Moreno may need knee surgery


That “medical issue” with which Dolphins running back Knowshown Moreno reportedly is dealing presents nothing exotic or unusual.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Moreno has an issue with his knee.

The other knee.  Not the one in which he suffered a torn ACL in 2011.

The source says Moreno may need arthroscopic surgery on the knee, but that it’s nothing significant at this point.

If Moreno, who found a way to play through a cocktail of injuries in 2013, needs to have arthroscopic surgery on the knee, he’d likely be ready to go in time for training camp.

Moreno reportedly has struggled in his first offseason with the Dolphins, putting him behind Lamar Miller at least for now.

31 responses to “Moreno may need knee surgery

  1. Why waste time, get it done now! It always boggles my mind how players put off surgeries and than miss camp time. Nice medical checkup miami before signing him…….smh

  2. New medical study: Eating too many cupcakes in the offseason can cause knee problems.

  3. Moreno’s change in style from Georgia to last season was pretty impressive. I’m not a Phins fan, or even a Broncos fan. But I like his tough, & heady play…. I hope this isn’t serious & he’s able to contribute this season.

  4. Seems like this was kept quiet at trade time. Is there a responsibility for full disclosure when it comes to these types of injuries? Btw, no mention of Mr. Ross spending 350 million of private dollars to renovate Sun Life Stadium. Also, any other owners spending their own money doing this?

  5. It doesn’t matter where he is on the depth chart in June. It matters where he is on the depth chart in November and December, IF he is even on it then.

  6. Another young man that will be all but crippled by his mid-thirties.
    Not saying anything other than football is a brutal sport.

  7. You people are acting like anthroscopic surgery is that big of a deal.

    If he gets it done now he’ll be good to go in about 4-5 weeks.

  8. We got him for cheap.

    I don’t care that he can’t practice while the team is running drills in shorts and tees with no pads on.

    Anthroscopic surgery is not that serious. If Moreno gets it done now he’ll be ready by the end of July.

  9. Just get it done now, it’s not a big deal for goodness sake.
    Suarez played in the world cup yesterday after 4 weeks, and they run more than these running backs.

  10. He is having loose bodies removed, whereby the Surgeon literally buffs the bone spurs and remove small loose fragments of cartilage or a bone that float around the knee joint. This is BS surgery and takes 3-5 days to walking, 2 weeks to recover from. You are literally running in 3 weeks and by 5, like nothing ever happned. Trust me, I AM a Doctor.

    Besides he was signed for catching, 3rd downs and to push Lamar Miller. He was always the Starter. Can you imagine what we could accomplish with an effective OLine. We had the worst Oline in Dolphins history and still almost made the Playoffs and beat every AFC playoff Team on the schedule. Keep on Hatin’.

  11. Didn’t realize he was a free agent signing. Hopefully they didn’t pay too much for this guy and that he can get back to top form.

  12. Who doesn’t like Moreno’s heart? And he is smart! Unfortunately, being full of heart and smart does not make one a feature back. Speed helps, and in that department he is sorely lacking. Many of his 7 yard runs should go for 40 yards, but honestly, the guy could get run down from behind by Manning….Archie Manning.

  13. I have high hopes for Miller this season. He’s flashed a LOT of potential. He just needs consistent blocking.

    If you’re getting hit behind the line of scrimmage, it’s normally not your fault.

  14. So who was the doctor that cleared this guy when the Dolphins signed him as a FA, Moe, Larry, or Curly?

  15. rg3enoughsaid says:
    Jun 20, 2014 11:55 AM
    they put off surgeries, THEN miss training camp for a reason…to avoid training camp

    That might work for an established vet that has been on the same team for years, but for a FA pickup, not so sure. Philbins a quirky dude….

  16. Knowshon Moreno is a beast! He was a beast @ Georgia, he was a beast @ the broncos, & he’s going to be a beast at Miami. Just because he’s gotta have a minor surgery on his knee doesn’t mean it was a bad addition from the free agency. Watch and see! He will have is knee surgery and will heal just in time for camp and he will compete for the starting job going against Lamar Miller, and Daniel Thomas. Mark my word’s, Knowshon Moreno will be the starter for Miami Dolphins for the 1st regular season game, & if he can stay healthy he will be a beast. All you haters need to shut up and sit down somewhere and watch him put in work son!

  17. Life long Fin Fan here, and didn’t understand this signing. Couldn’t they have had MJD or Run DMC for similar $$$. Moreno flourished with Peyton surgical passing game forcing defenses to play the pass. Tannehill hasn’t shown any ability other than hitting the slot guy for 8 yards a pop. I hope to proved wrong, but all I see is mediocrity at best. Hopefully Bill Lazor’s offense will be drastically more dynamic than Mike Sherman’s bore and snore nonsense

  18. This is another bargain basement player thrown on the scrp heap when he was beaten up and overpaid. In this guys defense, He can get back on the field and be in the groove by the bye week. That would mean that he will be able to contribute in 10 games this season, if there are no further injuries. You get what you pay for.

    Little Lamar Miller will have to carry the load, once again. Miller needs a blocker to get up in the hole and get him some daylight. Miller can run from daylight like an all pro; just don’t ask him to create his own hole. Lamar “scissor hands” Miller has yet to impress me as a receiver.

  19. Have you noticed how Profootball talk has stayed away from the new roof story? Steve Ross will get paid a bonus if he is successful at attracting events that he would be trying to attract anyway, as a routine part of his business. After all, the Dolphins privately own Sun Life Stadium and will therefore be attempting to book as many events in their stadium as possible to make a profit! The over taxed residents of Miami-Dade County now will pay the billionaire millions of dollars, which he will pocket, when he is successful in luring the event to Miami Gardens.

    The commission is alleged to be repaying Ross for generous campaign contributions by approving this deal. Last week, the mayor announced that manyMetro police officers will likely be laid off because there is a tax shortage. How about those sewer systems that need replacing? Could the residents of Miami-Dade County have other more pressing needs than giving Ross up to $5 million dollars a year in bonuses?

    Remember, Super Bowl and the January college championship games occur when South Florida is booked at 80% occupancy. Broward County will get about 40% of the tourist traffic generated by the North Dade stadium – FREE! Maybe this would have been a good deal if the money was being paid by the chamber of commerce?

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