John Harbaugh: No timeline from league on Ray Rice discipline

Ravens running back Ray Rice has entered a pre-trial intervention program after pleading not guilty to aggravated assault charges stemming from a February incident with his wife in Atlantic City, which means the legal process will wrap up as long as Rice satisfies all of its conditions.

League discipline still awaits, however. As PFT has previously reported, it is not a question of whether Rice will be suspended but ones about when he is suspended and for how long that remain to be answered. Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Thursday that he and the team have not been given any indication about the time frame for Rice’s suspension.

“Not to my knowledge. I’m not aware of any timetable on that at all,” Harbaugh said, via Jamison Hensley of

The Ravens have presumably started making plans for not having Rice during the early part of the season, ones that should include Bernard Pierce now that Pierce is expected to be healthy in time for training camp. If Rice’s suspension is long enough, Pierce and/or others could convince the Ravens that a more lasting change makes sense at running back.

15 responses to “John Harbaugh: No timeline from league on Ray Rice discipline

  1. Tomlin would have cut him already. Who cares what the league does – you’re in charge Harbs.

  2. Unfortunately there is a contractual obligation that binds the team to Ray Rice that would cost the Ravens multiple millions of dollars over the next several seasons, so cutting Rice is out of the question. If there was no major monetary investment involved I am sure the results would be different.

    Now I know what all you other people will say. “It shouldn’t matter what the cost is, you should…” Well instead of blaming the Ravens about this, you can thank the NFLPA for this and blame them. Maybe next CBA argument there can be a stipulation put in for voiding contracts of somebody convicted/involved with of a crime or with conduct detrimental to the team that causes a player to be unavailable to play for an extended period of time. As of right now, no matter what happens to Rice, the Ravens have to pay the man.

    I bet you no other team would have simply cut him by now because of the cap penalty involved. Anyone saying so clearly has no idea how the NFL works.

    On a human level and emotional one, I would agree with the people saying he should at the very least be suspended and most likely cut. There really is no excuse for what he did unless he was fighting for his life. I doubt that was the case. Nobody knows what really happened save for the people involved and they aren’t talking.

  3. He should get at least 4 games. If I were the commish I would give him a year.

    Show some fortitude and send a message that you will not tolerate domestic violence.

  4. He’ll get 4 games, reduced to two after his appeal. Good thing he only knocked out his girlfriend, imagine if he would of bullied a teammate or smoked a joint, he’d be looking at a year suspension.

  5. There are portions of the incident which none of us are privy to (the unseen film). Those details, which obviously played a role in the court’s decision may have bearing on how much discipline the league doles out. There’s no justification for cold-konking your ‘ole-lady’ but there’s obviously more to story than we’re aware — the league’s decision will shed a little light.

  6. Teams with high moral character would have cut him….but the Ravens aren’t one of them. Remember this is the team planning a statue,for Ray Lewis someone who plead to obstruction of justice and is missing an important white suit. Don’t expect the high road from this team they coddle their criminals.

  7. Teams with high moral character would have cut a player TWICE accused of sexual assault. But that’s right, the rules are different when they apply to Steelers.

  8. Anything less than the 6 games Big Ben got in 2010 will be unacceptable. (Reduced to 4 after appeal). Ben was also never charged just like Ray.

    This is all BS, IMO. Crimes against women, who make up a little less than half of the world population, should be treated the harshest. What kind of message are you sending to half of the world population, the market you want to invade, Mr. “Protect the Shield”? But that’s ok…let’s worry more about idiots that smoke pot, shoot their own leg or make it rain in a strip club. Your priorities are way off, Rogde. Suspension for domestic violence should be a one year minimum. Sorry if that ruins your career but I know for a fact they’d be fired in my industry.

    This only my opinion, take it or leave it. I’m an unfortunate Lions fan and I’d tell them to throw the book at Mega if he was ever charged with domestic violence.

  9. The only team that cut someone with this large a contract and hit on their cap was the Patriots but the guy they cut was pretty much a sure bet for being involved in multiple murders. There is a process to recover this money and void the contract but it is almost impossible to do.

    The Ray Lewis case that keeps being brought up all the time to bash the Ravens is a joke of uninformed people. No one was ever convicted of murder, missing white suit or not think about it his two friends were being pushed in the limo by him and they were covered in blood from the fight. You think the blood on them wouldn’t get on the suit? The suit would prove nothing. It was proven that his friends were involved in the fight and it was shown with little doubt that for the most part every witness said Lewis was trying to keep peace. It was also proven that the two guys killed were not great characters and the people with them had guns that they shot at Lewis’s limo with, for the most part the courts had said any action by Ray Lewis’s party was in self defense. A lot of these bashers say Lewis sold his friends out but the only person convicted was Lewis for foolishly trying to protect his friends.

    I really don’t like what Ray Rice did but I also can’t stand the discrimination of our society and law system. Every report when this first happened stated both Rice and his now wife hit each other, they also state she hit first. As is the case most of the time charges were dropped on here and only the male was brought to court.

    I won’t say forgive Ray Rice, because he hasn’t earned that, but the person he was before this was constantly doing things for the community and charities and this is the first blemish on his record. A two game suspension should be the max in my opinion.

  10. I agree with the consensus on the 4 game suspension, but I think it should be more like 6 to 8 games. The main issue with the Ravens and Rice is that regardless of whether he plays or was cut, the team still takes a salary cap hit of over 5 million since they overpaid this guy in the first place. In the event he gets suspended for 8 games or similar it may make sense to cut him anyway since he would not be in game shape for another 2-3 games or basically most of the season. If if is 4 games or less, unfortunately I guess it would make more sense to have him play this year and then cut him loose.

  11. Teams with high moral character would have cut a player TWICE accused of sexual assault. But that’s right, the rules are different when they apply to Steelers.

    10 1
    Report comment. Sorry you can’t fathom the difference between accused and plead guilty to, but after all you are a Raven fan. Ben didn’t take a plea and unlike the Ravens the Steelers expressed their displeasure with his behavior. No Steeler coach called it silly behavior as Harbaugh did, but don’t let the facts clear the picture.

  12. Teams with high moral character would have cut a player TWICE accused of sexual assault. But that’s right, the rules are different when they apply to Steelers.

    10 2
    Report comment

    Ben has nothing to do with the Rice case, but some Raven fans bring up Ben trying to pass off Ray Rice’s behavior as better than Ben’s. Please stop and think……pleading for pretrial intervention indicates he is guilty of hitting a woman, which to a lot of Ravens is no big deal. Ben was only accused so there is no common thread , but you keep bringing it up it makes you look silly.

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