Ravens make Aaron Ross signing official, waive three


The Ravens made a slew of roster moves Friday, signing five veteran players and waiving three undrafted rookies, the club said.

The team officially announced the signings of cornerbacks Aaron Ross and Dominique Franks and linebackers Austin Spitler and Nick DiMarco. All four deals had been reported on Thursday by the Baltimore Sun. The 31-year-old Ross previously played for the Giants (2007-2011, 2013) and Jaguars (2012).

The club also said it had reached a deal with former Chargers wide receiver Mike Willie, who had stints with San Diego in 2012 and 2013. The Sun had previously reported Willie’s pact. Willie (6-2, 220) played collegiately at Arizona State.

To make room for the signees, the Ravens parted ways with linebacker Xavius Boyd (Western Kentucky) and defensive backs Dexter Moody (Albany State) and Avery Patterson (Oregon).

24 responses to “Ravens make Aaron Ross signing official, waive three

  1. Wasn’t Ross on the Giants when we played them the year of our most recent SuperBowl….and we continually torched him? Well, I guess Ravens like signing guys they make look bad in big games, just like Jacoby Jones in that playoff game with his fumbles. Hopefully Ross will have a similar impact.

  2. He was brought in for depth, and to add competition for the nickel spot. He doesn’t need to be a shutdown corner with Lardarius Webb 2 years removed from his ACL injury and a rapidly rising Jimmy Smith.

  3. As a big Giants fan it is painful to see one half of the two time Super Bowl champion lockdown duo of Aaron Ross and Corey Webster leave. Other than Lester Hayes and Mark Haynes no other CB duo has been more of a force.

    The Ravens are very luck to have gotten a great player like Aaron Ross.

  4. this don’t mean any are on the final 53!!! just some bodies for practice..ravens are still not done signing players.they always add 1 or 2 at the end.

  5. All these guys were too young for the Steelers to sign them.

    All these guys didn’t have a criminal record or any pending so the ravens didn’t think they would fit.

  6. Mike Willie? Who?

    Willie help Flacco break the 50% completion mark? No.
    Willie be able to get off the line against Gay? No.
    Willie keep his head on a swivel on ST? Garvin says No.
    And Willie stay out of casinos with Rice? I sure hope so.

  7. Coming from a steeler fan I find it funny for you to bring up criminal records. You want to be the pot or the kettle on that one?

    And hey don’t get mad that your team is one season away from receiving social security along with their game checks.

  8. Coming from a steeler fan I find it funny for you to bring up criminal records. You want to be the pot or the kettle on that one?

    That response implies you want to say more. You are implying the Steelers are worst than the elevator Ravens. Come on skippy wake up! You are the pot and kettle as most fans think more of women than mere punching bags like you seem to….pathetic.

  9. we all know if the Steelers signed Aaron Ross they would be praising him as the second coming of Mel Blount. instead, they just troll and try and remember the glory days. which are further and further away

  10. The Steelers roster is younger than the Ravens roster. Sorry to enlighten you, don’t jump off a bridge.

    Signing Aaron Ross lets me know all I need to know about the confidence Ozzie has in defense.

  11. nice to see you are still working on ridiculous comments. and Colbert signing heyward bey tells me all I need to know about the Steelers offense. oh wait….he’s a backup like Ross. troll elsewhere jb

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