Denard Robinson turning heads in Jacksonville


Last year, former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson arrived in Jacksonville and was dubbed an “offensive weapon” who could do a little of everything. But that weapon shot blanks: Robinson gained just 66 yards on 20 carries, never caught a pass, threw incomplete on his only pass attempt, and fumbled three times.

This year, the Jaguars have scrapped the offensive weapon label and said Robinson is a backup running back to starter Toby Gerhart, and General Manager Dave Caldwell says Robinson now looks like a perfect fit at running back. Caldwell also says Robinson is showing no signs of the elbow and hand injuries that caused him to drop passes last season.

“We knew the transition from quarterback to running back would take some time when we drafted D-Rob,” Caldwell told USA Today. “I told him the other day, ‘I don’t want to jinx you, but you haven’t dropped a ball since we started OTAs.’ He has excellent speed and ability to take it to the end zone from anywhere on the field.”

Ex-Jaguar Jeff Lageman, who now serves as the team’s radio analyst, said Robinson has had “the best offseason of anyone.” And Robinson himself says he thinks people are going to be excited by what they see of him this season.

“I want to be a dangerous playmaker,” Robinson said. “When they give me the ball, I want to be that guy where everybody in the stadium goes, ‘Whoa!'”

That’s the kind of playmaker Robinson was at Michigan. Jacksonville could use that kind of explosiveness in its offense.

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  1. Hope so, I just like that kids game! Jacksonville deserves to have a good team. Solid QB play, and Toby learned from one of the greatest all time. He will be a top 5-10 back this year! He’s good

  2. He won a lot of September Heisman trophies at scum. Apropos that he is being anointed as a June “Playmaker”.

    Michael Irvin laughs at him, this site and CFT show too much “respect” for a weasel program like michigan. 7 win average over the last 10 years.

  3. I’ll be excited when he shows he can do something when players actually make contacy and he proves he can hold on to the ball. A lot of guys have ‘potential’ who are out of the league in 3 years. He needs to put it all together.

  4. I am a Jags fan and season ticket holder and have heard enough about this guy. I don’t know why there is such a big agenda to make this guy into something. He was a 5th round pick and for some reason is being sold as some big time play maker. He is a backup running back at best and we signed Toby for big money. I really do not get the fascination with this guy. How about we let him become mildly productive on the field and stop trying to up sell him. Quite frankly if he was cut I could care less – we just drafted Storm to be a backup running back and he was actually a real running back in college.

  5. As a Dolphin fan or any team fan for that matter, you always like to hear about a rival teams player getting in trouble, but not trouble like this. I hope he is ok and gets help if it is needed.

  6. this feels like last offseason. when they drafted him, and there were countless news articles like this talking about how much of a weapon he is, where they will use him, coaches fighting over him

    leaving me to ask “why is a 5th round converted QB getting this much press”. he then did nothing last year, and we hear it again?

    these young guys need to at least prove it before they start talking. goes for Pryor on the jets, all these guys. just let your play do the talking.

  7. David Caldwell, Gus Bradley and co. are quietly building a very strong team down in North Florida.

  8. I look forward to seeing him excel. I’m certainly no fan of the Jaguars, but watching him play in college was really exciting.

  9. I was very skeptical of him when they drafted him as a project. Hopefully he is looking as good as they say because he is such a quality kid. You never see him without a huge smile. He is the guy you want to root for.

  10. Sounds exactly like the reports that would come out of Panthers’ OTA’s and training camp regarding Armanti Edwards… time will tell

  11. Good for Denard. His inconsistency at times as a QB at Michigan was frustrating but man if you gave him an opening he would take it and make a hell of a play. I’m excited to see what he will do when given an opportunity.

  12. I am actually looking forward to seeing what they Jaguars are bringing next season, I really am I believe they will be making major strides…Go luck Jags…Indeed…

  13. D-Rob needs to be out on the perimeter ! Swing passes from the backfield and used in the slot position. He’s a thinner Darren Sproles and they need to take advantage of his pure speed, he was a 100 meter sprinter in high school.

  14. Brian Sexton of the Jaguars, said there Denard had nerve damage in one of his elbows, and one of the nerves was the one that controls the fingers. Apparently he was unable to close his finger tips most of the season.

    Legitimate excuse to drop the ball

  15. Good for him, I wish more college QB would learn from him. (Tebow, Young) you are in the NFL a position change do not hurt if you have the ability.

  16. I am almost sick of hearing about a 5th rounder that has yet to produce. I understand the attraction but I am attracted to game time results. If he doesn’t show up this year cut him! He better watch out for storm!

  17. This is why a lot of you idiots don’t do this for living.

    For those disparaging Denard Robinson, you seem to forget the obvious.

    He had an impinged ulnar nerve. I’ll spare you the time spent racking your Dorito’s brains, and let you know that the ulnar nerve controls GRIP STRENGTH, FLEXION OF THE WRIST, and FLEXION, ABDUCTION, and ADDUCTION of your metacarpals, the ENTIRE HYPOTHENAR, i.e your “pinky” actually is slightly “opposable”, so that whole system is compromised, as well as THE major thumb muscle that allows you to have an OPPOSABLE THUMB.

    Some people have surgery to re-locate the Ulnar Nerve ITSELF.

    Not to mention, nerve injuries take at least 6 months to heal. It depends on the distance of the injury from the extremities.

    Jacksonville knew this going in.

    “Ball Security” is number one priority in all of football.

    That being said, we’ll see how he adjusts. His biggest problem is he doesn’t “run” like a “running-back”, he runs a like a sprinter. So when he gets hit, he gets LIT UP.

    He’ll have to learn to shut down the “sprinting form” as the tackler closes.

    He runs a low 10.2 – 10.4 100m-dash, which many “fast” guys in the NFL can do. But his ability to “change direction”, and Accel-decel-Accel, is what makes him uncanny. Other guys are “sports car” fast, he’s a Pro Kart: Some go 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, he can go 0-60-0 in 3.0 seconds. He also has great patience and vision, often ignored due to his more remarkable speed.

  18. This is one of the main reason why this has struggled in the past to get many fans in their stadium because bust like this who sucks at any position he played.Then they try to jinx fans into buying their tickets is another most people in Jacksonville don’t care to buy their tickets anymore.They talking all this hype they need to win games until then the blackouts will be tied to them like super glue.

  19. Wow some of you are just haters!! My brother has accomplished way more then half you and he’s under 25 so go to hell. He’s playing and y’all aren’t doing crap but talking what you don’t know I can’t stand none of you wish I could slap you all one by one!

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