Greg Roman hints the 49ers could pass more in 2014

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The 49ers have given quarterback Colin Kaepernick a contract extension and now they may be giving him more throwing to do to go along with it.

Offensive coordinator Greg Roman said that it is Kaepernick’s second full year as a starter and the quarterback is “seeing things now that he didn’t see before.” Roman also pointed out the new receivers on the roster and, as a result of those developments, Roman hinted that there may be more balls in the air when the 49ers take the field this season.

“We kind of went through everything we’ve done and really kind of stripped it back down to its most element basic parts and [started] over at square one. I would say, I think it’s fair to make the statement that it’s a different offense, 2014,” Roman said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “Because we’ve got some new guys in, Brandon Lloyd has been out there everyday. He’s done a great job of taking advantage of his opportunities. Stevie Johnson’s another guy. So, we’ll see how it all goes.”

Throwing the ball more often shouldn’t be hard for the Niners, who have ranked at the back end of the league in pass attempts in all three of coach Jim Harbaugh’s seasons. They also have a stable of good running backs and a strong offensive line, however, so the team could still play things in a variety of ways. Given the investment in Kaepernick and Roman’s comments, though, more passing in 2014 wouldn’t come as much of a shock.

18 responses to “Greg Roman hints the 49ers could pass more in 2014

  1. I wish we had a few taller receivers, Jon Baldwin sucks, but I definately want to see better passing numbers this year. With the added help/competition there should be improvement.

  2. This is actually good news from a Seahawks perspective. If the 49ers become more pass happy, it plays into what the Seahawks look to stop. Just look at what they did to pass heavy teams like the Saints and Broncos.

    Not saying it’s going to be easy to stop the 49ers offense, just saying it’ll be easier if they become more of passing team. They are better off being balanced.

    Why change what’s gotten you to 3 straight NFC Championships?

  3. Kaepernick, Wilson, and Newton threw less than any other QBs in the league. Like Roethlisberger early in his career. Looked great when he didn’t have to throw the ball much.

  4. I would say that’s great for a regular season game against the redskins. In the playoffs though, Kaep’s gotta run.

  5. Seahawk fans like this report. The more Kaep passes, the better it is for us.

  6. He better hope so. The dynamic play calling of Gore up the middle, Gore up the middle, 5 yard pass, punt was excruciating at times. This is a make or break year for Roman and he knows it, Kaep has the weapons, no excuses.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  7. Kaep can sling the rock as far and as hard as any QB in the league… in fact, farther and harder than a lot of them. It’s the nuances of the position (decision making, reading coverages, taking smoke off the ball when necessary) that haven’t jelled for him yet.

  8. That sounds like a bad idea because I’ve been assured by Packer fans that hand size is the primary determinant of passing success, and Colin Kaepernick has below-average 9 1/8″ hands. Which is odd, because it hasn’t seemed to bother him whenever he plays the Packers.

  9. More throws = more INTs.
    Kaep has a strong accurate arm. The issue is he’s like a fastball pitcher. The ball gets there fast and accurately, but he likes to throw a flat, no arch ball that if the defense can step in front of the receiver can knock it away or INT. He needs to work on his finesse throws. Not every ball needs to go 90 mph. Not hating just my personal scouting opinion.

  10. Well they almost have to go up, don’t they? The Niners threw fewer passes than any other team in the league. There is literally no where else to go but up.

  11. The 49ers won’t even be a factor this season. That team stinks and Kaepernick is mediocre at best. They’re falling apart from the top down although it’s been pretty funny watching it happen. Poor ol’ Santa Clara just can’t seem to catch a break.

  12. Kap is not a very good passer. He’s a 6’4 running back with a strong arm. He’s a better runner than passer. I wish he would pass more. He can’t even read a defense. That will only spell disaster for the 9ers. I love it! Go Hawks!!

  13. They tried that at the beginning of last year, and they were stumbling around 500.

    And then they woke up, and realised Kaep is the dumbest qb in the league, and went back to running the ball.

    And then they started winning again.

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