Chip Kelly denies he was sending message with Jackson cut


Eagles running back LeSean McCoy said something that seemed reasonable on its face the other day, suggesting that coach Chip Kelly got rid of wide receiver DeSean Jackson for not buying in.

But as much as Kelly respects his star runner, he denied that was the reason Jackson is gone.

I don’t send messages to other players by how I deal with other players,” Kelly said, via Bob Grotz of the Delaware County Daily Times. “And how LeSean McCoy interprets things, . . . LeSean has a beautiful mind. Sometimes trying to analyze that mind I don’t wrap myself around that too much. Or bother myself too much with that. However LeSean interprets things is how LeSean interprets things.”

While it would have been an upset to see Kelly call it anything other than “purely a football decision,” the point stands.

If players interpret it that way, it makes it easier for Kelly to ride herd over them. And if that gets them to “buy in” and cooperate, then a goal has been reached.

16 responses to “Chip Kelly denies he was sending message with Jackson cut

  1. A true leader. If only my Giants had a coach like him. Parcells and Coughlin back in the day were great but their time is long gone. It’s all up to new Coach McAdoo.

  2. In other words he’s saying he just paints the picture, and it’s up to others to interpret the meaning. He’s not making copies and blasting them out like Rex Ryan supposedly does with his playbooks, but if you want to come to the gallery to take a look then everything you need to know is written right there on the wall.

  3. 100% player participation in Chip’s off season program. Enough said. Taking full advantage of your 3-day minicamp vs giving your players the final day off like the loser Washington NFL franchise and Cowboys. Pretty easy to pick who’ll win NFC East (again).

  4. Gotta love it, washington has a new coach and wasted a day trying to implement his new program to give his players an unneeded day off. Giants coming off a disappointing season with a lot of new faces and an unneeded day off. Eagles coming off the division and still aren’t statisfied. Proud eagles fan.

  5. I still think Jackson was not following the nutrition program, got paid a ton and whined about everything. He most likely listened to cRap on headphones during team meetings. He would not have set a good example for the new players.

  6. the jealousy of Kelly and his birds just drips off the words of these haters..we are the bleeding green nation

  7. Mccoy was just seen coming out of a crack house, allegedly. The eagles are currently shopping him for a third rd pick but would gladdly just cut him and take nothing in return to send a message to the team. Thus depleting more talent and trying to convince their fanbase that they got better.

  8. Kelly reminds me of Jimmie Johnson during his time in Dallas. He’s a virtuoso at playing the mind. And I believe he won a couple didn’t he….

  9. So you guys really don’t think the fact that Jackson was shut down by a lot of cb’s in the league had anything to do with it? Or the fact that (although it wasn’t last year) he dropped the football twice before entering the endZone while showboating? He’s a class 2 receiver with an elitist attitude.

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