Hernandez’s lawyers want medical records from Patriots


With a trial date finally set in one of the three murder cases against former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, his lawyers want to force his former employer to share some information with them.

Via the Associated Press, Hernandez’s legal team on Tuesday filed a request for a subpoena seeking documents in the team’s possession relating to “psychological testing, medication records, X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, drug or alcohol abuse-related records, other medical records, physical therapy records, scouting reports, and investigative reports.”

The lawyers claim that the documents are essential to trial preparation, contending that the request “is not intended as a general ‘fishing’ expedition” and explaining the documents are potentially relevant to his state of mind and circumstances.

It’s potentially a stretch to believe that any materials in the team’s possession would relate to the crafting of a defense to the charge that Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd a year ago yesterday, but reasonable doubt can take many shapes and forms.  Before picking the best ammunition for a closing argument aimed at concocting something/anything to lead to an acquittal, the lawyers have to know what’s possibly out there — including the possibility of claiming he’s not guilty by reason of insanity.

Regardless of whether any information from the Patriots actually is used at trial, a court order forcing the disclosure of documents about Hernandez could lead to the eventual leakage of materials suggesting that the Patriots knew or should have known more about his activities away from the field.

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  1. Time to try and link his behavior to concussions. “It wasn’t my client’s fault he was homicidal, he suffered a lot of concussions playing football and that affected his brain function.”

  2. So the Patriots knew about his activities away from the field. How are they responsible for three murders? Just another case of lawyers, and scribes, looking for someone else to blame other than who is truly at fault.

  3. I wonder if the lawyers will be as satisfied with the Patriots injury report as gamblers are. Aaron Hernandez, doubtful with head injury… does that mean insanity or does that mean he’s just an idiot who leaves his unique purple gum at the scene of the crime and he thinks that breaking a cell phone will give him a clean slate?

  4. CTE is responsible. Since he was a wee-lad in Bristol, pulling the legs off of frogs. Its a sad story but contact football (and society) are to blame.

  5. A kid in Texas got off because he was rich. After mowing people down with his car and while under the influence his lawyer stated he never learned about responsibility because everything was always given to him on a silver platter.

    Whatever happens to Hernandez, don’t be surprised. Lawyers are smarter than the jury.

  6. Good luck getting Bill to disclose injury information.

    Tom Curran

  7. I bet they are searching for any concussion/head related injuries. This would be the basis of any mood/emotional changes and would be the foundation of some type of diminished capacity.

    This would be the Hail Mary of defense strategies.

  8. It’s laughable to think they might try a concussion defense. But honestly, could the Patriots be any sleazier? I mean, I live in Boston & work with many Pats fans & they even laugh & joke about it.

  9. In an era when the Twinkie defense can be successful, it’s not surprising the lawyers are looking for something similarly creative.

    But more importantly it also suggests they know they will not be able to deny he committed the act, merely to contest his state of mind at the time.

  10. And if the Patriots did know about Hernandez hanging out with less than reputable people, what could they do about it?

  11. yep, that or why don’t we subpoena all records from cable companies that he has ever had… somewhere he has seen too many GOdFather type movies…Sounds about right, lets blame any other possible motive for murder, other than he is a scumbag low life POS

  12. .

    Most juries do not understand complex medical testimony. It can cause them to have “reasonable doubt”.


  13. This would appear to be the predicate for a potential diminished capacity type pf argument. This does not bode well for Hernandez. In other words, it may well indicate a stronger prosecution case than previous thought.

  14. You know, if they tailored the request a little more narrowly, it would have a better chance of holding up. X-rays? How is that not just fishing?

  15. Didn’t Hernandez scare the hell out of Welker because he couldn’t figure out how to run a film projector?

  16. “My client didn’t kill anyone ….. but if he did, it was because of the concussions”

  17. His lawyers can deny it all they want,but a fishing expedition is exactly what this is. They need a miracle to get him out of this.

  18. Wait?.. I thought just last week his lawyers were stating they couldn’t represent him because he’s broke!.. Now they’re invested enough to pour through records to come up with some flim flam excuse for this psychopath!…

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