Richard Sherman, Phil Bates throw punches in fight at Seahawks mini-camp


The Baltimore Ravens weren’t the only team to have a fight break out during mini-camp on Wednesday.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was in the heart of a scuffle that broke out between the offense and defense during Wednesday’s practice session.

Wide receiver Bryan Walters suffered a right shoulder injury when he landed hard while making a leaping grab on a pass about midway through practice. Safety Earl Thomas landed partially on top of Walters while he contacted the ground and members of Seattle’s offense appeared to take offense to the play.

Something was said that appeared to spark Sherman as he began to shout loudly back in the direction or Seattle’s receivers and was ultimately restrained and pulled away to line up or the next snap. On the ensuing play, Sherman locked up with receiver Phil Bates and the two swung each other around as Bates lost his helmet and had his jersey pulled over his head in the process. Sherman also lost his helmet as the two threw punches, both connecting on at least one occasion.

Receivers Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin ran to get into the mix and the sides had to be separated.

“This can happen at any practice whether it’s in the season or not,” Thomas said. “I just think we’re all so competitive, if you press just one wrong button everyone will clear the benches.”

Head coach Pete Carroll called a halt to practice soon after the incident and spoke to the team for close to five minutes before they resumed their workouts. Emotions were still damaged and players continued to angrily bark at each other for some time after the incident.

However, everyone eventually appeared to make up over the scuffle by the end of practice with many laughing to each other about the fray. Bates and Harvin both joked and laughed with Sherman while recounting the incident amongst themselves. Baldwin and Sherman hugged walking off the practice field.

“Sometimes you get mad and you say stuff that you don’t really mean,” Thomas said. “But at the same time, we’re all men out here. We’re all alpha males and it happens like that sometimes.”

119 responses to “Richard Sherman, Phil Bates throw punches in fight at Seahawks mini-camp

  1. Phil Bates trying hard for a roster spot.

    Hitting = Good!

    Injuring – Edmonton

  2. I wonder if Percy picked up a dumbbell and threw it at someone, like he did to Brad Childress. So glad that turd is not here anymore.

  3. These scuffles are nothing personal at all. My cousins and I would get into fist fights all the time when we played sports in our Grandpa’s backyard and black eyes and bruises were common; however, everything was fine by the time dinner was ready.

  4. Anyone who thinks that this team is going to get complacent had better think again! Especially with a new team in the division: the Santa Clara Whiners!

  5. Players fighting in camp is a good thing! Intensity all the time is perfect…

    That’s what the 49ers said until they got sick of Jim Harbaugh. How long will it take for the Seahawks?

  6. “We’re all alpha males and it happens like that sometimes.”

    Apparently alpha males now means me-first jerks who think much more of their own pride than the good of the team. Good luck, Pete!

  7. All Sherman was doing was grabbing and holding like usual.

    I’m not the least bit surprised that his own teammates want to thump him. He’s kinda skinny…. he may get ahold of one that’s a little hard to turn loose of.

  8. Just the first guy in a very long line waiting for their chance to punch the most annoying, overrated player in the league. Sherman is a manufactured star, a product of social media hype and creative marketing. Truth be told, he couldn’t carry the jock of Deion Sanders

  9. Wow.

    Hawks receivers giving their defense more problems than any team did last year.

    Watch out NFL.

  10. Go figure. Hmmm, Let me guess dirty play and a big mouth that wont shut up. At least we know its not just all of america that cant stand sherman, his own teammates want to fight him.

  11. Bates must have said something about Sherman’s body odor problem and his feminine hands; Dick is really sensitive about his hands.

  12. If you were hoping the championship was going to make Seattle fat, happy, lazy, and less competitive, your hopes were sadly misplaced.

  13. Lol. Meaningless drama as players get fired up for the season. Bring on th ped comments, as your team could likely use any pick me up to get out of a sorry record of 5-10-1

  14. Believe it or not this is a good sign as is most times when teammates fight then make up . Both offense and defense want to be respected . Players at those Positions battle regularly and are usually the most talkative and it happens . Of this were the qbS and someone id be very concerned .

    Most of you who’ve played high level
    Football will know that coaches like when their teams fight bc it shows hunger and competition . As long as no one is seriously injured it’s all good and the team bonds even more bc of it.

    I’m sure ever Sherman hater will jump this tread and hope he was whooped somehow just typical anything they can use as ammo they will ! Sort of a
    Sign or respect and admiration when you hate constantly with no perspective what so ever !

  15. You think our defense is hard on our offense during practice.

    Wait till they dish it out for real, to a PATHETIC team, such as the Vikings!

  16. This type of thing is considered boys being boys, but Ritchie Incognito never threw a punch at Martin, only some really stupid texts, but he got fired.


  17. Sherman, mugging a receiver, face masking and pulling off a jersey, no flag, nuthin to see here folks, move along….

  18. It’s one thing to be competetive during practice, and it’s another thing altogether when you choose to act maliciously towards your own teammate…either verbally or physically. We all know little tiffs and squabbles happen amongst men, but the strongest of teams are built with guys who are more willing to build their teammates up instead of tear them down. There’s a lot of “me” guys in the NFL that don’t always think in terms of what is in the best interest of the team, they simply act impulsively when they feel their manhood is being challenged.

    In the grand scheme of things..those few punches didn’t amount to much of anything, but one thing they definitely didn’t do was make the team any better, or strengthen any bonds. If you can’t even show enough self control not to fight your own teammates, than there is little hope for you come Sundays.

  19. The most surprising aspect of this incident is that both Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin were uninjured on the play.

  20. Sherman is lucky percy did not get at him. Percy is a bad ass when I comes to throwing hands.

  21. I don’t think its too difficult to get Sherman angry. But Phil Bates, who are you and do you realize the LOB is what helped win a SB and not you?

  22. This is the difference between men and women lol. Emotions run high, punches are thrown, laugh it off, Madden and pizza at my place!

  23. If your team doesn’t have at least one or two scuffles in the off season I would be worried. These are the best of the best and things are going to get heated. No worries here. In fact, I’m glad to see that there is still a passion for the game after getting a ring.

  24. As a regular training camp attendee it wasn’t the first nor the last scuffle at Seahawks camp. Ask the broncos how they feel about the way the Seattle defense trains.

  25. those who participated in this fight need to be suspended and sent to anger management immediately and re-education camp…er sensitivity after that to insure they do not say any more hurtful comments to fellow teammates and engage in any further physical confrontations.

  26. I love it. These guys aren’t satisfied with one ring. They’re not mailing it in & just going thru the motions. There’s obviously still a chip on a lotta guy’s shoulders & some passion. I’d much rather hear about an incident like this as a fan than some love fest where they’re all just happy about what they’ve accomplished. I take this as a positive & possibly set the tone for these young guys that have to learn how to play on the NFL. Also, if they can get used to Sherman’s mouth in every practice no one in the NFL can get in their heads. Glad to see the young guys got some fight in them too.

  27. Watching the video, Sherman learned a new technique – holding by the head… What a classless jerk.

  28. Vikings fan here. I’d say this is a good sign for the Seahawks. Fighting is never a good thing, but I’d say there doesn’t seem to be any Super Bowl Hangover. The SeaChickens seem to have that competitive spirit. Not a great sign for the rest of the NFC.

  29. Ah, my guys. Go hard every day fellas, the rest of the world expects you to stop. “They can’t repeat” “They lost too much in free agency” “Their draft wasn’t strong enough” “They’re not hungry anymore”

    Excuses change nothing, but they make everyone feel better

  30. It gets intense during the practice session. That’s right. Practice. Not the game. Not the game. But in Practice. I still wonder how my practicing with my team mates will help them. I mean we’re talking about practice. Practice…

  31. Sherman is a tool, I never wish I’ll upon anyone but aside from a torn ACL, hope he gets popped for PEDS 3x jn a row, so he can disappear for a year! Give him a year ban for pay for play, anything, but his jive is way past annoying! Shehawk fans are cute little kids. They have been bullied for so many years, now they have won a few games and have a trophy , & they think they have a dynasty…… Cute, like a 3 year old and his candy cane

  32. Move along folks, nothing to see here. Just a little ROID Rage that has been pent up over the off season. That’s all.

  33. That Madden cover has started to work its magic already.

    The next step will be a blown out knee adminstered by one of the Seattle wide receivers.

  34. For future reference this is an actual fight, the Steve smith altercation was one player shoving another, not a real fight.

    Again just because you want to spin it doesn’t make it real.

    Just like your lovely slant on mr. Sherman here

  35. They better keep Percy away from this or he’ll get injured again. He has trouble completing a full season as it is.

  36. See what the Madden cover is bringing out, this
    is just the beginning! Sadly doomed for sure.

  37. If players aren’t fighting during summer practices, they obviously don’t care enough. That’s not sarcasm btw. Think about it. Each of these guys is trying to get themselves into ‘war mode’ and tempers are bound to boil over from time to time. If they don’t, it shows a lack of ‘edge’ in my opinion.

  38. Richard Sherman getting jacked in the jaw would easily be the highest rated segment on television… The camera phone operator would win an Emmy.

  39. Sherman just likes to talk garbage….Rams will have him talking to himself this season. He won’t repeat last season of being lucky.

  40. Is Richard Sherman a good football player? Yes. Does he hold on about every play? Yes. Is he annoying? Yes. Are the Seahawk fans the most annoying and incompetent fans on the planet? Yes.

  41. Look…it’s easy to see by now…

    This is Sherman’s monthly “look at me” moment…

    They seem to come like clockwork every single month…

    Just click his name on PFT…and look at the past stories…he generally can’t go without a story for more than a couple of weeks….

  42. The 70’s Steelers were famous for the intra- team rivalries that they had. Ego is part of a successful team’s mindset. Ego is kept in check when others demand respect too.

  43. Ravens and Seahawks. The last two Super Bowl champs. Doesn’t have to do with chemistry, it has to do with fire and desire. If you want to win you have to practice hard to play hard.

  44. I love it…moments like these is when good team get together and become great teams… you need that outlet as a team… shows how tough the WR’s of the Hawks are not backing down to L.O.B… Indeed…

  45. The hawks are a “mean” set of players. Emotions are bound to be flying high during team scrimmages. I mean who hasn’t gotten into mini-fights with their friends over a game of back yard football, I know I have. The Hawks will be just fine.

  46. “We’re all alpha males….”

    Perhaps he doesn’t understand how the concept works?

  47. The Seahawks are a bunch of stallions. They smell the race course and it excites them. They do not practice at half speed. Half speed is for the losers on the other teams.

  48. Bet you Martin would have loved to line up on the other side from Incognito and get some of that out, instead of having to line up beside him and pretend he liked him.

  49. imagine that, a receivers jersey getting yanked off by sherman, who woulda thought

  50. If someone could just teach Minnesota how to be tough enough to throw punches, they could be more than Seahawks D-Squad.

  51. Kevin Williams came in this week and was shocked by how fast and intense these Seahawk practices are. He says he’d never seen anything like it and that he loves it. Kind of tells you something doesn’t it?

  52. HAHAHA all you haters are so freaking MAAAAAD lol. Keep making excuses for why the hawks won’t repeat. Excuses don’t change diddly squat, but they make everyone feel better on the inside. 🙂

  53. Haters didn’t notice the part where Bates and Sherman fist bumped each other after the play. Someone is actually questioning the teams character?!? This is laughable!! The Seahawks are a family. Non-issue. Must be slow day in the news

  54. Sherm didn’t do the hit/tackle that started this……He was backing up his LOB teammate…. Baldwin and Harvin were backing up their offensive player…… All is good and if anyone not on this team/organization gets after a Hawk, all the players will have that Hawk’s back……. I actually think this is a good report…..Keeping the players fired up and on edge is the goal to winning again. Seems the Hawks are doing just that.

    Go Hawks!

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