U.S. Patent and Trademark office cancels protection of Washington team name

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Whenever the government gets involved in the question of whether the Washington NFL team should change its name, people who support the current name ask whether the government has anything better to do.  For one specific agency of the government, the answer is a resounding no.

That’s the same one-word response the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has supplied regarding the question of whether the name should continue to enjoy federal trademark protection.  Via the Washington Post, the agency has canceled the registration, calling the name “disparaging to Native Americans.”

“This victory was a long time coming and reflects the hard work of many attorneys at our firm,” attorney Jesse Witten of Drinker Biddle & Reath told the Post.

It was indeed a long time coming, with the first challenge to the name filed back in 1992.  The initial case failed on a technicality that the plaintiffs believe has been remedied in this case.

Moving forward, appeals are certain and lawyers will get paid and the issue won’t be settled for months if not years.  In the interim, the ruling will serve only to give more momentum to the increasingly loud and persuasive voices that oppose the name.

If the name, after all appeals, is deemed to not be protected by trademark laws, anyone and everyone will be able to sell merchandise bearing the name and colors without the team having the ability to enforce its rights through legal action.  While that may not be enough to compel owner Daniel Snyder to abandon his all-caps-never and/or “over my dead body” insistence on keeping the name, it would be the first tangible evidence of an economic consequence for continuing to cling to a name that the ever-evolving English language has over the slow march of time discarded from the list of socially acceptable terms.

293 responses to “U.S. Patent and Trademark office cancels protection of Washington team name

  1. Where was the outrage from Washingtonians when the Bullets changed their name to the Wizards? Did they stop being fans of the team?

  2. My guess is that this is the straw that breaks it. If you can’t trademark the name he will drop it like a bad habit or The League will force him to change it.

  3. Just another example of anti-REDSKINS bias. How dare the US Patent and Trademark Office do this to the Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM. Dan Snyder will not give up this fight. #HAILTOTHEREDSKINS

  4. Good. Cutting in to Dan Snyder’s profits will get his attention.

    And no, I don’t care how many of you type ‘PC POLICE’ or give this a thumbs down. What’s right is right. It’s 2014. The name should go.

  5. Thank goodness for this news. I was concerned we weren’t becoming politically correct enough in this country.

  6. Snyder won’t change the name ‘over his dead body’ but will over ‘his open wallet’.

    If he’s nothing else, Snyder is an opportunist. He will drag this out for a few years, sell “last NFL official Redskins memorabilia” to all the fans, and then after losing the appeals, turn around and ask all the fans to buy the same stuff with the new name and logo.

  7. Government once again sticking it head it something it should have nothing to do with. I give this country 50 years til the end maybe only 20 til the next civil war.

  8. I encourage the 90+% of us here who are sane, and realize what a bunch of political BS this is, to boycott this site and their constant campaigning against the Redskins name.

  9. Gettin’ too wordy and smart for yourself at the end their Florio. Too many “has’s”

  10. So heroic of you to avoid using the name Redskins. I really respect the courageous moral stand you’re making.

  11. I would imagine the litigation will drag out – perhaps until the next presidential election, when Redskins fans and others that oppose the bullying and hypocrisy of the party in power can register their displeasure.

  12. Oh the politics of it all. Doesn’t the Government have ANYTHING better to do than mess with the Redskins? And this is from a Boys fan! Just leave the team be. Hardly ANYONE cares!

  13. Wow, I honestly did not see that happening so fast.
    I don’t have strong feelings on this issue, other than to say that I do think this “controversy” has been trumped up by media outlets like this one.

    As an Eagles fan, watching the fire burn is going to be really fun.

  14. The once previously accepted strategy here in the World of the Word Ouchies is to change the “e” to and “a.”

  15. I’m going to guess Snyder suddenly realizes the Redskins name is offensive and decides to change it…now that he can’t profit from it.

  16. ring ring “hello?”
    “Yeah this is Susan Rice over at the White House”
    “Pull the trademark protection for the Washington Redskins. the President says so.”
    “okey doke, we were expecting a call, thanks.”
    TOTALLY MEANINGLESS this guy has the inverse effect of the Midas touch. Everything he might touch turns, but it isn’t to gold, its dog feces.

  17. IF Snyder wanted to be a smartass, he could temporarily change the name to the Washington Corrupt Politicians and i’m pretty sure he could get a nice caricature for the logo.

  18. Yet another interference by our wonderful government. Now on to names like the Blackhawks and so on. This madness will never end.

  19. Hey dumb-dumb, have you ever attended a professional game…anywhere? Knockoff merchandise is ALWAYS available in the parking lots.

    Shoot, there are stores in the DC Area that sell knockoff gear every day.

    People pay the extra loot to have the legit, real, gear.

    Equate it to a cubic zirconia vs a diamond.

    C’mon man

  20. This will be reversed. The big question may be related to when and under what circumstances. The Redskins should be able to make an irreparable harm claim pending the appeals process.

  21. Appeal. Then Appeal. Then Appeal.
    Then the Redskins will win the last case on Appeal which is all thats going to matter anyway.

  22. This wasn’t a problem for 70 years. Now we have to be carful with anything we say or do because it may offend somebody!

    We are becoming to soft!

    Can you imagine if a show like All in the Family or The Jeffersons was on TV now?

  23. So I googled animal names that start with “W”…………the ones that seemed to work were the Washington Warthogs (perhaps an homage to the “Hogs” of yesteryear)…….the Washington Wolves…..although that doesn’t flow off the tongue too well……or the Washington Wolverines…..I kind of like that one but Michigan is already using it…….it’s only a matter of time until the overly zealous PC police get their way….. pity….I really don’t think that most Native Americans give a rat’s butt about it.

  24. Even if they lose they can still use the indian picture. Just the name would not be protected.

  25. They should just take a page from the Artist Formally Known As But Now Known Again As Price and change their name to a symbol that is just pronounced (surpisingly) exactly like Wosh-ing-tuh n Red-skins.

  26. Well, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is in the business of patents and trademarks. So this is kind of right in their wheelhouse.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a silly, politically motivated move, but let’s not whine about “the government” not having anything better to do. After all, one department is not “the government.”

    I still can’t believe that GLAAD hasn’t made a big deal about the name of that communist team from Wisconsin.

  27. Dan Snyder can still keep the name. He just can’t make money on it. If it’s so important to him, he can make that choice, right?

    Sorry, Danny Boy, it’s the 21st century, not the 19th. Enjoy your new team name.

  28. Native Americans have won at this stage before. But the team and the NFL won an appeal to U.S. District Court. The team is likely to make the same appeal this time. Team officials are expected to make a statement this morning.

  29. Truly sad. That means that if someone randomly decides that they do not like what you stand for that they can literally ruin your business.

    A truly sad day and example of what America has become recently

  30. People love being offended just to be offended. I don’t really care what they do at this point. Still my team but it’s pathetic to watch people like Florio whining just for the sake of whining. Does anyone actually believe the government should be concerned with this? Let’s be rational for a moment and realize this whole thing is ridiculous.

  31. While I agree that the name of the Washington football team is antiquated and disparaging, I cannot agree with this development.

    Would anyone stand by idly if some federal agency went and seized Dan Snyder’s cars? How about his home?

    Why then should this not be considered an egregious action? It amounts to theft in that it enables others to legally capitalize on the ‘property’ of the Washington football team. They went through the process of filing for protected status, dutifully maintained that status under the rules of law, and now are having it ripped from them.

    It shouldn’t matter if it is offensive or not, since the ‘offensiveness’ is essentially a subjective matter, like that or not. It sets horrendous precedent and serves to deepen the idea that any societal ill can be litigated against, fair or not.

    How about concerned citizens, under a crisis of conscience, opt to no longer purchase the jerseys, wear the hats, buy the tickets, or in any other way support the organization until change is made? When did we stop being able to influence change simply through refusing to participate in that which is abhorrent?

  32. Meh, glad you pointed out that the Redskins will appeal. They won on this issue in the courts last time and I can’t imagine the judiciary branch appreciating the Executive branch going against their last judgment on this issue.

  33. Probably worth mentioning that a case was brought before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and that the USPTO made this ruling.

    It’s not like the USPTO took this action sua sponte (of their own accord) without there being a case to decide.

    Sometimes the reporting on here is so sensational, it’s worse than the Daily Mail.

  34. But anyone can’t just use the NFL logo, which will always be the difference in official gear and gear made by someone who isn’t with the NFL. I would think that the Redskins will just make sure the NFL logo is on everything they do and warn fans that if gear doesn’t have the NFL logo that it is not official. Isn’t that an easy fix?

  35. Great News!!!!!! As I have been saying, it is just a matter of time, tick tock. Hit Snyder in the wallet. Now here come the insentive rants from the racists.

  36. The funeral march begins Synder. If you weren’t such an a-hole and stubborn, maybe it wouldn’t had come to this. Insensitive prick.

  37. “Disparaging to Native Americans”?

    Funny, considering the fact that there are multiple Native American schools which proudly call themselves the “Redskins”. Including the Red Mesa Redskins.

  38. #1 This doesn’t mean they’re going to change their name or logo even if the ruling is upheld, which I doubt.

    #2 Even without a trademark being registered with the USPTO, this does not give anyone the rights to use it. A trademark does not need to be registered to be enforceable. For example, when you see “TM”, this implies a trademark for a company, organization, whatever although is not registered. They can still sue if another uses it.

    And do you really think the NFL is going to let blatant infringement run wild?

    #3 This entire situation is ridiculous.

  39. Now that the patent is cancelled i guess their fans can print their own jerseys? Probably just can’t put the nfl or rebox logo’s on it but the rest should be legit.

  40. They should just do away with a nickname for the team & go by Washington FC. That way they could keep their colors & be the first American football team to use the European football naming system.

  41. As a Niners fan, and just a fan of football, KEEP THE NAME! They had no problem with it up until now. I’m so sick of these liberals. This country has gone soft! Put your big boy pants on and deal with it. Only time I’ll say this..HTTREDSKINS!

  42. sets a dangerous precedent I think. they’re now going to be expected to disallow any trademark that could be construed as offensive. this feels a bit overboard considering there are Native high schools still bearing that nickname, if I remember correctly

  43. I think more accurately, I would say that in reference to the use of the term as a slur, the “ever-evolving English language has over the slow march of time has discarded from the list”

  44. I hope Dan Snyder cancels all of the fundraisers and support he has been trying to give to Native Americans. They’ll always be the REDSKINS no matter what happens

  45. Gotta love all the attorneys who are getting paid. They could care less about the outcome.

    “This victory was a long time coming and reflects the hard work of many attorneys at our firm,” attorney Jesse Witten of Drinker Biddle & Reath told the Post.

  46. The majority of Americans support the name Washington Redskins.. The vocal minority with their allies in the media along with the PC Democrats do not like it. Where do you stand?

  47. klutch14u says: Jun 18, 2014 10:44 AM

    Ah the anti-bully people have bullied their way to exactly what they want. Good job


    I don’t think you know what bullying is. At all.

  48. I can’t stand it when someone’s trying to tell me what’s Offensive and what’s not, this name with no question has been around for 70 years and all the sudden its a problem, this is so stupid

  49. all racism is racism.

    like it our not, this is a statement of progress in this country.
    The tiny have a voice, even if it comes from the many on their behalf.

  50. Tick tock

    I said to take the under on five years.

    Looks like it should have been two years.

    Washington will be forced to change their name while still absorbing the PR drubbing.


  51. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

    Feds (Jokgress and House of Scheisters) need to do their job (budget, countless wars, poverty in America, Clowncare, etc.) not utilize their influence on a trademark from eons ago…

    Its no wonder this country has gone to hell!!!!

  52. twonis says: Jun 18, 2014 10:45 AM

    Would anyone stand by idly if some federal agency went and seized Dan Snyder’s cars? How about his home?


    No one seized anything from Dan Snyder. He still owns the team. He can still call them the Redskins.

  53. marooncat79 says:
    Jun 18, 2014 10:44 AM
    Truly sad. That means that if someone randomly decides that they do not like what you stand for that they can literally ruin your business.

    A truly sad day and example of what America has become recently


    Here is the Webster’s dictionary definition of “Redskin”:

    Main Entry: red·skin
    Pronunciation: \ˈred-ˌskin\
    Function: noun
    Date: 1699
    usually offensive : american indian

    WHEN the Redskins change their name, it will not ruin their business. They’ll actually make more money from fans buying the new gear.

  54. first of all for you anti-gov people.

    They are not taking anything away from him.. the team is still his. All this says is that his trademark is no longer PROTECTED by the government you so hate.

    You want gov out of your lives? well here you go… the gov will no longer interfere nor PROTECT his investment.

    No more FBI investigations on people counterfieting his logo, no more courts to get involved when he sues people…

    here is what you wanted… less government oversight… enjoy it lmao

  55. As annoyed as I am about the push to change the name, I kind of want to see it changed just so that all the “do-good” liberals who put so much time, effort, energy, and money into this stupid thing realize that after it’s changed, literally absolutely nothing will change in a Native Americans life for the better.

    That wont stop them from high five-ing themselves because they took a stand and made a “difference” in this world.

    Typical liberal agenda… Make a big stink about small minute details that may address 1% of the problem and ignore the actual substantive stuff that can actually fix problems.

    (I’ll give you a hint in this example: Changing the name of a football team is the 1%, actually helping to decrease unemployment, alcohol abuse, and increasing education participation is the 99% that could actually HELP them).

  56. Everyone should have seen this coming from miles away. Now if this holds up, and it will, we all get to watch that joke of an owner give in to a name change.

  57. In the grand scheme of things, in this country the way it is today, I think it’s way more important to look at our growing acceptance of this self righteous intolerance epidemic, and it’s purveyor’s ease in shrouding themselves under the disguise of “being offended victims.”

    Can people stop trying to proselytize everyone to their beliefs everytime they feel offended? Imagine a world where people didn’t even get offended? Like “Wow, I don’t agree with what x says or calls their business, but glad to live in a country where they can do it if they want. I’m not gonna give them money though because I don’t like it and that’s my right… probably not my right to tear down their empire or something because of a word, right?”

  58. The beginning of the end of the game that my father loved and that affection was past onto his children.

    Perhaps, Mark Cuban was correct…

    I wonder what the owners will do with their stadiums on Sunday’s…

  59. This should scare everyone….. Now the government is controlling the language through policy and regulatory enforcement. You may indeed find the name offensive, but the government arbitrarily deciding what’s acceptable ( or not) should absolutely terrify you, if you’re awake…. They will not stop here. This is only setting a precedent or starting point. This is about much more than a team name.

  60. I suppose I’m the only person to see how this ruling actually promotes the racial stereotype of Native Americans. Taking away a patent that only allows one team to use the name and symbol, simply allows countless other organizations to now use it. So great, we’ll have 1,000 teams using Washington Redskins instead of just the 1. Well done.

    This doesn’t ban the name or cause it to be changed, it just allows everyone who wants to use the racist name to do so without the threat of a lawsuit.

  61. The Liberal agenda is astounding. What actually comes from forcing this name change? What do Native Americans get out of this? You can say bye bye to any sort of assistance from Snyder to Native American causes when your team ISNT named Redskins. Reeks of a liberal white guilt ‘victory.’

  62. They are wasting time and money defending the name. They need to start working on a new name otherwise they will end up with something lame at the last minute.

  63. This is really not a big deal. Happened before, got reversed. Same thing will happen again. To people claiming a “victory” for one side or the other: you really just don’t get it.

  64. Funny how the Seminole Tribe in Florida doesn’t think the use of their name is offensive. Oh that’s right, they get paid by FSU in several different ways to use the name.

  65. kev86 says:
    Jun 18, 2014 10:38 AM

    Washington Skins

    kev86 I think you are on the right track

    Washington 4Skins

    I don’t think anyone would find that offensive?

  66. AH the mouth breathers who have NO idea how a Government works. Let me make it clear to the infants here. This is not some government overreach where the government jumps in just to do something. It’s simple … THIS … IS … WHAT … THE … PATENT … OFFICE … DOES.

    It’s their job. It’s not like the DOJ suddenly started investigating Snyder for a hate crime. It’s not ATF harassing him to see if he has a hoard of bows and arrows. It is no more than a cop pulling you over for a ticket. IT … IS … THEIR … JOB.

    Of course government overreach exists. But you don’t like the government doing it’s job? Then stop calling the police or fire department. And for Heaven’s sake stop using our roads.


  67. The name’s been around for years, and nothing was done to change it. If it bothers certain people too bad, look at the Atlanta Braves for example, you’d think they would have to change theirs also. If the Redskins, are forced to change theirs a lot of college teams, and highschool teams may also . Especially when the team names have been around for decades.

  68. Big Deal. Whatever money Snyder loses from merchandise will be made up for with the new TV deal.

    And it’s not bootleg merchandise doesn’t exist already. Derp.

  69. Good news for America. No team is called the drinken Irish, or the stupid pollacks, or the nazi Germans, or the late Latins, it’s just a god damn name, let it go.

  70. While there may not be statutory patent protection, I imagine there is still common law trademark infringement protection. Not sure this changes a whole lot.

  71. If they were called the black skins or the yellow skins we would all agree that it would be insulting. I’m not pc by any means but the name is prejudicial. Don’t know if it will get changed, but if a new team were being formed, the “black skins” or the “yellow skins” or the “white skins” for that matter would never fly.

  72. I’m still wondering why only the Redskins have been targeted for changing their team name. Other sports teams such as the Braves, Seminoles, Chiefs, and Blackhawks all use Native American themes in their logos and merchandise, and yet no one has pressured any of them to change their names. Is it because nobody likes Dan Snyder, and he’s gone on record multiple times to state he will push back against outside pressure?

  73. This will backfire and become more of a nightmare for the NFL then they antisipated. With the free domain they are creating, it will in fact feed the beast. Think about the increased volume of merchandice on the market, popularizing the alleged slur “Redskin”… It will be everywhere. Second, this will be a huge loss of revenue for the NFL who makes substantial income licensing the team name. I suspect the NFL will have to back/support Snyder in challenging the Patent office ruling in order to protect its brand. It’s my opinion that an injunction will be ordered while the courts review this ruling. The hope is that when Obama and/or democrats are out of office, Snyder will get a more favorable ruling.

    With that said, what a Pandora’s box this will open… The reduction of free thought and speech. The words we speak will now be open to civil and criminal prosecution. Yes, the term Redskin maybe offensive to some, but it’s a slippery slope when courts rule making words or terms prosecutable.

  74. The language had evolved. What was an offensive term in the 1800s is now a football team name. Has anyone used this term in a derogatory fashion in the last 50 years in print or a public forum? Far more uses referring to a football team. Change the team logo to a potato. It’s no longer disparaging. We just like our spuds in DC

  75. “Would anyone stand by idly if some federal agency went and seized Dan Snyder’s cars? How about his home?”

    Terrible analogy.

    No one is seizing anything. Don’t let your fandom make your brain dumb.

  76. OH MY GOD…who cares. Name the team the Washington Honkies or Crackers or whatever the hell you want. Or go the St John’s route…”Red Storm.” The “Washington Red Storm!” Whoopidy doo!

    A) the logo seems respectful – NOT a disparaging “caricature” like the Indian’s “Chief Wahoo” that nobody seems to have an issue with.

    B) last time I saw, the majority of Native American polled don’t even care about this.

    So tired of mock outrage over every little perceived slight.

  77. Women weren’t allowed to vote. Black American’s weren’t allowed to attend schools or drink from the same water fountains. Gay Americans weren’t allowed to marry.

    I’m sorry but if your defense is the “name being around for 70 years”, maybe you should consider our history. This name offends people that were enslaved, murdered and pushed out of their land. Even if it only offends a fraction of their population, the American government needs to step up and do what’s right.

  78. Since there is no trademark, I’m going to start pressing up Redskins Jerseys and T-Shirts and make a mint!

  79. kerzondax says:
    Jun 18, 2014 11:02 AM
    AH the mouth breathers who have NO idea how a Government works. Let me make it clear to the infants here. This is not some government overreach where the government jumps in just to do something. It’s simple … THIS … IS … WHAT … THE … PATENT … OFFICE … DOES.

    It’s their job. It’s not like the DOJ suddenly started investigating Snyder for a hate crime. It’s not ATF harassing him to see if he has a hoard of bows and arrows. It is no more than a cop pulling you over for a ticket. IT … IS … THEIR … JOB.

    Of course government overreach exists. But you don’t like the government doing it’s job? Then stop calling the police or fire department. And for Heaven’s sake stop using our roads.



    They are huge fans of small government. Small government = Forcing the country to live by our fairytale. Wanting government out of our lives while wanting to pass gay marriage bans. The stupidity is overwhelming.

  80. When they do get around to changing their name they should also go ahead and correct their HOME state too.

    The Maryland Politicians

  81. The government IS staying out of this by not protecting the name. He will have to change the name to something he can patent otherwise the counterfeit merchandise will interfere with his team revenues.

  82. Blackhawks, Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Fighting Irish, your next, and do not expect any support from Redskins fans..You’re on your own.

  83. Braves, chiefs, Indians, blackhawks, red raiders, warriors, lots of teams have this kind of name. But we live in a sue-happy society, where tolerance is king, so the amount of pressure on the Redskins to change the name keeps going higher and higher.

    Maybe they should just change the logo to a red football.

    BTW, the government should have no right to remove a legally granted patent because they don’t like it anymore.

    At the end of the day its a sports team name. People should be more outraged at the treatment the Federal Government has given to the Native Americans, not the name of a sports team.

  84. brianlee720 says:
    Jun 18, 2014 10:35 AM
    Cowboys are more offensive to native Americans
    A Redskin fan who is Native American
    Hail to the Redskins
    You are confusing the childhood game Cowboys and Indians with what Cowboys actually are historically. Ranchers and Rodeo riders.

    Good try

  85. zimaman says: Jun 18, 2014 11:02 AM

    kev86 says:
    Jun 18, 2014 10:38 AM

    Washington Skins

    kev86 I think you are on the right track

    Washington 4Skins

    I don’t think anyone would find that offensive?

    Except the band.

  86. Since the Patent Office finds it disparaging no other team should use it. As for the Washington franchise, nothing should change.

  87. A shameful percentage native Americans are mired in poverty and yet the elitists spend millions in a fight over a name. This is a political battle that has nothing to do with helping their people.

  88. Can any one live with out playing the race card it’s a name get over it. If it offends you don’t watch the game it offends me watching people breed and take my hard earned money thinking they are deserving of it but I choose to ignore it and move on. Life would be easier if everyone took care of themselves and minded their own business.

  89. More food for thought: The patent office is not some ‘bully’ arm of the govt. and its PC and overly liberal thinking. Learn better and know better. It is one of the most overburdened depts. of Fed. Govt. Why? Because idiots (and large companies like Apple and Sony) apply for patents for things that MAY be invented someday, so when someone does invent it, they get the $$$ (I am oversimplifying for the sake of argument). So there. It’s an ugly name, it has been, yes of course the team nor its fans mean no disrespect to Native Americans–still does not change the fact its ugly. There is no modern, current comparison to this particular moniker. Besides, didn’t your momma teach you that 2 wrongs don’t make a right? Seems not for most of you. Change the name, move in, the people yelling about this will always be yelling about something–it’s what they do, sadly, for some, its the only way they feel significant. For all of you so concerned about the high schools and colleges who may have to then follow suit and change their ever so precious traditions–that is already happening, again, learn better, know better.

  90. It won’t be difficult for Snyder’s lawyers to form a great case here. The burden of proof will be upon the feds in trying to establish the fact that the name is in fact “disparaging”, and to whom exactly. Likely, we’ll find that the people who actually take offense (meaning, non-Native Americans) may have a horse in the “race” but no leg to stand on.

  91. I am keeping my pick up basketball team’s name that starts with N because even some black people are proud to call themselves N, and the N word has been used for centuries…

    — Dan Synder

  92. Our Federal Government has gone off the deep end. They have no legal right to cancel the patent. They have far more important things to do in the patent office. If we let this happen then any other teams name could be challenged and cancelled. This is just opening a can of worms that will only get worse in years to come. Change the Vikings name or the Steelers, Bears or any other name because someone is offended. That’s just what we’re doing here. Think about it!!

  93. Don’t worry citizens. The thought police will, one way or another, help you get your mind right.

    When they dont like something, they will just declare it offensive and use legal channels to destroy your business, until you comply. Donate money to a cause they dont like? Well, we’ll just drum up activists support to get you fired (see Mozilla).

    And whats the best part? If you object, there are plenty of sheeple willing to equate your objection to the overreach of government into your private business with you being against public roads and fire departments.

    Four legs good, two legs bad.

  94. @kerzondax- This is all true.

    But in all fairness, another thing the government does ALOT is say and do things they aren’t allowed to do, then tell people to shut up becaue they’re morons if they feel like the gov’t should stay within thier rights/boundaries AND supply police and fire support to the people who pay their salaries.

    Patent office denying a patent to an organization because the patented language is “offensive to group x…”… agruably ok….

    Patent office denying a patent to an oraganization whom it has previously, for many consecutive terms, given the same patent protection may be seen as a curiously timed government strong-arm technique that unfairly damages a business for a reason that MAY be argued is not a compelling govt interest…


    One of the Non-Morons who read your post.

  95. I HATE the fact that everything needs to be so PC these days. I’m typically against all PC-behavior. However, after listening to educated people who aren’t “fans” of the Redskins and doing my own research, this name does need to be changed. To the person who says, “we are honoring them,” while that may be the attempt, if they were called the Washington n-words and you said “hail to the n-words,” we know that doesn’t make sense.

    Lastly, to the person who says, “they have been called the red skins forever and no one cared,” that’s simply not true. This has been offensive to native Americans for years. Years ago, before the Internet, native Americans were offended but there was no
    Media outlet for their voices to be heard. The world we live in today allows people’s voices to be heard and for others to learn about what things like Redskins mean. It allows others to get behind the offended native Americans.

    Think about it- years ago- where would anyone have a forum to have something like this be heard? Today, we can literally reach in our pocket and talk to everyone in the world and read about anything we want.

    Do yourself a favor before saying it’s not offensive and shouldn’t be changed- learn about it.

  96. This ruling was reversed before and it will be again so in the long run this ruling means nothing.

  97. Oh good, now we can move on to changing the San Antonio Spurs’ name. After all how dare they make money off stabbing metal spikes into poor defenseless animals.

  98. mclovin07 says:
    Jun 18, 2014 11:16 AM
    Absolutely a joke…forefathers are turning in their graves watching the last 6 years…
    Our forefathers were doing the same when Lincoln issues the emancipation proclamation to end slavery.
    Did you not like that either?

  99. This is where the NFL steps in and forces the renaming.

    The owners just wouldn’t be able to STAND the thought of someone else legally being able to make a cent from a team’s name. Any team’s name.

  100. In Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, Congress is explicitly authorized power “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.” In other words, what we now know as patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

    Does the name “Redskins” really promote the progress of science or useful art? I would guess that using keeping an old slur alive by giving it trademark protection is probably the antithesis of the “progress of…useful art.” And by the way, it’s been more than 70 years now. The Patent & Trademark Office actually followed the Constitution in shutting this one down.

    This just gives Snyder an opportunity to trademark another phrase for millions of merchandise dollars, though, so it’s hard to feel sorry for him that he can no longer profit off a racial slur. Plus, if there was a lawsuit in 1992, he should have done his research prior to purchase.

  101. The REDSKINS honor their logo and put forth an accurate depiction of a true Indian. It makes me sick to know this is our America when bangwagon politics creates media buzz these days…the people that believe in our “give me, give me” society don’t stand for something specific they just jump on whatever means something today!! The world laughs at our country and how some people choose to run it. This everyone gets a trophy and don’t keep score mentality we are enforcing on our society is weakening our country. “land of the free, home of the brave” Where will we get our brave from if we teach our children that everyone gets the same result, no one wins, etc. If I work hard and practice hard while my opponent loafs and doesn’t put forth the effort then they deserve 2nd place! Wake up people!

  102. Local Bears in California were rallying and protesting today off the freeways in anger and frustration against the Chicago Bears organization due the offensive use of their name. They don’t play football, don’t appreciate human beings being refereed to a one of their own and have become very upset over it….They also demand an immediate name change OUT OF NO WHERE!!!!

  103. This country has gotten so sensitive it is becoming an embarrassment. We won’t stop until we become some 3rd world country that we see on tv. SMH.

  104. This IS social engineering at its worst.

    BTW Cowboy fans… The term ‘Cowboy’ was a derogatory term used to insult cattlemen much in the same way as the ‘N’ word. This is a historical fact. Just because it’s popular doesn’t change it’s meaning.

  105. This is a political move. The USPTO cannot simply remove copy protections because “something offends.”

    This will get reversed, if ultimately by the SCOTUS. It shouldn’t have to get that far, but if it does, it will go down.

    NFL may bankrupt itself fighting this, but so what….



  107. All you entrepreneurs out there can start printing up your own Washington Redskins shirt and selling them

  108. Once again, before anyone panics or claims victory. Read the following:

    Native Americans have won at this stage before. But the team and the NFL won an appeal to U.S. District Court. The team is likely to make the same appeal this time.

  109. The lack of understanding of legal concepts on this Board is astounding. But then, the articles aren’t much better.

    The government is “involved” here because the law requires it to issue a ruling on any petition that is filed in accordance with the law. And to those of you complaining, it is the government that creates a registered trademark in the first place. Do you support that kind of government involvement?

    And the ruling is not surprising in light of legal precedent, for example the TTAB refused to allow registration of “The Slants” as derogatory to Asians.

    But – the actual impact of this decision is questionable. For example, owners of “disparaging” unregistered trademarks still retain many enforceable trademark rights (such as false designation of origin and unfair competition). So, it is incorrect to say that “anyone and everyone will be able to sell merchandise bearing the name and colors without the team having the ability to enforce its rights through legal action.”

  110. About time.

    Would any of you honestly refer to a Native American person as a “redskin” to his/her face?

  111. I’m not getting involved in whether they should change the name or not, but people that use the argument “Well it was fine for 70 years, why now” is just silly.

    Plenty of things change as does society. Look at gay marriage, look at weed, look at segregation.

    Saying it has been OK for 70 years is not a valid argument. If you argue whether it is offensive or not I have no issue with that.

  112. Here are the leading candidates for names that will make everyone happy:

    Some great new names:
    Maryland Pink Fluffy Unicorns
    Washington Happytime Rainbows
    Washington Pride
    Washington Unity
    DC PC Police
    Capitol Area Cuddlebears
    Washington Deep Throats

    I hope Redskins fans still scream Hail to the Redskins after every score. You know it’s funny, we don’t want to offend native americans but you don’t see us volunteering to give back all the land we stole from them. I bet that’s a whole lot more offensive than a few words.

  113. I am not entirely sure this will be the final nail on the coffin. Most redskins gear will also bare the nfl or Nike name/logo, making it still protected. Only items that just say redskins will be effected. I checked my swag and there was not one item that didn’t have another, currently protected name on it.

  114. For those who are clueless, enBeeSee has mandated that all of their employees cease to use the name “Redskins” in print or to even say the name on that air…or else lose their jobs.

    So even if an individual wants to roll their eyes at this network’s stupid agenda, they have to respect where their bread is buttered and “pretend” to be offended all of a sudden.

    Hail to the REDSKINS! (and I don’t even like the Redskins)

  115. I find it so funny of how all of the non-redskin fans are shouting louder, and its mostly some tea party nonsense about how having common sense and some social awareness in 2014 makes us communists or something.

  116. For those of you who don’t know, the Washington Bullets and the Washington Redskins situations is like comparing apples to oranges.

    In the Bullets/Wizards case, the Owner took it upon himself to change the name because he wanted to. The story I heard is that he has somebody close to him killed in a shooting. The reason why there probably was no outrage back then is that the Bullets NEVER had a following as large as the Bullets (hence why they moved from Baltimore to Washington, DC), and social media wasn’t even really a thing back then.

    In the Redskins case, the owner doesn’t want to change the name at all. You have all these media outlets now.

  117. This doesn’t stop them from using “Redskins”, it only stops their exclusivity of using “Redskins” in marketing/sales products. All this does is open the door for knock-off Redskins clothing and sports products. I bet money that Snyder STILL doesn’t change the name.

  118. Much ado about nothing.

    If the market gets flooded with unofficial stuff and it sells enough to hurt the team/league financially, then the “change the name” proponents have already lost in the court of public opinion for the name is still very popular with the masses. Eventually this will go away when the “change the name” proponents get tired of their message falling upon deaf ears and go look for something else to be outraged about.
    The team/league will adjust to a small reduction in overall revenue.

    If the market gets flooded with unofficial stuff and nobody buys it but continues to buy officially licensed stuff, then the only ones hurt financially are the ones making the unofficial stuff. They will go out of business, the team/league is not hurt and once again the “change the name” proponents have already lost in the court of public opinion.

    If the market gets flooded with unofficial stuff and it sells briskly, but does not cut into sales of officially licensed stuff, who cares. Once again the “change the name” proponents have already lost in the court of public opinion.

    There is no way this will force the team to change the name.

    The only way I can see would be if the networks refused to broadcast Redskins game. I don’t see that happening: too much money involved.

    As this is directly in opposition to this site, I suspect this post will be removed very quickly.

  119. You guys are right. This country is being wussified simplby changing the name of a sports team. How will we be able to police other countries when our national prestige has been so impugned? How will we stand up to the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS?

    If anything, our sports team should be MORE OFFENSIVE! And let’s not limit it to minority races and ethnicities that don’t have the funds to fight back. Let’s go after the big game! The Salt Lake City Stepford Wives, The Boston Dirty Catholics, The Miami Blue-Hairs, The New York Crime Families, The Minnesota White-Bread Honkies, The Chicago Shyster Lawyers.

  120. suprised no charges were brought against the team for pretending to be a Football team…

  121. You people look for something to complain about. PC Is the new 60’s. it’s more about voicing your opinion and power to change, regardless of right or wrong. Basically it’s sticking your nose in someone else’s business and using the trumped up” do what’s right card” to get there. Truly another form of bullying.

  122. Ah, the good old Soviet doctrine of “my way….or my way.” I for one welcome our new banana republic overlords.

  123. It is the comments on these articles (on which PFT thrives) that truly makes me question the intelligence/ethics/morals of the average white american male.

    You folks throw around the word liberal like it is a defamation, and fail to realize our country is founded on a horrible past….Genocide and Slavery.

    Please take a moment and and use your brain for more than consumerism. Grasp that these are human beings being spoken of, not some wingnut created conspiracy.

    To blindly protect an offensively named football team owned by a billionaire (not you fools) that fleeces you at every possible chance( and are laughably bad )is just pure ignorance.

  124. This “controversy” mostly political BS, I agree.

    Still, there is a reasonable argument to be made that referring to any people by their skin color can be interpreted as a soft or indirect variety of racism, regardless of the actual intent of the speaker. That’s probably not the best approach to take in any multi-cultural society, the US included. A lot of things have changed in America in the last 80 years, certainly not all of them for the good, but one positives is that on balance, it’s less racist society than it has probably ever been.

    So, in my view as a semi-disinterested observer, the best thing to do in the long run is to modify the name to something than does not combine the word “skin” with a color of human being. I believe that will happen within 10 years or fewer, the exact timing to depend upon many circumstances, trademark being on of them.

    It is easy to think of a number of good team names that would incorporate either a non-racial reference to Indian heritage, or the color red, or the reference to skins. For example, the Washington –
    Braves (the original team name)
    Red Wave, Storm, etc.
    Pigskins lol


  125. This is absolutely ridiculous. There have been a number of polls showing that the overwhelming majority of Native Americans, over 75%, do not find the name offensive. This alone should be enough to reverse this idiotic ruling. If it is not reversed, I think I will file a few complaints of my own. I would like to see the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) trademark revoked, after all, the term “Colored People” is a highly offensive term for blacks. I would also like to see the trademark for the United Negro College Fund revoked, after all, the term “Negro” is a highly offensive term for blacks. I wonder how many more people could come up with to get trademarks invalidated if this idiotic ruling is allowed to stand. I do not think that they have any idea of the size of the can of worms this would open up if the ruling stands.

  126. I’m clowning. Seriously. Daring the government? Really? This reminds me of the quote someone had that God himself couldn’t sink the Titanic…and then it sank. Rather than stall by giving the Colonel Nathan R. Jessup-style, “I gave it its due attention” or “We are working on putting soemthing together.” The owner went with the “my cold dead hands,” approach, and with such an approach it is an unnecessarily steadfast stance against the powers that be triple dog daring them t flex their powers.

    And they did.

    Please, don’t say that the Braves, Chiefs, Blackhawks, Seminoles need to change their names, too, because those names aren’t considered a slur. The Indians team name is not considered offensive, though their logo is, but the team has made that characature a secondary and little used logo in recent years, and have not come out in defense of it as Dan Snyder has.

    Dan Snyder could have started a contest for names and uniform styles and made it fun. He could have had an annual throwback game where they sing the “Hail to…” in the stadium, but daring the powers that be to flex their power got him in a battle that he will likely lose. In the end he will find out what we already knew, that he should have played it another way.

  127. It seems Washington has a problem with all their team names. Redskins is considered a racial slur. The Washington Bullets changed their name to the Wizards because too many thought Bullets represented guns and murder.
    The Washington Nationals baseball team is as bland as Cleveland Browns. They actually call them the Knats for short. What is more insignificant than being a knat.
    Oh yes, and cue all the people trying to get thae name warriors, renegades, etc copyrighted so Snyder will have to pay them eventually.

  128. I personally stay out of the debate. Both sides have points. It’s just that we have such a money grubbing, dislikable, black-hearted owner that I’m glad he is being brought down to his knees. I mean no one likes Snyder. No one. The guy deserves everything that’s coming to him.

  129. Working on this since 1992, huh? More proof that there are waaaaaaaayyyyyy too many lawyers.

  130. You folks throw around the word liberal like it is a defamation, and fail to realize our country is founded on a horrible past….Genocide and Slavery.

    Please take a moment and and use your brain for more than consumerism. Grasp that these are human beings being spoken of, not some wingnut created conspiracy.


    As a liberal, I would love for you to explain to me the last time you’ve actually spoken to a Native American about the subject and the response that was given.

    How did they feel about the subject and how often do you go out of your way to speak with them on a personal level?

    Not all of us liberals are into catering to the personal politics of a select few in DC.

  131. Maybe DeSean Jackson wouldn’t have signed there if he knew the team would be the subject of such controversy. He’s such a low profile guy.

  132. Yea the govt really stepping up lol. We dont want to offend the Native Americans so we will revoke the patent all the while the govt craps on their reservations which has insane suicide rates and high drop out rates. If anyone really cared they would visit a reservation and see what the caring and all knowing govt does for its people after they have taken all the power……go see one…or wait 10 years and go to Detroit…The way Native Americans are treated in this country is awful if any other group including mine were treated like this it would be on msnbc and cnn and Obama would talk some crap about how this could be his kid or some other nonsense. My adopted brother is Indian and he keeps tabs on his bio family they wear hats that say redskins and braves….they dont hate those teams. The hate the way the govt controls them and limits there freedom.

  133. All he has to do is put a logo/drawing of a redskin peanut on the helmet. Done and done!

  134. great now we get to read a thousand “PC police” posts from outraged “forward thinkers”

  135. Simple solution for Snyder: market Redskin stuff with an accompanying NFL logo. Ask fans to only support NFL-logo-ized Redskin gear. That could work.

  136. haterade999 says: Jun 18, 2014 12:14 PM

    You folks throw around the word liberal like it is a defamation, and fail to realize our country is founded on a horrible past….Genocide and Slavery.

    Please take a moment and and use your brain for more than consumerism. Grasp that these are human beings being spoken of, not some wingnut created conspiracy.


    As a liberal, I would love for you to explain to me the last time you’ve actually spoken to a Native American about the subject and the response that was given.

    How did they feel about the subject and how often do you go out of your way to speak with them on a personal level?

    Not all of us liberals are into catering to the personal politics of a select few in DC.

    I am native american.

  137. People are way to sensitive nowadays. It’s not meant in a derogatory way. It’s been Redskins forever. Leave it. I’m not a huge Snyder fan but I hope he sticks to his guns on this. Can I say guns or does that make people upset to?

  138. Congratulations to the piece of sh#t Ray Halbritter from the oneida Indian nation. Keep bleeding your own people dry scumbag

  139. America really? The country is going down the toilet and this what all you cry baby’s care about. Damn I’m ashamed of my fellow Americans right now. Christians are being killed in Syria , Iraq etc and this what u complain about. Ashamed of you!!

  140. So this ruling would allow MORE people to profit from the “racist” and “demeaning” name and symbol? Excellent!

  141. This really stupid,where one entity had the right
    to use the name Washington Redskins now everybody
    has that right.This not a way to get rid of the name

  142. Now bear in mind, Snyder is not obligated to change the name. If he likes it, fine. Nobody is telling him otherwise. But now every Tom, Dick & Harry has the prerogative to sell Washington Redskins apparel, jerseys, whatever, and Snyder doesn’t get any of the proceeds. This is after numerous examples where the Trademark office has declined to give a “redskin” trademark to various people who have asked for it in other contexts over the years. Snyder and the NFL absolutely saw this coming, and only their hubris and belief that an NFL franchise is “untouchable” have prevented them from being pro-active about changing their brand for the Washington franchise. The only thing that happened today, is the federal government stopped looking the other way and finally held the mighty NFL to the same standard it uses for everyone else. Political correctness be damned, this was about fairly enforcing long-standing federal law.

  143. Typical action by the government that only makes the situation worse. It paves the way for the name to be used even more by anyone. Means we will see the name redskins more.

    The government’s intentions are to force ownership to find another name that they can own.

    It is telling private ownership what they can and can’t do just because someone said it is offensive. That should be disturbing to all free citizens regardless of your personal view of the redskin name.

  144. “Washington Bullys”
    So glad our dear leader can take time to get into this with all the scandal in his administration.
    Next up, the K C Chiefs.

  145. What’s next? Anyone that wears NFL apparel that says “Redskins” on it is a racist?? Crazy stuff. For the past 70 years, the Redskin name stood for courage and bravery, honoring the Native Indians and just in the last year or so, it now stands for something derogatory! Dear WORLD: You are screwed up!!!!!!

  146. The Redskins name is as dumb as can be. However, I am stunned how people just simply accept this abuse of government power like it is nothing.

  147. Says the “wussification” of America is ruining everything

    Then whines ad nauseum about a football team having to change its name

    Ironing is delicious?

  148. this is just looney and is pathetic, being part native american I have absolutely no issue with the name because it’s simply words..nothing more and anyone who allows words to hurt them has more serious issues they need to deal with. If you find the name offensive then don’t watch the team or buy their merchandise. Guess Dallas better start coming up with a new name because sooner or later someone is gonna say the name “cowboys” is offensive to native americans also.

  149. Why do all you Conservatives paint all Liberal Democrats with the same brush? I’m fairly Liberal, mostly vote Democratic these days, and I think the name REDSKINS is just fine and should not be changed. It is OUTRAGEOUS that Harry Reid and the government feel they have the right to stick their noses into this silliness! Another example of bullying by the Feds, most of whom have no idea of the origin of the name. Didn’t braves wear red war paint into battle? Geesh! What next, change the name Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland NATIVE AMERICANS? So juvenile. My dear old mother used to say, “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you.” Guess I’m just too old for all this PC crap….

  150. This comment section unfortunately reveals teh failure of so many to understand how our country works. There’s a law prohibiting federal trademark protection for names, etc. considered disparaging to identifiable and sizable populations (and it need not be a majority of such populations). The USPTO, charged with applying this law, found that the Redskins name ran afoul of the law. Therefore, it is not entitled to federal trademark protection.

    You can take issue with the USPTO’s reasoning, I suppose, or you could write your local Congressperson to change the law, but these comments that the government doesn’t have anything better to do, is coming to take away our “freedumbz,” etc. just reveal how ignorant some people are about how the world works. Go back and take a civics class, please.

  151. I was in favor of them changing their name. Key word there is was. Now that the government has decided to impose an authority that does not have I hope Snyder fight them tooth and nail and never changes.

  152. Dear Redskins fans who constantly complain on these threads and thumbs down all the comments opposed to keeping the name, you are all wasting your time. Now that it’s not patented I could go start selling Redskins memorabilia tomorrow and thus, they will have to change. The name is racist, if there was a team named “The Blackskins” do you think they would get away with it? No. Also, pretending to be a native american who is a fan of the redskins in the comments isn’t fooling anyone. You all better start saving up for a jersey with the new team name/colors.

  153. Hey WASHINGTON Become the Warriors..Use a 21st century warrior thats face guard looks like a mutant of your Indian Logo…now that would be awesome

  154. The government didn’t get involved, a legal firm followed the legal procedures for challenging a copyright. It wasn’t that the Patent Office had nothing better to do. They responded with a decision on the challenge. That’s their job. I’m sorry you are butt hurt over the decision.

  155. All you over-excited Progs. Read it again. No practical change UNTIL ALL APPEALS EXHAUSTED. MONTHS MAYBE YEARS. I look forward to seeing the Redskin logo at Texas Stadium Mon. Oct. 27. Goodell is working closely with the Obama Admin to make the NFL more PC. Bet he runs for political office after his commish gig. His legacy – worst commish ever.
    BTW – anybody read the list of NFL demands put to Minnesota for a SB selection? Outright extortion.

  156. Let me explain some things to all of you knuckle-dragging morons:

    First of all, the government didn’t just decide to pull the trademark protection. This came as a result of a law suit filed by Native Americans. The suit was not about the football team, but about a brand of pork grinds called “Redskin Pork Grinds”. The court found that the term Redskin was derogatory and denied the copyright, forcing the patent office to strip anything labeled Redskin of its copyright. A lawsuit filed by Native Americans. You know, the ones who aren’t offended.

    Secondly, this is not “Political Correctness”. This is basic decency. Being PC means calling someone an African-American as opposed to “black”. Just as you would not call a black man a N****** because you are a decent human being, you would not call an Indian a R********. Former Redskin Mark Schlereth: “It’s a pejorative term. And it needs to change. I mean, you would never go into a conference of Native American people and walk up in front of them and refer to them as redskins.”

    Third, the Redskin name didn’t not come about because the owner of the team wanted to give the team a name with “pride, courage and history” or whatever else you illiterate morons keep spouting. It was changed for one reason: $$$. When the Boston team began sharing a stadium with the Red Sox instead of the baseball Braves, the name was changed to the Redskins. As the owner of the team, reviled and famous racist George Preston Marshall, said at the time (and it is in PRINT so, if you can spell…IF, you can google it it) the name was changed from braves to Redskins to save money because he didn’t want to change the logo or team colors. Marshall was such a racist that in 1960 he left specific directions that the team “never give a dime to any cause that would further racial integration.” 1960! Marshall is also quoted as saying the team name was “funny”. Class act.

    Over 40 Native American Tribes have publicly denounced the name, as well as over 200 Native American Organizations.

    Its called social evolution people. We learn and grow and change as people and as a society as time passes. Its why we don’t have slavery and segregation. its why woman can vote. I understand that many of you are not evolving at the rate the rest of us are and would like to live in some imaginary past that never existed, and thats fine. You have the right to live in a fantasy world. Just do the rest of us a favor and don’t spawn any seed while your with us on this earth.

  157. Red Man tobacco is the most racist chewing tobacco company. Your next, “Red Man”

    Also next: All Native American high schools with the Redskins name. The liberals are on their way to change your minds

  158. Wow if you can shame then into doing what you want. You just take away their money and their rights.

    I am real sick to see where this country has gone. Shame on us all.

  159. Also, by Blackhorse’s Facebook page, they’re after any team anywhere that uses native Americans as a mascot. They’re after the Cleveland Indians as we type.

  160. the n word was and still is being used to describe African-Americans. We don’t use those words on uniforms do we?.

    The redskin word is used in a derogatory way to describe American Indians/native Americans. Why are we using it on uniforms?

    I understand the argument, but we need to get real and understand what that word really means. It does not belong on signs, uniforms, etc.

    Besides, that idiot Snyder would make more money if he changed the name of the team… how dumb is this guy?

  161. So, it’s wrong for Snyder to keep the name, but ok for the state of Maryland to sell Redskins license plates…….got it.

  162. Sometimes I wonder if all the teams with Indians names decided they all wanted to get rid of them on their own before nobody objected would they be up in arms about that? Just a thought.

  163. Read up on this: This was done back in 1992 by a group of native American Indians,and they lost. Snyder will fight this and win again.

    Sorry to disappoint all you smug all knowing PC people out there.

  164. Please explain how this is tyranny? Is it not ironic that you consider this tyranny, while ignoring the tyranny that has been committed by the American government towards Native Americans. For instance, when the Cherokee Nation WON their Supreme Court case to remain a sovereign nation in the State of Georgia, and Andrew Jackson, who for some reason still graces our currency, ignored the Supreme Court ruling and forced the Cherokees to move to a reservation in Oklahoma on The Trail of Tears where they were purposely infected the Indians with disease. Is that not the height of tyranny? Yet, you seem to be supporting that through your defense of this name.

  165. normally, I would rather the government spend it’s time doing something to solve the problems we have but in the case of this administration, maybe the more distracted they are the less they will continue to screw things up with the inept, incompetent and corrupt way they do things.

  166. Either way, move negative press…the name will be changed as it should!

    Sorry, Dan, you will eventually lose this one.

  167. Whether the name is “offensive” to less than 1 percent of the entire population or not, is fairly irrelevant to me.

    What drives me crazy is how the federal government gets involved. Why?? Let them go to court and sort it out, why are politicians voicing their opinions on this?

    A very very small minority can protest and whine until they get what they want and the government just gives in to appease this PC society. It’s insane.

  168. This isn’t the first time this has been done by the patent office as well. It also happened in 1999 and the Skins won the appeal then. I’m starting to think that the change is inevitable. It won’t go away. As much as right wing nuts would love it too.

  169. As an Italian American from Jersey, I was acutely aware of a grassroots movement to lobby HBO to cancel the Sopranos. (I personally was also offended by Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of New Jersey but I’m an individual whose identity is not wholly bound up with where my ancestors come from). It’s the same thing. The issue never got pushed as far, but I think people would respond differently in that situation because the program is so popular. The Redskins only have a 1/32nd share of the fan base in the NFL (and fans of rival teams just feign indignation to harass, punk, and prank the Skins fan base). The team should file for minority protection.

  170. I agree with the action taken by the trademark office on this issue but I don’t believe it’s right to characterize it as a resounding no. The ruling was 2-1, certainly a majority, but not an overwhelming one, as resounding implies.

  171. I love all the white guys that aren’t offended at how Native Americans are called. Maybe, its up to them how they’d like to be called, and they’ve been pretty clear.

  172. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME. Anything can be deemed offensive to anyone. Why is there such a stink now and not 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago? PC crazy. It’s a simplistic term, probably the first term, used by settlers to describe a people they had never encountered before. It’s obviously meant to allude to an Indians strengths–it’s a football team! Guess calling someone white or black is an automatic slur too. Cleveland, are you next? 7 footers, better get on the Giants case. Too many thin skins, let’s move on.

  173. I haven’t scanned through all 277 comments, so forgive me if someone already pointed this out.

    Only trademarks that contain the word “Redskins” have been unregistered. The logo remains protected under a separate and still registered trademark.

  174. Redskins is not offensive to rational people. It is just a word. What you PC people are actually offended at is what you think the word means. That is of your own doing, not Snyder’s or the team’s fault. It is not the word that is insulting; it is always the intent behind its choosing that truly defines it. That is why many black people freely refer to each other as the “n-word”–because the intent is not to insult. If you honestly think the word Redskins when applied to the team in Washington is intended to be a racial epithet and a mass insult, it is you who needs to change.

  175. Stop the deletions now…. if Florio can continue his campaign it is unAmerican to suppress other, more reasonable, voices….

    This whole situation is offensive. This supposed issue has been mostly fabricated to distract the public and serve as air cover for an ineffective president and congress and is politically based (note the partisanship; 50 senators and not one Republican). Worse, the lies and level of sheer ignorance and antiAmerican thought and behavior is astounding. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

    To begin, Redskins is not a slur, nor in it meant to conjure up a derogatory image. The name was chosen by Native Americans for a team coached by a Native American to honor Native Americans. Polls of actual Native Americans show vastly more (well over 90%) Native Americans approve of the name than the few (almost all Native Americans put forward as opposition are politically motivated by casino interests tied to democratic politicians). Now the hypocrisy, there are many names right w/in the NFL that are based on poor images (Vikings, Buccs, Raiders – do you understand that Vikings were thieves and killers)), Redskins is not one of these.

    The disturbing part and scary part for our countries future is how gullible some are to false media slants and attempts by the politically motivated to tell others how they should feel and to create a controversy and issue that is simply not there. Though some may try to paint this as not politics it is strictly politics, and bad partisan politics at that.

    Native Americans are probably the most wronged group in our country and they deserve real help (not this casino nonsense where guys like this Halbritter tool can benefit). Native Americans should be outraged at this attempt by liberals and politicals to use them, and to, in fact, attempt to erase Native American images from the public. As said, vastly (over 90% Native Americans do not have any problem the the name, if fact, there are many, not one or two, schools in Native American areas that use this very name). The Redskins name was created and brough forth by Native Americans. The name refers to war paint laden warriors and promotes a positive image; the name, as created and used for the most part was not used to talk about skin color, and even when it was, it was not in a derogatory fashion. To even think a sports team would use its name to slur a people is so far beyond absurd it is incomprehensible. It is offensive that politicians think people are this dumb.. though many apparantly are. And to Mike G from Mike and Mike…a show I watch and like… of course you would not use name to refer to Native Americans… as that is not what the name is…. your argument actually supports the keep the name argument, as it is not used to slur anyone. It is time for Native Americans to stand up, demand real help, denounce this political sham and support the Redskins. Speak for yourselves and DO NOT allow the libs to use you for their purpose and vacate your existence in the process. Get onboard and actively fight the libs… demand real help. I am all Redskins fans are on your side, we are proud of the association and the image.

    We should all be alarmed by the left preying on ignorance and destroying the freedoms that made America great (and yes, I acknowledge that the far right is also a problem, but they are not as outright devious or unAmerican in approach). I hope this absurdity is a tipping point in what I call “the war on libs”. This past election, and the consequences of that election, should illustrate for all, not just Republicans, the danger of doing things for appearances and not understanding qualifications or issues for yourselves. We need to overlook our politics and divergent issues and make better decisions w/o race and similar things being “the” issue.

    I have been a Redskins fan for over 40 years (yes I’m old), I am a very opinionated person, but I have never ever used, associated, or heard Redskins used in a derogatory fashion referring to people. I take great pride in my team and our name and I will not let ignorant “clowns” tell me different because it suits their purpose.

    As a country, we are losing our way… our freedoms and the values that made this country are going fast…. we are not doing well… as I said, let this nonsense be a tipping point in the war against PC and political crap… and let’s all (Democrats and Republicans alike) begin to see the danger in how the liberal group w/in the Democratic party operates.

    Long live Native Americans! Long live the Redskins!


    Hail to the Redskins!

  176. and if some of you libs don’t like the connotation that liberal is a dirty word to most of us… police your own

    there is no question that libs are the worst of us Americans and do us all great damage… so, again, police your own if you don’t like the perception

  177. Maybe, to prove a point if the name change is forced upon him, Snyder should change the name from Redskins to Savages (no slur reference in dictionaries as of yet) and keep the logo just to prove a point. That term means (so far today) vicious, beyond control, fierce–as in a formidable opponent/team. That is the image most teams try to portray (fierce, unbeatable foe). The PC people will say that they are saying that all Indians/American Indians/Native/Americans/(next acceptable term) are savages with the meaning akin to a lesser race or group of people.

  178. I agree that the name shouldn’t have to be changed. Either way, people need to look at it from a legal standpoint. The people complaining about it are not going to win. This case is going to go to the supreme curt, where they will have to set precedent, since there hasn’t be a case like this before and that will be nearly impossible to do. Next, even before they make their final decision to change the name and set precedent, they will have to think of the undeniable consequences that go along with that. Once that precedent is set, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities and other sport teams will have to change their names as well. Think of the big picture and everything that goes along with this. People need to stop being so thin skinned and get over it. If people complained about everything that seemed a little “racist”, we wouldn’t have anything left in the country. Just because a few people find it offensive doesn’t mean we should have to change something. If that were always the case we would never get anything done. Something is always offensive to a few people, but they will live. I assure of that.

  179. politicallyincorrect says:

    Stop the deletions now…. if Florio can continue his campaign it is unAmerican to suppress other, more reasonable, voices….

    They are very quick to delete a post that goes against what they have posted. I have a right to freedom of speech same as you, the bloggers of this site!

  180. OK. Let me look at this from a new angle. Suppose for a second that the name is disparaging to Native Americans. (I don’t believe that, but stay with me for a second.) So the Patent Office cancels the trademark/patent protection to keep that bad Washington Redskins team from uniquely disparaging Native Americans by using the Redskins name and logo. So now, everyone is going to be able to disparage Native Americans by using the Redskins name and logo. That’s perfect! Way to go lawyers! I’ll start making the Washington Redskins speedos for fat people now. Much better! Way to address the problem Patent Office.

  181. I want the NJ Devils to change their team name or have their Patent stripped. I kicked a man off of my train for using profanity and saying inappropriate sexual innuendos to under age girls. He called me a “Devil” and a “caveman” and told me that all blackmen are gods and black women are the earths and that all white people are “Devils” and that the NAACP would have my job. So now I’m offended by the name “Devils”, should I write Obama or will he not care because if he had a son, he wouldn’t look like me?

  182. Whats really offensive about the Washington Redskins name is the word Washington. I find all thats going on there to be truly offensive. Maybe they should change that.

  183. does anyone realize the leader of this fight is a democrat from the state of nevada, which has las vegas, in which native americans own the many gambling establishments at? does anyone else not notice this is all about $$$$$$$$$$$$ and not a name already?

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