Toby Gerhart wants to be Jacksonville’s Beast Mode


Ever since Gus Bradley became the head coach in Jacksonville, the Jaguars have become a landing spot for former members of the Seahawks that Bradley is familiar with from his time as the defensive coordinator in Seattle.

Although he may have ruffled a feather or two in Seattle this offseason, running back Marshawn Lynch is not going to be one of those players in the near future. Thankfully for the Jaguars, they have a running back who thinks he can do a pretty good impersonation of Lynch in the team’s offense this season. Toby Gerhart isn’t planning to start devouring Skittles or asking for more money, but he thinks he can bring a version of Beast Mode to Jacksonville.

“Gus comes from the Seattle Seahawks’ model of playing good defense, relying on the run game where Marshawn Lynch was their ‘Beast Mode’ out there. Hopefully, I’ll be the ‘Beast Mode’ down here for the Jaguars,” Gerhart said, via USA Today. “I want to be a guy who helps turn this program around with a physical, punishing offense.”

Thanks to Adrian Peterson, Gerhart has never been in the lead role before but his backup work with the Vikings show some signs that he’s the right man for that kind of offense. Gerhart picks up a lot of yards after contact while averaging nearly five yards per carry in Minnesota and his relatively light workload has left plenty of tread on his tires.

The Jaguars hope to get the offensive ship moving in the right direction this season and they drafted Blake Bortles, Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson in hopes of getting the passing game on track. That’s likely to take a while, but Gerhart’s arrival will make the wait easier if he turns out to be the wrecking ball the Jaguars signed him to be.

21 responses to “Toby Gerhart wants to be Jacksonville’s Beast Mode

  1. hard working contact type of player, is a straight forward-trucking type of back, reminds me alot of mike alstott. pretty quick for his size as well. Hoping he does well in j-ville

  2. I thought this guy was a total stud at Stanford and should have won the Heisman.

    Has some shiftiness and surprising quicks for a big guy. Not to mention 4.5 straight-line speed.

    I really hope he shines in Jacksonville. A good guy IMO. Always nice to have the good guys do well.

  3. His backup work was greatly reduced after 3 consecutive fumbles against the 9ers. It only took another 16 games and an injury to AP to trust him enough to let him carry the rock again. Good luck with Dopey Noheart.

  4. Looking good down at Seahawks south! This club finally looks headed in the right direction. Give em a few, 2015 should bring a wild card.

  5. How ironic that someone would take the trademark of a Seattle player after they shamelessly stole that 12 man thing from Texas A&M. Karma ?

  6. Toby Gerhart, more than anyone I’ve seen, reminds me of “The Diesel,” John Riggins–even more so than Stephen Davis and Mike Alstott. I mean, Riggins … talk about “Beast Mode.” … That’s why I’ve felt since his senior year of college that Gerhart could some day be, not just a feature back, but a true franchise back for an NFL team. Unfortunately (hey, I’m a Titans fan), the Panthers appear to have gotten him with almost all the tread still on his tires. That’s why I hope he retires much younger than John Riggins did.

  7. I’m telling you man….you’re going to enjoy TOBY SMASH! Highly doubt he disappoints. He plows through people like they’re rag dolls and is a lot faster then you might think.

  8. Toby was an awesome second back, and while he didn’t have Peterson’s speed, he was a tough, pounding back and faster than you think. He reminded me a bit of John Riggins. My only worry with him is that when he did get to see more extended play, he seemed to get injured fairly often. Not sure how he will hold up over a whole season with the type of runner he is.

  9. I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll be running people down with his SUV and stealing $20 bills off of the tables of old ladies at restaurants.

  10. Toby was a luxury pick in the second round in 2010 when the Vikings thought their team was all set. They didn’t need him but he was too good to pass up. Unfortunately for them, the Jags are going to reap the benefits of that pick.

  11. That’s right, Toby plays exactly like Mike Alstott, John Riggins, and Larry Csonka. He’s nothing like Marshawn Lynch or Eddie Lacy. He’ll probably get voted into the Pro Bowl like Alstott did for years because people will assume he’s a fullback.

  12. You can’t compare yourself to Beast Mode until you cause an earthquake! J-ville is headed in the right direction, with a good coach building a team the right way. I can’t wait to see them start making some noise down south, it will be fun

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