Nathaniel Hackett: E.J. Manuel “really starting to get it”


The Bills need quarterback E.J. Manuel to be both healthier and better than he was in the 2013 season and the early returns on both counts are good.

Manuel has been able to participate in all of the offseason work after missing time before and during his rookie year with knee problems. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said that the increased repetitions have benefitted Manuel’s confidence and improved his command of the offense.

“He’s doing a very good job. He’s put in a lot of work, all the quarterbacks are. They’re understanding the system, understanding what we’re trying to get,” Hackett said, via the team’s website. “It’s nice to see him make plays within the pocket, step up, find his check downs, throw the ball down the field a couple times. He’s really starting to get it all. It was funny, when he came into minicamp he was like, ‘Alright, no more new installs, let’s work on what we’ve been doing.’ I think that’s a refresher for a quarterback that he knows what he’s doing right now with what we’ve got in.”

Mike Rodak of reported that Manuel struggled with his accuracy during Bills OTAs, but Hackett said the team wasn’t concerned “at all” about that aspect of Manuel’s game. While it is hard to believe that a quarterback’s accuracy is of no concern to the team’s coaches, it’s clear the Bills are doing all they can to build Manuel up heading into his second season.

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  1. Cue hundreds of “EJ is a glass QB/can’t get it done trust me, I’m a ‘Noles fan” comments.

    Just let the kid play. If he’s a bust, so be it.

  2. Quietly, the Bills roster is full of talent (looks like 4 total Bills defenders will crack the nfl top 100 players! Kiko 80’s, Dareus 60’s, Kyle tonight, probably Mario soon). Of course, the only major question marks are two positions of huge importance..QB and the post-Byrd FS job.

    EJ’s worked his butt off this offseason. I’m just praying for a full 16 game season with Buffalo in the hunt all the way until week 17. The OL additions and Watkins/Williams gambles have shown the team has helped him to be in as much of a position to succeed as possible.

  3. Bring on the haters.. The Bills finally have an organization with an identity and a coaching staff that gets it! There’s a ton of talent on this roster. If EJ plays well The Bills will be dangerous. Strong running game talented fast WRs and a massive O-line. A defense that can make plays,even without Byrd the defensive backfield is strong!, Spikes and Kiko make for a strong LB corp. if Dareus keeps his nose clean this D- line will dominate in the new scheme!

  4. Why does everyone try to knock this guy down? What has he done to warrant the harsh critics? He is still saw, only playing 1/2 a reg season. Can’t we at least wait and see with him having a full off-season and now healthy?

  5. Most troubling thing in this story is “throw the ball down field a couple times”. That sounds like a typical Bills game. Throw it down field a couple times…… usually without much in the way of results. When will the Bills add the missing pages to the playbook……… the ones with passes longer than 15 yards.

  6. Good for EJ, I’m proud of him. Took me a while before I got long division down too.

  7. I really like Manuel. I think he is gonna be really good in the NFL. Heard a few interviews pre – Draft and seemed like a really good guy.

    Add Sammy to the mix and Buffalo is looking to be on the rise.

    They would have blown out the Browns last year on Thursday night if he didn’t get knocked out of the game

  8. Manuel has been given a ton of weapons this year so it is all on his shoulders to take the team to the playoffs. If the Bills dont’ win 9-10 games this season people will be calling for his head and probably Marrone’s and Whaley’s heads as well since we can’t draft another QB next year with no first rd pick.

  9. Ah, the annual “this is the year” spiel from delusional Bills fans commimg out of the woodwork. So predictable that you can actually set your watch by it. Every year they same the same things and every year the Bills season is realistically over by week seven.

    Blaine Gabbert 2.0 isn’t the answer, but there is always next year’s draft … no, wait, maybe not.

  10. The accuracy issue is a concern, but some of that could be the distractions of the new offensive plays with new WRs. Let’s see how things play out in the pre-season before we start jumping to conclusions. I think the accuracy will come as EJ starts to just play rather than think.

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