Pettine’s not making friends with his playbook comments


Lost in the debate regarding whether it’s helpful to have another team’s playbook (it’s amazing to see people argue with a straight face that it isn’t) is whether it’s helpful for Browns coach Mike Pettine to talk on the record about how the Patriots finagled a copy of the Jets’ playbook.

It’s not, based on information we’ve gathered in the wake of Pettine’s disclosure that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady bragged at Wes Welker’s wedding that coach Bill Belichick got a copy of the Jets playbook from Alabama coach Nick Saban, who got it from Jets coach Rex Ryan.

If it’s truly not a big deal for one team to have another team’s playbook, why would Pettine even tell the story?  If these playbooks are easily obtained, there would be nothing significant about the Herbal Essences chain of communication that resulted in Pettine blabbing about it.

(Apparently, they’re not hard to get.  A PFT reader has sent a copy of what appears to be the Jets defensive playbook.  If it’s a forgery, it’s a damn good one.)

Of course it helps to have a team’s playbook.  Even if it helps only a little, football coaches want anything and everything they can get, if there’s even a slim chance it will make a difference.  The information obtained by the Patriots via the Spygate scandal supposedly had, on a one-to-100 scale, a value of only one — prompting owner Robert Kraft to call Belichick “a real schmuck.”

In the league’s coaching fraternity, Pettine currently is being called even worse.  Per a league source, other coaches aren’t happy with Pettine’s decision to say what he said.  The thinking is that, regardless of the stuff they say and do privately, they need to send a different message publicly.  Even though his Browns don’t play the Jets or the Patriots this year, the source says some coaches could be inclined to run up the score against Pettine in 2014, if they get the chance to do it.

Yes, some coaches are that petty.  Ultimately, they’re human beings.

Well, most of them are.

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  1. Remember when Sean Payton called blitz after blitz in an exhibition game against the Niners because Jim Harbaugh didn’t call Payton beforehand and ask permission for some kind of gentleman’s agreement or something?

    The Saints have gone downhill ever since. Sometimes it’s not good to be a jerk.

  2. Instead of focusing on Pettine why not focus on Belicheat. In the spirit of fair play and just plain old integrity it wasn’t bad enough he cheated by filming now he secures another teams playbook. Please don’t tell me it doesn’t make a difference because if that were true why does he have it in the first place. As far as Saban he proved a long time ago his character when he just up and left a team.

  3. It’s true the Jets playbook was passed around various circles but as a joke. You see this is the playbook that was broken down Dora the Explorer style so the Sanchize could understand it.

  4. I’m sorry, but how can it be deemed insignificant to KNOW WHAT DEFENSIVE PLAY IS COMING???

    The playbook is not as big of a deal IMO because there are literally dozens of plays that can be called from any formation.

    To know signals and know what the defense is actually going to do is a huge advantage. You know where blitzes are coming from, where your 1-1 matchups will be. Where the hole in the zones will be.

    Owning a playbook is not that big of a deal, but knowing what the defense is doing on every play is a huge advantage. Anyone who says otherwise is just covering up for them.

  5. So this guy hurt some other coaches feelings? Who cares? He was using the playbook story as an example as to why he keeps his playbooks more simple. Plus, making Rex Ryan look stupid isn’t that hard. Rex does a good job of that himself.

  6. It boils down to execution.

    It didn’t take a stolen playbook to know that Barry Sanders was getting the ball. And still nobody could stop him.

  7. The way our defense is looking, I don’t think there are too many teams able to run the score up on the Browns. Now, the Browns getting the ball in the endzone is a different story.

    Go Browns!

  8. The Pats at it again, and like usual the media and the league are trying to coddle NE. These guys are cheating anyway they can and they still can’t win the whole thing.

  9. What’s “amazing” to see isn’t that anyone is arguing it isn’t helpful.

    It’s that Jets fans think their coach is a genius for “giving out playbooks like candy” to college coaches and others

    … and that Jets fans think that other teams, having been given the Jets playbook, more or less by the coach, won’t look at it, lest Jets fans cry out “they stole it” (sorry guys – it’s not stealing if your stupid coach hands them out)

    Whatever Pettine’s agenda was, he’s coming across looking more like Mangini, taking a cheap shot at his former organization.

    That never works out well.

  10. So Tom Brady just blurts out in the middle of a wedding reception that they have the Jets defensive playbook? Seems legit. The funniest part will be when the Jets waste weeks re-writing all their defenses while simultaneously trying to get the rookies up to speed. Belichick should imply that he has every playbook for every other team and then just sit back and watch the fireworks.

  11. Say what you want. There is something amiss in Cleveland. I’m beginning to wonder how or who hired Pettine.

    I heard nothing but good stuff at the time of the hire. Now every time he speaks, I get questions.

    This guy and Johnny Wildcat make quite a team. Mix in Haslam and you have a 3 ring circus, for sure.

    Parliment Funkadelic once said, “whatcha gonna do when the novelty wears off of yo stuff”?

  12. Why does Rex Ryan give away the Jets playbook like candy?
    Why would he give it to Nick Saban who everybody knows is Belichick’s best buddy?

  13. No doubt that having the Jets playbook directly led to the “Butt Funble”. In fact, if the Patriots had never gotten that playbook, Mark Sanchez would be on track for a Hall of Fame career.

  14. People put up with Rex Ryan’s verbosity because it’s generally positive (if not clownish), but more importantly he’s a defensive mastermind who can lead an untalented team to victory without any talent on offense.

    Not exactly sure what Pettine has going for him, but stabbing your ex-boss in the back and calling out a Hall of Fame coach, are probably not the best “career-advancing” moves.

  15. Belichick should imply that he has every playbook for every other team

    He only has the ones for the teams on the schedule this year 😀

    But really, I think the majority of players have enough of a load digesting their own plays, let alone those of the opponent. These guys aren’t exactly rocket engineers.

  16. I am still looking for the evidence that the Patriots had a copy of the playbook. Because Brady was busting a Jets coach’s chops at a wedding by saying they “may or may not” have a copy? Thats the evidence? And if they did, how is it stealing? As Pettine said, Ryan hands them out like candy. Obviously he doesn’t care if it gets shown around.
    People just WANT to tar Belichick, regardless of the circumstance. Sorry folks, there is no “there” there.
    Now, on to the next scandal.

  17. With players changing teams daily, does anyone really think that every team does not have the plays, schemes, snap count,and virtually everything else every other team has? Get real people. That info is more current than a playbook.

  18. steelers never make the playoffs wehhhhhh Belichick isn’t my coach and I’m mad wehhhhhh Big Ben isn’t wellllll, never mind wehhhhhhhhh

  19. Yea sure it doesn’t help How many Superbowlsa
    has Bill Belichick’s Since he hasn’t been allowed and been monitored like crazy taping the others teams practices Nope makes no difference at all

  20. A bronco fan smack talking that NE lost one of their SB’s????? You can’t be serious..does 43 – 8 a few months ago ring a bell?

  21. Oh boy, something Patriots that we can get all over. I would think by now the Patriots and their fans are numb to the trash talk. What would be nice is an explanation on how they “stole” a playbook that was handed out like candy. I think the coach of the Browns should offer up an explanation. Like Belichick told reporters this morning “go ask Pettine”. The Browns owner should be asking details from his coach.

  22. Regardless of if Belichick obtained a copy, why is Rex Ryan handing it out to ANYONE!?! It’s one thing to converse with another coach about strategy and philosophy, but actually handing someone your playbook? Sorry, but if you’re gonna do that, then you deserve it if an opponent obtains a copy of it.

  23. Wish there was some evidence..
    Feel bad for Browns and another couple of years of Heartache…what a Genius they hired… Circus still in Cleveland..

  24. Someone should investigate how the Seahawks got a copy of the Broncos playbook prior to the Super Bowl. What else could explain such a lopsided outcome and a pathetic performance from “the greatest offense ever assembled”. Oh that’s right, it was the Donkeys, the poster child for Super Bowl embarrassments. For those keeping score, they have been outscored by an average of 41-12 in their 5 losses. The Elway Way.

  25. This issue is a figment of the imagination of ESPN/NY writers. Yawn. If the Browns win, who cares? Dan Snyder hopes this is THE big story.

  26. “pftfan says:
    Jun 20, 2014 11:57 AM
    People put up with Rex Ryan’s verbosity because it’s generally positive (if not clownish), but more importantly he’s a defensive mastermind who can lead an untalented team to victory without any talent on offense.

    Not exactly sure what Pettine has going for him, but stabbing your ex-boss in the back and calling out a Hall of Fame coach, are probably not the best “career-advancing” moves.”

    Career advancing moves? I would say he’s already advanced as far as a coach can advance dude, he is the head coach of the Browns who brought in his own coaches that he has known since HS. He has insulated himself with guys he has known before the NFL, so I don’t think he really gives a rat’s ass what Ryan or Belicheat think. that is what I got out of it. Unlike Mangini who betrayed daddy, Pettines daddy is his real father who taught him more about toughness than any of the aforementioned coaches on the East Coast.

    Run up the score? Lol! Those teams better worry about being able to score at all, and quit talking all tough. Pettine knows what he is doing, look at the reactions and some of the comments like “run up the score”, that kind of stuff will fire up the team, give them something to rally behind. Keep it up PFT and NFL sources, the script is about to get flipped. Now, if the Browns can just get the referees to get over their petty and vindictive crusade against the Browns for bottlegate and call some legitimate games for once, then I think playoffs would be reached in year 1.

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