Falcons move on from Dominique Davis


On Wednesday, the Falcons finagled quarterback T.J. Yates in a trade with the Texans, who reportedly (but not actually) had cut him.  On Thursday, the Falcons dumped one of the quarterbacks on a depth chart that, behind starter Matt Ryan, was short on experience.

Gone is Dominique Davis, who had the most experience of a group that included rookies Jeff Mathews and Sean Renfree.

Bad for Davis.  Good for Yates, who returned to his hometown a day after the trade went down.

“I was very down when I realized I was being let go, thought I was being let go,” Yates told Mark Berman of FOX 26. “Then all of the sudden I’m traded to my hometown team and I couldn’t be happier now. It’s a great situation for me and my wife.  Both of our families are from Atlanta.”

Yates thought he was being waived by the Texans.  Once word got out that he’d already been let go, other teams got involved.

“There was a little bit of talk about it during the day, but I didn’t know to who,” Yates said. “They were trying to move me because there was a lot of buzz going on that day. I hadn’t been released yet so I knew they were trying to move me somewhere.”

The Falcons ultimately made the most sense, because they had nothing behind Ryan.  They now have a guy who led the Texans to the first playoff win in franchise history — and who has as many postseason victories as the guy he’s backing up.

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  1. Another bumbled draft bust my the Dimitroff/Smith regime in trading away #rd rounder Akeem Dent the heir apparent to beloved thumper Curtis Lofton who Dimitroff was too cheap to give a deserved $priceyy$ long term deal that the Saints were all too happy to give him & has continued his studly ways as the coupon clipper regime always tries to do like cutting John Abraham to pray hope cross fingers that a decent Osi Umenyiora could have complemented with Abraham but NO they draft Malliciah Goodman & Stansly Maponga and thinks he can slip by & scheme & plan his way towards sackgoodliness with two very green rookies and now the same thing with Prince Shembo in round 4 an OLB pass rusher that was moved to INSIDE LINEBACKER 2 weeks ago as Mike Nolan stated “It is a move that we think will take advantage of his skill set”?! Give me a break, same modus operandi as last year except Matty Ice Hockey with a better line will get a bit more time to throw.

    8-8 at best.

  2. were people ripping on peyton manning and drew brees when they went 5 plus years without a playoff win?Perhaps profootballtalk wants the falcons to bring back tent dilfer or jeff hostetler.

  3. Good for Yates. I’m not sure he’s better than Davis, but the coaches are closer to it than I.

    Davis in ATL, Jarred Johnson in CHI, Josh Freeman, Vince Young, etc. There is a pattern It’s awful hard for a young black QB to hold a backup job.

    BJ Daniels is coming, if not Tavaris Jackson. Morris in Jax may also be cut and Tyrod Taylor may be in trouble.

  4. Yates isnt that good. He won two big games for the Texans both against Cincy. One was to secure the playoff birth and the second was to win the first playoff game for the Texans, where he completed 11 of 20 passes. Those are the only two games people remember his numbers otherwise are pretty mediocre. Also his second playoff game he threw 3 picks and they lost.

  5. To the Matt Ryan defenders. If you can’t see the irony in a guy nicknamed ICE who has trouble winning playoff games, then I cannot help you any further. Matt has had as many weapons on offense as anyone in the league and has had top 5 D’s in points allowed. and he still puts up L’s in the post season. Not very icey.

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