Unlike NFC East rivals, Chip Kelly won’t end minicamp early


The NFC East teams in Washington and New York ended their minicamps early today, but the folks in Philadelphia put in a full day’s work.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly says he doesn’t believe in ending minicamp early, as he wants his players to get every bit of offseason work in that they can.

“I think the important thing for them is it’s not getaway day,” Kelly said, via the News Journal. “It’s another day to improve and get out there and get better as a football team, and I think that’s their approach right now. . . I think the real message is it isn’t getaway day. It’s finish up strong. It’s our last opportunity to get some real good quality work in.”

Fred Flintstone may have been eager to leave work at quitting time, but Kelly said that’s not the attitude he wants to foster.

“This isn’t like Fred Flintstone with the ‘yabba-dabba-doo’ and we’re trying to get out of work,” he said. “I think anybody who’s in our situation that coaches isn’t like, ‘I can’t wait to get out of here.’ I think most of them can’t wait to get back in there.”

The Eagles will get back in there when they open training camp on July 25.

48 responses to “Unlike NFC East rivals, Chip Kelly won’t end minicamp early

  1. Good article. But It’s unfortunate that you had to reference Fred Flinstone with a video (for those who are unfamiliar with that scene). Im 38 and last month I tried to talk to my son about the flintstones and woody woodpecker and he looked at me like I was on meth.

  2. You know I’m as big a Giant fan as there is, so it pains me to say how great Chip Kelly is. He has the right attitude for a coach. That’s why the Eagles blew through our division last year and will probably do it again.

    Without JPP, David Wilson, Will Beatty and so many other key players, Coughlin knew the Giants were in a for a long 2014 season so he has already thrown in the towel and sent everyone home. Here’s to the 2015 draft.

  3. >>>”Chip Kelly is the biggest self promoter in the NFL. He is always telling everyone how great he is. It’s sickening.”<<<

    Haha…. Sounds like he's the Richard Sherman of coaches.

  4. just2040 says: Jun 19, 2014 2:42 PM

    Chip Kelly is the biggest self promoter in the NFL. He is always telling everyone how great he is. It’s sickening.

    Actually Kelly reluctantly talks to the media. He does the bare minimum and shows a good deal of disdain for the press, just like in Oregon.
    Not sure how answering a question is self promotion but haters are gonna hate.

  5. The Eagles nick name is offensive to the Eagles they don’t like be associated with a team that hasn’t won anything in 54 years.

  6. for the comment above stating that the eagles blew through our division is not true. the eagles were chasing Dallas most of the season the did get in front of the boys only for it to be snatched away from them by the cowboys again then the eagles barely beat a team by 2 points that had a defense that was ranked dead last. so as far as blowing through our division the did not but I’ll say they barely scraped their way to the top.
    all cowboys fans

  7. wait so when Coughlin did this year he is a task master and not a player’s coach, yada yada but Chip Kelly, the man who reinvented football, is a great coach for not ending minicamps early?

  8. Win a super bowl then get back to us. The biggest mouth fans with no super bowl championship. Hell did Chip Belly at least win a national championship at Oregon?

  9. When Chip gets himself a top 10 defense (next year), Eagles will win the Super Bowl. I will have my money on it at 20-1 odds or better. Feel free to join me in Vegas for a weekend that would make even GRONK jealous.

  10. Yeah, Greg Schiano let his team off a day early last year to go the movies. Then went 4-12, then lost his job after just two seasons.

    Go ahead Eagles…you don’t need the work, right?

  11. Chip Spurrier/Schiano is giving all the Pigeons fans some false hope. The clown will crash & burn eventually. Take that crap back to the college ranks.

  12. This team wants to be there for the full three day mini camp and if they could would not go home..sorry nfl they love playing for the mad scientist so much..

  13. As an eagles fan, I’m not going to even attempt to say that Chip Kelly will 100% bring us a Super Bowl. There are so many good teams today and to win one you need skill, a great deal of luck, and the ability to stay healthy. However, Chip Kelly and the rest of the coaching staff have the entire team moving together in a wonderful direction. He’s making the game fun for the players again, and everybody is all in. Can’t wait to see how this season unfolds. Oh yeah, we have Darren Sproles.

    PS – making fun of the eagles for not winning a Super Bowl is probably the most original trash talk I’ve ever heard..only not. Past is the past. If you’re content with mediocrity for the past 20 seasons only because you’ve won a couple long ago (cowboys, redskins) then I couldn’t be happier for you. GO BIRDS!

  14. To be honest I didn’t care much for Kelly when he was at Oregon (looked kind of gimmicky to me) and was pretty skeptical about his transition to the Pros but I’m starting to lean the other way. I really like his approach to the game and it’s obvious his players appreciate it as well. As a fan of a division rival it pains me to say this but, I hope he succeeds over the long haul.

  15. Please tell me what chip kelly has ever won. Nothing. Yep he is an eagle alright. Giants cut minicamp early and they have two rings in the last few yrs. I think he can stop reinventing football now. All smoke no fire in philly. Epic failure this yr. Chip kelly back to school in 2015.

  16. Fred Flinstone is a hateful caricature of my answers. I demand the trademark of the Flintstones be removed and the name never be spoken of again.

  17. All he ask is for the players to invest in themselves and make themselves better everyday. It’ not micro managing it’s macro managing and all of them have bought in.

  18. Just as the Packers found out, if you overwork your players before the season they’re more likely to get injured during the season.

  19. aceakking says:
    Jun 19, 2014 2:32 PM

    And unlike the Redskins, the Eagles isn’t a slur.


    Also unlike the Redskins, the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl.

  20. The worst thing is going to the SB and having your QB vomit where everyone can see it and then he denies it.That’s the worst thing that can happen.

  21. having a running qb tore his knee up and keeps trying to run. thats the worst thing that can happen.

  22. the eagles never won a Super Bowl? this is news to me. real original material guys, keep it coming!

  23. Eagles will win the division again. They have a better team in the NFC east. The challenge is getting past first round of the playoffs. Eagles 2014 NFC East Champs!!!👍

  24. Some day, the eagles will win a Super Bowl. I mean, the law of averages says it has to happen. I really pity the haters when that day comes. They’ve spent their whole lives with one rebuttal. Take that away from them and what are they? Fans of teams that habitually stink but pop up once or twice every 30 years with a good season.

    Keep on keepin on guys.

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