Steelers hope Joey Porter can light a fire under Jarvis Jones

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The Steelers have used a transition tag and a first round pick the last two years on outside linebackers Jason Worilds and Jarvis Jones.

And now they’re bringing in someone to light a fire under them.

The Steelers brought former pass-rushing star Joey Porter back as a defensive assistant this year, hoping he can bring some edge to a defense that hasn’t shown the same kind of teeth as in the past.

I’m going to coach the way I played: with my emotions. I love to get after it,” Porter told Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “They know me, so I don’t have to change.”

The Steelers are old enough (and the 37-year-old Porter is young enough) that he has some former teammates hanging around, and safety Troy Polamalu likes to joke with the man he calls “Coach Peezy.”

But the priority is getting something out of Jones, who had a single sack as a rookie last year, far from what they were expecting.

“[Jones] is anxious to respond,” Porter said. “He wasn’t happy how it turned out, but he feels like he did the best he can. Now it’s try to help him do even more.

“Last year, I can imagine how he struggled with the defense. It’s a complex defense to learn it that fast and be thrown in the fire. But the good thing about it is he wants it for himself.”

While Porter might be remembered as much for his mouth as his actions, the Steelers haven’t gotten his kind of production in a few years, so having him working on Jones might be the right combination.

23 responses to “Steelers hope Joey Porter can light a fire under Jarvis Jones

  1. Maybe something can be addressed about their overweight QB. You can tell Ben likes his beer and ice cream.

  2. Any first round pick going into his second year needing a fire lit under him is a bust. So I guess this pretty much admits it.

  3. Mr. Porter, when teaching him how to cover TE’s, make sure you teach him whatever it was you did to get in Jeramy Stevens head, that caused him to drop a bunch of balls in the SB, ultimately setting the tone for his team getting out-physicalled all day long.

    Not even the ref’s bad call on the should-have-been-fumble-called-inc.-pass could stop the Steelers from dominating that game.

  4. Since losing to Tom Tebow in the playoffs, the Steelers have 0 winning seasons and 0 playoff wins. They continue grasping for straws and keep coming up empty. Quickely heading towards the 1933-1973 era again@!

  5. 6 and 2 to finish the 2nd half last year. The direction back to winning the division is clear. The Steelers will once again represent the AFC North. Bengals can’t win a single playoff game since 1990 after decades of top 5 and top 10 picks. Transition time is over. Here comes your six time Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers!!

  6. Maybe the bungles can borrow one of the steelers playoff victories so they have something to celebrate.

    On a side note, Jarvis Jones is going to be a beast and will only be better this year. Give the guy a break, he’s only been in Dick Lebeaus system for a year.

  7. Joey Porter is back with the Steelers. Meanwhile:

    The Browns don’t even have a linebacker as good as Joey Porter and he’s retired.

    The Bengals can’t win in the playoffs.

    The Seahawks fans are still crying about losing SB40.

    The Ravens best years are behind them and their star RB will be suspended.

    It’s gonna be a great year in the Burgh!

  8. The late great Coach Noll stated, “I was not hired to motivate players. I was hired to coach motivated players.”

    I find it alarming, concerning, disturbing, etc. — that a player needs to have a “fire lit” under him. No one needed to light Jack Lambert’s fire. Mel Blount’s. Any of the monsters on the Steel Curtain.

    This is NOT a good sign in Jarvis — IF it’s true he needs some kind of external motivation. That’s a big IF — we don’t know if it’s true or not. As a Black and Gold diehard, my hope is the defense was just a bit too complex to pick up — but that he has it down now, and is ready to rock.

    Lacking self-motivation as a highly paid professional is a major red flag.

  9. Jones’ saving grace is that few, if any, rookies excel in Dick LeBeau’s defenses. Even Hall-of-fame-bound Troy Polamalu — perhaps the Steelers’ most significant draft pick since Joe Greene — struggled his rookie season. Having said that, Jones had better show some vast improvement (not that that should take much) this season.

  10. “Who rides?!?!! WE RIDE! Who rides?!?!! WE RIDE! Who rides?!?!! WE RIDE! We Ride on 3! 1,2,3 WE RIDE!!!!” -J.Peezy-

  11. kremis, zero winning seasons, spin it however you want. It’s zero losing seasons as well. 2 8-8 season during a rebuild is something I’ll take. 6-2 to finish the season and they will continue that way not the early years.

  12. Priming for another 8-8. Just enough to keep them from getting premiere talent and enough to keep them from thinking they are a year or two away lol

  13. What concerns me is Porters statement to coach as he played, with emotion. Now I don’t mind an emotional coach, or an emotional player. However with Porter I hope he got all the player out of him. What I mean is he needs to be committed to coaching 100%. He was an emotional player, and I’m not so sure he has being a player put to bed, and is fully on board of being a coach. If not then he will have competition with the guys he is coaching, and they will pick it up.

    They then won’t trust him and tune out quickly thinking this guy is talking just to talk instead of trying to make me a better football player. Almost like being intimidated by a bully, and who are you going to tell or confide in?. Porter needs to be a coach because I do believe it’s possible to get in guys heads too much, then they fall behind, then lost interest in football through self destructing thinking this guy needs to get over himself.

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