Jerry Jones says only direction to go is up for Cowboys defense


Jerry Jones believes the Dallas Cowboys defense will be improved in 2014, even if the only reason is because it’s difficult to be any worse.

The Cowboys ranked dead last in the league in total defense in 2013, allowing an average of 415 yards per game. It was statistically the worst defense in Cowboys franchise history. That defense has also lost DeMarcus Ware this offseason to the Denver Broncos and saw veteran linebacker Sean Lee likely lost for the season due to a knee injury suffered in OTAs.

However, Jones is still optimistic for improvement on the defensive side of the ball. He doesn’t feel the unit they have currently is better than the defense that took the field for opening day in 2013, but he believes it’s better than the injury-depleted group that finished last season.

I can say it this year, we are better right now,” Jones said, via Schuyler Dixon of the Associated Press. “Not on paper at the beginning of the season last year, but on paper right now relative to how we ended up last year.”

The Cowboys invested seven of their nine draft picks on the defensive side of the ball in hopes of turning the defense around.

Dallas allowed opponents to score at least 20 points in 12 of 16 games last season. However, all four games in which the Cowboys held their opponents to less than 20 points came in the first seven weeks of the season before injuries really began to take their toll on the team.

If the Cowboys want to break their streak of 8-8 seasons and post their first winning campaign since 2009, they’ll have to hope their owner is correct and the defense can become at least respectable next season.

38 responses to “Jerry Jones says only direction to go is up for Cowboys defense

  1. Well, he’s right. We were the worst defense in the NFL. Of course, that’s Romo’s fault.

  2. Really? Because I can see it being the worst of all time. They lost three of the only consistently productive (when on the field) players they had to other teams or season-ending injury, and replaced them with nothing. I love Jerry’s reasoning.

  3. These guys remind me of the Dolphins when they had Dan Marino at QB ; they’ll probably keep stocking up on defensive players and get really good on defense — just as their QB gets too old to be effective. Then they’ll have a hellacious defense but mediocre offense. As a Miami fan , I’ve seen this movie before.

  4. You know, I think I might like to follow Jerry around for a day, just to watch him in action, with all that jabbering and maniacal behavior. Maybe he would appoint me as an assistant coach or something. Good for a laugh, anyway. You poor Cowboy fans.

  5. As usual Jerrah, you’re right. Your Defense is the bomb. No need to do anything else, and the Super Bowl is guaranteed.

    Signed: The rest of the NFC East.

  6. I agree, My prediction is for them to hold opponents to 19.5 points a game, we luv ya Jera.

  7. Well, we were the 32 rank defense and went 5-1 in the division and manage to stay alive till the last game. Tony Romo is very underrated isn’t he haters. Oh wait haters you are correct, shame on Tony for not playing defense, kick the ball, catch the ball, keep the defense healthy. Yea you are totally right. Get real! With that monster O-line, and questionable defense. You better take Romo on your fantasy team. Ask the Denver Broncos why. Cowboys offense is going to be beast!

  8. In addition to the draft picks, they also made some prudent defensive line signings, and a healthy Morris Claiborne and JJ Wilcox will both be big help. Losing Lee and Ware is a big obstacle, and this defense may rank in the bottom 10 by the end of the season, but that could be enough for 10 wins considering the strength of the offense.

  9. When Jerry is optimistic I’m optimistic. So are all the Eagles, Skins and Giants fans.

  10. At this point I’m sure Cowboy fans and detractors would love for this old fart to line up and take a few snaps, just to hit this idiot. I hate Dallas, but I sympathize with their fans. NFC East has two idiot owners: Big Mouth Jones and Danny “I’ll buy my way to a championship”Snyder. Unless Jerky Jones relinquishes control to someone that knows how to scout talent, they will continue to be a middle of the road team. I actually feel bad for Romo…I never feel sorry for any Cowboy player.
    NFC East: Philly, NY, Wash,Dallas.

  11. The Cowboys ranked dead last in the league in total defense in 2013, allowing an average of 415 yards per game. It was statistically the worst defense in Cowboys franchise history.


    At least they are #1 in the worst defense category. Ironically, ex cowboys defensive coach Rob Ryan pulled the Saints defense out of a similar situation.

    I guess it wasn’t Rob Ryan’s fault after all was it Jerry? Maybe someone should give the GM the pink slip.

  12. Am I missing something but I didn’t see where any real personnel decisions will constitute an upgrade.

  13. Brilliant! Just curious, would Boys fans rather Jerry was a quiet, behind the scene owner or do they prefer the wacko GM/owner?

  14. Don’t worry JJ, the Giants and Redskins are saying the same thing.

    What’s the over/under on total combined wins for Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants? 10? 11? 9?


  15. Actually, it could get worse. Just because you sucked last year doesn’t mean can’t suck even more this year.

    And having lost their best remaining player on defense (Lee) after gutting an already weak d-line… I just don’t see where the optimism for improvement will come seeing as their draft really wasn’t that spectacular.

    I don’t see the second coming of even an injury-plagued, misused DWare. I don’t see an adequate replacement for the injured Sean Lee. I don’t see an upgrade from DT Melton for the departed DT Hatcher.

  16. this guy is great. if he’s not extolling the virtues of putting 8-8 teams in the playoffs, he’s hiring a new play caller to go with garrett and callahan,,,,,

    or claiming moral victories…

    or how good this defense is on paper…. he used that word because it describes the stopping power of his defense last year….

  17. Marinelli is going to whip these guys into shape and have them flying around the field with confidence… This Defense is going to be one the biggest surprises of the 2014 NFL Season… Top 12 Defense and Cowboys win the East. Book it.

  18. The one thing about this years defence. Is that they are young. I like young. Young means more energy, faster and stamina. That can’t be all bad. And besides at the end of the day you got to play with the uniform you’re dealt. So when training camp is over. Get your guys, and I’ll get my boys and we’ll see. “Them boy 4 life”.

  19. First we have to understand, in Big D, Jerry is the man. Not Romo not Dez. Its Jerry. What jerry says goes there is nothing u can do about it. So put your uniform on, laseum up an play some football. Cause jerry can’t. You have to start rebuilding that defence sooner or later. All last season Ware played hurt. Never was he 100% all last season. And Hatcher was up in age also. And where is he now? HURT! So get younger, get faster and get to work. Can’t get any worse than dead last.

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