Dennis Thurman won’t pursue “completely baseless” accusation

Getty Images

Lawyers for Jets assistant coach Dennis Thurman did what you’d figure they’d do, announcing that their investigation into an incident at a New Jersey bar revealed he did nothing wrong.

This case appeared shaky from the start, as the alleged victim admitted she wasn’t injured, and witnesses said Thurman did not slap her in the face.

A statement from attorneys Patricia Prezioso and Bruce Rosen provided to PFT described the claims made by Jessie Steinberg as “completely baseless,” and pointed out contradictory witness statements and the accusers criminal record.

“After careful deliberation, Mr. Thurman has decided against pursuing civil or criminal remedies for Mr. Steinberg’s actions in falsely accusing him, stating that it would not yield any results worth of the distraction it would cause,” the statement read.

With no charges filed, Thurman’s name should be cleared, and he shouldn’t have to worry about so much as a review under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.