Bills launch process of finding a buyer

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If anyone has an extra billion or so laying around, they’re in luck.  The Buffalo Bills have officially pushed a For Sale sign into the front lawn.

According to John Kryk of the QMI Agency, the team mailed to prospective buyers on Wednesday a non-disclosure agreement and “teaser” sale documents.

The materials went to those who expressed an intention to make an offer.  It’s possible that the documents were sent to other potential buyers identified by Morgan Stanley, hired by the Bills to get the deal done.

The expected bidders include former Sabres owner Tom Golisano, former New Jersey Generals owner Donald Trump, current Sabres owner Terry Pegula, and a Toronto-based group including Jon Bon Jovi and Larry Tanenbaum.

Trump remains viable contender primarily because he and/or those close to him insist he is.

“Donald Trump continues to remain interested in exploring the opportunity to acquire the Buffalo Bills,” executive vice-president and special counsel to Trump Michael Cohen told Kryk.

“Financially he is more than capable of buying the team on his own,” Cohen said.  “Whether he does, or elects to syndicate, is something he will decide at a later date.”

Eventually, a bid from someone will be accepted by four trustees.  The sale will then require approval by the league at large; votes from 24 owners will get the deal done.

The standard for choosing a buyer isn’t known.  If it’s based on the highest offer, there’s a chance a buyer who intends to move the team will be in position to fashion the best offer, since the value of the franchise would increase significantly if it were moved to a market like Los Angeles.

42 responses to “Bills launch process of finding a buyer

  1. Oh, Canada…

    The Bills will be the first NFL team in Canada. This is been in the works for over 20 years.

  2. Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference but if the new owner agrees to keep the team in Buffalo I PROMISE I will bring PB & J sandwiches and orange slices for halftime of every home game.

  3. Coincidentally, I just drove by City of Industry here in California near the 57 Fwy/60 Fwy interchange where North of that interchange there has been talk of building a stadium for at least a decade. The land has been used for cattle grazing for decades and has remained untouched……up until several months ago.

    Now the hills are being leveled for what looks like is going to be a major construction project.

    L.A. Bills?

  4. Trump will demand the birth certificate of every person on the Bills team and management.

  5. As a fan, I’m glad to see that there are multiple people interested. Nobody should dismiss Donald Trump because of his flamboyant personality….. or hair. He has the money and the connections to make something like this happen. And, he is one of the potential buyers who has expressed a desire to keep the team in Buffalo. I’m guessing there are at least 5 other potential buyers who HAVEN’T been mentioned, because they don’t broadcast moves like this in advance.

  6. Trump will buy the Bills, join the owner parties and be introduced to Jim Irsay. They discover that they have comparable egos, fall in love, merge their teams into “Vegas Toupets” and Godell has room for his first european NFL team.

  7. Green bay sells stock, worthless stock, to fans eager to be a part of something. Anything really. What would be the difference? Trump’s slimy enough to do the same.

  8. I wish I had the money, I would do it.

    I would find a way to keep them in Buffalo for sure.

    Trump would be the worst of options.

    I would say how about Mark Cuban, but we all know how he feels about the NFL.

  9. This charade could have been avoided if Ralph Wilson had sold a stake in the team to his preferred successor and then made a smooth transition.
    Somehow, I doubt that Ralph would have selected Donald Trump or Jon Bon Jovi as his partner.
    Maybe the other owners can buy it and give it to Roger to run? That would generate increased profits for all owners and afterall that’s the prime objective of the NFL.

  10. Terry Pegula!! He has the money. He’s liquid he doesn’t need investors. Not to mention Delaware North( The Jacobs ) who makes countless $$ on concessions will be in on building the stadium. It won’t be 100% public money.
    Don’t be surprised this is exactly how this will unfold.

    Trump has no chance he’s not even in the realm of Pegula.

    Keep hating this team is never leaving. Not London not Toronto, not LA. The only team that plays in NewYork state!

  11. Terry Pegula is 100% buying the team, worth more than ANY other potential buyer AND keeps the team in Buffalo, just look what he is doing with the Harbor Center…..not to mention he just sold $1.75 BILLION worth of land rights, mark it down there will be a new stadium downtown and an owner who is VERY passionate about the city and its people

  12. Buffalo needs a new stadium and their football team to remain there. They need them to feel attached to the rest of the country. They need them to have a feeling of self-worth and esteem. They need them because they have nothing else at all to live for. They need them because they have nothing else to do there. They need them because Buffalo will vanish from the national sports scene without them. They need them so the citizens will feel relevant. They need them to prevent mass suicides and migration. They need them to have an identity. They need the Bills so they can LIVE!!!

  13. Hard to hate a team that sucks so bad . Bills can’t have haters because they would need to have something other teams are jealous of. No one is jealous of last place in the division ALMOST EVERY YEAR #laughingstockmafia

  14. Pegula is the biggest Buffalo homer of them all, so plan on him buying them cash without anyone else being a partner.

  15. Soo much hating on the Bills. Don’t know why. They always play hard, stay under the radar, and have a long history in this league. They’re headed in the right direction and have pieces to show for it. And I’m pretty confident they’ll end up staying in Buffalo. This is the year for EJ to really take his game to the next level. He has all the pieces around him. No excuses.

  16. If the team is sold and moves anywhere, I’d promise not to watch another NFL game EVER…
    The Bills ARE Buffalo…
    Hope whoever buys it keeps it there…
    Go Bills…!!!!

  17. The NFL doesn’t want the LA team to be a relocation. The owners know that the value of an expansion team would put an extra $35 million in their collective pockets. A relocation brings nothing.

  18. If they don’t get a new stadium in the next 7 years, they’ll be out of Buffalo. It’s not about how much the owner can make for himself, anymore, it’s also about how much the owner can bring in to revenue share with the other owners. They need to bring in revenue from suite sales, advertising, and club seating. Nearly half of the suites went empty last year at “The Ralph”, as did club seating.

    They have to get a new stadium. The fans support the team, but that might not be enough if they can’t bring in corporate sponsors. Going to “The Ralph” is a step above going to an old high school stadium. It’s run down.

  19. It’s my understanding that Bon Jovi and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had lunch together yesterday. It was a breakup lunch for Goodell to tell Bon Jovi that the only way he can put in a bid is if the Bills remain in Western New York. It’s over!! Bye, bye Bon Jovi and JoeToronto. Go buy a soccer team!! Maybe if the Maple Laughs keep trying a little harder they might hoist that Cup in 2175. Terry Pegula will be the new owner of the Buffalo Bills. You can take this to the bank!!

  20. football isn’t coming to LA anytime soon… field was good to go and the NFL go greedy and wanted a piece and the deal fell apart….AEG at one point was accepting PSL applications and checks for the new stadium….so LA remains leverage for owners to push for state money for new stadiums.

    toronto on the other hand is very real possibility and screw bon jovi and his bff / man crush robert kraft….the bills tried for a long time to grow a toronto market by playing a game a year there and it didn’t work, it would be the height of hubris to now try again, but this time all in.

    i hope trump get the team…..but then again i think there is going to be a surprise and the bruins owner + 1 will do a joint bid on the team and eventually win.

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