Report: FXFL wants to “establish a partnership with the NFL”

A pro football league slated to start play this fall reportedly aims to eventually become a feeder system for the NFL.

The Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL) will have six teams, including clubs in the Boston and New York metropolitan areas, when its six-game season kicks off in October, according to The Associated Press. Players will be paid $1,000 per week, per the AP.

FXFL commissioner Brian Woods told the AP that the league’s “long-term goal is to establish a partnership with the NFL, and we feel can do that on many platforms.” Woods told the AP that the FXFL can fill a void by grooming young talent that isn’t quite ready for the NFL or is completely off the NFL’s radar.

According to the AP, the league is slated to play a good number of Wednesday night games. This seems a logical part of the calendar for FXFL to try, with Sunday and Monday belonging to the NFL, Saturday the property of college football and Thursday having NFL and college football action.

The question then turns to the type of talent the FXFL can attract as it starts play. The Canadian Football League and Arena Football League both have footholds as NFL alternatives. Moreover, though the NFL only has a seven-round draft, hundreds of undrafted free agents are signed by clubs in the spring. Also, with practice squads, the NFL already has an in-house developmental system.

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  1. This is really exciting and I can’t wait to check it out, we need more teams and more games and there’s plenty of talent out there that deserve to have jobs in the football business!

  2. When rosters get trimmed from 90 down to 61? (practice squad) that leaves roughly 900 players left on the streets. If you cut that in half for veterans who aren’t gonna play for a grand a week that leaves ~ 450 guys needing work with not many other options at making $1000 a week. With 6 teams they (FXFL) could pick the better of the leftovers. And even though it would be less money than the CFL, which has restrictions on the number of non-Canadian players each team can have, it is a better option than the AFL, AFL2, the indoor football league, and semi-pro pay to play leagues.

  3. I actually enjoyed watching the now defunct XFL. So, bring on this new league.

  4. Career ending and life altering injury for $1K a week. CRAZY!!! I’m sure it’d be more entertaining to watch if it were scheduled during the NFL off season.

  5. I would like to see more football during the NFL dead time. If the league picks up directly after the Super Bowl, they can fill a void, bring players to the attention of the NFL prior to OTA’s, and allow young talent or older talent to develop. No one is going to get rich playing there, but it is a springboard. For those who point out Canadian or Arena football fills the feeder void, you can count on one hand how many players are coming out of those leagues and playing in the NFL. Why give up a relatively good paying job in Canadian or Arena ball to play for free at OTA’s, mini-camps, and training camps, risk injury and then not make the team or be able to return to the league they are established in. Believe it or not, there are players who would rather play in the CFL than in the NFL.

  6. So they plan on playing in the Fall and only one team even has an owner yet? Seems like this is destined for failure before they ever kickoff.

  7. Good:
    It’s definitely needed and with the NFL’s support a minor league will thrive. With the NFL backing it will get the media to help out. A fall season means fans are in football mode.

    Dumb idea to put it in cities which have NFL teams. Put them in mid-size cities which really want and need sports teams. The name is terrible. The name alone tells me the people making the decisions are likely not football-savvy.

  8. There really needs to be multiple regional leagues going at once. You could have 6 team leagues in Arizona, Florida & somewhere in the midwest to go along with FXFL. That would give each team about 10 games over 3 months. Assign 1-2 NFL teams as their parent team with the ability to assign 5 or so 1st-3rd year developmental players to “farm” team.

    As it currently stands, I don’t see how the FXFL could remain profitable by paying players 1k a week. We talking about 30k+ a week in player salary plus other expense. There is no way this league could make enough money from sponsors/tickets/merchandise.

    Unless the NFL buys into these developmental leagues wholeheartedly by subsidizing them, they don’t stand a chance of lasting long.

  9. they should do this league during spring while the nfl is in off season..why have it during the nfl and college season?

  10. Six games plus $1,000 equals $6,000. That’s hardly a fortune. Perhaps NFL rejects might think about getting a “real” job. Playing six games of anything isn’t a living.

  11. Maybe the FXFL can experiment with putting a team in London. This way they can save the NFL from making that sure to fail experiment.

  12. With the way the NFL wants to own the entire calendar year, I’m still somewhat surprised that they still haven’t found a way to cultivate some type of spring/summer-time league.

    Something that might run in May, June, and end in July right as training camps are opening up.

    I hope this league gains some traction and I’d like to think that maybe if the league kept an open mind–rather than trying to monopolize everything–we’d get some quality ball all year round.

  13. As long is it doesn’t have The Donald or Mr McMahon… I might watch.

    The NBA Development League has a lot of decent players, many of which have moved up to the real deal. No reason the N.F.L. couldn’t support this.


  14. I agree with people like Troy Vincent who have said the NFL should have a farm league of some sort in the spring.

    I don’t know if this will be in(likely not) but I hope it pushes the NFL towards making such a move.

  15. I hope this becomes a viable alternative to HS graduates who need some income before they get drafted. No gimmicks, just football. Best of luck FXFL.

  16. Stupid idea to play the same time as the NFL. A spring league is whats needed. What the USFL was before they got big headed. It would still be around if it would have stayed in the spring and not tried to compete against the NFL n the fall. Bring back the USFL ,in the spring. Its what the A11fl is trying to do but looks like thier unable to make it happen so far.

  17. The NFL already has its feeder system it’s called college football. There aren’t even enough elite NFL teams. There are only 4 high quality teams right now. The rest are very average to awful.

    4 High Quality teams: SEATTLE, SF, DENVER, New England.

  18. I’m skeptical. I’m old enough to remember the USFL which was the only league that ever put the fear into the NFL. So the NFL did their level best to crush the USFL but ultimately it was the greed of Donald Trump that brought the league to its knees. For those of you too young to remember that league you should go online & see how many NFL hall of famers chose the USFL draft over the NFL. You can also blame the USFL for the exponential increase in player contract dollars as well. However, every attempt since then has just been horrible football IMO. NFL Europe was watchable if you were really jonesin for a game & that was supposed to be a feeder program or farm system to the NFL. Had they not set the league in Europe i think it would’ve had a small chance to survive. I think major college ball is as good as it can get. I just don’t believe there’s a big enough talent gap between the top 25 ranked college teams & the NFL to support a game that will generate any real interest or establish a loyal fan base. I do hope I’m wrong. There’s always room for quality ball as long as they stick to the standard rule book. Jmho

  19. Wrong time of the year for a new football league. Too much competition for eyeballs, even on Wednesday. A spring league in cities like Columbus, Ohio, Portland, Ore. San Antonio, pick a city in Alabama, South Carolina, Sacramento, even Milwaukee….lots of bigger cities without a football franchise but good football traditions. Baseball doesn’t catch on until June…there’s a window from post-Super Bowl to June where there would be a market. NBA and NHL only competition.

  20. The CFL is the best option for players who don’t crack an NFL roster. It is an entertaining brand of football. It is a shame there is not more TV exposure in the US for this league. Everyone loves it in Canada with the exception of stuck up Toronto. Go Argos!!!

  21. $1,000 a week? These guys were paid better in college. They aren’t going to attract any talent with that kind of money.

  22. Nothing wrong w/ having a deeper system then 5 guys you can store on the practice squad. The CFL and AFL are alternatives but have no affiliation w/ the NF. Establishing a minor league where teams can have input in the dev of players in this league can be a good thing if implemented right. And I’m assuming the dims of the stadium will be similar to the NFL (unlike the small AFL stadiums and wider CFL fields). Maybe you can send your practice squads there to play on Saturday. NFL should try to make a small investment & see where it goes. No risk.

  23. Would be a shame to see this dilute college football, but may be one way to break the NCAA’s yoke over the players.

  24. And with all the obstacles the author has pointed out to us, that still didn’t stop the NFL from trying to create their own feeder league with The World League of Football which then became NFL Europe.

    It might be nice if this new league could get something done along with the NFL like the NFL Europe team had where the NFL can stash a reserve of a certain number of players. Each team can provide 3 practice squad players and sub them out if an injury occurs.

  25. I would never schedule a league “during” the NFL season and would maybe do it during the off season, when people who don’t follow baseball or basketball are hungry for year round football. If they play their cards right and keep the NFL involved 100% a developmental league would and could work very easily, and I would watch as long as things were done right and it didn’t interfere with my regular NFL and College seasons. I used to watch the World League on a regular basis in the spring and enjoyed it.

  26. one day a viable alternative to the nfl will exist. xfl was a great idea that was ahead of its time. it will take a great entrepreneur. it will exploit markets like london and las vegas and los angelas. im not sure this is it.

  27. I agree toad3527, and if the XFL would have kept things just like the real NFL instead of trying to be a video game it probably would have lasted longer.

  28. If I were a multi billionaire I would construct a league of 10 teams that play 10 games + playoffs & championship, that plays in the “off season” of the NFL, and where the salaries range from $75,000 to $100,000 only for every player with a $10,000 bonus for winning the championship, and all contracts are guaranteed and on a ONE year basis where a player is free to leave or re-sign after that. And all the rules and playbooks would be the same as the NFL top to bottom.

    This would work I’m positive of but unfortuneatly I am not a multi-billionaire.

  29. It should definitely be during the NFL off season. That way I can play Fanduel all year long! If they can get yahoo to make this a fantasy sport watch out!

  30. This can only succeed if the NFL supports the league by not actively trying to squash the league or even supporting financially. This means they’ll have to pay off Roger.

    Oh, and will people just stop calling the NCAA a development league? There is a time eligibility limit. Guys are not even at their peak physical maturity when they have to leave school. Then what? We need a farm system. Every major sport league in the world has one.

  31. What’s wrong with the AFL? Why does everyone bash it? As a die hard nfl fan, I love the afl… Not only is it different and fun, but it has something that the nfl removed… HARD HITS!

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