Bradshaw on Peyton: If you like losing Super Bowls, he’s your guy


Former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw says current Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is great — as long as you stop watching after the regular season ends.

Bradshaw said during his one-man show, America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde, that he views Manning as a regular-season star and a playoff choker.

“Peyton Manning, considered the best quarterback to play the game today. Nobody would argue with that — if you like winning good during the season and losing Super Bowls, that’s your guy,” Bradshaw said, via PFT Commenter.

Bradshaw rarely misses an opportunity to say that quarterbacks are judged based on winning Super Bowls, a viewpoint that may be slightly self-serving considering that Bradshaw, with four Super Bowl rings, is tied with Joe Montana for the most for any quarterback.

Of course, Bradshaw won those Super Bowl rings because he was on the best teams, not because he himself was the best quarterback. Although Bradshaw does have two Super Bowl MVPs to his credit, the 1970s Steelers won Super Bowls first and foremost with their defense. People forget that in 1974, the year the Steelers won their first Super Bowl, Bradshaw was only the starter for half the regular season, and the Steelers actually had a better record in the games he missed than the games he started. People forget that if Bradshaw hadn’t played so badly in so many playoff games, the Steelers could have won more than four Super Bowls: Among Bradshaw’s postseason stat lines were a 5-for-10, 80-yard, one-touchdown, two-interception game in a loss to the Dolphins, a 12-for-25, 167-yard, two-touchdown, three-interception game in a loss to the Raiders, a 14-for-35, 176-yard, zero-touchdown, one-interception game in another loss to the Raiders, and a 19-for-37, 177-yard, one-touchdown, three-interception game in a loss to the Broncos.

For a guy who has a reputation as a clutch performer in big games, Bradshaw sure did turn in a lot of multiple-interception games in playoff losses.

But while Manning’s passing stats dwarf Bradshaw’s, and Manning’s regular-season accomplishments (including five MVPs and seven first-team All-Pros) far surpass those of Bradshaw (one MVP and one All-Pro), Bradshaw does have those four shiny rings on his fingers, while Manning only has one. That’s something Bradshaw will continue to remind audiences of, every chance he gets.

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  1. I’m kind of thinking this might just be more of a playful jab than anything. Magic Johnson did something similar to Lebron James.

  2. Hard to defend Manning too much after this last Super Bowl. But, BUT, if his teams had defenses like those Steelers teams had, he’d win every Super Bowl. QBs get too much credit for Super Bowl victories & too much blame for Super Bowl losses in my opinion. Football is the ultimate team sport. You need balance to win, as Seattle just proved.

  3. Yikes Terry! WTH?!

    But with FOUR rings, it’s hard to argue. Then again, his defense was the one that really got him his.

  4. Its actually hard to argue. Peyton does indeed seem to take a downturn in the playoffs. He’s a tremendous QB, one of the best of all time, but something happens to his game when the real pressure is on.

  5. I like this kind of stuff. There is a kernel of truth in it but mainly it’s just good natured trash talking. Plus Peyton is kind of a choker, only QB he can beat in a Super Bowl is Rex Grossman.

  6. But who’s a better actor? That’s the real question here. Peyton is great in his commercials and was awesome on SNL but Terry was serviceable in the movie Failure To Launch… It’s a toss up

  7. One thing you can’t argue with is that Manning’s teams lose most of their playoff games.

    And Bradshaw does have 4 Super Bowl victories/rings and 2 Super Bowl MVPs.

    Ooops, that’s 2 things you can’t argue with.

    PS: Nobody paid off any refs in any NFL game. Unless you have proof; stop acting like a butt-hurt 12 year old.

  8. Bradshaw actually WON a lot of guys playing abysmally. The Steelers forked out 13 turnovers in a mere two games in the ’75 Super Bowl winning season.

    The Steelers had 5 turnovers against the Colts and won, and 8 turnovers against the Raiders and won.

    Bradshaw completed a whole 45% of his passes over the course of the ’74 season — again where he assumes full responsibility for a Steeler title.

    Not in every way, but in many ways – the Steelers won because of the mega-talent everywhere but the guy touching “Mike Webster’s butt.”

    Bradshaw is shaming himself, and the Steelers. He’s making us all look bad. Wow.

  9. Big ego and high insecurity…he’s essentially trying to bolster his place in history at the expense of others. Don’t worry Terry, we all know you were good — let the other good players have their places as well.

  10. Would Peyton have ever lost a game in that era on that Steelers squad? Just about as useful to think about as what Bradshaw laid down here.

    In other news Michael Jordan still has 6 rings in 6 tries while LeBron James has 2 in 5 tries.

  11. For those saying Bradshaw won the SB on the back of the defense, consider this: Some of Terry Bradshaw’s all time best games statistically were SB wins…

  12. I don’t blame Bradshaw. If you only measure by championships Bradshaw is in the discussion for being the best QB ever.. if you take everything else into account, Bradshaw is in the discussion for the best 25 QBs ever.

  13. Has ever watched a Colts or Broncos playoff game!? I can think of a few games Peyton ‘choked’ in, but more times than not his teams lost playoff games in the last minute or so. Is it Peyton’s fault vanderjact shanked that kick in 05? Or how about Darren sroles returning that kick in ot in 08? Or how about that Mark Sanchez to braylon Edwards bomb in 10? Or how about Flaccos hail Mary to Jacoby Jones in 12? Terry Bradshaw is a moron

  14. Definition of irony: Terry Bradshaw (jokingly) calls out Peyton Manning for his record during the Super Bowl, when the reason why Bradshaw has any rings at all is because of Chuck Noll, whose funeral was ducked by Bradshaw in order to give his America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde show.

  15. Terry is changing the subject. The real question is why didn’t Terry have the common courtesy to attend his coach’s (Chuck Noll) funeral service.
    That is classless.

  16. With great money as a QB in the NFL comes great responsibility.

    I’m glad the QB on my team the Lions only has a paltry $2MM base salary this year, what a deal!

  17. Never trust a former player to give an accurate analysis of current players.

    A weak armed quarterback will downplay the importance of arm strength.

    A possession receiver will downplay the importance of deep speed.

    Or in this case, a 4-time Superbowl winning quarterback downplaying the greatness of someone with only 1 ring. Ridiculous! (And I hate Manning–my best friend is an avid Colts fan.)

    It’s all just one big ego stroke.

  18. Most playoff losses ever. But it’s all his team’s fault right? The apologists never stop with this drivel.

    Manning had three touchdowns and seven interceptions during his Super Bowl season in 2006. He’s lost to Billy Volek on his homefield. He’s lost to Mark Sanchez on his homefield. He’s thrown numerous pick sixes in the Super Bowl.

    The Broncos were favored against the Seahawks. It wasn’t the 85 Bears against the Patriots. Vegas and the public saw the two teams as even and we all saw what happened. How does none of that fall on Manning’s shoulders?

  19. Bradshaw didn’t attend Chuck Noll’s funeral. He ain’t a Steeler no more. Revoke his terrible towel.

  20. Tom Brady is the best since the millennium and arguably the best of all time. Manning is an also ran.

  21. If Peyton Manning was the quarterback for those Steelers teams they would have won 10 in a row. Bradshaw is just a lucky meathead who lucked into the right spot at the right time.

  22. Bradshaw must be on the bottle again. He says too many things without engaging his brain. Maybe he can chalk it up to too many concussions. Move on, just another talking head out there.

  23. I don’t think the last SB was lost because of Manning and if not for a botched onside kick recovery call in the other SB, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  24. Peyton gets you to the dance. I will take my chances once the music starts.
    Besides, hasn’t it been proven in recent years that SuperBowl MVP is pretty over-rated (ie: Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, etc.)

  25. Add injuring his throwing arm in the off season, hiding the injury from team doctors and showing up in camp unable to play ending his career.

    As a result of this, the Steelers pass on drafting Dan Marino.

    Bradshaw is no icon among Steelers fans, jersey’s of Joe Greene and Jack Lambert are still worn at Steelers game. Bradshaw’s jersey is non-existent.

  26. Since he is now apparently so smart,
    anybody know if Terry has figured out how to spell “cat” yet…that is, without being spotted the “c” and the “a”.

    I always loved that one.

  27. I like Terry, but jeez, imagine Peyton quarterbacking the 70’s Steelers.

    A lot of quarterback success depends on right time / right place.

  28. Manning historically is pretty bad once the regular season ends. He actually owes his lone SB victory to the defense.

    He won Superbowl MVP because of his name and all the advertising money tied to him.

  29. This is one of the most well written critiques of someone’s comments I’ve seen. Particularly the evidence of Bradshaw’s Individual performances in superbowls.

  30. Hell Tim Tebow could have won behind the steel curtain. Bradshaw needs to shut his mouth.

  31. How many MORE Superbowls would the Steelers have won with the Steel Curtain Defense AND Peyton Manning instead of Terry Bradshaw??


  32. It’s about the SB and rings, not who gets all the personal glory awards for padded stats.

    He’s the biggest choker in the NFL. The truth hurts.

  33. Stay classy?

    Must be hard when you transition into the media & are wanting attention.

  34. I guess Terry is not making enough money hosting Cable TV programming in Florida for a production company that gets raided by the Attorney General and changes their corporate name five times in six years. Bradshaw find another sideline business so you don’t have to call attention to yourself…..Great job Terry hosting for that loser Cable TV production company. LOL

  35. Those first 2 playoff losses were early in Bradshaw’s career, and in the 3rd game both starting RBs were injured. Not to mention the fact that it was a way different game, i.e. WRs could be mauled well downfield. As a comparison, in Manning’s first 3 playoff losses he was 19-42, 17-32, and 14-31 – nothing to write home about.

  36. In the losses to the Raiders, Terry Bradshaw was up against the best secondary in the history of the game. As good as the Steelers defense was at the time, the Raiders had an even better secondary. You can hardly blame him for playing poorly against the Raiders. The Dolphins also had a phenomenal defense.

    The fact remains that he won 4 Superbowls. He’s right – ultimately, a quarterback who can win the Superbowl will remembered better than one who can’t.

    And Peyton is an epic choker in the postseason. He’s played terribly, and you can’t blame that on his team mates. Go back and watch the tape. Dude turns into an INT machine. And he has a tendency of throwing game-changing INTs.

  37. This is why I hate QB win-loss records and playoff records etc. QBs have the biggest impact on the game sure, but team’s still win games, not individual players. Bradshaw was a good qb who played on great teams. Put him on Mannings Colts teams or Broncos, doubtful he’d have any rings. In his era, QBs weren’t even as big a part of the game as they are now.

  38. Hey terry has 4 super bowls yes but he also had the best def for yrs steel curtain
    N he was avg qb who played on great teams

  39. What a moron! He had a tough time overcoming greats like Terry Hanratty and Joe Gilliam. He gets on a Super Team, wins Super Bowls, and thinks he is of the best? Put Trent Dilfer on those teams and they probably win 4 as well. Put Peyton on those teams and they win 6 SBs. They aren’t in the same league. I have lost all respect for Bradshaw.

  40. Bradshaw has a big mouth. Peyton is ten times the QB Bradshaw ever was, forget about Super Bowls. Bradshaw was on great, great teams with maybe the best defense of all time. In fact, you take Archie Manning who played at the same time as Terry and put him on the Steelers, the results would be the same. Put Terry on the Saints where Archie played his whole career….results the same. I truly believe even Archie Manning was a better QB than Terry Bradshaw.

  41. Way to go Terry! At least you have the courage to say what all football fans already know. Peyton Manning is way overrated. Who watches their team play on Sundays just to have some stats to brag about? Stats are way overrated just like Manning. I watch my team play on Sundays because i want to see them WIN. And then hopefully make the playoffs and go win the Super Bowl. I don’t care what Drew Bree’s stats are ever. And never will. I don’t play that little kid game “fantasy football”. Winning Super Bowls is what its all about to real football fans. Stats are only useful to agents and sports writers and little kids playing “fantasy football”. Facts are facts. Terry B took his team to 4 Super Bowls and they won all 4 of them. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the two best QBs to ever play in the NFL. Brady and Brees and Manning and Rogers aint even close. Geaux Saints!

  42. Yes, Bradshaw, but you also had the Steel Curtain, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, etc.

  43. Manning is a choker, there is just no other explanation for the disparity between his regular season record and playoff record. His failure rate is unrivaled. We’llsee how he bounces back from the latest debacle.

    I also think Bradshaw was a good, not great QB and was mostly a glorified game mgr. The D was 1rst or 2nd in 3/4 SBowl wins and so was their rushing gm. Surrounded by HOFers. Bradshaw’s career passer rating was about 71. It’s a different era granted, but that wouldn’t even register among NFL starters today. Every time he chirps about his rings, he should thank his teamates and his late Coach. He couldn’t hold a candle to the great passers of 20 yrs ago, never mind today.

  44. In the end, it IS all ’bout them rings, boss! ————————————————————– That’s like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino because Trent has a ring and Dan doesn’t. There’s just no logic in that argument. Rings do one thing, make you look good. Football is a team sport. The stats are there to keep track of what individuals are accomplishing on the field, and not many can say they’ve done or accomplished the things Peyton Manning has done so far in his football career. Peyton did win a Super Bowl BTW, and did it against a top 5 defense that gave up 15 points a game that year. Also the game was played outside in rainy conditions which should’ve helped the Bears D big time.

  45. Manning got his one by playing an awful team in the Super Bowl that shouldn’t have been there. Manning is the Dan Marino of this area…..Choke artist, and that’s been the case since he was in college. Tenn couldn’t get over the hump until he left.

  46. Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport. You only need to look at his stats and his work ethic to see that. He throws more touchdowns and wins more regular season games than anyone (Farve will lose the TD record by week 6 this year).

    Winning Superbowls is important, but in my opinion it doesn’t automatically qualify you for inclusion into the conversation about who’s the best ever. Does anyone seriously think that Eli is better than Peyton simply because Eli has one more ring??

  47. I have very much enjoyed watching both quarterbacks play. At the time, I thought Bradshaw might even be the best QB in the NFL … even better than Staubach, Stabler and perhaps even Tarkenton. But, even then, I never thought he might be the best of all time. … Peyton Manning, however? … Maybe … just maybe …

  48. titansbro says:
    Jun 19, 2014 12:23 PM
    Hard to defend Manning too much after this last Super Bowl. But, BUT, if his teams had defenses like those Steelers teams had, he’d win every Super Bowl. QBs get too much credit for Super Bowl victories & too much blame for Super Bowl losses in my opinion. Football is the ultimate team sport. You need balance to win, as Seattle just proved.

    I agree about the second point, not the first. Hard to defend? No it’s not. Had he won the SB last year, he would hands-down be tied with Joe Montana as the GOAT. No question. Well, it didn’t go that way. But as a fan of another team, I’ll defend him all day long. He’s a freaking genius. His team let him down. They just didn’t want it as much.

  49. the people saying peyton would benefit from a better defense are the same confused goofs who say you need an elite QB to win it all in today’s pass-happy NFL. if he couldn’t do it with the best offense of all time and an elite receiving corps, perhaps those people need to rethink how important an “elite” QB really is. the best teams still win it all.

  50. For once in my life, the gods of football heard my urgent plea when I prayed the Niners would NOT acquire Peyton back when. I did not take a comfortable breath until he inked with Denver.
    Manning totally, repeat, totally ruled the Colts who custom-built the team for him. And he managed to win one, repeat, ONE super bowl in over a dozen years. One!

    Peyton Manning is a great QB – in season. And Bradshaw is being Bradshaw and speaking his mind/thoughts/impressions – whatever. As he is entitled. And I agree with his assessment 1000 percent.

  51. Any talk of Peyton Manning being the greatest QB ended with the last Super Bowl.

  52. Bradshaw was 14-5 in playoff games and IMPROVED his QB rating in the playoffs by 17% (83.0 vs. 70.1) in an era that averaged 66.6 QB rating throughout the league.

    Manning is 11-12 in playoff games and WORSENS his passer rating in the playoffs by 8.2% (89.2 vs. 97.2) in an era that averaged 78.0 QB rating throughout the league.

    Bradshaw, even including those stinker games above, actually performed better in the playoffs vs. the mean than Peyton Manning and Bradshaw improved dramatically during the playoffs while Manning does not.

    Those are facts.

  53. To Everyone agreeing it’s about the rings, remember that next time you bash Eli. Go Giants!

  54. All those peyton apologists wanting to blame “defenses” and “teams” should be reminded that peyton makes critical mistakes at critical times.

    Overhyped product of heartland hope.

  55. Terry played on a great team. But he also was the type of QB that did what he had to do to win. In the games with the high turnovers those games were played in freezing conditions and the field was abyssmal.

    Peyton played on some killer teams but he did not do what was needed to overcome the other team.

    The Broncos lost the lead in the first 12 seconds. Peyton never helped them to reagain it.

  56. Bradshaws stats are based on an era of football in which running the ball and defense was the way every team played. Montana played in an era where the ball was thrown a lot more and in two of his Super Bowls Montana’s stats didn’t even beat stats from QB’s like Gannon, Plunkett, O’Donnell and Stan Humphries. The premise of pointing out his stats as an argument to discount what he says is nonsensical. What he said was stupid but so is comparing QB stats from the 70’s to today’s game. What QB stat except Super Bowl rings hasn’t been surpassed by QB’s in today’s game.

  57. Listen, I’m no Terry Bradshaw fan. I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan. But I agree with him. In addition, the playoff stats lines are skewed because it was a different era of football. You can’t breath on a receiver right now, and the result is higher completion percentages and more yards. As a Cowboys fan we get to hear that Tony Romo is better than Aikman was, because of… you guessed it… stats lines.

    I swear that some of these people either don’t watch the games, or don’t know what they are watching. Romo can’t shine Aikman’s shoes, and Bradshaw deserves his credit. He played big in those 4 Super Bowl wins, even if it did take a bogus call on Benny Barnes to win one of them 🙂

  58. Bradshaw was carried by his defense?
    That is so laughable.
    The Steelers beat the Cowboys, 35-31, in Super Bowl 13, followed by a 31-19 win against the Rams in Super Bowl 14. That’s a lot of offensive points by a team that relied only on its defense. Bradshaw set a Super Bowl record with 4 TD passes against Dallas, which concluded a 1978 season in which he led the league in TD passes and was named league MVP.

    Secondly, Bradshaw not attending Noll’s funeral is irrelevant, especially considering he didn’t attend the funerals of Art Rooney Sr., Mike Webster, Dwight White or LC Greenwood.
    Had Bradshaw made it habit to attend the funerals of deceased teammates and the team’s hierarchy but purposely skipped Noll’s, then — and only then — would that be a story.

  59. how could you have those bad of numbers in the playoffs with swann and stallworth alls you had to do was throw it up high and they would come down with it mores times than not 12 for 25 14 for 35 come on man

  60. Bradshaw beat Tarkenton and Staubach, twice.

    Manning beat Rex Grossman. Frankly, I’d give Vince Ferragamo, who Bradshaw beat in his last SB, the edge over ol’ Rexy.

    The Steel Curtain was more like wax when they gave up 31 to the Cowboys, but Bradshaw got the Steelers 35. The following year, he threw two fourth-quarter bombs to put away the gritty Rams, who had fought their way to a 19-17 lead after three quarters.

    If you want to get all nitpicky over who did what and who owes what to their defense, bear this in mind: Both Joe Montana and Tom Brady had fewer yards and TD passes than Russell Wilson did in this last SB. Montana’s defense had four interceptions, and Brady’s held the best offense in football up to that time to 17 points.

  61. had bradshaw taken the time to attend the funeral for the coach most responsible for his current platform, he might have taken the time to think more about what he says….

    i think peyton, for all his faults, would have won with the steel curtain at least as much as bradshaw.

  62. ufanforreal says: Jun 19, 2014 12:29 PM

    Wasn’t Bradshaw know as the worse QB to ever win a SB?

    You mean worse than:
    1. Trent Dilfer
    2. Brad Johnson
    3. Phils Simms
    4. Jim McMahon
    5. Ken Stabler
    6. Doug Williams
    7.Joe Theisman
    9. Mark Rypien
    10 Jeff Hostetler

    Just asking???

  63. Come on Terry, take it easy on poor ol’ Peyton.

    In fact, the worst QB to ever play in the Super Bowl is John Elway who has a career 2 wins and 3 of the worst, most lopsided losses in Super Bowl history. In fact, Elway’s QB rating for the five Super Bowls he played in is 53.6!!! Even Jim Kelly has a much higher QB rating for the Super Bowls he played in and Kelly was the loser in all of them.

    So, Terry, let’s keep the record straight, the worst Super Bowl QB in Super Bowl history by QB rating is John Elway!!!

  64. Totally self serving comments. Of course this will not be the response we see on a Fox when Bradshaw back pedals on the issue. I’m just about over the gee shucks persona of this tool.

  65. Manning is way overrated. Who calls a audible on the first play of a SB? Manning isnt even in my top 5. And dont compare stats. Manning is playing in a joke of an era. Bradshaw played when guys were beating the crap out of each other. Manning has come up small to often in big moments

  66. Manning may not have the Super Bowl record Bradshaw has; but at least he doesn’t pass off a fake persona to the masses.

  67. 4 rings. That’s all that has to be said. Melon head will end career with one. Better than none?

  68. I was a Bradshaw/Steelers fan as a kid. But, that was long before ESPN/cable came along… when there really were few opportunities to hear this stooge speak.

    By Bradshaw Logic, a guy like Luc Longley was a better, more clutch NBA championship player than Charles Barkley. Trent Dilfer has as many Super Bowl wins as Peyton, so he must be Peyton’s equal.

  69. The critique of Bradshaw’s performance in SBs is inaccurate. It specifically ignores the SB they won because of his arm, coming back from deficits twice in the 2nd half, against the Rams.


    And the nauseating rush to crown Paid-A-Ton as GOAT is pathetic. Ben, Brady, Brees and Eli are better playoff performers than Paid-A-Ton. Any of those 4 QBs deal better with pressure in their face and a gameplan blown up than Paid-A-Ton.

    Omaha, Omaha, no SB victory for ya.

  70. ourempirestrikesback says:
    Jun 19, 2014 12:35 PM
    “Most playoff losses ever. But it’s all his team’s fault right? The apologists never stop with this drivel.”
    …. most playoff losses ever is simply aided by the fact that he’s appeared in a TON of playoff games.

    “Manning had three touchdowns and seven interceptions during his Super Bowl season in 2006. He’s lost to Billy Volek on his homefield. He’s lost to Mark Sanchez on his homefield.”
    … I didn’t know QB v. QB is how football is played? I thought it was 2 TEAMS playing each other? How did Manning lose to Volek, and his team as a whole losing to the Chargers?

    “The Broncos were favored against the Seahawks. It wasn’t the 85 Bears against the Patriots. Vegas and the public saw the two teams as even and we all saw what happened.”
    … You need to learn how Vegas works. They know that PM was where the money was going. It had been all season long, so they give them the edge.

    All in all, I’m not displacing blame. Peyton is responsible for those loses in the SB. As is the Center. And the Safety. And the LB’s, WR’s, head coach, so on and so forth. It’s a TEAM effort. It’s not being a Manning apologist, it’s simply saying that the loses are not entirely one man’s fault in a team game. If you want to say he’s the biggest choke artist of all, then so is Marvin Harrison, and Dallas Clark, and Tony Dungy, and everybody else on many of his SB teams.

  71. Why is it that while Payton’s teams are winning it’s because of him but when they lose it’s the rest of the teams fault you can’t have it both ways

  72. He’s not wrong.

    Peyton, I love you, man, but you have got to start showing up when it counts. If you would just win two more SB’s there would be no argument around whether you were the best to ever play, but you aren’t going get that nod with one SB when, the fact is, the Colts really won that one in spite of your mediocre play.

    You showed you can do it when you destroyed the Patriots last year in the AFC Championship game, so get focused and let’s win a couple more.

    Besides, how uncomfortable is it at Thanksgiving with Eli having won more SB’s than you. That’s ridiculous!

  73. Somebody brought up a “what if” about Manning playing with the Steel Curtain. If he had the offensive players the Steelers had as well and was allowed to run the O, could they have gone undefeated for a few years? Swann,Stallworth and Harris… I think it’s possible. I’m sure he’d have no pressure knowing that the D was going to clobber the other team’s offense all day.

  74. Not only is Bradshaw not wrong. He’s right. This game isn’t about individual stats or regular season prowess. Bradshaw 4 manning 1-2. Bradshaw

  75. If I’m betting on a game with both quarterbacks playing against each other, Bradshaw vs. Manning, I’m betting on Manning. To me that would be money in the bank !!!!!!

  76. People can say that the Steel Curtain won those Super Bowls, but don’t forget the greatest Super Bowl ever. Bradshaw’s arm was a major factor in a 35 – 31 win over Dallas, in which they were scorching our defense. If a certain Dallas player hadn’t DROPPED a touchdown pass (not deflected, but dropped) it could have been different, but Bradshaw led the team to victory against one if the greatest teams ever. Don’t sell him short.

  77. I stopped reading after..

    Bradshaw said during his his one-man show, America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde…

    At some point he agreed to this . smh

  78. Says Bradshaw the Louisiana doofus , who had dozens of errant passes snagged by Swann and Stallworth.

  79. Just because Bradshaw was a mediocre QB on a great team doesn’t mean he isn’t entitled to his opinion. The worst starting QB in today’s NFL would win rings with his Steelers teams.

  80. Manning may not win as many Super Bowl rings as Bradshaw but I’ll bet my house he’s way smarter.

  81. So to summarize, It’s all Peyton when his teams go 13-3 in the regular season, but somehow the awful defense miraculously influences him and makes Peyton throw INT’s during the playoffs.

    If you can pay the QB almost 20% of the salary cap (which one can infer means the QB is far and away the most important part of the team), you can definitely blame him when the team wins or loses.

  82. Typical Steeler

    The fans are just as self-righteous and full of misguided arrogance. Yes…It is all because of you Steeler Terry and Steeler fan.

    Wave your little terrible towel over your head Terry to draw attention to yourself.

  83. sladewillson says: Jun 19, 2014 2:01 PM

    Why is it that while Payton’s teams are winning it’s because of him but when they lose it’s the rest of the teams fault you can’t have it both ways


    Therein lies the rub, my friend!

    Same goes for Romo… then again 8 and 8 every season and a week 17 “fold like a cheap tent” act, isn’t exactly a lot of wins.

  84. In 2014 I would rather have Joe Flacco in a big game than Manning, and definitely more than Brady. However, Brady with videos in hand and the refs in his pocket is hard to beat.

  85. I see people comment that any quarterback could have won on those teams. I disagree to some extent, I think the Steelers would have won less Superbowls with Manning as quarterback.

    Two reasons, Bradshaw was a mobile quarterback and ran often especially in the early to mid 70;s, while Manning has limited mobility. Finally Bradshaw was one of the best cold weather quarterbacks in the game. I don’t think Manning could throw as accurately in the bad Pittsburgh weather.

  86. Manning took weak teams to title games. Superior Steeler teams went to the Superbowl and carried Bradshaw with them. The Steelers team that beat the Vikings could have beaten the Ohio national guard, with live ammo. Jack Lambert, Joe Greene, LC Greenwood, Dwight White, etc. I can’t remember all the names but I can remember shuddering at the hits they delivered. Wow they were tough.

  87. If Futurama ever happens, and they take the heads of stars and atheletes, and put them in jars to drop knowledge on them, I can assure you Peyton will be the head in the jar future QB’s talk to. Terry’s head will be turned into an ashtray.

  88. Raider fan here, naturally i hate the donkeys and wish them all pain and suffering… but…

    Lord Manning > peasant bradshaw any day of the week i dont care how many rings.

  89. With all due respect to Bradshaw, he wasn’t half the QB that Manning is.

    The first two Super Bowls that Bradshaw won had little to do with his performances in those games. Second, Peyton Manning wasn’t on the field when the Seahawk offense was decimating the Bronco defense last January.

    Bradshaw is a good QB who played on a great team. However, if Bradshaw had been drafted by the Saints, and Archie Manning had been drafted by the Steelers, Archie would have four Super Bowl rings today, and Bradshaw’s career would be about as memorable as that of Marty Domres.

  90. Take the mic away from Terry. The first super bowl “he” won. Bradshaw was a nonfactor in that game. It was the Steel curtain and Franco Harris that won that game.

  91. fanforreal says:
    Jun 19, 2014 12:29 PM
    Wasn’t Bradshaw know as the worse QB to ever win a SB?

    Nope, that would be Namath.

  92. Love all the knuckleheads dreaming about Peyton in the 70s. He would have zero rings if he had played back then.
    He is not the type of guy that would go back in the game after getting his teeth knocked out. (ref Bradshaw & Theisman)

  93. If I could choose a qb for my team playing in a SB, the last one I would choose is manning. Brees, Brady, Eli, Rogers, Big Ben, AND others are proven winners. Megahead can’t seal the deal, and while not a Bradshaw fan, he at least has the courage to say what too many in the NFL world won’t say about the royal football family. When manning wins, he’s the glory boy, when he loses it’s always someone else’s fault. Other qbs are raked over the coals, why is he always given a pass…

  94. Terry is a very classy guy (good looking and modest too). However, it is not relevant to compare different eras. Top NFL players today have far superior skills to the players of 40+ years ago.
    Terry was a good player in his day but if he’s honest will acknowledge that today’s players are bigger, faster and better.
    Refrigerators, TVs, automobiles and computers have also improved from the 1970’s.

  95. Even Manning’s Superbowl ring is tainted. If Rodney Harrison was healthy and playing, there’s no way the Colts would have come back from 3 TDs down to beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. The Patriots gave him a gift plus some home town cooking calls by the refs didn’t hurt either.

  96. The Steelers Defense won SB IX, Bradshaw won the other 3. However, without Bradshaw, the Steelers don’t win any – ask Mean Joe. The tape does not lie. Facts are stubborn things.

  97. Manning always was a little fragile, but nothing Bradshaw says should be relevant anymore. Terry Hanratty could have won 4 SuperBowls with those defenses.

  98. Brady wasn’t benched in the 2001 AFC Championship gm, he injured his knee and Bledsoe came in in relief. There was a question leading up to the SB if Brady would be able to go.

  99. So, Terry. It’s time for another history lesson.

    First Super Bowl for Pittsburgh: Final Score-Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6. No TD passes for Bradshaw. Franco Harris was the offensive star for the Steelers. Pittsburgh defense thoroughly stifled Fran Tarkenton, another playoff “choker” with great regular season statistics.

    Second Super Bowl for Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17. Lynn Swann’s Super Bowl–acrobatic catches, another strong Pittsburgh defensive effort against a very good Dallas offense

    3rd Super Bowl: Pittsburgh 35 Dallas 31. Bradshaw was outstanding in this game. The Steelers’ defense, while still good, was not as dominant as in its first two Super Bowl triumphs. Bradshaw gets full credit for this one.

    4th Super Bowl: Pittsburgh 31, LA Rams 19. Great 4th quarter for Bradshaw…pinpoint long passes to Stallworth to seal the victory. Again, Pittsburgh’s offense emerged in this one…the Rams and Vince Ferragamo (certainly not a Hall of Famer) actually moved the ball pretty well against the Steelers’ defense. Bradshaw gets full credit for this one, too.

    Conclusion: Bradshaw earned his stripes in the last two Super Bowl triumphs, but he would only have two if it weren’t for the great defensive juggernaut Steeler teams of 1974 and 1975. Manning has one, but the Broncos will be good for the next several years, so he could earn a second one if he stays healthy. Peyton Manning is a quarterback for the ages, Super Bowls or not.

  100. I have lost a lot of respect for Bradshaw this week. This comment about Peyton is not necessary, and his not acknowledging Chuck Noll is unforgivable. He was in town too.

    “Macy’s….we have another gas-filled huge head for your parade!”

  101. It isn’t so much the playoffs as much as it is Peyton’s win percentage against teams above .500. . Google that stat for a giggle.. fun fact KC was the only team last year lol.

  102. If I’m betting on a game with both quarterbacks playing against each other, Bradshaw vs. Manning, I’m betting on Manning. To me that would be money in the bank !!!!!!

    It was money in the bank before the superbowl, it was also money in the bank against the ravens in the AFC championship game after he was giving 14 points off of kick returns…. so if I’m betting on a game with Bradshaw vs Peyton in January with the same amount of talent around them I would remortgage my house to come up with extra cash to bet

  103. YES thank you. Im sick of people saying how great Manning. Yes, he is a terrific QB but in a way, he is still overrated. When people think of his defeats they think the Ravens loss or the recent Bowl. But the man has exited the playoffs multiple times in his career without a single, win. Show me stats, records, whatever but he cant get it done when it counts most. PLAYOFFS. But he’ll always have the bowl against Grossman

  104. Re: Brady benching/injury — I remember it as a benching, but either way, Brady was horrible in that game and needed Bledsoe to rescue the game

  105. The truth hurts. Manning is the biggest choker in ALL sports > playoffs. Check the records in ANY sport – it is a slam-dunk. Winning battles fails to mean a lot if you lose the war. Any military person will tell you that battles are costly especially if you lose the war. Football during the year when Manning is great means nothing if you choke in playoffs. All the insiders new manning was going to pick the weakest division when he left the colts. He went around on interviews all the rime knowing it was a farce, that the weakest division was it. This guy is the greatest choker of all time an ALL sports. He is a gentleman, a great player, and sorry to say a choker.

  106. You remember it wrong. The only way Bledsoe sees the field is if Brady gets hurt. The Pats won that game on special teams and KStewart turnovers.

  107. Yes, he has thrown a pick six or two in the big game, but at least Manning can spell CAT.

  108. Eli Manning has alot in common with Bradshaw. Undefeated in Superbowls and a mediocre to BAD player that stepped up in a Superbowl.

  109. bradshaw called all his own plays.

    bradshaw won in a era when you could actually hit players.

    bradshaw threw the winning td pass in all four games.

    he was sb mvp twice.

    he won back when the rules actually allowed defense to be played, and he adjusted and won two more including his two sb mvp’s after the nfl got tired of the steelers dominating the league year after year.

    4 rings in six years, two back to backs, nvr again will we see that.

  110. Bright side for fellow Broncos fans: Last time Bradshaw ripped a Broncos QB, Denver ripped off back-to-backs.

    Beyond that, and unfortunately, it is mostly thus far true. Manning’s game doesn’t translate as well to the second season.

    Come on, Monte Ball!!!!

  111. Fact – Bradshaw’s offense averaged 26 points in his 4 super bowl wins.

    Fact – Bradshaw threw a touchdown in the 4th quarter of each of his super bowls

    Fact – Bradshaw won two super bowls BEFORE the mel bount rule.

    Fact – Bradshaw played against 3 HOF qb’s in his super bowls and won all 3. Manning played against 1 HOF qb and lost.

    Fact – Eli had two 4th quarter, game winning super bowl drives. Ben has one. Peyton’s only chance, he lost. In fact, he threw an pick six they other way.

    Fact – of the top 20 qb’s to win a super bowl, Peyton Manning should even make that list. He beat the Bears. Big deal.

  112. No Doubt manning is more then Likely ‘one” of the best QB’s in NFL history. But, Tom Brady owned him and usually with teams that were not quite as loaded. Everybody fails to think who Peyton has thrown to his whole career. Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and even edge James running the ball are superior to the Steelers in the 70’s. yes, Franco was great. I have edge and Franco real it either way. Why do some post Terry’s bad playoff games..Did they not see Peytons bad playoff games ? Ask New the Saints about that pick six that won them a ring. I agree the Steelers were great “mostly’ because of their defense but, Terry still played and when they needed to score..he did. Plus, its not like the Colts didn’t have some good defense’s either. face it Peyton Choked in TWO SuperBowls. Terry is UN-BEATEN in FOUR. Is Troy Aikmans career in doubt because Dallas had great defense and Troy has worst stats then Bradshaw ! The real best QB of all time IMO is would be Tom Brady ( with Joe “cool” Montana running second)..Brady has done more with less then both of them. Don’t forget all you young guns who only know of Bradshaw from old films ect..i watched him play his whole career..he called his own plays, he played in an era when DE’ and LB’s and even CB’s straight killed the QB with blows to the head and late hits that were never called..and look who Terry beat every year to get to those rings..the Raiders were great..and Terry beat them every year..The Cowboys were great..and Terry beat them every year. Manning won’t be great unless he wins another ring or even 2..

  113. Funny.. My thoughts exactly..

    Peyton = Choking when it matters most!

    In the Super Bowl he won note Peyton only through 1 TD pass + 1 Int with an 81 passer rating! It was the second half defense (causing 5 turnovers) & Adam Vinatieri’s 3 field goals that really won the game. Forehead got the MVP more because of a void of a standout player to give it to than his game performance.

  114. Montana beat 2 Bengal teams, one on a last sec TD and another he needed Ray Wershing to kick 4 fgs to save him and he lost to the Giants like 48-3 in playoffs also!

  115. Let’s see… first he blows off Chuck Noll’s funeral, and now this. Terry’s “Q” rating can’t be all that good right now.

  116. there is lots of “great QB’s to play in this league…I seen QB’s come into the NFL that could throw the ball a mile and throw it 95 MPH and they couldn’t play because they couldn’t read a defense ( see Jeff George, Heath Shuler, Akili Smith and even Jamarcus Russell)..and i seen QB’s that were great and had either no help from their defense or run game to win ..( See Marino, Archie Manning) and then there is the Chokers..Fran Tarkenton. Who had great defense and a good run game to support him..just played like crap in big games. Jim kelly is another and then there is Peyton Manning. hate to say it as an Eagles fan.but if Peyton let Eli play in his 3 SuperBowls..results might be different..and i hate Eli !..but he played big in big games. OMAHA !!!!!!

  117. Did Bradshaw actually point out that he has won all those Superbowls?

    No, he just said what is his perceived reality and I actually agree with him.

    What has Peyton won?

    The only time he won a Superbowl was when he had a very good running game behind him with Jospeh Addai and Domenic Rhodes going for about 1700 yards and two of the best receivers in the game in Wayne and Harrison. Not to mention a duo of pretty good pass catching tight ends.

    As soon as Addai stopped running effectively and Marvin Harrison became human again, the Colts never won again.

    So let’s not make it like this is Peyton Manning doing it all by himself. He’s had the great supporting cast around him as well, it just wasn’t all on defense.

  118. That I don’t question him and his Super Bowl wins. But after watching the history of the 1970 Steelers on NFl Network they talked more about the Defense than anybody and when they did talk about the Offense it was about Lynn Swann and Franco Harris. Great QB in his own right but as proven throughout NFL history Offense whens games Defense when Championships example the 85 Bears 2000 Ravens and currently 2014 Seattle Seahawks these three teams offensively average at best.

  119. While Bradshaw was winning Super Bowls, he also accomplised the following:

    Country music album


    at least 4 movies

    He never let the media get to him. And they call him dumb.

    After football, his career looks just as successful, too:

    Another country music album

    more commercials

    nfl commentator that lead to nfl today host, that eventually became a pre-game position he is now the head of

    Another movie

    And they still call him dumb

  120. With Montana beating the Bengals..don’t under estimate the Bengals teams both years..they were very good teams…Montana was great..nobody can argue that…4 rings speaks volumes..and count his 4th quarter TD’s and game winning drives..( i’m sure somebody will post the Niners had great defense that won them games too…) Bottom line is EVERY team that won a ring would NOT have won it with bad QB play ( except the Colts in Superbowl V..called the game or errors fora reason)..Even Trent Dilfer played well in his Superbowl win as did Johnson for the Bucs..Peyton cost his team 2 rings with by choking..

  121. However, one must realize that the renown actor, G. W. Bailey, was taking about Bradshaw when he uttered his now famous line in the movie Mannequin- “He’s the dummy!”

    Really folks, Terry Bradshaw is as dumb as a rock (with apologies to all rocks).

  122. “Terry was a good player in his day but if he’s honest will acknowledge that today’s players are bigger, faster and better.”

    Patently false, as applied to the QB position.

    The majority of today’s QBs are weak little twigs that would never have made it in the 70s. Back then QBs regularly took late hits, head shots, piled on, thrown down and worse. The same applies to the WRs.

    Say what you want about better/stronger/faster applying to all the other positions on the board, but there is no way that today’s QBs and WRs are anywhere nearly as tough as those in the 60s and 70s.

  123. Manning is a simpleton who runs an easy offense. His playbook is nowhere near as sophisticated as Montana’s, Marino’s, or dare I say it, Bradshaw’s.

    So tired of the Manning is the best crap. He runs the same 10 plays over and over…defenses should have an easy time shutting him down.

  124. Peyton Manning has also won a lot of big games in order to be able to play in three Super Bowls. He outperformed Brady in the AFC Championship this season and has won a lot of playoff games as well. It’s not so cut and dry as people here are stating. I agree that Manning has lost his share of big games, but you can’t just fault him for many of those losses. He’s not always clutch, that’s for sure, but to label him the biggest playoff choker of all-time is ludicrous. Terry Bradshaw got a lot of help in winning those Super Bowls, in particular the first two and also lost a lot of big games in the 1970’s. He threw some TERRIBLE interceptions against the Raiders, in particular. In terms of quarterback I.Q., Peyton takes a back seat to no one. He’s like a coach on the field. Let’s not be too radical in our assessments of Peyton, pro or con.

  125. Someone like Bradshaw with those less than pedestrian numbers shouldn’t be doing drive by’s. I remember seeing some of those games and if it weren’t for the two HOF WR’s and one of the top Def’s of all time nobody knows who he is.

  126. Pm is a regular season star and big game choker.. Facts dont lie and i like that Tb had stones to just say it.. Nevertheless beside brady there is no better person to put under center.. Just have a sick running attack.. The problem is his oline works so hard during regular season that towards the end of the season they are breaking down.. Alot ezr to work through pain after initial stages but when they break down wk 13 its hard to battle through.. Also he throws so much at defenses throughout the year that u have seen everything by playoffs and he is an open book

  127. You have to remember that the 45% completed passes was a pretty darn good for the quarterbacks of those days…the passing game was not handicapped by the rules of the modern day games..Lots of changes, handcuffing the defenses in the modern day game..If Peyton played against those defenses, his numbers would not be what they are now…If you don’t accept this as fact, look at the changes made to what the defenses can do since the 70’s..
    Bradshaw was one tough customer back then…and the 45% completions were pretty good ones!

  128. Bradshaw’s only good Super Bowl was XIII. He threw three INTs against the Rams and somehow was declared the MVP of that game over John Stallworth.

  129. Terry has said the only reason he is in the Hall of Fame is because of the Super Bowls.
    To the person who said that Manning has one more legit Super Bowl win than Tom Brady: say what!
    Not a Patriot fan, but Brady is the better QB-as-leader with 3 very legit rings.
    He also doesn’t shill for a crappy pizza chain – or anything else that I know of.
    Being a grad of Michigan with movie star good looks, he has had a much more dignified career than people like Michael Jordan who will sell anything -underwear, MJ? Really. Your Hall speech showed that you are a little man. Hanes shows that you will stoop to pick up every last penny.

  130. The majority of today’s QBs are weak little twigs that would never have made it in the 70s

    Bradshaw: 6’3″ 215
    Skinny TBrady: 6’4″ 225
    PManning: 6’5″ 225
    CNewton 6″5″ 245

    In Bradshaw’s day, 5’10” 190 Tarkington was still runnin’around, Staubach played under 200 lbs and some QBs had one bar on their faceguard. Reign in the nostalgia a little.

  131. The Hawks won the SB with a dominating defense and a mediocre qb. Sound familiar Terry?

  132. Peyton Manning and his happy feet would not have been the QB in the 70’s or 80’s

  133. Football has changed so much from the 70’s. Rules have been developed to promote offenses and scoring. Quarterbacks have protection from hits and receivers have protection after 5 yards. Bradshaw may not have the great stats of todays QB’s, but he also survived a lot of physical abuse by defenders to (help) lead his team to some great moments in the history of the NFL! Another question must be asked is would Peyton/Brady/ Brees still be playing and putting up all these great stats under the old NFL rules? I grew up with NFL in it’s hey day and todays game has changed to the point they should be playing flag football!

  134. to whichever person saying peyton’s wides were better than lynn swann and john stallworth, or that edgerrin james was better than franco harris must not have seen those steelers play. and must disagree with the hall of fame.

  135. The only reason that bald headed nitwit Bradshaw has 4 Super Bowl rings is because he played on a team filled with great players on both sides of the ball.
    Does he ever consider the only reason Manning’s record in the playoffs is not great is because he took teams that would otherwise be lousy teams to the playoffs?
    If Bradshaw played on some of the teams Manning took to the playoffs, they wouldn’t have even been .500 teams.
    Let’s not forget, Bradshaw couldn’t even beat out Terry Hanratty and Junior Gilliam in the early part of his career.
    I’m not saying Manning is the best QB ever, because he most certainly isn’t (Johnny Unitas is, for my money). But if Manning had the cast that Bradtoothless played with, he might have gone undefeated in 4 straight years.
    I am a Packer fan, so I am not a Manning boot polisher by any stretch of the imagination. But Bradshaw proves on a weekly basis that he is in fact the stupid red-necked hillbilly that he tries to act like. He has a pea brain and should shut his fat mouth about other QB’s — especially ones he couldn’t have beaten out with a Tonya Harding baseball bat.

  136. What people fail to realize is, Manning wouldn’t have been in the position to try to force throws that weren’t there had his teams not put him there.

    Does he have some choke performances? sure. But he didn’t get there by himself.

  137. How many games did Bradshaw just up and take over because the other guys weren’t cutting it? Manning was forced to do that on more than several occasions in Indy.

  138. I am not taking Bradshaw over Manning just yet.

    However, Bradshaw did have a cumulative QB rating of 112.8 in the 4 Superbowls.

    Played in a league that did not protect the QBs or WRs.

  139. Story – 2 minutes to go in the 1989 SB, Cincinnati scores to go ahead. Cincy offense is standing on the sideline someone says “we’ve just won the Super Bowl’.

    Another voice (supposedly Chris Collinsworth) says “don’t be so sure – have you seen who’s playing QB for San Francisco?”

    It was, of course, Joe Montana.

    Stats are meaningless – “It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring.” (Dan Marino)

    Bradshaw was the QB on 4 SB winners. He can be (is) a bit of a doofus at times but he is now paid to shoot his mouth off and cause controversy, and that’s what he does.

    4 out of 4 (beating Roger Staubach and Cowboys) beats 1 out of 3 (beating Rex Grossman and Bears) every time.

  140. schmitty2 says: Jun 19, 2014 5:40 PM

    The Hawks won the SB with a dominating defense and a mediocre qb. Sound familiar Terry?

    Mediocre QB?

    Maybe you should check the stats.

    Russell Wilson is the best QB in the history of the NFL through his first two years.

    Check it out.

  141. The game was played differently. Long passes not short get over Super Bowl XL. Pats Super Bowl was just as bad. The bottom line the great Peyton couldn’t beat Florida and can’t win Super Bowls.

  142. QB’s get too much credit for Super Bowl wins and too much blame for Super Bowl losses.

    It is a team sport, not a QB vs QB game. Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. Big Ben won a Super Bowl with the lowest QB rating in a Super Bowl. Eli Manning has won 2, Super Bowls, due mostly to a great running game, great defense and one lucky catch by a WR that is out of the league.

    Steve Young has as many Super Bowl rings as Dilfer. You can be a great QB, Marino, without a Super Bowl ring. Give me Manning over Bradshaw every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  143. Looks to me like Terry Bradshaw did his part. 35, 31 and 21 in three superbowl wins. The only bad superbowl you could say he had was against the Vikings. He torched the Cowgirls and Rams. I think Terrys right, Peytons a choker.

  144. “People forget that if Bradshaw hadn’t played so badly in so many playoff games, the Steelers could have won more than four Super Bowls”

    Can’t the same argument be made for Peyton Manning? He didn’t exactly set the world on fire in playoff losses in 03,04,05, threw a game ending pick in SB 44, gave the game away via pick against the ravens two years ago. Not even gonna mention this years SB. His only ring came when he went for 3 td’s and 7 ints in the playoffs

  145. Peyton will be looked upon as the greatest QB ever.
    Bradshaw rode the coattails of a stacked team.

    Hey, Terry! Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

  146. Face it Peyton lovers. If Peyton had to play in the era when you were allowed to maul a QB after he threw the ball, as well as maul the WR the way it was in Bradshaw’s day? Peyton would have been out of the league and injured quickly. Peyton plays in an era where the defense can’t do anything like they could do in the days that Terry played QB. There was no way Peyton could have even made it through a season if the rules allowed the D to do what they were allowed to do in the 70’s.

  147. Put Manning in those Steelers teams of the Seventies, and give him the Steel Curtain defense, the Pittsburgh O line, and give him Swann, Stallworth, Rocky Bleier and Franco Harris, Manning would have won 6 Super Bowl rings in a row, instead of 4 that Bradshaw has on his fingers. I would build a team around Peyton Manning instead of Terry Bradshaw any time.

  148. “Of course, Bradshaw won those Super Bowl rings because he was on the best teams, not because he himself was the best quarterback.”

    Remember this line of thinking when you start propping up Eli Manning. His offense put up a whopping 17 points in that first Super Bowl win, SEVENTEEN. It’s not like he was slinging it all over the yard, they won that game because the Giants defense SHUT DOWN the team who had scored the most points in NFL history (at that point). The Giants defense SHUT DOWN record setting QB Tom Brady. The Giants defense SHUT DOWN record setting WR Randy Moss. That is the ONLY reason 17 points was good enough to win, but Eli still gets handed an MVP because the media loves them some Mannings.

    I will await the inevitable avalanche of thumbs down from the legion of Giants fans who can’t admit this.

  149. First he said that the word “Redskin” is the same as the n-word, now this?? TB must be suffering from old-man-can’t-think-before-he-talks syndrome. Shut up already, you’re acting weird.

  150. That’s really not a fair accounting of Manning given the teams he previously played on,You would be hard pressed to call any household names on former colts teams and he really carried that team on his shoulders during his tenure there and Luck is finding out just how big his shoes were to fill! He will more than likely come away with another trophy before hanging the jockstrap up, He would have a lot more rings had he been with the same caliber teammates that guys like Bradshaw, Montana, Young and Brady have been afforded! The only thing he is really guilty of is honoring the commitment he made to Indy when he signed with em, A rarity in todays sports world and also They cut him loose,he didn’t cut them loose!

  151. Terry sounds a little bitter, but can you blame him?He made 1/20th the money some of these QB’s make today and even though he didn’t have the Manning and Brees numbers,all he did was win 4 Super Bowls.An elbow injury ended his career,he played like a linebacker,no one babied him.

  152. Terry Bradshaw has turned into a complete idiotic moron. Maybe he always has been but has hid it well.
    I for one will be happy if not another word about ANYTHING ever comes out of his sorry mouth.

  153. He’s right….

    No one can argue with the fact that Payton has been terrible in the post season for his entire career.

    As far as the Stats, you are trying to compare 2 completely different eras of the game. Back then, they didn’t require the defenses to play flag football with the QB. Bradshaw actually took hits whereas Payton, Brady & Breese are treated like girls in a big man’s where the refs are concerned. And, the defenses can’t defend the receivers the same these days either. In short, today’s offensive stats & career successes are completely irrelevant when compared to the men who actually played the game the way it was intended (not with bubble wrap on certain individuals).

  154. TEAM sport. TEAM sport. Sorry that Manning’s teams have only been able to put it together with him once. Nothing against Peyton Manning because I respect the hell out of that guy but Bradshaw isn’t saying anything false or anything that we already didn’t know.

  155. Defense wins championships. Eg.- when the Seahawks defense intercepted Manning, they won!

    Seriously, does Bradshaw really think he was better?

  156. I agree it is a team sport however Peyton’s playoff performances haven’t compared well to his regular season performances. He is not a big game QB and that goes back to college and Tennessee. How did he do in his career against Florida? He is however a class act, something I’m not sure we can say about Bradshaw

  157. Really Bradshaw? Among your postseason stat lines were a 5-for-10, 80-yard, one-touchdown, two-interception game in a loss to the Dolphins, a 12-for-25, 167-yard, two-touchdown, three-interception game in a loss to the Raiders, a 14-for-35, 176-yard, zero-touchdown, one-interception game in another loss to the Raiders, and a 19-for-37, 177-yard, one-touchdown, three-interception game in a loss to the Broncos.

    That’s not good at all.

  158. Has Bradshaw gone senile? First, he doesn’t acknowledge or attend Chuck Knoll’s funeral; now he attacks the reputation of a man who is a far better quarterback than Bradshaw ever dreamed of being!

  159. Some of the times Terry talks just to talk. As the commentary in this article suggests, Terry knows how hard it is to win in the postseason. Terry knows that he had a better defense than any team Manning has ever been on. Terry knows he had a better running game, when the running game was FAR more dominant than it is today, and he knows that Manning will leave a greater individual imprint on the game than Terry ever did. I didn’t like this guy before. I like him even less now.

  160. Terry has never been considered very bright….just listen to the way he talks on the pregame show….in fact I think of him as an idiot and not sure why they keep him on the show. He’s wrong more than he’s right on his picks. I guess he’s jealous because no one ever brings up his name when talking about the greatest QB’s of all time….his rings were because of the great Pittsburgh teams of the 80’s….his playoff stats for his career are terrible….if Peyton had been the QB for Pittsburgh back then the Steelers would have won 7-8 super bowls. Over the years I have learned that Terry says some really stupid things…this is just another example.

  161. Most of you posting about defense, yes Steelers had greatest defense of all time, everyone knows that and the computer the NFL picks them every time against every past Super Bowl winner. What Terry did not do, is ever LOSE a Super Bowl, and Manning has lost 2 Super Bowls, and he has also thrown a pick 6 in those two games. Those of you saying refs were paid off, what are you smoking, and others saying he had no arm or was not any good, you need to go back and watch some of those passes Terry threw, to Stallworth and Swann, no QB in ANY Super Bowl has completed a more perfect pass than Bradshaw did long distance in stride, pass were perfect. Bradshaw was THE BEST Super Bowl QB to ever play! He also NEVER had to come back, as he took care of business, the entire front of the game, and NEVER needed a come back. Two MVP and 4 rings, something Manning will NEVER have!

  162. Bradshaw had a QB rating of over 100 in all 4 Super bowls. Let’s not pretend that no other QBs ever had a good defense. Offenses today have a much easier time because of all the rule changes over the years. Players now have so many more advantages coming back from injuries, travel with private jets and domed stadiums just to name a few. Today Bradshaw would’ve probably comeback from his last arm injury and play several more years and Manning never would’ve come back from the neck injury. It’s nearly impossible now to compare different eras, but Bradshaw and Manning are in the top 3 of their time.

  163. Terry Bradshaw needs to shut up.

    By disrespecting Coach Noll and his family by not showing up for his funeral services, Mr Bradshaw showed that he is a classless, ignorant jerk.

  164. One area in which Bradshaw will NEVER even come close to PM is class. Bradshaw is a classless tool. PM would definitely have gone to Chuck Noll’s funeral, or at least gone to see his widow.

  165. Anyone who talks about Manning being great in comparison to Bradshaw never watched the game in the 70’s. No way does Manning stand in and throw that 64 yard pass to Swann in Super Bowl X like Bradshaw did. QBs had a much tougher time in the 70s…maybe you Manning fan boys should youtube Bradshaw and Turkey Jones and watch that hit….and then you can wonder if Manning would have made it. Get a grip; Bradshaw delivered when it mattered and Manning made his cry baby face…..Omaha on this Manning, you know all there is to know about choking.

  166. 43-8

    And to think people still actually want to believe he’s the best QB of all time. LOL.

  167. good job bradshaw. someone other than me knows the truth about a loser. worst playoff record ever. manning is the most overrated media hyped qb in the history of football. 5 and 10 yd passes to receivers don’t work against good defenses. expecting the receiver to do the rest. talk to me when the playoffs start with manning. eli. is much better. thanks bradshaw for recognizing a loser when u see one.

  168. brandonj21

    Don’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about. He is a TWO TIME MVP of those four Superbowls. Do you need an explanation of what MVP means?

    He is the ONLY…ONLY QB to have a 100 QB rating in ALL FOUR Superbowls. When it counted MOST…he was the best.

    The Cowboys would have two more rings if it wasnt for Terry and if you think ANYONE else could have beat those Cowboy Teams that were stacked on offense AND defense, you need to watch the games and stop flapping.

    The 35-31 win against the Cowboys were the MOST POINTS allowed ever by a SUPER BOWL WINNING Team….No Terry…No win against the Cowboys.

  169. thecoltsfan76

    I take it you missed the two Cowboy games. In fact, I know you did or you wouldnt have asked that question.

    Im not slamming Manning, but Im definitely defending the four time champion and two time Superbowl MVP Bradshaw.

  170. cspa4567

    Good point. People seem to forget Terry also was a premium athlete who also rushed for 30 TD’s in the NFL.

    That Turkey Jones hit could have and should have broke his neck..Anyone who saw that cheap play knows….what a tough SOB Bradshaw was.

  171. Thats what ANY Cowboy fan will tell you and many have said. Terry was a great competitor and great quarterback.

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY else could have beaten those Cowboy teams with Staubach and the Doomsday defense. Nobody!

    They would have more rings that our Steelers if they played anyone else.

    Thats why Im so proud of Terry. THOSE WERE absolutely great COWBOY teams, that put a ton of plays and points on our STEEL CURTAIN defense.

    No Terry…no wins against those GREAT Cowboy teams.

  172. I question this. Before the Super Bowl, Bradshaw did an interview with manning and praised him. Manning did not lose that Super Bowl. His receivers were exposed as frauds( except dt).

  173. Terry has taken a few too many shots to the head. SB wins do not make a player great. By that measure Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino.

  174. two thing can be true at the same time. A QB is one player on a team of 53 and it takes a team effort to win a SB and usually exceptional defensive play. Nonethelesss, if a player does have track record of not being at their best in the biggest games, that will reflect on their overall place in the history of the sport.

    Put a lot of pressure on the average person and they tend to do worse than their potential. That is why we admire those who can acutally elevate their game in those siutations: Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, etc.

  175. how about jim kelly and fran tarkenton cant get much worse than that!!!

  176. Okay, Peyton, the balls are in your court. Whose IS bigger?

    Anybody who’s taking this seriously needs to chill. This is just two stallions in adjoining paddocks. The older one–let’s call him ‘Secretariat’ has had his day, sowed his oats, and flamed out as a stud–and he’s jealous of all of the attention and mares that are going to the younger one. So, equine nature being what it is, old Secretariat will snort from time to time, reminding the world that he’s the one who won the Triple Crown, yada, yada, yada.

    Some folks will just roll their eyes and let it go; others won’t. Either way, the mares aren’t interested anymore. Thank God for old racing fans, though, right, Terry?

  177. Bradshaw, can you say “Steel Curtain Defense”?
    Bradshaw, your transparent jealousy sounds more like a teenage girl, than an NFL quarterback.
    Keep talking genius, let’s see how much you can really humiliate yourself.

  178. After all is said and done, considering the discord here on whether or not Bradshaw is right, it would be safe to say that his comments did a disservice to the sport.

  179. What is the big deal? Bradshaw is right. Manning stunk up the Super Bowl this year and he blew it in last year’s AFC Championship Game. Bradshaw may not have single-handedly won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years but he did not lose any of them.

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