Redskins cancel final minicamp practice


The trademark on their name isn’t the only thing being canceled for the Redskins this week.

The team was scheduled to conclude their offseason program with a third day of minicamp on Thursday, but they’ll be getting a jump on their pre-training camp vacation time instead. Coach Jay Gruden cancelled the team’s scheduled practice, drawing an early end to the offseason program with a reminder that the players still have responsibilities while they are away from the team.

“The players’ standpoint, they have to continue to train and work on their own hopefully. Most of them are professionals and they’ll do that,” Gruden said, via “We’ll see when they come to camp. They should be in good shape but we’re still going to keep in touch, close contact with our strength coaches. They’ll have programs for them and hopefully they will do their work. And that’s what being a pro is all about. It’s about working not so much in front of your coaches but on your own and hopefully we have the type of guys in this locker room that are going to work hard on their own and hopefully it’ll pay dividends once we come to camp.”

Redskins veterans will recall similar treatment during Mike Shanahan’s time as the team’s head coach, although the Redskins likely hope that this year’s time off leads to better results than last year’s early end to the offseason program.

13 responses to “Redskins cancel final minicamp practice

  1. Reminds me of last year when RG3 said he figured he would be fine starting the season without any preseason playing time.

    Keep it up, guys!

  2. I think they need all the practice they can get if they want to make the playoffs this year. Sounds like coach wants to be liked instead of respected.

  3. So they plan on catching the Eagles by practicing less? With a new coach no less? Word out of Washington is there has been a lot of fighting amongst players so far. I’m guessing that’s the real reason. Other wise it makes no sense. This isn’t San Diego where the playbook has been fully installed.

  4. Yeah, why would you want to work together to build the team. Just go home and do push-ups. Let’s go get a Redskins superbowl!

    Oops. I apologize for saying the word Redskins. Dang it, there I go again…

  5. This is hilarious, this team is going to be such a trainwreck this year. They might possibly dwarf last year in pure ineptitude alone.

  6. So let’s talk about the proposed 12 cent federal gasoline tax increase.

    Or campaign contributions.

    Or the Kardashians.

    Because those have just as much to do with running, kicking, and throwing a football as “that other issue.”

    Let me explain my position in football terms: The editorial page has not only jumped offsides, they have set up camp in the Sports page backfield.

    In the name of “fair play.”

    Please throw a flag on yourselves.

  7. I’m astounded that J.A. didn’t address the most obvious question: Why was the final minicamp cancelled? I don’t understand how this article could be written without addressing that question.

    The same question holds true for other teams that cancelled the last of 3 mini-camp days. Coaches bitch about not having enough quality time to work with their players due to the new CBA, then just give up a third of this practice segment. That’s a significant percentage – imagine the media coverage (and the stink) if players only showed up for 2/3 of training camp! Makes no sense and I’m sure I’m not the only NFL fan who would like an answer to this question.

  8. Please if you don’t like the Redskins don’t comment on their threads. I’m sick of the haters talking about the same thing over like saying the name is a slur which is a myth and saying RG3 stinks.

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