Prime Numbers goes Prime Time on Thursday, sort of

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NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk continues to be a late-afternoon program.  On Thursday, however, the Prime Numbers series will go Prime Time.

Kind of.

It’s time to take up No. 21, where arguably the best player of all time to wear the number went by one of the better nicknames in NFL history.

But other great players wore No. 21.  We’ll let you sort it all out with your votes, and we’ll share the results on tomorrow’s show.

Tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN, Thursday and every day.

22 responses to “Prime Numbers goes Prime Time on Thursday, sort of

  1. Sanders is another former player suffering from the OJ plague, meaning his off-field persona is starting to overshadow what he did on the ball field.

    He is perceived as such an egotistical blowhard that people are now forgetting just how truly remarkable he was as a ball player.

    Smooth and polished backpedal, loose hips, and an absolute technician on the filed. Was absolutely lethal in the open field returning punts or interceptions.

    And spare me the tired argument of ‘he didn’t tackle.’ He didn’t get many opportunities because quarterbacks were terrified of challenging his side of the filed.

    21 is Sanders. Enough said.

  2. If not for the tragedy I have a feeling Sean Taylor would’ve been at least a lock for 3 on this list. Then again he would’ve been fined weekly for doing his job patrolling the middle!

  3. Why is Sean Taylor on this list? He had what? One good season? Its a tragedy what happened to him but still should not be in this discussion

  4. How does Sean Taylor get a vote? He hardly had a career. These fanboys need to give it a break.

  5. Curious to see Sean Taylor on the list and not Bob Sanders. One played 55 games and made one All Pro 2nd team, while one played 50 games, made two All Pro 1st teams, won DPotY, and was arguably the MVP of a SB run.

  6. Deion was probably the right choice, but Woodson might be my favorite player of the modern era so I just had to throw a vote there. Him being gone is the reason the Packers haven’t made it back to a Super Bowl since 45.

  7. My top 21s in NFL history:

    1 Tomlinson: Only Simpson, Payton and possibly Jim Brown were better all-time not only running backs but players overall in NFL history.

    2 Sanders: Top 5 corner all-time. Top 3 as far as dangerous return men behind only Hester and Sayers.

    3 Barber: Should have been MVP over Alexander. Unfortunately played along a great short yardage back in Jacobs. Barber always was the reason they were in scoring position. Great homerun back who could also get yards with power and elite moves. Excellent receiver and underrated blocker. Seems a jerk as a person based on media outlets.

    4 Woodson

    5 Allen
    6 Gore
    7 Brooks
    8 Bob Sanders
    9 Taylor
    10 Bob Jeter

  8. Hadl like most of the old AFL quarterbacks racked up huge numbers against almost non-existent defenses. He was average with the Rams in the NFL, and was the worst trade acquisition in NFL history with the Rams pilfering draft picks from the desperate and foolish Packers. Yes this was the Lawrence Welk trade. The Rams got a one and a two and a one, a and a two and a three.

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