Which quarterback would you prefer, Bradshaw or Peyton?

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Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw’s recent slap at future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has provided us with some slow-month fodder at PFT, and with a poll question for Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

Which quarterback would you prefer, Terry Bradshaw in his prime or Peyton Manning in his?

Tune in to NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET for the results.  Although we think we have a feeling we know what they’ll be.

100 responses to “Which quarterback would you prefer, Bradshaw or Peyton?

  1. Manning is leading in the poll? Really? I respect Peyton’s talent, but give me the guy who’s 4-0 in Super Bowls. Oh wait … my team had that guy. 😀

  2. Bradshaw is one of the most overrated QBs ever. 72 season SB he was benched and sucked. And I’m not a huge Manning fan as Manning has played with Pro Bowlers on offense just like Terry.

  3. Peyton is overrated. The Broncos have a super
    team, and he still can’t win. Bradshaw played
    in a different era. Stats are deceiving. I am no
    Bradshaw fan. But, the rings don’t lie. You can be
    lucky and get 1. 4 titles is not a fluke.

  4. Bradshaw didn’t 1/2 of what Peyton has done. Peyton has had to carry his team alot, Bradshaw never did.

    When you look at the Colt’s teams he was on, and the Broncos team from last year. If all of the players were out of football, how many would actually make the HOF?

    With Bradshaw, 10 of the players on his team are already HOFers.

    Yeah, I am sure that HE was the reason they won, I mean he had 2 SB wins where he had less than 10 completions w/ less than 20 attempts.

    He should compare apples to apples. Rings are nice but not the gold standard in football.

    If they are, QBs like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson – players that will never sniff Canton are better than players like

    Dan Fouts, Kenny Stabler, Kenny Anderson, and Dan Marino. I am sorry but they are not.

  5. Lmaoooo, Bradshaw a chump, dude got carried by one of the best Defenses ever assembled and a stud WR.

    Peyton one of the most talented hard working QBs ever, and made every player on both sides better with his mere presence and work ethic.

    Its a shame Peytons arm is going on him, he such a competitive guy you know it must be killing him to have his body give out on him..

  6. To put it in perspective, ask yourself this question: Could you see Peyton Manning being Terry Bradshaw’s backup?

    OK, pick yourself up off the floor and, instead, picture Terry Bradshaw as Peyton’s backup. … Yep, makes complete sense.

  7. Steele Curtain, Peyton did not have a defense near that talent. So as far as I am concern I would pick the Steelers defense with Peyton Manning.

  8. I take Terry Bradshaw all day long. Facts are Facts. Who cares about stats. Not me. Terry won 4 Super Bowls in an era where defensive backs could brutalize wide receivers. Now days DBs can’t even breath on a receiver. Certain QBs have the “it” factor. They win in the clutch! Stats mean nothing. Using stats to determine the best QB would be like using stats to determine who won a war. The Germans killed more people during WWII. Thankfully for all of us Americans and the rest of the world America won the war. During the Civil war the South killed more people and won more battles than the North did. But thankfully for us Americans and the rest of the world the North won the war. I think this pretty much sums it up. Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana are the best QBs to ever play the game. And America is the best country that ever fought on the world stage of war. Geaux Saints!

  9. Based on that logic Manning may not even be the best Manning.

    While Peyton is obviously the better quarterback of the two, the not having a good defense argument is BS. With the salary cap, you’re forced to make trade-offs in offense and defense, and Indy chose largely to build around the offense. When you’re going 12-0, 14-0, etc. consistently when starting the season, he doesn’t get an out for the lack of defense going into the playoffs.

  10. I’ll take Peyton because he hasn’t proven himself to be a badly informed loudmouth redneck idiot like Bradshaw has. He might be, but hasn’t done so yet, and that’s good enough for now.

  11. “Peyton. Bradshaw career passer rating was mediocre.”

    Only idiots that have no idea what the NFL was like in the 70s would think you could compare QB ratings between the two eras.

    At a rough guess, you should subtract 30 from any modern completion percentage to compare with those from the 70s.

  12. You can’t blame Manning for what happened in last years Super Bowl. The Broncos were just physically overwhelmed by a vastly superior team.

    And if you want to talk about all time Super Bowl chokes, I nominate John Elway, the biggest Super Bowl choke of all time.

  13. tmac4454 says:
    Jun 19, 2014 4:48 PM
    Steele Curtain, Peyton did not have a defense near that talent. So as far as I am concern I would pick the Steelers defense with Peyton Manning.
    well peyton can win any game with his “no talent” defenses but when the big game comes around he needs his defense to win it for him thats what you’re trying to say right

  14. I say Peyton.

    … and i didn’t think twice… and its not even close.

    rings are good. If you are talking flat out skill and ability to run an offense, there might never have been a complete qb like him. No offense to Montana and all the greats.

    Put Manning under center with the steel curtain and the Steelers would have won 10 straight super bowls.

  15. It gets old listening to retired greats make fools of themselves when they have a chance to make their opinions heard. Jim Brown. Terry Bradshaw. Here’s looking at you.

  16. In a regular season game I would pick Peyton, in a big game I would pick Terry.

    Comparing Peyton to Terry is like comparing apples to oranges, right church wrong pew. Terry couldn’t play in today’s NFL and Peyton would struggle in Terry’s NFL, defenses were allowed to do a lot more. Terry has more SB wins then Peyton does appearances . Terry may have had 2 bad SB games but he does have 2 SB MVPs. Peyton is almost unstoppable until playoff time, Losing playoff record and multiple chokes in big games.

  17. Bradshaw needs to stick to Duck hunting, or being a spokesman for hair plugs or Old Spice deodorant.

    Bradshaw is a moron. He used to smack talk Elway all the time too.

    But the untold story is Elway and Manning got teams to superbowls with studs on their team like Tyrone Braxton, Knowshon Moreno, Sammy Winder and Orlando “the Cyclops” Franklin. I think you get my point.

  18. other than the value of super bowl wins(team sport) Bradshaw should never have been elected to HOF!
    A lot of better QB’s Marino rarely or never Moon played for the caliber of team Bradshaw did….

  19. Bradshaw, he played in an era where receivers could be hit all over the field, blockers weren’t allowed to grab the defenders, and you get intentional groundings penalty for throwing away the ball. Despite all that he won four championships. Manning has stats because all the rules are geared towards passing and the only reason he even won a Super Bowl was because Rex grossman handed the colts the game.

  20. So much information in these posts

    “Bradshaw would have trouble with today’s intricately disguised defenses” Derp (He called all the plays dont tell me he cant read defenses)

    “72 season SB he was benched and sucked” Derp (they didnt play in the superbowl in 72)

    The problem with kids of today they do not have any respect for history. You kids never saw the game that was played in the 70s.

  21. 2 SB MVPs! I will take that! Peyton had some great offensive weapons put around him.. Some of P. Mannings offenses of this era would be considered best of all time if Peyton didnt choke when the regular season ended. Bradshaw had great D, but it wouldnt be considered the best if Bradshaw choked in the big one!

  22. Manning is the better QB. It’s not even a debate. Bradshaw was the QB of 4 championship teams and that is a great accomplishment–for those teams.

    It would be fun to see them play for the teams the other guy had, but we can’t. (No Madden doesn’t count)

    Does Bradshaw get 4 championships with Manning’s teams?

    Does Manning get 1–or 6 with the teams Bradshaw had?

    I would take Manning without a second thought

  23. I was actually going to type “If the coach kept the playbook to won syllable plays, Bradshaw”, but I figured nobody would get it…..

    They still won’t….

  24. Bradshaw was mediocre. Mabye he did hide behind a great defense, but none the less the guy showed up when it mattered most. And peyton doesnt. Period. Id want rings over regular season wins all day.

  25. Sorry, but Bradshaw played in a time when you could actually beat the HELL out a QB and not get a penalty. Now you sneeze on em and it’s 15 yards. Manning would never have survived playing football in the 70’s.

  26. It’s really weird, because people like to criticize Peyton in the postseason. While it seems like Bradshaw ONLY showed up in the Super Bowl. Besides the first one, in which he was clearly a “game manager” and didn’t even pass for 100 yards, all his good games were in the Super Bowl. Though even in the last one he threw more INTs than TDs. In the season he was a 50% passer with a lot of turnovers and mediocre numbers, at best. He was outplayed by guys like Mike Kruczek and Terry Hanratty.

  27. Archie Manning was better then Terry Bradshaw. If you switched QB’s with respective teams, Archie would have 4 rings. Bradshaw would have a lawsuit against the NFL for concussions.

  28. It depends.

    If it’s a regular season game, Peyton.

    If it’s the post-season, Terry.

  29. If Bradshaw played today he would be average at best. The whole “he’s a winner” thing with Bradshaw is way overblown. He played in an era where there were a few dominant teams in the league and he was on one of them.

  30. In addition, 90% of the people voting here never witnessed pro football in the 70’s.

  31. Imagine if Bradshaw’s receivers could run free as they do today. Imagine if Manning wasn’t protected by the rules of today. Manning isn’t tough enough to have withstood the physical play if the 70’s. He missed a whole season in the 2000’s because of injury. Now you can’t touch the QB or the receivers. Plus Bradshaw had a far stronger arm.

  32. Terry Bradshaw was a very good quarterback. He had a 52% completion back when the run was popular and the defensive backs were not as good. Peyton has a 65% completion rate when the defensive backs are a lot better.

  33. TERRY the “TOOL” Bradshaw!! I will boycott all FOX shows with him on it!

    I thought he was a funny old man. A pillar of Pittsburg. What a disgrace he is!

    And to Call out Peyton Manning out like that when Terry the Terrible TOOL lost more playoff games than he won!!

    Terry you are TRASH!!


  34. Sometimes Terry will say things without thinking but the bottom line on this debate is simply this , at the end of the career which is more important , stats or championships ? Guys like Peyton and Marino have some of the best career stats in the history of the game , but between the two of them they have a grand total of one Super Bowl win . Terry went to four , won all four , and was named MVP of two of them . You only have two quarterbacks in league history to win four super bowls and Bradshaw is one of them . I’ll take the Vince Lomardi’s on my mantle any day over passing stats .

  35. Peyton could carry a team on his back.
    Bradshaw never could at any point in his career.
    If you could put Peyton in a time machine and he quarterbacked those Steeler teams, they would have had 10 Super Bowls instead of 4.

  36. much respect for Bradshaw for being the qb of 4 super bowl winning teams. but when the topic of greatest qb of all time is brought up, his name is never considered. its peyton

  37. Rules are much different now and it’s a more passer friendly league. I’d take Bradshaw in the post season and Manning in the regular season.

  38. As much as I think Peyton over uses the no-huddle offense, and this costs him going into the playoffs, I would still take him any day over Bradshaw, if they had the same Steeler defense. Peyton has never had a defense anywhere near the quality of those from the Steel Curtain days. But then, who has?

  39. Terry Bradshaw and not because I’m a Steelers fan who grew up in the 70s. Yes, Peyton Manning is a student of the game and will probably hold all of the major passing records when he retires. He may also be the better QB of the two. However, when it’s all said and done Terry Bradshaw has four SB rings, two SB MVPs. The Steelers could have easily have lost one or two Super Bowls had it not been for Bradshaw. He hit two clutch TD’s in SB X & XIV. One to Lynn Swann on a 64 yd td pass for the winning score in SB X just as soon as he was about to be cold conked & knocked out of the game. Then late in the 4th Qtr of SB XIV he threw a beautiful over the shoulder catch to John Stallworth for a 74yd td. You can compare their stats all you want. However, not too many QBs got it done when it needed to be done than Terry Bradshaw.

  40. Well, some commenters have raised some very interesting points here about the differences between 70s era and modern-day football.

    Is the game slanted now towards pass happy playbooks, with QB buffer zones and interference penalties favoring the offense. Absolutely.

    Do we know for a fact that Peyton wouldn’t be able to play in the seemingly rougher era of the 70s? Not really. The guy’s pretty darn competitive, I think he would have adjusted.

    I am old enough to remember 70s football; it was brutal and downright dirty by today’s standards. That being said, today’s defenders are infinitely faster, bigger, and stronger than their 70s counterparts.

    This, along with the fact that the schemes on both sides of the ball have evolved in complexity, and one could argue that many players in the 70s wouldn’t be able to hang in the modern league.

    I think you know where my vote lays.

  41. Am I the only one who thinks Manning gets a big pass when people start talking about QBs?

    Most of his time with the Colts, and with the Broncos, he was in divisions with at least two weak teams, sometimes three. They won a lot of division championships just because they didn’t have a lot of competition. Despite a clear path to the playoffs most years, and fattening up their record and playoff seed with six games a year against weaker competition, he was only able to get to the Super Bowl three times. His struggles in those games are well documented. His crowning achievement was a win against REX GROSSMAN in a game where his stats were pretty unremarkable, and his running backs combined for over 200 yards rushing.

    I just seems like if this guy is the QB god he is frequently made out to be, he should have made more of his circumstances. He just looks to me like a great regular season QB who can rack up numbers, but underachieved in the playoffs and Super Bowl.

  42. Bradshaw did what he needed to do in his era to win.

    As much as people yap about the team carrying Bradshaw, the Raiders, Oilers and Cowboys were brutal competition and powerhouse teams at that time. Everybody, including the QB had to play great to win. It took a team with 9 HOF’rs to do what they did, and Bradshaw is one of them.

    My read is Manning approaches the game as he has to win it for his team, he encultures them that way. regular season, he can pull it off. Post Season the competition is too good for him to be the only guy. By then, it is too late. Except that one year in Indy when Sanders showed up and fired up a real defence, that year they could compete in the playoffs.

  43. Two very different QBs. Bradshaw was a big play QB with long, accurate passes down field. Big plays win NFL games. Bradshaw all day long. Best QB in Steelers history by far.

  44. It’s real simple.

    If you like stats, Peyton is your man.

    If you prefer Super Bowls, Bradshaw is your man.

  45. A lot of interesting points everyone has made.

    Think about if you did a straight trade: Bradshaw playing today or Manning playing in the 70’s. Today’s players are simply bigger and faster.

    The offenses and defenses have evolved significantly. Players are significantly more specialized in their positions. A good 70’s team now would look like a good college team running a vintage playbook.

    I have to give the edge to Peyton. I believe he would adapt much more easily to the older, slower game than Bradshaw would to the modern NFL.

  46. My point dumpling is indendendant of yours … talent wise I agree. The difference to me is the way these two QBs work their team. Bradshaw could play with great players. Peyton it seems needs to be the man and run the show. When the going really gets competitive in the playoffs, even he alone is not enough. Remember it was Sanders coming out of no where (off injury) who fired up a defence that was a peer to what Peyton was doing on offence, that led to a superbowl.

    Bradshaw treated the team around him like stars. Peyton treats them like young school children who need to be kept on a short leash.

    This transcends the eras.

  47. Never have I ever seen Bradshaw throw a pick six in the Super Bowl…. let alone twice….

    Also, Bradshaw’s fourth quarter passing statistics in the Super Bowl look like this:

    11-16, 292 yards, 4 TD

    #Clutch unlike Peyton Manning

  48. fissels says:
    Jun 19, 2014 4:32 PM

    Bradshaw would have trouble with today’s intricately disguised defenses.
    But remember Fissels Peyton wouldn’t live through a season of playing against the defenses of the 70’s

  49. censorshipstinks says:
    Jun 20, 2014 11:16 AM

    Bradshaw would be a modern day Tebow.
    You’re out of your mind. he was never an option player.

  50. footballchic777 says:
    Jun 20, 2014 12:48 AM

    Peyton! Smartest mind in football. Put his ability with it…amazing. This guy could make a star out of the waterboy!
    And still lose the SB!

  51. bradshaw hands down…four rings, two sb mvp awards…

    called his own plays.

    threw the winning sb td pass in each game.

    played against far tougher defenses, the vikings purple people eaters, the cowboys flex defense, the raiders , the oilers, real defenses who were all LOADED WITH HOF’ers as well.

    he beat hof’er staubach twice, hof’er Fran Tarkenton, he beat stabler in the afc title game three times.

    four rings, vs 1 and 2 for peyton…

  52. Bradshaw is a hack and a life long Bronco hater all the way back to Elway…He didn’t even matter on that team what had the greatest defense of all time. You could have put Stabler, Tarkenton or Archie Manning on those Steelers teams and they STILL would have won 4 superbowls.

    To sit there and try to say or imply HE WON or had to GO OUT TO WIN those superbowls is a complete discredit to that whole defense, that carried his skullet to his self pro claimed 4-0 record.

  53. I like this stat that someone threw out there as if it merits the Bradshaw argument, but all it does is show you the least he had to do to win 4 superbowls……11-16, 292 yards, 4 TD in 4th quarters

    He’s completed 6 passes per 4th quarter
    Threw less then 60 yards per 4th quarter
    1 measily touchdown per 4th quarter

    How’s that going out and winning it? Remember the guy had who many considered at the time the greatest receiver in NFL history before Rice, those numbers are basic, mediocre and very unspectacular IMO.

  54. I forgot to add this in my post from last night. Bradshaw played most of Super Bowl XIII w/a seperated shoulder.

  55. granadafan says: Jun 19, 2014 8:38 PM

    Bradshaw had a team full of hall of famers. Who did Peyton have? No one.

    Yes, because

    Marvin Harrison
    Reggie Wayne
    Brandon Stokely
    Dallas Clark
    Edgerrin James
    Dwight Freeney
    Robert Mathis

    were all bums

  56. Run the football and play defense, That has been what the Steelers dynasty was founded on. The NFL of the 70’s wasn’t much into passing the ball. Bradshaw had to make a play to help win a big game he made it. Bradshaw in the playoffs Manning for the regular season.

  57. Put Peyton on the 70’s Steelers at the time Bradshaw arrived – and that team would have won about 10-12 Super Bowls in 15 years.

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