49ers likely won’t negotiate with Davis or Boone until they show up


49ers tight end Vernon Davis and guard Alex Boone want new contracts.  They’ve boycotted offseason workouts to make it happen.

As Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com points out, that may not be the way to make it happen.

The 49ers have created a precedent that they won’t negotiate until a player shows up.  That’s how the team handled it three years ago when running back Frank Gore held out in training camp, and that’s likely how they’ll handle it now.

Still, for a player under contract, the only leverage comes from the withholding of services.  Despite terms like “mandatory minicamp,” a player can exert leverage by staying away and paying the fine of up to nearly $70,000.

The question becomes whether Davis and/or Boone are willing to stay away from mandatory training camp, where the fines spike and signing bonus money can be forfeited.  The ultimate question is whether the 49ers will blink in the face of these holdouts, or whether they will adhere to the precedent that negotiations won’t occur if a player isn’t abiding by the terms of the deal he already has signed.

In the interim, coach Jim Harbaugh would like reporters to abide by his desire that they not ask him about the situation.

“We covered that pretty thoroughly yesterday,” Harbaugh told reporters Wednesday, when asked again about Davis and Boone.  “I’ll just reiterate that I was disappointed in the decision not to come to the minicamp.  [I] didn’t call anybody out.  There was no call out of anybody.”

Right.  And he didn’t pursue Peyton Manning two years ago, merely “evaluated” him.  And Harbaugh doesn’t want a new contract that would put him among the highest-paid coaches in the game.

“I thought that was ridiculous,” Harbaugh said of the characterization that he “called out” Davis and Boone by saying their absence isn’t “the 49er way.”  (If that’s not calling them out, we’d love to see what he considers calling them out to be.)  “And then, the second point is that we’re going to keep the focus on what is going on here, who is here and the players that we’re coaching. . . .  So, we covered it yesterday and today we’re focusing on guys that are here. . . .  To answer the three, four, five follow-up questions, it gets to be badgering.  It gets old.  I covered it thoroughly yesterday.  I don’t feel like there is anything more to say about it at this time.”

The 49ers similarly don’t feel like there is anything to say to Davis or Boone until they show up.  We’ll now wait to see whether they do.

And whether Harbaugh calls them out if they don’t.

And whether Harbaugh then claims he didn’t actually call them out, and that it’s ridiculous to think he did.

46 responses to “49ers likely won’t negotiate with Davis or Boone until they show up

  1. Those who bought stock in Vernon Davis through FanTek should be furious that he is getting fined right now. Should have seen this hold out coming when he put himself as a commodity on the open market.

  2. This is what’s wrong with the NFL. People do not have to show to work.
    I think I am not going to show up to work until September. I hope I still have my job.
    Please do not feel sorry for these millionairs. Yes, they are millionaires and are not like 99,99999% of the worlds population.

  3. I’m looking forward to the day when after careful “evaluation” Harbaugh gives Florio the Jim Kelly treatment and knocks him out cold.

    Get over it man. The only people that backtrack and lie more than coaches are politicians. Complaining about it is pointless.

  4. Harbaugh is a good coach. But he treats the media, and by extension the people they report to, the fans, like they are completely stupid.

  5. Hard to feel bad for / side with millionaires who refuse to show up for work because they want more money.

  6. Maurice Jones Drew did the same thing a few years ago and not only did he not get any more money but
    he destroyed most of the fan’s good will for him in the process. When he finally did show up he wasn’t in proper shape and got a serious injury and he has never been the same explosive player again.

    With the current CBA, it is dumb to hold out if you are already under contract. NO WAY are any of the 32 owners going to cave on that because then there would be an avalanche of guys holding out every year for more money.

  7. The one Niner fans love about Harbaugh is he has no love for the media. In the end all he cares about is putting together a perennial contender and bringing the Red and Gold another Lombardi.

    Also Harbaugh never left Stanford in the wake of a NCAA investigation.

  8. Can’t really find any fault in anything Harbaugh said. Media just can’t get over being referred to as “so called experts, pundits and scribes”.

  9. Lmao Singletary’s work? You mean the work of Trent Baalke! The current niner gm? He’s the one who assembled this team…

    Dingleberry wanted Taylor Mays, and Jon Beason over P.Willis..Totally destroyed Alex smith’s confidence, and made him a complete bust…

    Harbaugh turned the same perennial non playoff 7-9 team into a 13-3 team, that was a Kyle Williams fumble away from getting into the super bowl during NFC championship..

    This wouldn’t be his first rodeo either, check out how he turned a soft laughable Stanford football team into a top 5 ranked physical powerhouse..Or checkout before then when he was the head coach of U. Of San Diego..another weak easily beaten team, into a conference champion 2 seasons in a row..

    Harbaugh may be an ass at times, but he is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and the niners were lucky enough to get him over the 7 other teams interested..

  10. SF can’t give in, but this will cause some problems for a team wanting to take the next step. That is why getting out in front of these things is best – again, Seattle showing better management skills.

  11. Vernon is already one of the top paid TE’s in the league
    I’m more sympathetic to Alex Boone

    ….. but, I don’t take the hits Vernon does

  12. I believe the references to Mike Singletary we’re about the way he turned around Vernon Davis,not about the team he built. that was the whole can’t win with them can’t coach with him just can’t do it right after Singletary kicked Vernon Davis of the field during the game and sent him to the showers.

  13. It’s very simple.

    When you are not happy at work or would like to see more money, or a situation change, you discuss it with your employer directly.

    Not showing up to work and letting your employer hear through 3rd parties that you’re not happy, is not the way to do this.

  14. From the top down the 49ers are a bunch of babies. Starts with Balke and Harbaugh then works it’s way through players like Kap and Davis then to the fans. The fans know the window is closing on this small run of being competitive. It was quite a run too! 2 NFC championship game losses and a Super Bowl loss. Wow! Not a lot to show for it. Your lombardis have 2o years of dust on them.

  15. If your job was as important to your company as Vernon Davis’ is, then you could not show up for work and still have a job. The fact is most people’s jobs are easily replaceable, therefore do not have the ability to be unhappy with their pay, because there is someone else that will do it, just as well, for the same pay. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should feel sorry for them either, but if they want to hold out their team has the option to cut them.

  16. I’m amused by the talk of the 49er’s window being closed while the 2014 roster is the best Balke and Harbaugh have assembled during their tenure…Keep dreaming.

    The players will soon come to their senses and make it to camp.

  17. Niners window of opportunity has slammed shut.
    Harbaugh will never see another Superbowl with the Niners.
    He will instead grab another rising team and try to get to the Superbowl with them.
    He’ll continue to claim any success as his own even though others may have had a part in it.

  18. I don’t know about Boone, but Davis is already being paid what he’s worth plus a little.
    Crabtree is ahead of him in line I think.

  19. Davis has been around long enough to know the Niners don’t negotiate contracts until the player shows up to join the team. He’s getting carried away with “his brand” crap and it could cost him dearly if he doesn’t wake up.

    Questions about player holdouts should be addressed to the GM, not the head coach. All Harbaugh can do is coach the guys he has.

    As for you SeaChicken trolls, you know nothing about the Niners, so worry about your 1 SB team. You must not like your team that much if you have time to talk about the Niners. Let’s see you talk smack after we kick your butts.

  20. Niners will be out of contention by mid season.
    Too many people missing…
    Too many new faces…
    A running back that thinks he is an elite QB…
    Players that will be serving time…

  21. Coach Mike Singletary is known for his rant, “can’t win with him”, might have been more accurate than we thought. Guy is a poison, Terrell Owens reincarnate.

  22. If the team doesn’t have to honor the contract, why should we expect the players to?

    These guys have 10-13 years to earn millions of dollars a year, they should take as much as they can get.. it has to last them the rest of their lives.

    Plus, let’s not forget the physical hardships most of these guys go thru after a life time of football.. what these guys will go thru in their later years, they deserve more money.

    As a Niners’ fan I want them there, but they need to take care of themselves, because when the team doesn’t need them, they certainly won’t.

  23. They are ALL making way to much money in the first place. Cut the salaries and cut the ticket prices so us not making millions like them can go to a game and they’ll still make plenty of profit.

  24. As it should be. I really don’t like anything about the 49ers, but their front office is 100% spot-on in this regard.

  25. Hilarious prophets of doom. Vernon will come to his senses and Boone will likely get a new deal (if he shows). Aldon will get probation and an eight game suspension or so and be back around the time Bowman is. Culliver probably won’t even go to trial until next Spring. The 49ers will weather the storm and be full strength for the stretch drive.

  26. The 49ers “won’t negotiate until a player shows up”. Vernon Davis has been in hiding since Kam Chancellor joined the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

  27. Kam Chancellor is the biggest head hunting fraud to enter this league since Kam Chancellor.

    One cheap shot on Davis and they think he owns him, Davis was back the next week securing the Niners 2nd consecutive NFCW title and not by going 7-9.

  28. I am sooooo sick of athletes signing deals and then a couple of years into it they want to renegotiate it. Just because the player thinks he out performed his contract is no reason to hold out and demand more money. You were satisfied with the deal when you signed it. Now be a man and honor it. And the funny thing to me is, you never see an athlete go to an owner and give him money back, when he’s had a horrible season. So why should an owner reward a player for having a good season. It’s their job to play well. They don’t get paid to suck. Although some of them still suck anyway. The greediness of the players and owners are ruining all sports, except hockey. Those guys still bring it, no matter what. In closing, I think as fans, we should not show up to the stadiums or watch the games on tv. Because we are the ones that neither players nor owners really care about. So let us hold out.

  29. You pedhawk fans keep telling yourself that 49ers window is closed…Such obsession on everything 49er. Even commenting on local newspaper websites. Stockerish much? I think so

    This type of talk smells of fear..fear that the niners have added a ton of young talent through the draft, through our IR rookie team we drafted last yr, and via free agency..

    Plus, I would rather lose with honor, then to win by cheating..no amount of peds will ever remove the asterick on your lonesome Lombardi.

    Get well Seadderall.

  30. sorry bout that, the only way Fantex is going to get their money out of Davis is if he re does hes contract now. People on the plus side of 30 generally dont get paid unless they are QB’sFantex still makes 200k, but overall people will lose money. Now if Davis gets ambitious about making money Fantex could do really well. Peyton owns 21 papa johns hes going to make a ton of money after football. but a 30 year old tight end making $40 million in his next contract probably is not going to happen. Maybe he lands some commericials. But the base contract is not going to happen SF needed him heavily last year with there top 2 wide outs getting injured. 56 yards per game, and maybe a touchdown isnt earth shattering results. As for the guard who is holding out I dont know, but Davis has 2 years left.

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