Geno Smith: Calvin Pryor hasn’t “really earned the right” to talk trash

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Jets rookie safety Calvin Pryor likes to talk trash.  His head coach likes it.  One of his teammates doesn’t.

Especially because it appears that some of the trash talk currently is being directed at Pryor’s own team.

“I don’t think he’s really earned that right to talk amongst this locker room,” quarterback Geno Smith told reporters on Thursday.  “But he does get it in a little bit.  I think he knows his place, he knows his role and the more and more he gets comfortable I think you’ll hear him talking a little bit more.”

Pryor already has fired shots at the Giants and the Patriots, and it’s still more than two months until the first game that counts.  So it’ll be interesting to see what he has to say when he gets more comfortable.

Especially if/when Geno starts throwing bounce passes in training camp.

31 responses to “Geno Smith: Calvin Pryor hasn’t “really earned the right” to talk trash

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Pryor ends up being DROY.

    It pains me to say that, him being a Jet and all, but dudes with his instincts and attitude usually do well.

  2. Hey Calvin, there’s an old saying. “Never miss an opportunity to say nothing.” Wise up, kid.

  3. I agree with the QB. Pryor is coming thinking he is bigger than the game and he can’t figure out why people think the game is so complex.

    Geno is trying to assume leadership, but should probably kept this in house. My guess is that he tried, but Pryor has been talking since he hit camp.

    I see copious flags in his future.

  4. I think if Calvin Pryor has earned the right to play on the biggest stage in the world of football, than I think he’s earned the right to talk a little bit of trash. Get the best of him on the field if you so desperately want his mouth to stop moving…

  5. Said the Giants fan or fan of one of the other 17 teams that finished behind the Jets. Jets will be dangerous this year, allot more talent, start dealing with it people.

  6. Geno didn’t say HE earned anything and he is right that Pryor hasn’t earned a thing yet. Pretty sure Brady will shut him up unless Pryor isn’t smart enough to know he is getting torched.

  7. Coming from Geno Smith, that means what exactly? When has Geno earned any right to tell anyone what they can or can’t say?

    Geno the terrible

  8. Geno, You should have pulled him aside and talked to him face to face and not to the press. Not a good way to try establish yourself as a leader. If others don’t meet your requirements are you going to talk to the press about everything?

    I would want to be on the far side of the locker room from him if I was a young player…

  9. Rookies as a rule have no right to trash talk anyone, especially other teams, and if Ryan doesn’t have an issue with this it just shows his continual stupidity.

  10. he is sayin calvin hasnt earned the right to trash talk? however what has Grno Smith done to assume the role of a leader and speak PUBLICLY against a teammate and start yet another circus thats become a yearly thing w the jets? Geno.strikes me as a MORON…he thought he was gna be the #1 pick n then thinks hes he guy in NY and now he thinks hes the leader who can.put ppl in their place…Geno Smith obviously.isnt the sharpest tool in the shed….

  11. Pitting the offense against the defense, letting players pick fights … that’s an old Buddy Ryan trick. And look who coaches the Jets! The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

    Bottom line is what happens on the field. If Pryor talked that way to Peyton Manning, Manning would silence him by making him look like a fool. Geno needs to quit whining and step up his game.

    All DBs talk trash!

  12. Neither of them have the right. What has Geno Smith done on the field? NOTHING. Him calling Pryor out in the media just shows he’s obviously not a leader in the locker room or it wouldn’t have left the locker room.

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