. Like a bum on the side of the road. You almost want to throw your spare change and lint at them from your pockets.

  5. Oh look! A Vikings fan blowing smoke about how they could win the title! Yeah, that’ll happen soon. Zimmer is a good coach, and they’ll be improved. By improved, that means 7-9. Get over the delusion. They stink.

  6. I’m torn here…
    As a Bengals fan I’m rooting for Mike Zimmer to do well..
    As a person, I realize that if they do well, the number of comments from Poet will multiply 10 fold.
    … I genuinely can’t decide

  7. AP, you’re a *beast*. The League salutes you.

    But as a Skins fan, if Turner is your OC, you can kiss your touches goodbye. Nobody is a bigger apostate of The Run and has turned an overblown rep into more one-year contracts than Norval.

    Sorry, bro.

  8. The whole motivating part of coaching is probably a little overblown. What’s going to make a difference in this team is the schemes the new coaches put in and the discipline instilled in the team. Norv Turner is light years ahead of Bill Musgrave. Mike Zimmer will put in a defense that is way more effective than the outdated Tampa 2. I heard that last year veterans were coming out in shells when the practice called for full pads. Zimmer isn’t going to put up with that stuff. Like you said, there isn’t that much difference between teams in talent. With all the close games the Vikings gave away at the end last year and the instability at quarterback, you’d have to be nuts not to expect Zimmer to cause a significant improvement in the team this year.

  9. “3rd head coach as he approaches his 30th birthday.”

    Rather sad that in all his years he has so little playoff experience and the only winning playoff game he ever participated in was won by Brett Favre years ago.

    When you look back on his career and injuries, you just have to wonder if he could have been motivated by something other than money. What if he could have been known outside of Minnesota and had some accomplishments?

    Who knows what kind of a meaningful career he might have had if he a been drafted elsewhere.

  10. For the Vikings, maybe it will eventually mean a return to the game in which the franchise has lost four and won none.

    Yea Norval has done so well lately The teams that did do well besides a great RB also had some pretty damn good QB’s

    But this is Minnysoda where the only recent winner s are the Lynx But thats what you football “fans”from the Land of 10000 mudholes deserve
    a great WNBA team

    BTW how are those PSL’s going?

    Minnesota Vikings fans will pay $500 to $9,500 per seat in the team’s new $1 billion stadium, set to open in 2016. .

    Of the 65,400 seats in the Vikings’ new stadium, 75 percent will require game-goers to purchase seat licenses before they buy tickets. The Vikings will offer payment plans, including one that gives buyers eight years to pay for the licenses.

    LOL 8 years to pay up to 9500 for a PSL wow sounds like a loan to buy a crappy used car for a poor person
    Oh well they are getting a crappy used team That has almost won a Superbowl (Not really though
    4 appearances 34 points Nice) But hey they were there recently what was it SB XI?

  11. Delusional thinking seems to have norm in the Twin Cities, their fan base is predicting a Superbowl and now Dad of the Year is predicting great things.

    By quick impact, I assume he means the Vikings stand a good chance at winning 6 games this year, that in itself would be an improvement.

  12. He better hope so. He’s approaching age 30 fast, and RBs age quicker than QBs in this league. His window is closing fast, assuming it was ever open to begin with.

  13. When Bridgewater was invited to the upcoming birthday party for Peterson, he couldn’t have been more excited. The invitation read in part:

    “In addition to the football-shaped cake, players can enjoy a small finger food buffet.”

  14. Seriously now – a great head coach can make a huge difference. The RIGHT great head coach can make an enormous difference. This team has the right great head coach. Stand by….

  15. As a packer fan I’m really looking forward to what the new coaching staff can do. Don’t give a box of turds about AP though. His sudden onset of fumblitis in the NFC Champ game was ridiculous and cost the old man his chance to ride off into the sunset as SB champ….

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