Seahawks fan launches Legion of Boom petition for Madden game


After “winning” the right to be on the cover of the next Madden game, which would be far better if it actually had some competition, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made a plea for some of his teammates to join him.

“I’ve been trying to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, and EA has been fighting me,” Sherman said.  “So if everybody wants to start a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, here it is, here’s an open invitation.”

The invitation has been accepted.  Via, a fan named Jason Coiner has launched the effort, which has picked up more than 1,300 signatures as of this posting.

“It’s a team sport and he wanted to share that with the team,” Coiner said.  “That’s an unselfish act and to me that needs to be pushed because not too many people are like that.”

The truly unselfish act would be for Sherman to share the money he’ll be getting for appearing on the cover with the rest of his Legion of Boom teammates.  EA surely doesn’t want to pay four times the amount it’s already paying to have Sherman on the box.  So if he’d split his money four ways and Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Byron Maxwell would accept it, Sherman may be able to get his wish, with or without a petition that serves only to give more free publicity to EA.

Posts like this also give EA more free publicity.  Even if I always point out that the game isn’t very good and that I have no intention to purchase it and that I would recommend against buying it until the game becomes what it could be if EA hadn’t paid the NFL enough money to drive all competitors out of the market.

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  1. A decade ago, as a Hawks fan, I used to complain about the lack of coverage.

    Now, I’m starting to agree with the ‘over-saturation’ concerns from fans of other teams.

    I know they get clicks, which equates to ad revenue, but it’s even starting to annoy me.

    I have seahawk fan sites that you are outposting…

  2. This whole thing sounds like a complete joke to me.

    There’s no such thing as a Seahawks “fan”

    Before Russell Wilson joined the team, they couldn’t even name two players on it.

    When will the delusional 12th women finally realize they aren’t part of the team and they stole whole “12th man” idea from Texas A&M.

  3. I like the idea of having a team or a unit on the cover of madden. I like the idea of the madden curse hitting the whole secondary even better.

  4. I’m a Seahawk fan and I agree 100% with your assessment that if Sherm really wants to share the cover with the LOB, then he needs to share is payout with them too. Even though EA Sports has gotta be rolling in dough, there’s no reason to expect them to quadruple their budget for cover art.

  5. Agree that EA should consider it. I don’t think Sherman would mind sharing the money with his teammates.

    Also agree with your last sentiment: Bring back NFL 2k!

  6. Even if I always point out that the game isn’t very good and that I have no intention to purchase it and that I would recommend against buying it until the game becomes what it could be if EA hadn’t paid the NFL enough money to drive all competitors out of the market.

    I very rarely post here or agree with Mike Florio for that matter but can say I 100% agree with him on this one. That game has become awful over the last 10 years or so. Its all about finding money plays instead of player ratings and reading defenses. Its stupid that a corner route on one play works better to beat man coverage than it does on another play.

  7. Why limit it to just the “starting” secondary? Put all 53/4 players on it! Heck, put the the GM, DC, and the HC for putting it all together. But that’s not fair, put the NFLPA on there, all of your union brothers. Suck it up, Sherman was voted on by the “fans”, respect their decision. We can’t petition or appeal every decision in life. If you didn’t want to be on the cover alone, your agent and EA or however it works should have never put your name in the running.

  8. This could end easily with 1 or 2 ways:

    1) Richard Sherman splits his madden money four ways.

    2) Along with the petition the fans send in cash to pay the other three players.

  9. Here come the LAME PED jokes. Moving on, Football is a TEAM sport and EA sports should feature the Legion of BOOM on the cover.


  10. If EA doesn’t include a bubble quote with having Richard Sherman saying something on the cover, then I’m going to feel like this product isn’t credible or authentic in representing what the NFL is like and in characterizing Sherman’s role and image.

    And Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch deserved to be on the cover before Sherman, after all he’s the one getting all the money while one of these guys is a great veteran that has been paying his dues, and the other is a really special and underpaid Quarterback with a fantastic classy image. I’d rather seem them on the cover than any of those other players that Richard is campaigning for.

    Anyhow this is going to be the worst cover of all-time if they don’t have him saying something. Not that EA cares what I think since I’ve never purchased this title before. Although they should because I would be happy to buy it and get into it just as soon as they can make the game appealing to me. It would be totally awesome to play a modern and really great video game based on football. I hope to live to see the day.

  11. Yeah the lack of competition has made the Madden franchise a joke.

    They games they’re putting out now would never survive in a free market of competition.

  12. biggest problem with the whole Legion getting on the cover is that Sherman was voted on by fans by himself. i doubt that upset to many people who are fans of Sherman or the Hawks but that would be the only real argument i could see for not doing it.

  13. With the idea of a Madden jinx, I am surprised there isnt 500,000 49ers fans trying to sign the petition…

  14. Madden is crap now anyway. End the exclusive license and bring back NFL 2k. 2k sports makes the best sports games in other areas (NBA and MLB). To this day, I’d rather play NFL 2k5 than some of these new EA Sports releases.

  15. One Super Bowl season and Seahawks fans already think their amongst the best in the league. We’ll see how die hard they are when that team declines someday like all teams do.

  16. You bigots are funny. Sherman makes a generous effort to show genuine team cohesiveness and all you do is bash him for it. “It’s a stunt …he should share the $”

    Find anything you can to try to marginalize him with your juvenile and mediocre comments. The fact is, if LOB joins him, they will get paid. This is NOT the NCAA.

    Let me guess, you didn’t vote for him? Well, neither did I because he was up against “my QB” (channeling T.O.) But seriously, leave the man alone and go get drunk with ya boy Johnny.

  17. What’s with all the hashtag nonsense I’m seeing from commenters on just about every article? I assume that the majority doing so are adults. It look downright immature. Just because your post ends with a hashtag in front of your team’s name doesn’t make you more of a fan.

    #DBAGHASHTAGERS (see how stupid it looks?)

  18. It’s hilarious to me when people start with the “Bring back NFL 2K” crap when Madden is discussed.

    Does Madden need competition? Absolutely. Has the product been subpar a few times in the past decade? Sure (I’m looking extra hard at you, Madden 13). But does that competition HAVE to come from 2K Sports? Nope.

    In fact, I’d present the train wreck that was All-Pro Football 2K8 and the deliberate suicide of the MLB 2K franchise as evidence that 2K is washed up when it comes to anything not basketball-related.

  19. Kevin Williams said it. The Seahawks know what they’re doing and have good, young team. The Vikings are just confused and going nowhere.

  20. Guess it’s cool to bust on Madden, but if you’re old enough that the first football video game you played was literally X’s vs. O’s, I don’t see how you can’t be amazed by how far things have come.
    I usually wait 2-3 years between purchasing the game, but this year will be an exception as I bought last year’s. ‘Hawks on the cover AND one of the “demo mode” teams? We are all in for a treat.

  21. All the people saying they hate madden, are the same ones that get their azz busted all day by a 10 y/o online gamer. Dont be mad at Ea for making a game that you cant handle.

  22. The hawks won it all last year, if ea doesn’t care put em on. I’m hoping the curse hits em all! Give the team the spoils if it want em. Regardless some one earlier typoed and put the legion of BOOB… I’d would rather have THAT. On the cover any day!

  23. Here’s a thought. Have Richard donate the proceeds from being on the cover in exchange for having all four on the cover. It’s good publicity, good will, and shows that it isn’t about the money.

  24. I’m all for the LOB being on the cover but to make it realistic they need to have Sherm on the far righthand side of the cover and Thomas behind him saving a td.

  25. #NFL2k
    I can’t buy football games as Madden doesn’t represent the sport properly.
    Madden = arcade.
    NFL2k = sim.

    Look at NBA2k compared to NBA Live. It’s no comparison – and that’s before EA killed the game because 2k was better.
    2k plays like a real simulation. Live plays like it’s from the arcade.

    NFL has lost $59.99 a year from me. I have no intention or get excited for a football demo these years. Same game, different year.

  26. Based on the Madden curse, I say go for it.

    As for the petition, grow-up and stop giving yourselves douchy nicknames like Legion of Boom.

  27. Legion of doom was a tag team group in the WWF back in the day…. now the seahawks are not only jocking off the 12th man, but the legion of doom.

  28. I would’ve liked to have seen RGIII, Luck, and Wilson share the cover last year..would’ve been cool with how much of a rookie breakout year each of them had

  29. Maybe they should put the stadium that was designed specifically to make the fans sound louder instead. After all, that’s the real reason they get any hype. It’s a gimmick like The Gobbley Gooker. I can scream like Banshee if you give me a megaphone. Get over yourselves.

    In all seriousness though, without you guys Seattle would have never won the Super Bowl. Oh wait it was in New York. Where we win our Superbowls without gimmicky BS.

    Truth is not “hate”.

  30. Love all the hate for the Seahawks. I guess if we had sealed the deal back in the day with Dave Kreig and ourteam of vanilla rejects, we might have got some sort of pass. But for the diehards that have been with the team since day one, who dont play vid games, we laugh in your face. To quote Flair, whether you like it, or dont like it, learn to love it, because it’s the best thing going today! Whooo!…with that being said, I now go sign the petition, for all the 12’s, no matter the age.

  31. Only suckers buy madden. That game hasn’t changed in 15 years. And if you’re buying it only because of who’s on the cover you’re the king of tools.

  32. Use to buy it every year from 92-06 except 94. Back then they had competition, and generally would innovate much more quickly.

    From Madden 360 (’06…so 2005) to Madden ’13 there was little improvement, and while you could correctly claim that it was a huge upgrade with Madden 25 for PS4/XB1, the game was so far beyond that the biggest upgrade in almost a decade still placed Madden laughably behind where it should of been.

    Here’s another funny point. They use to make a PC version, then they stopped, after all they had no competitors to steal those customers away. They could buy an inferior console version if they wanted to play a NFL football game.

    So I find it really weird that in Madden 2008 PC (2007)…and prior versions as well played the game at 1080p. But when they dropped it we had to wait all the way until 2013 to get another 1080p version, and of course, PC’s are already at 1440/1600/4k now for some people.

    The game looks like a joke, same as NBA ’14 compared to NBA2k14. Madden should look like NBA2k14, and they need to innovate big time gameplay wise.

    What’s really sad is the best physics in a Madden game was Madden 64 back around 1997. They tout all their great physics but a 180 lb CB who sucks can routinely stick a 7 foot 400 lb player like he was a tackling dummy.

    As for the Seahawks, I think it’s quite hilarious that people who play football for a living, and who are on TV every game they play, and tons of interviews, endorsements, football cards, programs, jersey, all sorts of merchandise, etc….even care about being on the cover of a video game. They don’t get enough exposure? Wow.

  33.…one of the worst ideas in history. Social pressure and public humiliation to get people to change their own beliefs,business practices or an official to do something counter-intuitive to intelligent governing. EA should drop him and put Chuck Noll on there.

  34. The Legion of Doom came out in a cartoon in the late 70 ‘s. I guess the old WWF wrestlers stole it from the cartoon. Also TA&M stole the 12th man from the University of Iowa but, no one is complaining about that. The only thing TA&M did was trade mark it.

  35. Wow lot’s of nasty talk about Sherman and the Hawks!

    To be expected after they won the Superbowl, lots of jealousy.

    Great job Hawks, keep focused!

    Go Hawks!

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