Jim Harbaugh tells 49ers: “Beware with whom you associate”

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It’s been a rough offseason for the 49ers, who have had multiple players face legal issues. That means, as the team gets more than a month off between the end of minicamp and the start of training camp, coach Jim Harbaugh wants his players to be careful to stay out of trouble.

Beware with whom you associate,” Harbaugh told his players, via Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today. “Very important to know your surroundings. Friend or foe? There always seems to be a foe present.”

Is that message specifically for outside linebacker Aldon Smith, who will be sentenced on July 25 after he pleaded guilty to DUI and felony weapons charges? Not according to Smith, who says it was a message for the whole team.

“He was talking to everybody, because anybody can be in a situation,” Smith said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m going to enjoy my month.”

Smith will enjoy his month, but it may be hard for Harbaugh: For NFL coaches, this is a period when it’s hard to relax, even though it’s their only break during the year, because they have to worry about what kind of trouble their players may get into in the coming weeks. Harbaugh hopes that when training camp opens in late July, there have been no other legal issues with anyone on his roster.

39 responses to “Jim Harbaugh tells 49ers: “Beware with whom you associate”

  1. Hey, it could be a lot worse, at least you don’t have that raven wifebeater Rice on your team.

  2. On ending a sentence with a preposition:
    “This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.” –Winston Churchill

  3. “Very important to know your surroundings. Friend or foe? There always seems to be a foe present.”
    Too bad the “foe” usually around that bunch is law enforcement.

  4. At what point are these guys not “kids” anymore? Too many sports talking heads refer to these knuckleheads (not just 49ers) as kids when they screw up. 18 year olds straight out of high school are trusted with multimillion dollar weapons systems in war zones but 22 year olds with multiple years in college can’t be trusted to stay out of trouble if they’re not in the weight room.

  5. How are they supposed to build chemistry of they aren’t allowed to hang out together?

  6. Former Chicago QB Mr Arrogant haha

    I love how he peels his face and mouth back,
    as if he is about to suffer a painful heart attack,
    and gives us the ugly show my teeth face.
    Can’t wait til somebody punches this dude in his mouth hahahahaaaa

  7. Everyone’s mad because he’s telling his team to stay out of trouble and watch out for those around them? Hate to see what kind of kids you guys have raised…

  8. Aldon Smith didn’t think it was directed at him?
    No surprise… The guy is clearly an idiot.

  9. I’ve gone out and had fun many nights in SF and have not got in trouble. If these players do it right you can have plenty of fun and not get into trouble. The only thing is these damn money grabbers trying to feed of the players.

  10. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a solid upbringing, you are too easily influenced by your “friends.” When you’ve never had money and all of a sudden you have all this time and money, you attract people who are generally not good for you. The same exact thing happens to poor people who win the lottery or huge lawsuits. Irresponsible teens grow up to be irresponsible adults.

  11. “The rooster crows at midnight”
    “I much fear trouble in the fuselage area, Frederick”

  12. He probably is concerned after all their off season problems. How’s that idiot Jonathon Martin doing? Anyone upset him or his parents yet?

  13. Jim Harbaugh tells 49ers: “Beware with whom you associate”

    That right. Because Harbaugh’s boys can do no wrong, it’s always the guy standing next to them…

  14. cacheesehead1237 says:
    Jun 21, 2014 12:13 AM

    “Beware with whom you associate with”

    If you’re going to quote someone, you’re supposed to only put the actual words that person spoke into the quotation marks. It’s not a quote when you start adding words that you want to be there but really aren’t.

  15. Was he trying to be funny? I hope he sees the humor in his statement because he’s saying nobody on the team should ever talk to Aldon Smith..ever.

  16. Now Jonathan Martian is an idiot? Now I see why this Country is going down the tubes!! Oh how I long for the days we use to knock out Jocks in High School!!!

  17. The speech came a little late for Aldon and Cully.
    Harbaugh should’ve been giving this speech routinely after he took over the team in 2011.
    It is a problem in all of pro sports. These guys get a huge payday shortly after getting drafted (while leaving college way too early), and don’t have the life skills to handle their new surroundings properly. Then the team and media are amazed when things go south and end up on the police blotter.
    “I am going to enjoy my month.”
    — Scary, scary words.
    Be interesting to see how many games AS gets suspended by Goodell after the court sentencing later this summer.
    AS has already been through voluntary rehab, which Goodell said would work in his favor for any future punishment by the league.
    So I would say 4-6 games.

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