No hard feelings, or pain for Vince Wilfork


It wasn’t that long ago the Patriots were taking a hard line with Vince Wilfork, an old guy coming off a dramatic injury with a big price tag.

But after a pay cut and time to heal, he’s back on the field and back in the fold, and aware of what’s in front of him.

“That’s a dead issue. I’m here for a reason,”Wilfork said of what transpired this offseason, via Mike Reiss of “If I didn’t believe the things that were brought to me, I wouldn’t have signed it. I’m not upset. I’m not holding any type of grudge. Business is business and everybody handles business in different types of ways.

“In my career, I think the right thing was for me to be up here with my family and teammates, and a staff I’ve been around for so long, and an organization I know. It was a smart decision for me and my family to be here. If we think it wouldn’t work, we wouldn’t be here. That is something that happened a while ago and that’s the first time I’ve actually talked about it. It’s a non-issue.”

That’s a long way from cleaning out his locker, and if he’s well enough to be a factor in the middle of the defense, that will be even bigger.

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  1. Translation: I like it here, its good for me, it’s good for my family, we all know we are paid on potential, but I still make lots of money, and I understand to win, occasionally we have to spend a little extra to have talent in some areas where talent is hard to come by, for short periods of time, like corner back, but long term stability and the ability to play an entire career in one place without being cut over money and salary cap issues is valuable to me and my family. You see, I play for fun, and WINNING is fun.

  2. his time is about up. the best 3-4 NT in football for about a decade. its time to pass the torch to Dontari Poe(screwed out of the top 100, such a load of you know what)

  3. I would question the motivation of any veteran who is happy to play with a team that has no shot at a title. Money-grab if you ask me.

  4. At this stage of his career, to start over with new schemes, teammates and moving and uprooting family in a new environment is not necessarily good. Sometimes it’s better to take less $$$ and be happy and content. Good move Vince. He can still help this team.

  5. “crownofthehelmet says:
    Jun 19, 2014 4:00 PM
    I would question the motivation of any veteran who is happy to play with a team that has no shot at a title. Money-grab if you ask me.”

    Yeah the guy taking a pay cut is one greedy SOB.

  6. Vince is a smart guy, and his wife may be even smarter. Lots of respect for them both, and hope he retires as a Patriot.

  7. Baltimore Ravens fan here who has seen how much Vince can take over a game when he’s going up against a center (Matt Birk and Mike Flynn) that couldn’t handle him. He shut down our running game almost by himself at times. This past year or so he wasn’t quite the same, but seeing as how he was hurt I can understand why.

    Wilfork is the man. Hopefully there are some bonuses in his contract that he can reach if he is indeed healthy and can contribute like he used to. I may not be a Patriot fan and I might be rooting against them when our teams face off, but I never root against a player or wish for anyone to get hurt out there.

    Good luck Vince.

  8. How can you not root for Vince he will assuredly enter Pats hall and if he has a couple more good years he will enter Canton ….yea he is that good

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