Prime Numbers looks at No. 20 on Friday


As the Prime Numbers series hits the 20th day of the month, why not consider No. 20?

And that’s the closest thing to a formula that we’ve devised for this thing.

At 5:30 p.m. ET on Friday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, we’ll present your vote as to the best of the best who have worn No. 20.

We’ll count down the top three from the following six.  Vote for up to two.

Then tune in on Friday at 5:30 p.m. ET.

34 responses to “Prime Numbers looks at No. 20 on Friday

  1. Honestly, anyone who even voted for any other player than the all time greatest Barry Sanders is an idiot.

  2. Great list of names, really, but we all know Barry is on top for a reason. Ronde Barber had a great career with the Bucs and Ed Reed was great until he left the Ravens. Brian Dawkins was also a beast but Barry is the true best #20.

  3. Whoever didn’t vote Barry Sanders in the top 2 (He only has 61% as I write this) don’t get to vote in anything ever again.

  4. Like there was no doubt that Deion Sanders was the greatest to ever wear 21, there’s absolutely zero doubt who’s the greatest to ever wear twenty: It’s another Sanders.

    As far as mesmerizing and jaw-dropping agility and shiftiness is concerned, Sanders has no peer in the history of the game. In open space, or with defenders attempting to corral him, I’ve never seen a more aesthetically pleasing runner.

    The man was simply a marvel and beautiful to watch. Positively gorgeous, like a fine painting.

    Teams entire game plans were generally focused on and built solely on the notion of stopping him because he played on some awful Lions teams and there generally wasn’t too much to be concerned about. And teams still couldn’t contain him.

    It’s Barry Sanders, and there’s no one else even worth mentioning.

  5. Ed Reed gets my vote! Very valuable game-changer for a player who was not on offense.

    Barry Sanders was a pure highlight reel, but a drive killer as well. Too many negative runs and not particularly good at the goal line. Most people wouldn’t agree, but I would take Emmitt Smith any day of the week over Sanders. He might not get 80, but 5 yards keeps the drive going and he’s money at the goal line.

  6. As a Ravens fan I love Ed Reed but c’mon man without question it has to go to the best to ever do it at RB.

  7. Barry Sanders, no question. 5’8″, 205 pounds and scared the crap out NFL defenses. He was simply amazing.

  8. Barry Sanders, the most entertaining back ever. He had so many fakes and such shiftiness that I swear he’d actually fake himself out! Maybe not the greatest running back ever, but the guy had no problems filling a stadium with fans who wanted to see what he’d do next.

  9. There shouldn’t be any other person in this conversation besides Sanders. 20 is synonymous with his name like 23 is to Michael Jordan.

  10. Even if AP was on the list sanders would still get my vote. Maybe the best player of all time. Being a Bear fan, I hated playing the Lions. You just couldn’t tackle the guy. He was simply amazing to watch.

  11. Definitely no Lions fan, but come on. How is this even a vote?

    Its not even close.

    Barry in a landslide.

    Put up a vote for the 2nd best #20 of all time and there can be a discussion.

  12. If you picked anyone other than Barry, you’re wrong. Plain and simple. The guy averaged 1500yds over a 10 year period. No one even comes close to Barry.

  13. I’m very concerned about the nearly 2000 posters that came into work drunk and voted for Ed Reed. HR has been notified.

  14. That is a great photo. I was at that game vs the Jets in the silverdome. Winner goes to the playoffs, loser goes home. The 3 things I remember

    1- Barry busted 2000 then ripped of a huge run on the next play

    2- the place was so loud it was deafening. The refs warned the crowd of a penalty if the fans didn’t quiet down. (Look it up, it was bizarre)

    3- the place went near silent when the lions LB got paralyzed

  15. No doubt Mr. Sanders is the best #20, and probably Mr. Reed is next. But should have at least included Rocky Bleier on the list, greatest #20 to serve in Vietnam and earn 4 SB rings, and caught the game winning TD in SB XIII.

  16. My top 20s in Pro Football history:
    1 Sanders: No question the best 20. However I would take 1 Simpson 2 Payton 3 Tomlinson 4 Brown 5 Dickerson and 6 Peterson before him. All top 15 all time players in my book.

    2 Reed: only Lott and Tunnell were better safeties
    3 Barney
    4 Dawkins
    5 Renfro
    6 Barber

  17. Rocky Bleier, pride of Appleton Wisconsin. Thanks for your patriotic love for your fellow Americans and brave service to our country. A true all time tough guy.

  18. it’s unfortunate that Weapon X had to wear 20 because he wore it well… but the greatest 20 is easily Barry Sanders. But Dawk is right behind him!

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