Jets express concern for Mike Goodson’s well-being


The Jets cut troubled running back Mike Goodson today, but while the team is done with him as a player, some members of the team say they’re concerned about him as a person.

Goodson, who has had legal problems and substance-abuse issues, hasn’t been in contact with anyone on the Jets and was cut only after he failed to show up for mandatory minicamp. Jets coach Rex Ryan said today that it’s alarming that Goodson hasn’t responded to calls to see if he’s OK.

There’s no question, it concerns me,” Ryan said, via ESPN. “I’ve tried to reach out to him but haven’t been able to make contact with him.”

Goodson’s agent, Kennard McGuire, released a statement saying Goodson needs to “comprehend not only effective communication but simple communication.” McGuire didn’t elaborate, but that sure sounds like McGuire hasn’t heard from Goodson.

Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson described Goodson as “a guy who needs help.” Guard Willie Colon said that teammates usually keep each other apprised of how they’re doing, but Goodson hasn’t.

“That’s the scariest part,” Colon said. “Usually, a guy will send you a text and say, ‘I’m OK.’ Not to hear anything is scary in itself. All you can do is send out prayers to him.”

Said Jets wide receiver David Nelson, “Guys are trying to check in on him, making sure that stuff isn’t reoccurring and taking over.”

If Goodson needs help, we hope he’s getting it.