Drew Brees: Brandin Cooks could fill Darren Sproles’ role


The Eagles see Darren Sproles as “an outstanding running back” and that they plan to line him up in the backfield this season.

That’s a change from the role Sproles played with the Saints. New Orleans lined Sproles up all over the place and threw him the ball more than they handed it to him. They don’t have a clear replacement for Sproles among the running backs on the roster, but quarterback Drew Brees underscored how different Sproles’ role will be in Philly when he said that wide receiver Brandin Cooks could take over the responsibilities.

“Even though Darren Sproles played the running back position, we were creative with him,” Brees said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today. “We did a lot of things with him out of the backfield. We’d split him out. We’d throw him screens. We’d do all kinds of stuff with him. So, that role can be filled by maybe even a receiver. Hey, we go out in the draft and get a guy in Brandin Cooks out of Oregon State — an explosive player, great speed, great talent, tremendous young man, loves to learn, loves the game of football. … From all indications, this guy can do a lot of things for us, and he’s eager to fill a role that we need him to on offense.”

Brees continued to rave about all of the things that Cooks could do to help the offense, which explains why the Saints made the wideout their top choice in last month’s draft. If he lives up to the hype while Kenny Stills and others take steps forward, there shouldn’t be much of a drop at all on offense in New Orleans.

23 responses to “Drew Brees: Brandin Cooks could fill Darren Sproles’ role

  1. Brees keeps talking about how their system can still work without Graham or Sproles. I wonder if he thinks it can work without him.

  2. Don’t worry viking fan, the vikings will get a Superbowl.

    The NFL made sure of it.

  3. Been goin’ ALL IN with Cooks in all my dynasty leagues. This guy is the real deal.

    Guy whose team plays in the AFC

  4. Bree’s holds his team hostage for every last cent he can get and now he’s trashing the players that have left because his contract won’t allow the team to keep them.

  5. They didn’t dump Sproles because they couldn’t afford to pay his salary — they can find money when they need it (see Jairus Byrd, Champ Bailey signings). They dumped him because he lost a step and was no longer worth the salary he was due to make.

  6. Cooks and Cooks = Best 2014 Draft/Undrafted pickups at the WR Position in the NFL for one team.
    Add that in with Colston, Stills, Graham.
    Throw a pinch of Robinson, Cadet, Strozier, and Ingram in the mix and top it off with a new found powerhouse of a Defense.
    All stirred in with the Hands of Breesus.

    Yeah, I can see why there is a lot of haters posting and trolling. Say what you want, you thought Bounty Gate would ruin us and we came back stronger! I’d be mad too…..

  7. I love Sproles but I have a feeling the Saints are letting him go at the right time because he’s at the right age to start losing a step or two.

  8. Sproles lost a step in New Orleans, I’m sad he’s gone, but the Saints are moving towards a younger team, hence the reason a lot of older players were let go.

    We picked up some great FA and draft players and I expect, with our newfound defense (#4), we will be more of a force to be feared this year.

    Go ahead haters, we’re coming to a football field near you!


  9. I love Sproles, but also think they let him go at the right time. He will do well in Philly because he isn’t the focus, but they need to use him out in space and not from the backfield like I have read the plan is.

    I had hoped the Saints would have taken a chance on Dri Archer out of Kent State–he was like a young Sproles. Check him out on YouTube—4.1 speed and the 2nd fastest Combine 4o time in history.

  10. There’s no one person that makes this team go moreso than Brees. He’s the only one that’s irreplaceable.

  11. Sproles is a great player! But his main role in the offense was catching screens out of the backfield or running wheel routes. If you look back to the last few games last year, every defense knew to stop the Saints off, you had to stop the screens and seams. In those games, almost every screen Payton called didnt work. D’s were just waiting for them and they stopped them for a loss or no gain. Saw Payton mouth “Im sorry, my bad” to Brees after calling one that was stopped for a loss in one of those gms. I just hope Payton learned that and will lay off on the screen play calls. After D’s started stopping them Sproles’ role was minimized since his size limits him from being a every down RB in the Saints type of offense. Thats the main reason for trading him. But he should fit in Phillys off very well. Also, Cooks is bigger than Sproles and can do the same things as well as work as a WR. I think he’ll be a lot more productive than Sproles.

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