Cam Newton surprises teammates by doing 7-on-7s


Cam Newton was begging for some work, so on the last day of school, the Panthers gave him some.

According to Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, Newton took part in three 7-on-7 periods during the team’s final minicamp practice before training camp.

Newton wasn’t really expected back from offseason ankle surgery until training camp, and his participation wasn’t full. But it was symbolic as much as anything.

“I think it shows everybody, the team, that he’s coming,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said. “Nobody expected him to be out here today, except for me, but it was good to see him out there. It was good to see his teammates see him out there.”

None of the other players were told he’d work, so it was a bit of a surprise, even though Newton described himself as “real sluggish.”

“My mind was moving faster than my body but that comes with time,” Newton said. “I’m excited to get back out there. I’m not 100 percent yet but any progress is good progress for me.”

Of course, he looked rusty as well, such that it matters in 7-on-7s June.

Voth (perhaps aspiring to be a Jets beat writer) had him at 3-of-10 passing in his first two series, before completing all five pass attempts in his final set.

It’s not what they’re looking for out of Newton, but since they weren’t expecting him to participate at all, it’s hard to call it a disappointment, either.

22 responses to “Cam Newton surprises teammates by doing 7-on-7s

  1. Good for him and good for them cuz He needs as much work as he can get with that recieving core. He should rent an apartment with Benjamin from now until the regular season.

  2. at least Newton may be recognizing how much his skills lag the other young QBs and that his success last year was only after he was made a game manager

    not a believer though

  3. That’s my boy! Judicious use of time for him to test it just before the break. Cam will have to carry this team, so his presence should give the team a mental lift, as they go to vacation.

    As presently constructed, Cam will need a 28/12 TD/INT ratio, 3850 yds. 250yds/6 TDs rushing to compete in the NFC this year.

  4. “It’s not what they’re looking for out of Newton”

    2 warmup sets and then he’s PERFECT?

    Isn’t that exactly what you want out of your QB in his first drill? Really, ANY player.

  5. Big deal! We used to sneak on a school football field and do 7 on 7 for fun, back in the day. Full tackle no pads. Those were good times.

  6. This guy knows how to win, and he’s putting in the work. AFC South hadn’t better take him lightly. I’ll take Cam Newton every day of the week.

  7. A game manager? Give me a break. The comeback win against the Saints last year – when both teams needed the win – and in the mud and the muck after a downpour – proved this guy has “it.” They needed a TD and had almost no time on the clock and Cam took the team down with amazing accuracy and poise and won the game. I was there soaked to the bone that day and left feeling that we had one of the best in the league – and I still do.

  8. BUST.

    Albeit in a time-release formula that trickles the bustickles slowly and evenly throughout the system.

    Heading to Wikipedia now to add my wisdom.

  9. LOL

    even Panthers were thinking it was time to bench him in wk 3 last year

    yes he is now merely a game manager… he does not have the tools/skill to ever be more IMO

  10. – goodguyattorney – you’re right, he [Newton] has had “it” from day one. I’ve never understood the constant bashing — I’ll refrain from stating what’s on mind.

  11. @goodguyattourney… i agree completely. i thought the same thing during the saints game. his poise after the throw to ginn showed me that he had arrived. he walked straight faced down the field while the stadium erupted. he became our true franchise qb that game. pats game and sf were fine but that saints game in the rain will go down as the came matured.

  12. Y’all people hating on Cam need to get a life. How long has it been going now? 4 years? The funny part is half of the people commenting aren’t even Panther fans yet they still manage to always find a Newton article just to spew their hate. That is really pathetic. A little obssessed with Cam are we? Anyway, good for him. It is expected he was going to be rusty coming off of rehab and going through his first practice. However, they say he finished 5-5 so he must have been getting his groove back. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  13. I was also at the epic Saints game last year, soaked from head to toe and loving every second of the game and the 6 hour drive home. That was the greatest game I have ever attended, and I don’t think much will top it, other than a Super Bowl victory.

    Cam is a solid top-10 QB right now, but his ceiling is virtually limitless. I’m proud to have him as my team’s QB!

  14. Gotta love the Cam haters! Every time you open your mouth you sound ignorant because you have absolutely nothing to back up your talk. If you think Cam is a game manager, you obviously watch 0% of Panther games.

  15. I’m glad he was out there showing that he’s ahead of schedule in the rehab. Since these were 7-on-7 drills in shorts, I put no stock whatsoever in the stats, no matter how good or bad they are. At the same time, I’m thrilled the rehab is going well and I have no doubt he’s going to have a big year.

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