Glaze up son: Steve Smith brings “peace offering” to work


It was a small bit of news yesterday when new Ravens receiver Steve Smith got into it at practice with cornerback Lardarius Webb.

News, primarily because it was new for the Ravens.

The reality is, Smith was part wideout/part personnel man with the Panthers for 13 years, primarily offering to help pick the roster at cornerback by going all-out in practice. In the old days, that led to some fights.

But Smith’s latest exchange has shown his maturity, and his sense of humor.

Smith just tweeted out a photo to Webb of a bag of doughnuts, inscribed “Peace offering from 89.”

The fact he added the hashtag “#glazeupson” — a takeoff on his “Ice up, son” remarks to Aqib Talib last year — also shows he has a future in marketing.