Mike McCarthy: Johnathan Franklin’s career with Packers is over


It appears that a neck injury will end tailback Johnathan Franklin’s career with the Packers.

According to multiple media outlets, Packers coach Mike McCarthy indicated Thursday that Franklin will no longer play for the club.

“He will not be back with us,” McCarthy said, calling the development “unfortunate news,” according to Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin.com.

A fourth-round pick of the Packers in 2013, Franklin rushed for 107 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries in 11 games as a rookie. In his most extensive action, Franklin racked up 126 combined rushing-receiving yards and a touchdown in a loss at Cincinnati.

According to Wilde and other Packers reporters, McCarthy said official news on Franklin’s future will be announced on Friday.

UPDATE 4:17 p.m. ET: Franklin has announced he won’t play in 2014, and he also indicated his career beyond this season could be over.

22 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Johnathan Franklin’s career with Packers is over

  1. I hope this man makes a tremendous comeback and succeeds in the NFL.

    Even as a Minnesota Vikings fan, you don’t like seeing this happen to anyone.

  2. Their backfield is pretty stout this year with Lacy, Starks, and Harris returning from his injury last year (provided they ALL can remain healthy), but this news just sucks!!!

  3. Sorry to hear that. He was a great talent and I wish him well in life.

    It would have been nice if he could have gotten a ring with the rest of the team this year.


  4. Too bad Jonathan you never really got much of a chance Good Luck

    One thing the Packers must do is look at their strength and conditioning staff obviously they are doing something wrong or their medical staff is not testing these guys correctly too many neck injuries ending guys careers.Their injury rates have been ridiculous

  5. Terrible news. As a SoCal Vikings fan I got to watch Jonathan Franklin dominate at UCLA, and I was terrified when the Packers drafted him, given out dangerous he is both running and catching the ball.

    Hopefully he makes a full recovery

  6. He flashed the ability do great things. The harsh realities of football can happen at any moment and it can all be gone. Hopefully he’s able to walk away with his health.

  7. Sorry to hear it, but I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t land on his feet and do well in life. He’s smart and said last year he wants to be the mayor of Los Angeles some day and try to make it a better place. While I hate to see anyone go into politics, it’s a plus if some good people do it to try to counterbalance all the sleazoids.
    The Pack still has three established guys and a couple of decent UFAs. Surprisingly, RB is now one of the deepest positions on the team.

  8. Truly unfortunate — not something to wished on anybody or be celebrated regardless of who your favorite team is.

  9. He has the skills, but those neck injuries are scary things. The Packers are one club that doesn’t take chances with those injuries. I wish him the very best, obviously it just wasn’t meant to be.

  10. Sad day for Franklin and Packer fans alike, hope you recover and enjoy life to the fullest.

  11. Good luck to you Mr. Franklin, hoping for a full recovery! Never good to see these things, but in reality, it’s the nature of sport. sidenote, who took a jab at KS? It must have been deleted. No matter what it was, it must have been posted by a very sad individual.

  12. That sucks.

    At least the guy is smart thou, he’ll probably be one of the few players that’s capable of having success outside of football.

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