Marcus Lattimore: I’m trying to take Frank Gore’s job


When running back Marcus Lattimore injured his knee at South Carolina in 2012, there was some doubt about whether he’d recover enough to play in the NFL at all.

Lattimore wound up sitting out his entire rookie season as he recovered, but has returned to the field this offseason and drawn compliments from the team’s coaching staff on the progress he’s shown over the last few months. That would seem to put Lattimore in position to gain some playing time behind Frank Gore in 2014, but Lattimore is aiming a bit higher.

“I’m trying to take [Gore’s] job, but I know that’s going to be the hardest thing in the world,” Lattimore said, via USA Today.

That might be a bit too much for Lattimore to bite off right now, even if the team didn’t also have Kendall Hunter and Carlos Hyde looking for carries in a deep San Francisco backfield. For now, Lattimore is learning the offense and waiting for training camp and preseason to start to see how he does while taking hits on a knee that hasn’t been pushed to those limits in nearly two years.

If he handles that without trouble and then shows he can be a productive back in the regular season, Lattimore can truly set his sights on a starting job. After coming back from such a serious knee injury, it would be hard to bet against him.

19 responses to “Marcus Lattimore: I’m trying to take Frank Gore’s job

  1. So he’s trying to take the job of a guy who had 11 carries for 14 yards in the NFC Championship game against the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks. How hard can THAT be?

  2. Hyde is a beast. Lattimore and Hyde will the be dominant tag team moving forward.

    Gore is on his last legs, but still produces.
    Not a bad position for SanFran to be in.

  3. Lattimore was dealt a bad hand… I hope he makes the best of his chance.. Don’t know how anyone could not root for a man just trying to make a living after what he has been through…

  4. If Lattimore can become what he was originally going to be (before he got hurt), there’s only a couple of RBs whose jobs he couldn’t take.

  5. Lattimore is learning the offense……….didnt he have all of last year to learn???

    Now to execute the offense might be a different subject.

  6. Good luck making it in the NFL Marcus.

    Unfortunately this is Brian Banks 2.0…hope he received his degree at SC.

  7. There isn’t a fan of football who’s not rooting for Lattimore to do well. He’s gone through hell in order to make it where he is and I hope his determination translates into success.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. I’m a Titans fan who likes the Seahawks MUCH more than the 49’ers. In fact, I quite like the Hawks and very much don’t like the current Niners. … That being said, Seahawk fans, consider yourselves warned: Marcus Lattimore is going to rock your world for years to come. You think you’ve seen “Beast Mode”? … You ain’t seen nothing!

    – SEC Fan

  9. That’s why we drafted him, to be our power back that can take some hits and keep those legs pumping for more yardage like Gore. I like Lattimore and hope he can take over for Gore seamlessly so there’s no lapse in production out of the back field.

  10. Every year we go through all this hype about players and how they are going to the be greatest. The only thing we know FOR SURE, is who the SB champions are, and until they lose that crown, that’s all this is, HYPE!So good luck to all you haters, you will need it!……………..GO HAWKS………SB CHAMPS!

  11. Y are the seagull fans always on our page? Y are they so concerned about us? You don’t see a niner fan on their page… 5 time world Champions. Go ahead learn from the best!!! Pretenders!!!

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