Texans ship T.J. Yates to Falcons for Akeem Dent


Reports of T.J. Yates’ release by the Texans were exaggerated.  Or maybe just erroneous.

On Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that Yates had been cut, on the same day coach Bill O’Brien named Ryan Fitzpatrick the starter.  Now, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Texans have actually traded Yates to the Falcons.

In return, Houston gets linebacker Akeem Dent.  A third-round pick in 2011, Dent appeared in 15 games with seven starts last season.  In 2012, he appeared in 16 regular-season games, with 13 starts.

Both are entering the final season of their rookie deals.  In 2011, Yates started and won the first playoff game in Texans franchise history; starter Matt Schaub was gone for the season with a foot injury.

In 2013, Yates fell behind undrafted rookie Case Keenum.  Yates now has fallen off the roster.

So what happened Tuesday?  Per the source, once word got out that the Texans would be releasing Yates, teams started calling to inquire about a trade.  The Falcons, who would have been fairly close to the top of the waiver priority list, opted to make the swap in order to ensure they got Yates, especially since he could have been traded to a team lower on the pecking order.

Yates joins Dominique Davis, Jeff Mathews, and Sean Renfree on the depth chart behind starter Matt Ryan.  Yates is the only one with more than one year of experience.  And he has as many postseason victories as Ryan.

33 responses to “Texans ship T.J. Yates to Falcons for Akeem Dent

  1. Yates has as many playoff victories as Maddie Melt! Haaaaaaaaa-Ha-Bwa-Haaaaaaa………

  2. T.J is from Georgia so I guess he’s going home. Thanks for the first playoff win in Texans’ history…bye.

  3. I know Dent got benched at one point last year but…wtf, this still seems like a weird trade for the Falcons.

  4. What can you say at this point? Are they shooting for the 1st pick again next year? Rick Smith, your coat tails are gone now w/ Gary gone, And you simply are out of your league, and Bob is just clueless. Hey Andre! one less guy who has an idea how you run your routes…

  5. Let me get this straight, the Falcons need all the help they can get on defense and they trade off a part time starter for a third string QB who won’t likely start for them anytime soon. To justify this trade, I’m assuming this young guy swapped the starting spot with a veteran who wasn’t that good meaning neither was worth very much.

  6. I’ve said it since February, and I’ll say it again, Ryan Mallett is going to be a Texan. And Andre Johnson will be a Patriot.

  7. Houston is trading away playoff winning QBs because they are so flush with proven talent at that position. Same reason the Colts are trading away their safeties…. (JK)

  8. why would the Falcons be atop the waiver wire priority list?

    And LOL at “Yates has as many playoff wins as Matt Ryan” didn’t he beat the Falcons a couple of years agi when Shaub was hurt?

  9. you may want to add this as well to last paragraph.

    ….And Yates has the same number of playoff wins as the starting QB.

  10. This make a lot of sense for the Falcons… They lose a LB (Weatherspoon) to injury and they trade another LB for a 3rd string QB…..lol

  11. Yates was probably the better quarterback on the Texans roster. You give the Texans a good opportunity and they are guaranteed to screw it up. Dent is slow. That was a cap move.

  12. Surprised the Vikings didn’t trade Peterson for Yates. Makes all the sense in the world. Peterson gets out of that hell hole in Minn and the Vikings get another below average player that fits in with the rest of their roster.

  13. Oh this is priceless! All the Falcon fans were saying how Akeem Dent was going to outshine Curtis Lofton after he went to the Saints. Ha ha ha, absolutely hilarious that Akeem Dent gets traded for a third string quarterback.

  14. I don’t understand this trade. I mean the falcons do play the ravens but is it worth a trade for one game of an advantage? Considering yates knows kubes system? I don’t know what they see in Yates.. Maybe this is a thank you from the Falcons for giving them so many 2nd rounders for Schuab?

    Arthur Blank and Mcnair must be buddies. He probably called up Blank and said do me a solid!

    Anything makes sense at this point.

  15. Dent never lived up to expectations and wouldn’t have been resigned next year anyway. Better to trade him now than cut him later.

  16. Texans got a position of need for a player that was going to be cut anyways. Falcons knew the Ravens were going to pick him up so they jumped on it. A serviceable backup for Ryan over the scrubs they currently have.

    Win-win for both teams.

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