Dennis Allen says Schaub has been “outstanding”


Hold the phone on the chatter that rookie Derek Carr may quickly supplant starter Matt Schaub in Oakland.

On Wednesday, coach Dennis Allen praised Schaub for his efforts during the offseason program.

I think he’s been outstanding,” Allen said, via Scott Bair of  “That’s what you’re looking for in a veteran quarterback. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of what we’re going to see out of Matt Schaub.”

The Texans saw the best — and the worst — out of Schaub.  And they decided to move on to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

On one hand, the Raiders need to justify their $8 million guaranteed investment in Schaub, especially after their $6.5 million guaranteed investment in Matt Flynn went kaflooey last year.  On the other hand, they need to win.  Carr, a second-round pick last month, may give them the better chance to do that over the long haul.

Truly outstanding or not, look for Schaub to get the first crack at turning the team around.  If he fails, look for Carr to get a chance to salvage the season and/or provide hope for the immediate future.

Even if that’s not enough to provide employment for Allen and others come 2015.

31 responses to “Dennis Allen says Schaub has been “outstanding”

  1. Matt Schaub has one bad game and Denis Allen will trade or release him, and then bring in another washed-up QB and repeat the same thing until he gets fired himself.

  2. Matt Schaub isn’t outstanding at anything.

    I feel bad for every team that didn’t draft Teddy Bridgewater.

    The 2014-2015 Super Bowl MVP.

  3. What’s Allen going to say; “Hoo-boy is he stinking it up! What a stupid decision THAT was!!”? All the Raiders brass can do is pretend that things are working out great, no matter he reality, and keep hoping for the best.

  4. Stick with the plan, Schaub starts, Carr learns. Do this and the raiders will be fine. If anything, the raiders will be fun to watch this year. Being a life long fan, that’s all I am looking for this year.

  5. When you throw a pick six in your first practice for your new team – as Schaub did with the Raiders – there is no place to go but up.

    I wonder if Schaub – who holds the record for picks six in consecutive games – is going to get mentoring from Rich Gannon, who holds the record for most picks six in the Super Bowl.

  6. Dennis Allen said the same thing about Pryor then it was Flynn last year to sell tickets that nobody wants .
    At least until they hire a real GM and fire McKenzie and his
    trainwreck of busts in the drafts and offseason signings.

  7. Raiders!! After watching Peyton, Alexis Smith get exposed in the playoffs, I have complete faith that our raiders will be in the hunt this year. The chargers were a fluke so they don’t scare anyone. Khalil Mack, roach, Moore, tuck, and Woodley will make life for other qbs really tough this year. As long as streater, Jones and D.Moore can catch the football we should be alright. As far as dmac and mojo go, I know what they bring to the table, with that said if injuries bite them again, I’m excited to ser latavious murrey get some reps as he was on IR last season. Even he’s not to great Pro bowl RB/FB/WR Marcel Reece will do what he does best and that ball out. I’m loving the depth!! RAIDERNATION!!

  8. Let’s set the over/under on number of pick-6s it will take for Carr to win the starting job at 2.

  9. “I wonder if Schaub – who holds the record for picks six in consecutive games – is going to get mentoring from Rich Gannon, who holds the record for most picks six in the Super Bowl.”

    If Tampa hadnt known the Oakland audibles (since Chuckie installed them in the 1st place) I would consider their accomplishment to mean more than the result of a Varsity vs. JV scrimmage.

  10. I’m not a Raiders fan, but after reading these posts you can’t tell me having the draft in the Bay Area wouldn’t be fun to watch!

  11. Well compared to what the Raiders had last year, sure Schaub is outstanding…

    Just think… Kaepernick was almost a Raider…

  12. Wow! Carr is outstanding. Schaub is outstanding… I believe they still have the man of all men McGloin still in the fold… Super Bowl bound for sure this year!

  13. He looked outstanding in Texans practice sessions as well. It’s when that pass rush starts coming at him that things go wrong.

  14. Khalil Mack, roach, Moore, and tuck, will make life for other qbs really tough this year. Woodley will make life really tough for buffet lines this year.

  15. Yeah sure.

    Schaub has been ‘out’ ‘standing’. Out, standing in a field that is.

    In fact no QB on the roster has looked ‘outstanding’ according to local reports.

    IOW Dennis Allen is maybe po’d and saying this while Schaub is getting the message he better succeed. He wouldn’t be the first ‘Matt’ the front office of my Raiders have failed on.

    Yep, it’s early . We’ll see what happens.

  16. Schaub may have issues, but he is bound to make the Raiders a more dangerous team, and the AFC West one of the toughest divisions in football once again. As for the Raider fan who thinks the Chargers were a fluke last season, get a clue, lol.

  17. Look, it’s really quite simple-tha raaaiiidaaazz are gonna pound the rock, sack the q.b. and go vertical.
    we don’t need a spectacular q.b. that takes the team on his shoulders and win games. We need a q.b. that makes sound decisions and dosent LOSE the game.
    watch what happens.
    you’ve been warned……

  18. funny how this website and NFL Network, ESPN and all the others were telling everyone HOW GREAT Matt was just 2 years and PICKED them before last season to win a superbowl but the guy gets hurt has a few bad games now he sucks? I bet id Schuab went to any other team the media would be calling this “the best move of the offseason” but The Media wanst Raiders to fail so bad

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