Bears cut Israel Idonije


Israel Idonije’s second stint with the Bears didn’t last long.

Idonije, a veteran defensive lineman who played in Chicago from 2004 to 2012 and then returned this year after one year in Detroit, was released today just two months after he signed.

Although Idonije is a well-liked and well-respected veteran off the field, the Bears apparently decided that at age 33, he doesn’t have much left on the field. He may be able to sign on somewhere else before training camp opens, but he also may have played his last NFL game.

The Bears also released quarterback Jerrod Johnson, which leaves them with three quarterbacks behind Jay Cutler on the depth chart. Jimmy Clausen will compete with Jordan Palmer to be the No. 2 quarterback, while rookie sixth-round pick David Fales is likely to make the roster as a third-stringer with developmental potential.

Chicago also waived safety Sean Cattouse and tight end Fendi Onobun, and signed two players who recently had tryouts with the team, defensive end Jamil Merrell and linebacker Conor O’Neill. The moves leave the Bears with 88 players on the roster, two under the NFL limit, which means they’re likely planning to add a couple more players before training camp opens.

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  1. NFC North 2014-2015 Standings:

    1. Vikings 12-4
    2. Bears 11-5
    3. Lions 9-7
    4. Packers 6-10

    The Bears & Vikings have the most all around solid teams.

    The Packers are destined for failure.

  2. Sucks to be cut by the Bears, but if the Vikings don’t sign you as a castoff, you are pretty much out of pro football. If the Vikings do want you, well, you are still pretty much out of pro football.

  3. Idonije was a really good DE 4 years ago, and he was old then. His time has come. Best of luck to him in whatever he does next.

  4. Jimmy Clausen and Jordan Palmer are terrible and still in the NFL. Why did Tebow get run off like he stole something? I’d start Tebow before those two without hesitation.

  5. Its not possible to have the best QB and the worst team.

    It is, however, possible to have the best RB and the worst team.

  6. Dang. Sorry, Izzy. Great, great guy.

    I hope you get better and PLEASE join Double-A on “ITB”.

    We missed you last year. Gonna miss you again!

  7. Packers might have the worst overall team but the best QB and they will lain the division if he stays healthy. agree on Israel. good person but time to retire.

  8. Even as a life long Vikes fan, I actually think the Packers and Bears have the best teams in the North, and this year will tell whether or not the Lions and Vikes have the pieces in place to make it a 4 team race. Should be interesting.

  9. Izzy was a fan favorite. Super quality guy, did a LOT of charity work, and did whatever was asked on the field. For a few years he was adding and dropping weight like a yo-yo because Lovie and his crew couldn’t figure out if they wanted him to play DT or DE, but he put up with all of it without a peep.

    I was hoping they could find room for him on the 53 this year because his experience and leadership would have been a tremendous benefit to the younger guys… but I also understand the Bears are rebuilding their D for the future and there are only so many roster spots to go aroud.

  10. I’ll trust the staff, but I’m surprised that Idonije can’t help the team at least in a backup role. He’s versatile enough to play across the line and was a very underrated performer in his last stint with the Bears.

  11. Won’t be surprised if he ends up in Dallas with the veteran minimum. Rod might convince the staff to take a chance on him. To be honest – I don’t know that would be a bad thing to do.

  12. How unfortunate for Izzy to play his last year with a pathetic & terrible organization like the Lions!

    You will be missed Izzy and always be a Bear even though you had that nasty Detroit experience, which most likely ended you because Detroit is so bad!

  13. Let’s all be real here. Lions have the best all around talent in the division and this is the year they beat down the NFC and show everyone what their capable of. Lions 2015 SB champs!!!

    Lions 11-5
    Packers 10-6
    Vikings 7-9
    Bears 6-10

  14. Always a pro, sad to see him released.

    As for the above post by calvinthegreat81…Thanks for the laugh.

    Here’s my totally meaningless prediction:

    Bears & Packers both 10-6, winner determined by tiebreakers. Lions 8-8 with two payback losses to the Bears. Vikes 6-10, unless Bridgewater comes in and lights it up in his rookie year.

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