Peterson thinks Vikings would take a “heavy hit” by cutting him


At one point, it seemed that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson eventually will want to leave the team due to its chronic inability to complement his skills with a potent passing game and, in turn, wins.  Given the ongoing devaluation of the tailback position and a more recent no-one-is-sacred vibe to the league’s treatment of veteran stars, it now seems that the Vikings may pull the trigger before Peterson taps out.

Peterson believes that would be a mistake.

“I think the organization would take a heavy hit — for real — more so from the fan base,” Peterson told Tom Pelissero of USA Today.  “I don’t think it would be like a LeBron [James] situation where they’re burning my jersey, this, that and the other.  They might be doing [the opposite] and not buying some season tickets.”

A lot of it depends on how Peterson is playing at the time the Vikings move on, if they do.  Fans realize that it will make little sense to watch his cap number grow from $14.4 million this year to $15.4 million next year and ultimately to $16 million in 2017 if Peterson’s skills begin to decline.

With the top of the veteran market currently at $3.5 million per year, the Vikings could replace Peterson with an entire stable of running backs who clearly aren’t Adrian Peterson but who could be close to it, when their efforts are added together.

The Vikings consistently claim that Peterson is going nowhere.  Still, at some point the team will face a difficult decision.  Especially if Peterson has no desire to adjust base salaries that cap out at $15.75 million.

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  1. The Vikings cutting AD? That would be insanity.

    He is the only reason anyone will even think about freezing their arses off to watch games in that college stadium the next two years.

  2. Cutting Him would not be a mistake….

    If AP wants to win a SB, he should demand a trade….

  3. The BEST franchise in the NFL.

    We have the Legacy of a true champion.

    18 Divisional Titles.
    The Best Fans in the NFL.
    The Most Classy & Dominant Players.

    We are the franchise that truly created Football.


  4. Growing up seeing OJ Simpson, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Barry Sanders and many more great running backs, it is hard to fathom this happening. But this is today’s NFL, whether it be for better or worse.

  5. Ok so now we know one thing for sure that he fears and would really hate to see, that could be useful for leverage for certain people in the future; check.

    The Vikings have nothing left to do except to elect what their favorite flavor of Now & Later trade nuggets is. Or win the Super Bowl.

  6. He’s there this year. But next? And he will always be in the “best ever” conversation. But, as noted, the game is very different now. It’s not that there are more great RBs, it’s just that you don’t need a great RB anymore. Good to really good is just fine.

    But one thing about the game is not different and it’s never going to be. It has no patience for Father Time.

  7. The 9ers didn’t close shop when they lost Montana and Rice, the Cowboys are still here after Irvin and Smith, the Ravens didn’t call it quits when Lewis retired so I doubt very seriously the Vikings will cease to exist or their fan base would go away if Peterson does. Last I saw, he hadn’t ascended to heaven or at least won a championship like all the other players and teams mentioned. Too meant people think they are indispensable when in reality they are just that. In 10 years kids won’t even remember his name.

  8. The Vikings have a history of letting veterans play out their inflated contracts if they’re performing at a decent level. See Allen, Jared.

  9. The Vikings should do a Herschel Walker trade, in reverse this time.

    Keeping Peterson is just hanging on to the past. Trading him could really help set them up for the future. The Cowboys won 3 superbowls off of the Vikings mistake.

  10. Sooner or later the running back will again become more than relevant in the NFL. Defenses make adjustments and offenses counter. The more defenses adjust to stop the passing game, they will become more susceptible to the run. Everything goes in cycles. Any team that can establish a strong running game will enjoy success in the league. I believe balance is still key.

  11. This is a manufactured story to create a headline or two during a slow part of the off-season. The Vikings aren’t trading AP this year or next. Even if they wanted to, AP’s cap number is too high. So for the foreseeable future, Vikings fans will just have to make do with another great season from the best RB of his generation.

  12. How about some respect for the guy ? He dragged this whole franchise by himself for YEARS. You don’t just cut a player like that.

  13. Remember last year when he promised he was going to rush for 3000 yards? I say after this year release him and try to get Reggie Bush.

  14. 2014-2015 Minnesota Vikings Season:

    Adrian Peterson – 1,900 Rushing Yards, 12 Tds.

    Cordarrelle Patterson – 1,400 Receiving Yards, 11 Tds.

    Teddy Bridgewater – 4,100 Passing Yards, 33 Tds, 7 Ints.

    All Ending with a Superbowl Victory & 13-3 Record.

  15. The problem here is that Petersons value and salary are moot without a quarterback, and I personally don’t know what anyone saw in Bridgewater to make them think he’s a franchise guy. He’s been hyped up the q year and I never once thought he looked like an NFL caliber guy. You could look at guys like luck and Wilson and tell they just had it. Teddy doesn’t have it.

  16. Its just money that would go to the QB if they had one. Even if Bridgewater is the man, they don’t have to pay him like it for at least 3 years. This story is way premature. Just an attention grab.

  17. Yea,speaking of being heavy how about packer fans?im sure they riding around on their wheel chairs which they don’t need but don’t feel like walking.

  18. The Vikings are in a lot of trouble. People are NOT renewing season tickets. It’s not because the team is not good. It’s because the season ticket prices are skyrocketing for the new stadium, and they make you pay for a seat licensing fee, per seat. That doesn’t even get you season tickets. It’s just the right to get the seat.

    The longest standing fans are very angry at the Vikings organization. Nobody will be able to afford to go to these games, and the ones who can afford the tickets, simply don’t see it as worth all the money. That stadium will be half empty after the first year hype wears off.

  19. If ap learned how to passblock and catch the ball. He would literally have gone down as the greatest rb of ALL TIME. Could you imagine him catching the ball on the run and already in the secondary. He wouldve killed everyone.

  20. Alright! The Seahawks have a couple million to sign him with. He could spell Beast Mode and win a Super Bowl ring. Come to Seattle and joy your buddies from the Vikings.

  21. Reality sets in and the game is not running 3 yards and a cloud of dust any longer it is a passing league and will continue to be so for the “Entertainment Value”. If you don’t pay the QB, the O Line and pay attention to the D you will not be a contender. With limited (Salary Cap) funds you cannot afford to spend on running backs the money as in the past.

  22. From a financial standpoint, how many jersey’s all around the country did AP sell? Hats? assorted junk?
    In years like last year, I can’t image any other Viking whose stuff was a popular with people from around the country. I know the salary is high, but the return has got to be high as well.

    There will be a point where his skills will diminish and they will need to look at that, but a greater fear now is him wanting out so he can go to a contender (Seattle?)

  23. the only people who want the Vikings to trade or cut him are fans of other teams. He is a special player and it would be a shame to see him finish his career anywhere but here.

    Yes you could get several RBs for the amount you’re paying him, but that would take up several roster slots to replace what he can do.

    One year at a time and the future can take care of itself. If they finally have an answer in the passing game with Bridgewater the Minnesota offense will become the most dangerous in the league.

    The fans here love AD.

  24. $15 mil is excessive for a RB, but he’s worth $10 mil or even $12mil. I’m sure they could restructure. He’s already shown he can single handedly bring his team to the playoffs. I mean, what’s worse, Paying Adrian $12mil, or paying Jay Cutler and Matt Stafford $18mil+?

  25. Adrian, people will still buy season tickets after you are cut/traded….They will pay to see me.


    The New Stadium
    AKA Host of the 2018 Super Bowl

  26. And…. To those that think Bridgewater is a bust, they will be eating crow when he torches your team.. The guy has been lights out during practices, and he is a dedicated student of the game and leader! 1st in meetings and last out! Best draft choice in long time for Vikes

  27. No, the Vikings cutting AP would NOT be like the LeBron situation, because Lebron wasn’t cut. He left on his own and made an ass out of himself in the process.

  28. Maybe not now, but at some point, cutting him will be the only option.

    I see people mentioning a trade…really? No one is going to make a trade for a 29 year-old RB with those kinds of cap numbers.

  29. Remember when everyone thought trading Trent Richardson for a First Rounder was disastrous for the Browns?

  30. Unless Peterson flops this year, he’ll be back in 2015. If his skills deteriorate before the end of his contract, he’ll be asked to renegotiate or be cut loose.

    This is a business. Peterson is very popular in Minnesota, but you can’t pay a guy $10 of your total salary spent on the roster if he isn’t worth it.

  31. All these people on here saying “its a passing league”. I’ll bet you will never guess which QB attempted the fewest passes last season ?

  32. What a shame to see one of the best ever play out his days in front of 48,000 people maximum in a third rate college stadium. Minnesota is just embarrassing to the US, always has been.

  33. Should’ve traded Andre Johnson to the 49ers for a 3rd round pick before they got Stevie Johnson.

    AP to the ravens for a 3rd rounder also makes sense and release Punchy Mcghee.

  34. Peterson wants to be a Packer so he has a chance to get a SB ring. It’s impossible in Minn.

  35. One of the best RBs of all-time, but the position in the current state of NFL play has taken a back seat. We know his production is probably going to decline in about 2 seasons with his physical style of running. It is a pretty hefty price tag for a franchise that is going to be playing outside in a college stadium for the next 2 years.

    Not as easy a decision as one would think given who we are talking about.

  36. What’s the big deal with the cap number? The salary cap is going to increase at a faster rate than Peterson’s salary. If they can absorb it this year, they can absorb it in the future if they want to. Bridgewater won’t need a huge contract until five years from now. When Adrian isn’t worth his salary anymore, the Vikings will be a contender. He’ll agree to a pay cut and still get more than anyone would give him on the open market. Adrian Peterson will be a Viking for life and he’ll have just as good a chance to win a Super Bowl here as anywhere else.

  37. RBs are a dime a dozen and can be found in any round. If Emmitt was let go…so will AD, and he’s no Emmitt…not even close.

  38. All these people on here saying “its a passing league”. I’ll bet you will never guess which QB attempted the fewest passes last season ?

    It was a tie between Derek Anderson, Shaun Hill, Josh Johnson, Landry Jones, Dan Orlovsky, and Charlie Whitehurst.

  39. Big Mistake if the Vikings do, AP is the Vikings, guys like that you need to keep in order to have players (FA) want to come to your team… If a highly sought out player sees you releasing or not trying to keep the great heart of the team, then red flags will go up…however if you have another vision for your team than it is understandable as to why but i just cant see how you do not accommodate a cornerstone…Indeed…

  40. Nice so AP is coming to the Hawks in the not too distant future…..

    But he will probably take less to stay in Minnesota, as pftpoet pointed out they do have 18 divisional titles 🙁

  41. Division titles and classy fans are what make “true champions”.

    Also, Webster’s dictionary appears to have made a mistake and swapped the definitions of “Classy” and “Delusional”.

  42. The Vikings would never live down cutting him. It’d be the PR disaster that never would end. Decades later people would still be making lists of the best RBs in Viking history saying “Can you believe they cut him?”

    If they couldn’t afford him they should have traded him and at least got something in return. But to cut him? That would be the equivalent of admitting they were totally incompetent.

  43. Is it any wonder why the vikings are mired in the dynasty of futility. Who pays a running back 14-15 million per year when the game has changed and obviously passed them by. Hello it’s not the 70 ‘ s when running was equal to or more important than the passing game. Not to mention he is aging and less reliable with injuries. It’s this philosophy that has them finishing last 3 out of the last 4 years.

  44. Dallas owes Minny. Take Peterson off their hands for three 1st rounders, three 2nd rounders, and bunch of players. Come on, Jerrah, you’re the GM of the year!

  45. “Teddy Bridgewater – 4,100 Passing Yards, 33 Tds, 7 Ints”

    What have you been smoking? More likely, he’ll be the next coming of Vince Young.

  46. They could take Karlos Williams out of FSU next year. He’s the closest thing coming out of the draft since… Adrian Peterson.

  47. 2014-2015 Minnesota Vikings Season:

    Adrian Peterson – ACL Tear- Placed on IR

    Cordarrelle Patterson – Drug Use- Suspended

    Teddy Bridgewater – Converted to “Offensive Weapon” Placed on practice squad.

    Daunte Culpepper- Re-signed, Starts by midseason

    All Ending with a 2-14 record and a Move to Los Angeles .

    Ha Ha!

  48. It would be interesting to see how Vikings fans would respond to Peterson if he were to retire. Then the Vikings use their first round pick to replace him, only to have Peterson say he still wants to play.

    After the Vikings say no, he then signs with the Bears in order to play against the Vikings two times a year to rub it in their faces. Also, if the Bears are out of the playoff race and it’s coming down to the Packers and the Vikings for the North title, Peterson tells Aaron Rodgers that he hopes the Packers knock the Vikings out of the playoffs.

    I wonder what Vikings fans would think of Peterson under those circumstances.

  49. He’s the most important player in franchise history since Fran Tarkenton and their biggest offensive weapon since a young Randy Moss. Cutting him would be supremely stupid.

  50. There’s a limited trading partner for AP. You’re NOT getting a first rounder for him.

    The idea of trading him next year is about zero, you might make the trade but you’ll get nothing.

    They should have traded him for line depth and kept Toby.

  51. If he doesn’t rightly and voluntarily adjust his compensation downward in order to stay in Minnesota and give something back to the fans, the onus will be on him.

    Nobody is bigger than the team (Favre 101)

  52. Peterson will be playing in purple when the new stadium opens.

    He is the only thing that will sell out tickets the next 2 seasons at the outdoor TCF Stadium

    Anyone who thinks Peterson is going anywhere outside of Minny is beyond foolish

  53. Its only worth cutting him if you use the money elsewhere and actually improve the team. To cut him just to save money and make your team worse makes no sense at all. Are they that cash strapped right now that they cannot sign anyone because of his contract?

  54. this MAN HORSE will play another 8 years…he has only gotten better as the years have gone on. Aint nobody got time for cutting AP

  55. He means that if they cut him he will hit them. They won’t cut him, cause he said so.

    Why’d the chicken cross the road? AP said “hey chicken come here, I’m hungry”

  56. If AP were to retire, and then want to play again and go to the Bears, based on past history, I’d imagine the proper response from Vikings fans would be to:

    1) Indicate that the reason the Vikings lost was because Adrian fumbled all the time, and say that he really wasn’t that good anyway.

    2) Suddenly start picking apart Adrian’s character even though while he played for the Vikings, all transgression were gleefully ignored and glossed over.

    3) Burn all his jerseys.

    4) Come up with a clever saying like “We’ll never forget you, Aiden”.

  57. The guy is great, but he ain’t $15M great. I would give him no more than $4M. He is not a franchise changer, obviously, because the Vikings still suck. Same with Chris Johnson, which is why I was against his new deal & all for cutting him.

  58. All kidding aside, the Vikings should have never paid that much for a running back in a quarterback driven league. And yes — I fully realize the Viking quarterback situation has sucked and they needed some source of offense, but they would have better served using the money in another way.

  59. Go head cut AP, no worries “Baby hands” Bridgewater can carry the team. If he can beat out “Noodle arm” Ponder!

  60. He will will restructure his salary just like brady team friendly contract but just like the power house college teams have their boosters(Endorsements)to pick up the rest if not more of their pay

  61. This has nothing to do with fielding the best team over the next 2 years. It has to do with putting people in seats. AP holds the cards.

  62. This guy should spend a $1.20 and rent “Money Ball” from red box. Teams spend the money on player salaries to buy wins not on any particular “star.” Is this AP really worth more than Darren Sproles and Chris Johnson and LeShean McCoy (combined salaries) in terms of his production?

  63. Top of the RB market is 3.5 million/year, yet the vikings pay quadruple the top market price.

    No other GM would trade for that contract. Especially for a running back with an injury history AND on the wrong side of 30.

    The selling tickets argument is bogus because the vikings play in a smaller college stadium that is only 60% the capacity of an NFL stadium.

    It is only a matter of time until Peterson is cut.

    The real problem is that he has always been pulled on passing downs because he cannot pass block nor can he catch. That means he will be nearly worthless to most teams.

    The fall back to reality will be rapid and painful.

  64. They certainly would take a hit without him. But… the Vikes haven’t exactly been great with him. Take out the first year w/ Favre & ADs 2K season, and there isn’t much to be excited about.

  65. He’s seeting up his exit plan, he doesn’t want to be in the backfield with the Interception and fumble machine that will be Teddybear Bilgewater.

  66. AP overvalues himself. Minnesota is a city with a dedicated fan base and they are 2 seasons away from moving into a new stadium. Selling tickets will not be a problem for the Vikings, with or without Peterson. A running back is not worth that kind of cap number. Hopefully, he is smart enough to realize he won’t be collecting that salary after this season. Big paycut or cut from the team.

  67. I’d rather pay AP $15-16 million than an average QB like Cutler, Stafford, Flacco, Kap, Ryan, $18+ million. If Zimmer builds the defense like he’s done in the past the Vikings will replicate the Seahawks. Control the ball/clock. Move the chains. Play great defense. But wait, isn’t it a passing league?! Apparently not.

  68. jrsmits says:
    Jun 19, 2014 1:52 PM


    All these people on here saying “its a passing league”. I’ll bet you will never guess which QB attempted the fewest passes last season ?

    Answer: Josh McCown 224 att. with 194 comp
    Among active starters.

  69. Remember last year when he promised he was going to rush for 3000 yards?

    –No I don’t. But, that’s because it never happened. He set a goal of 2500 yards. Not predicted or promised…set a goal. Successful people will all tell you they set goals, lofty ones at that. Those that have never achieved any success in life, have no idea what a goal is.

  70. AP was surrounded by stars like Brett Favre in a Championship game against the Saints. And AP fumbled the ball like 12 times. So don’t tell me he has never been on a GOOD team. He had his shot and he blew it right along with Favre. Ha Ha! Facts are facts. Saints won that game and the Super Bowl against the Great Peyton Manning and his Colts. Facts are facts! Geaux Saints!

  71. You can’t put AD in the RB class, because he has ALWAYS been a cut above, and probably the best ever.

    Yep, alot of dough.

    Worth it??

    YOU BET!!!!!!

  72. I guess 18.5 Million a year is a bargain for Aaron Rodgers when you think about how much they are paying AP, Cutler and Stafford. 1 SB win, 5 straight playoff appearances and a bunch of regular season wins was money pretty well spent.

  73. This is the worst team I’ve seen. And I watched the 0-16 lions secure their legacy at the last game of that season.

    They had more talent, better coaching, and roughly the same GM.

  74. The Vikings continued to honor their contract with Jared Allen, paying him about twice the veteran market salary. They didn’t extend his contract, but they didn’t ask him to take a pay cut, either. And he had the same concerns about whether he was as good last year as he was when he was 26 years old. I think the Vikes pay Adrian his contract. They are one of the best franchises at managing their cap figures, and they have the luxury of doing things like this for special players like Allen and Peterson.

  75. Best franchises at managing their cap figures because their QBs since the Favre era haven’t been worth a damn – hence they didn’t (and still don’t) have to pay big dollars to one.

  76. So what if the Vikings are overpaying him? If they are still under the cap and can still sign other players, it doesn’t matter what they pay him. Why cut him or force him to take a pay cut just to get him line with other RB’s? If they were up against the cap and were cutting other players because of his contract thats a different story. They are not. So who cares? I think the Packers should the hair farmer LB because he rarely plays and hes making 14 million.

  77. I guess Zimmer asked how many of the players wanted Peterson on the roster this year, and everyone unanimously raised their hand.

    However, he had to count twice because at first he couldn’t see Bridgewaters’ hand.

  78. What they pay the QB position they can afford keeping Peterson and by the time Bridgewater is up for a new contract. Peterson contract will be up. That problem is 4 years down the road.

  79. Fifty years and counting……….no Super Bowl title. Not looking good for the next fifty either.

  80. It’s pretty breathtaking what that guy’s making. Maybe if they dumped him they could reduce PSL charges in the new stadium by 25%?!

  81. “eagleswin says:

    The Vikings should do a Herschel Walker trade, in reverse this time.

    Keeping Peterson is just hanging on to the past. Trading him could really help set them up for the future. The Cowboys won 3 superbowls off of the Vikings mistake.”

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Vikings did decide to trade AP and Dallas paid through the nose for him?

  82. I’m not suggesting cutting him but the cap hit is huge. And to think the Viking fans think their GM is some sort of genius. Do they realize that management of the cap is a big part of the GM job, you know, in between drafting bust QB’s in the first round.

  83. I guess there is no value in a consistent performer who’s worst gaff was a speeding ticket.

    Seriously the guy works his rear off and is great for the team, fans and Minnesota. There are not many players in the league with his talent that wouldnt have bailed on minnesota long ago to win super bowls or move to bigger markets to make more in endorsements.

    Seriously they cut this guy I wont watch a Vikings game for quite some time. Forget about the possibility of me ever buying a ticket.

  84. Yo Adrian:

    Go back. Look at what you said. Then, ask yourself this: Would Barry Sanders, Walter Payton or Emmett Smith say the same thing?

    You and I both know that Jim Brown and Gale Sayers would.

    Which do you want to be?

    I thought so.

  85. Running backs cannot win ball games. AP was the MVP in 2012, but when Christian Ponder was injured, the Vikes lost their playoff game. To pay a running back $15 mil a year is therefore a waste of money, money that can be better spent elsewhere.

  86. I only clicked on this article to hear the @thepftpoet speak about how great the Vikings truly are. The Vikings go 11-5 and win the division.

    Peterson: 1500 Yards 10 Tds
    Bridgewater: 3700 Yards 24 Tds, 12 Int
    Jennings: 80 Rec 1000 Yards 8 Tds
    40+ sacks by the defense
    Surprise team of the NFL

    Haha and watch it happen! #SKOL

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