Kluwe investigation results coming next week

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This week, the Washington name controversy has stolen headlines from the sport of football.  Next week, although on a lesser scale, Chris Kluwe’s allegations against the Vikings will take center stage again.

According to Chris Tomasson and Seth Boster of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Vikings expect to receive the results of an investigation conducted in the wake of Kluwe’s allegations that special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer made homophobic comments and that the Vikings cut Kluwe because of his support for gay rights.

Interviews conducted by outside lawyers occurred through June 13.  On Wednesday, Priefer said he has not been thinking about the situation.

“Yeah, it’s been one of those things,” Priefer said.  “I come to work every morning, I’m excited about the direction of this football team, I really like our coaching staff, I’m excited about our new players, I’m excited about the guys we retained, that came back.  So my focus has been totally on football.”

New coach Mike Zimmer opted to keep Priefer despite the accusations from Kluwe, who has threatened to file suit against the Vikings if the matter ultimately is swept under the rug.

Signed by the Raiders after being released by Minnesota, Oakland opted to give the job to Marquette King.  Kluwe wasn’t signed by any other team last year, and by all appearances his NFL career has ended.

23 responses to “Kluwe investigation results coming next week

  1. So by Chris Kluwe’s logic.

    Everyone should be accepting of his view’s and follow them.

    But if someone has a different view of him, they should be punished?

    Sounds a little hypocritical to me.

  2. Good. It’s about time tho stupid saga will be over. Hopefully he’ll fade out of the news, but of course he’ll reinsert himself later to be relevant again.

  3. Well so far it’s better than saying he kept Priefer despite not making the playoffs this year. It’s nice to hear Priefer is so focused on football, can you imagine what things would be like if all the players could say they were happy and focused? I know it’s describing a paradox, but theoretically it’s interesting to think about.

  4. I hope the outcome goes against Chris Kluwe, that way I can sit back and watch as he blows his cash trying to sue them in court.

    But, he’ll probably then go on to sue the NFL for a concussion or something later on….

  5. Obviously a horrible, shady organization like the Minnesota Vikings will find no wrongdoing on their part, even though everyone knows all the accusations are true.


  6. Kluwe has no case, and he knows it. He was cut for a cheaper, younger punter that cost the Vikings $1 million less.

    As for Priefer, Zimmer could have chosen any special teams coach he wanted as the new HC, and he chose to keep Priefer. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, Priefer isn’t going anywhere.

    Kluwe has always been outspoken about everything. It would require a willing suspension of disbelief to think that he would have kept quiet about comments like those he claims Priefer made. Not buying it.

  7. Kluwe was cut because he started to suck…..and 31 other teams agree with assessment

  8. I admire Kluwe for being in a national position of influence and speaking up for those that have none. He should be applauded, not mocked. (But it is Minnesota…….and to think they have all those tall buildings!)

  9. I love Zimmer. One reason is he will tell people to bleep off if they don’t like his decisions. What I don’t get is how we are supposed to withhold judgment and action on a drunk driver who kills his friend, but it sounds like it would have been ok with the writer of this piece if Priefer had not been retained by Zimmer due to mere accusations by a disgruntled player. I worked in personnel at a major company for a long time and having seen many good people get railroaded out of jobs while scum kept theirs due to bogus PC related accusations and lawsuit fear, all I can say is thank goodness for a strong tough guy like Zimmer who will not be railroaded by PC nation.

  10. Kluwe always represented the vikings with the class such an organization deserved.

    He is one of the classy players, pftpoet mentions.

    He may not get his name in the vikings “ring of honor” when it is built, but will always be well received on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis.

  11. It’s ok for Kluwe attack anyone he wants but if someone disagrees with him it’s time to get a lawyer. Plays with dolls in the locker room. Can you cut an NFL player for that. Or how about kicking it Hester when nobody on the field could stop him.

    Kluwe,,,,,,,,,,you are clown no matter how this plays out.

  12. Like there is any chance at all the ‘investigation’ is going to find even the slightest fault of the team beyond possibly ‘ a bad word choice’. . . .

  13. There are only two things that can be guaranteed with respect to this investigation: (1) Cheesers will use the result as a basis to bash the Vikings (yea, I know not exactly Nostradamus-like); and (2) Kluwe will use it as a platform to vigorously expand his myopic position.

  14. What’s to investigate? Even if Priefer made anti-gay remarks and Kluwe was cut due to his support for same-sex marriage, that’s perfectly legal. The Vikings are free to punish or even fire Priefer if they disagree with his remarks, just as they are with Kluwe. Minnesota or perhaps Minneapolis may have local anti-discrimination laws that cover sexual orientation but they wouldn’t apply to Kluwe, who is straight.

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