Bradshaw’s decision to skip Noll services ruffles feathers in Pittsburgh

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Despite having a strained relationship with Hall of Fame head coach Chuck Noll, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw has said flattering things about the man who died last Friday at 82.

But Bradshaw didn’t back up his words with actions, reportedly.

According  to 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh, Bradshaw failed to attend Noll’s viewing on Sunday and Monday or his funeral on Tuesday, even though Bradshaw was in the Pittsburgh area Saturday night to do his one-man show, America’s Favorite Dumb Blonde.

Former Steelers P.R. executive Joe Gordon told 93.7 The Fan that Bradshaw also made no contact with Noll’s widow, Marianne.

“He’s the most insincere person I’ve ever known,” Gordon told 93.7 The Fan in a quote that Gordon specifically asked Joe Starkey of 93.7 The Fan to use.

While it’s unclear how many fans have been alienated by Bradshaw’s perceived failure to show respect to his head coach, Starkey and co-host Chris Mueller had some strong comments about Bradshaw on the air.  It’s unclear from the link or the whether 93.7 The Fan attempted to reach Bradshaw or his primary employer, FOX, for a comment.

68 responses to “Bradshaw’s decision to skip Noll services ruffles feathers in Pittsburgh

  1. Terry has some sort of weird grudge against everything Pittsburgh in general. He’s an oddball. He couldn’t be doing what he does now without those 4 Lombardi trophies.

  2. why is it that he has to be family just because he played for someone? Its his boss. I wouldn’t dream of going to mine… how many would you?

  3. Terry was my favorite player when he was playing, but frankly I just don’t get what he does sometimes. He didn’t come to the Chief’s funeral and now he doesn’t come to pay respects to Noll. I seriously doubt that he couldn’t arrange to come at some point to pay respects to Noll or speak with his wife. Even Jack Lambert came to speak to his wife.

    For goodness sakes Terry, get over yourself already! You really look like a huge insensitive moron right now, and it’s too late to change it.

  4. Or, perhaps, having suffered a bereavement in February, Bradshaw didn’t feel up to facing down another.

  5. Didn’t attend but had a chance to on Sunday, Monday, AND Tuesday?

    Seriously not cool. Pay your respects man.

  6. I’ve been a Steelers fan as long as I’ve been a football fan, and that’s 40+ years. Since he was always so completely surrounded by talent in every direction, I’ve always thought Bradshaw might have been a bit overrated as a player. Right now he looks overrated as a person.

  7. Just bizarre he did not show up at viewing or funeral – especially when he was already in town. Bradshaw sends a flashing neon sign that he has unresolved issues going back 35 years and significant ego problems.

  8. Not a classy move, but this type of thing is not unheard of either. Would have thought Bradshaw would have shown despite his differences with Noll. However, we don’t know the whole story until we hear from Bradshaw.

    As a Viking fan, I know of one prominent rift between Bud Grant and one of his former players who is now in a VERY prominent and public position in Minnesota. I have to wonder if he’ll be subject to the same scrutiny when Grant passes on.

  9. I can’t stand when the comment section just sits here empty because the post police are out getting coffee and donuts.

  10. Glad he had time to go on FOX and give his idiot, uninformed redneck opinions on their made-up conspiracy theories for all the other idiot uninformed rednecks that make up their viewership, instead of showing a bit of class and respect for the man responsible for bringing him the success and fame he’s enjoyed or so long. A real class act.

  11. it would be an uneasy feeling to go to the service of someone you resent, other than just for good pr. Terry will say why he didn’t go sooner or later

  12. Despite his folksy yuk-it-up act, Bradshaw can be less than charming at times – and very self-aggrandizing.

    Hearing Bradshaw belittling other QBs by name and brag up about how only he and Montana were great enough to know what it’s like win four Rings — really overlooks a lot.

    Montana played absolutely superbly – and was incredibly clutch.

    Bradshaw – not so much.

    Super Bowl IX: Bradshaw completed a whopping 45.3% of his passes in the Steelers first Super Bowl win — a game the Steel Curtain limited the Vikings to basically no offense. Given the Steelers’ defense scored the first 2 points, Bradshaw only had to come up with more than 4 points to win. It was the same story in Oakland in the AFCCG.

    Super Bowl X: The Steel Curtain to the rescue again. The Steelers had a whopping 13 turnovers in the AFC Divisional Round and AFCCG that year – but still won. In the Super Bowl, Bradshaw threw some ill-advised balls that Swannie bailed him out on with ridiculous catches.

    Super Bowls XIII and XIV were much better, largely due to the advent of the Mel Blount Rule — but Bradshaw could use a dose of real humility, not the false humility he overplays ALL the time. His career passer rating was less than a 71 — which was worse than:

    1. Aaron Rodgers (31) 104.9 2005-2013 gnb
    2. Peyton Manning (38) 97.2 1998-2013 2TM
    3. Philip Rivers (33) 96.0 2004-2013 sdg
    4. Tony Romo (34) 95.8 2004-2013 dal
    5. Tom Brady (37) 95.7 2000-2013 nwe
    6. Drew Brees (35) 95.3 2001-2013 2TM
    7. Ben Roethlisberger (32) 92.6 2004-2013 pit
    8. Matt Ryan (29) 90.6 2008-2013 atl
    9. Matt Schaub (33) 89.8 2004-2013 2TM
    10. Carson Palmer (35) 85.9 2004-2013 3TM
    11. David Garrard (36) 85.8 2002-2013 2TM
    12. Andy Dalton (27) 85.7 2011-2013 cin
    13. Jay Cutler (31) 84.6 2006-2013 2TM
    14. Joe Flacco (29) 83.7 2008-2013 rav
    15. Matthew Stafford (26) 83.1 2009-2013 det
    16. Matt Hasselbeck (39) 82.1 1999-2013 4TM
    17. Jason Campbell (33) 81.8 2006-2013 4TM
    18. Eli Manning (33) 81.2 2004-2013 nyg
    19. Alex Smith (30) 81.0 2005-2013 2TM
    20. Michael Vick (34) 80.9 2001-2013 2TM
    21. Matt Cassel (32) 80.5 2005-2013 3TM
    22. Kyle Orton (32) 79.9 2005-2013 4TM
    23. Sam Bradford (27) 79.3 2010-2013 ram
    24. Josh Freeman (26) 77.8 2009-2013 2TM
    25. Ryan Fitzpatrick (32) 77.5 2005-2013 4TM
    26. Jon Kitna (42) 77.4 1997-2013 4TM
    27. Chad Henne (29) 75.3 2008-2013 2TM
    28. Mark Sanchez (28) 71.7 2009-2013 nyj
    29. Rex Grossman (34) 71.4 2003-2013 3TM

  13. I can see not making a special trip across country for your boss from 40 years ago but when you’re IN TOWN? Tacky move to no-show, especially when you have three different days of opportunity.

  14. Me thinks that Bradshaw would have been more insincere, if he actually did show up for the funeral. They didn’t get along, so what?!

  15. Bradshaw is a complete clown. Never liked him. He is the reason I never watch the pregame show on Fox. That and Michael Strahans gap is annoying to look at.

  16. The only thing worse than not making peace with someone before they die, is not making peace after they pass.

    It seems pretty clear that Bradshaw owes everything he has to Chuck Noll.

  17. it was not a surprise to me with Bradshaw not going to see Chuck Noll. i remember when he did not go see the Chief when he passed. This guy is just a total
    self serving ,uncaring idiot!!!

  18. I’ve read several accounts that Terry had made amends with Coach Noll and others.
    Different people deal with death in different ways and I would think Terry has his reasons for his actions.
    Let the ‘talking heads’ talk.

  19. Different people grieve in different ways. Or, maybe he just didn’t want to go. People do what they want to do and it ain’t none of nobody’s business. For him to show up probably would have looked fake because everybody knows about the strained relationship. My policy is, if i don’t visit people when they’re alive i sure as hell aint gonna visit them when they’re dead. And likewise i don’t want anybody at my funeral that didn’t hang out with me while i was alive. And that includes family. The world has a bunch of whiners in it now. GET OVER IT!!!!!! Besides. Terry has FOUR Super Bowl rings. Thats more than the great Tom Brady or the great Peyton Manning or the great Brett Favre! So i can understand the big jealousy thing. Ha Ha. RIP coach! Geaux Saints!

  20. Pretty amazing how many people on here must go to everybody’s funeral they’ve ever met.

    Maybe it’s just me but I hardly ever go to funerals and I’ve never been to one for somebody that I wasn’t related to in my entire life.

    Not that there aren’t some people that I know who’s funeral I would go to but that just hasn’t happened yet.

    As for my boss, I definitely wouldn’t go to my current boss’ funeral and I can’t see myself going to any former boss’ funeral unless we had some special relationship.

    Work is work and in my experience a boss/employee relationship is nothing more than business, and we all know that’s how the NFL operates more than most other businesses.

    Fail to live up to your contract, it’s shredded and you’re on the streets looking for work so get over it.

  21. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was already in town, then this would not be a big deal at all. Since he was in town he easily could have stopped by the viewing for an hour and left.

  22. If I did what he did for that town and they treated me the way they did, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thought either. Pittsburgh…. get over it. You deserve to be ignored. Booing a 4 time SB winner. Throwing crap. And that coach’s remarks? Good on you Terry.

  23. Why would Bradshaw waste his time “paying respects” to a person that he didn’t like, didn’t respect, and hasn’t had contact with in 20 years?

    I guarantee 99% of you would do the same if faced with similar circumstances.

  24. Would Bradshaw’s family feel it was ok for Noll to miss his funeral if Terry had died? Nobody knows cause Noll would have showed his respects. Never have liked Terry and he is a distant cousin through my step-mother. Hate her too !

  25. The guy said he didn’t have much of a relationship with him. It was a boss/employee situation. Showing up out of respect isn’t a requirement. He may hate funerals. Some people don’t like dealing with mortality,much less that of someone they didn’t care much for.

  26. So Bradshaw has taken a miss on both Chuck Noll and The Chief’s services. He’s skipped out on two men who could have shown him a thing or two about having a little class.

  27. I’m done with Bradshaw forever !!

    Probably would have won all Super Bowls from 74-80 if joe G didn’t have drug issues and stayed off the Northside

  28. Now that you mention it and the fact that he didnt go to Rooneys funeral you may be right. I never thought of that. The guy just might not do death well. Thanks for your input!

  29. Terry Bradshaw was a great quarterback and a rotten human being. Not attending Chuck Noll’s funeral is bad form beyond description.

  30. Bradshaw is merely keeping it real, I have no problem with it.

    Going to “pay his respects” would be pretending to respect him, and he clearly doesn’t.

  31. Terry Bradshaw once more showed his true self.. First it was Rooney dying and no show and blame it on his conditions, then he wants to have a night in the sun at Heinz field and apologize for being a spoiled brat and now not showing any respect for Knoll and his family. By the way Bradshaw was doing his look at me show some 35 miles away, shows the true character of this guy.

  32. Not attending the services of Noll AND Art Rooney does not reflect well on Bradshaw. YES, these were long-ago relationships. YES, they may not have dealt w/ each other for over several decades. And YES, the relationships may indeed have been strained (at best)…then and now. NONTHELESS, these two men singularly provided an opportunity for Bradshaw to QB an already talent-laden Steelers team and be a focal point of 4 SB Championships. OF COURSE, Bradshaw had to perform at a high level and hold up his end, but it still required to be given an opportunity. And it’s quite certain that retiring from the Pittsburg Steelers has subsequently afforded him a lifestyle much different…than had he retired from a Pennsylvania steel mill!

  33. I signed up just to comment on this. Just because you are a public figure doesn’t mean you aren’t human. If you hated the man in life and didn’t get along with him and EVERYONE knows it, why is he expected to be fake and go to this person’s funeral. A funeral is for the people who loved this person to pay their final respects not for a photo op for someone who didn’t like the man.

  34. Just because Terry Bradshaw didn’t want to go pay his respects and talk to his wife, doesn’t that he don’t care or that he’s not affected by it. I havefive uncles and my grandmother that died in a span of 15 years and I didn’t go to any of their funerals. Did it effect me? Yes it did. The thing people need to remember is that everyone grieves differently.

  35. TERRY the “TOOL” Bradshaw!! I will boycott all FOX shows with him on it!

    I thought he was a funny old man. A pillar of Pittsburg. What a disgrace he is!

    And to Call out Peyton Manning out like that when Terry the Terrible TOOL lost more playoff games than he won!!

    Terry you are TRASH!!


  36. Only the “Big Ben Groupies” are clamoring for Bradshaw’s head in Pittsburgh. KDKA-FM (93.7 The Fan), home of the Big Ben Cheerleaders, is making this an issue.
    Bradshaw has a history of NOT attending funerals of deceased teammates or the team’s deceased hierarchy’s. He didn’t go to Art Sr.’s funeral. Nor did he attend the more recent funerals of L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White and Mike Webster, who he inducted into the Hall of Fame.
    Ron Cook of 93.7 has labeled Bradshaw a “phony.” However, if Bradshaw had a history of actually attending every and all funerals but purposely skipped Noll’s, Cook’s “phony” allegation might make sense. Bradshaw has shown consistency over the years when it comes to attending funerals: He doesn’t go.
    Here’s my definition of phony: Roethlisberger attending a funeral of a man he claims to have met just once.

  37. Should he have gone? Sure, however, it’s not that big of a deal. His dad died recently and he went to it. That’s the ones that really matter in my book. If he hadn’t gone to that one then my opinion of him probably would’ve changed. My great uncle didn’t go to his sister’s (my grandmother) funeral in 1988 & her daughter (my aunt who died last year) never forgave him. Life’s too short to worry about things like this.

  38. Ok, I have no problem with Bradshaw not going. He is an adult. He makes his own choices.

    That said, he is a public performer. He an image that he sells. His agent should have told him that this looks bad, and will hurt his image. And future earnings.

  39. My guess is Terry didn’t go because he is 65 and that is around the age when people don’t go to funerals because it is starting to settle in that it won’t be long until they are laying there.

    Once someone gets to around 75, they go to a lot of funerals because they can look at the casket and think, “Glad it’s not me”.

    This is one of those cases where people can’t tell the difference between the NFL being a job or it being something larger than life that alters the course of human events. For the guys who play, it is a job. For fans, it is something else. Bradshaw worked for the Steelers and Noll. Noll didn’t like Bradshaw and Bradshaw didn’t like Noll. In a work setting, there is nothing unusual about that. However, when that is the relationship and one no longer works for the other, there is almost no contact or attendance at funerals.

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