Blake Bortles is signing his rookie deal today

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With all the drama sapped from the process of signing draft picks, the news of a first-round quarterback signing barely registers.

But the last one is inking his deal today.

According to John Oehser of the team’s official website, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles is signing his contract today.

While he didn’t get nearly the kind of attention of class-mate Johnny Manziel, the Jaguars quietly zeroed in on the Central Florida quarterback from the start.

While he has the prototype size and arm, he’s still learning, and the Jaguars have insulated him with veteran Chad Henne, who can be serviceable for a moment.

17 responses to “Blake Bortles is signing his rookie deal today

  1. “the Jaguars have insulated him with veteran Chad Henne, who can be serviceable for a moment.”

    I think you meant “for the moment” but you are argueably more accurate with the above.

  2. The only thing the ENTERTAINMENT and Sports Programming Network and other so called sports news outlets do is over hype certain players or stories ad nauseam like Manziel. Meanwhile guys like Bortles who’s doing everything the right way get overlooked continuously by the same networks. But hey keep your head up Bortles. When you get drunk and float on a inflatable duck with a bottle of Cristal in hand you’ll be the lead story on all the ESPN clown shows.

  3. That’s gonna be a fun O to watch. Speed at WR’s w/ a big arm QB getting them the ball. Then getting pounded by a sledge hammer RB. Next up a young TE for the middle of the field.

  4. Those two-tone helmets are the worst.

    either of the two colors would be fine, please
    Jax…pick just one of them.

  5. @ctiggs
    You are correct with the term “Bust”, as in he will have a “Bust” in Canton one day.

  6. “You are correct with the term “Bust”, as in he will have a “Bust” in Canton one day.”

    Please give me some of what you are smoking….

  7. This will be extremely FUN and INTERESTING to watch and see if Bortles can live up to the hype and skyhigh evaluations of the so-called experts who charged each team over $500,000 for their evaluations which picked Bortles as their best.

    If Bortles, the top pick of these evaluators, falls flat on his face, can these teams get their money back?

    If Manziel manages to continue his college success to some degree in the NFL, will he finally be considered legit just as Russell Wilson finally proved after he had solid college seasons at two different colleges sandwiched around a less than stellar minor league baseball stint where at least he signed for a hefty bonus? BTW, both Wilson and Manziel have never proven they can hit a decent curve ball or a filthy splitter so there is absolutely no chance they could have a legit MLB career.

  8. catfanatic1979v1 says:Jun 18, 2014 11:09 AM

    The Jags have the best looking uniform in the league.
    Not even close. Ugly if you ask me. Bills………red, white and blue……….sharp!!!

  9. I guess Khan finally found a decent London flat for Bortles…for those “home” games.

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