Jason Pierre-Paul still feels “a little something” after injury-filled 2013


Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul struggled through a disappointing 2013 season after having back surgery before the year and then injuring his shoulder on his way to ending the season on injured reserve.

Pierre-Paul deemed himself “fully healthy” in May, but something either changed with his assessment or his condition over the last few weeks because he’s not calling himself 100 percent past last year’s injuries anymore. Pierre-Paul said Wednesday that he’s still feeling the remnants of last year’s injuries, although he vows that it won’t stand in the way of a return to his more productive self once the season gets underway.

“I still feel a little something, I still feel a little something, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing that is going to bother me while I’m playing,” Pierre-Paul said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “Now, I’m flying to the ball. Last year, I was completely — back surgery, you couldn’t expect me to come in and do what I did in [2011] — then I got hurt with my shoulder.”

It has been two full seasons since Pierre-Paul’s breakout 2011 campaign and he’ll have to show that he’s healthy as well as capable of being the same dynamic player he was back then even though the Giants no longer have Osi Umenyiora or Justin Tuck occupying the concerns of opposing blockers. Doing so would help the Giants as a team and would put Pierre-Paul in position to cash in with a big contract following the expiration of his rookie deal at the end of this year.

Pierre-Paul believes he can — “I’m going to shut a whole bunch of people up” — but the proof will have to come several months from now.

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  1. There’s no shame in JPP’s retirement due to his injuries. It happens all the time. It’s good to see that he will be able to lead a normal life off the field.

    Without JPP, my man Justin Tuck, Will Hill, Jon Beason, the shutdown duo of Corey Webster and Aaron Ross, Terrell Thomas and Keith Rivers, the Giants defense is going to be nothing compared to what it was. It’s unfortunate that the offense won’t be of much help in this first year of the Ryan Nassib era. Hakeem Nicks and Brandon Myers will both be hugely missed. David Wilson too, along with Will Beatty, Luke Petitgout, David Baas, Chris Snee and Kevin Boothe.

    I’m optimistic that my Giants will turn it around by 2018.

  2. Please do shut me up JPP. Because as a Giants fan i have absolutely no faith in you. For a big, physical, athletic freak you seem to take a lot of plays off and let little nagging injuries get in your way

    I really do want you to prove me wrong though. We need you very badly

  3. I had the same back surgery. You never fully recover from it. There are days when you feel 100% fine and there are days (although fewer in number with their conditioning and access to treatment at the NFL level) where you are only a fraction of yourself. Some guys have very few of those days, some have them virtually all the time, like Larry Johnson did at the end of his NBA career, having had the same surgery as well.

  4. All of the experts agree that it takes 3 years to properly execute the West Coast Offense, and with Eli with his diminishing noodle arm, he will most likely be watching from the sideline, or home.

    I agree with Justintuckrules, 2018 is probably the soonest we can expect to see this team turn it around.

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