Report: Key “StarCaps” figure fined $60,000 for mislabeling of drug

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The leader of the company that made the infamous StarCaps nutritional supplement has been fined for the misbranding of the drug.

Nikki Haskell, who incorporated the now-defunct company that sold StarCaps, was fined $60,000 on Friday by a federal judge in New York, according to Reuters. Haskell plead guilty to a misdemeanor in March in connection with the misbranding.

StarCaps was a weight-loss aide that contained bumetanide, a substance banned by the NFL. However, the presence of bumetanide was not listed as an ingredient in the drug. Seahawks defensive tackle Kevin Williams and Patriots defensive end Will Smith were among the players who served suspensions for taking StarCaps after a legal battle.

In her court appearance Friday, Haskell claimed she wasn’t aware of what bumetanide was “until I heard these football players were using it,” according to Reuters.

24 responses to “Report: Key “StarCaps” figure fined $60,000 for mislabeling of drug

  1. Oh great, Kevin Williams just signed with the Hawks and now all you PED commenting knuckleheads will try to use Kevin’s involvement in regards to this past situation as your PED hater debate towards the Hawks. Some of you Vikings fans that lack intelligence will probably be the first at making a dumb comment yet conveniently ignore that this happened when Kevin was playing for the Lavender Larry’s.

  2. Not only was Bumetanide not listed on the packaging, but now the person who incorporated the product, is fined for mislabeling the product. More proof the players were screwed by the NFL for their suspensions.

  3. Cue the player haters saying, players should always know what they put in their bodies. Just think, without those “big government libruls”, even you wouldn’t know what’s in your food and drinks.

    Just more big guvment intrusion. I got a feeling some players will get “lost wages” from Ms. Haskell’s company.

    But then, you’ll call that a money grab by greedy players.

  4. In her court appearance Friday, Haskell claimed she wasn’t aware of what bumetanide was “until I heard these football players were using it,” according to Reuters.

    They should quadruple the fine and include jail time for THAT.

  5. I’m not sure how diuretics are performance enhancing. If anything, they’re the opposite. It just seems like a tool to cut a bit of weight when reporting after a few months off.

    That’s complete rubbish, though, that Haskell didn’t know what bumetanide was. You run a company that makes supplements, and it’s in your supplements! You really don’t have a QA/QC process?

  6. Name one Viking that has EVER been caught using “PEDs”. Sounds like you Seahawks fans are just a little bit sensitive about your 10+ previously confirmed juicing cases in Seattle. This should finally clear Kevin Williams and the whole Minnesota organization once and for all.

  7. I’m not sure how diuretics are performance enhancing. If anything, they’re the opposite. It just seems like a tool to cut a bit of weight when reporting after a few months off.


    Diuretics cause your body to flush out water (through urine) faster than normal. This will dilute your sample for testing. Steroid users have been doing this, to beat testing, for years. A couple big name bodybuilders have died from overdoing diuretics in the past.

  8. This highlights a BIGGER problem with the mislabeling of substances. People that aren’t professionals also take these things, whether weight loss, weight gain, vitamins, etc. are also subject to this pure case of greed. It’s basically playing supplement Russian roulette and will one day kill somebody allergic if hasn’t already.

  9. It seems like most of these drug/substance abuse scandals get traced back to MN.

    Or, you know, New Orleans, since they had three players punished for this to Minnesota’s two.

    But we understand. If it’s a story on Pro Football Talk, the comments section has to eventually turn into Vikings-bashing, regardless of whether the original story was about the Vikings or not.

    Viking haters are dumb. But we knew that already.

  10. Oh give me a break with the “the players didnt know” nonsense, they just happened to pickup a generic papaya extract supplement because they wanted to drop a couple of pounds. Yeah right. It was kind of an open secret that Starcaps were adulterated. It was just a complete coincidence that chiefly bodybuilders, power lifters and college football players were buying a supplement that looked like a low rent “As Seen on TV” supplement. If you believe that these guys had no clue that they were taking a masking agent for steroids, I’ve got a ski resort in Phoenix to sell you.

  11. Let’s face it, when you go 53 years without winning a Superbowl like the Vikings, you have to change something. Why not try something new in the team medicine cabinet?

    Worse yet, when you get caught, try to litigate it to death to avoid accepting any responsibility. What do Whizanator, Star Caps, and a head coach scalping Superbowl tickets all have in common?

    Minnesota Vikings.

  12. Was this supplement on the list of approved products by the NFL? Does the NFL have a list like this, I know MLB does. If players are going to risk taking whatever supplements they want in order to get an edge, then they have to accept the risks.

    There are TONS of weight loss medicines out there. They could have even gotten a prescription from a doctor to help them. Nope, instead they both chose this product. SURE they didn’t know what was in it. Are you kidding me?

    You should always be very concerned with what you put in your body.

  13. The reality is theres now at least two other supplements that contain similar diuretics that former StarCaps users have moved on to. You wouldnt think to give either one a second thought unless you were specifically looking for it. I cant wait until the next guy gets caught “accidentally” taking one of them without knowing what they are doing.

    Just like in the BALCO deal these guys get a steroid “guru” of varying degrees of competence who tells them what and how much to take. As long as there is a (huge) financial incentive for doing so, guys will keep doing it to try to get or maintain an edge, theyll keep trying to push the envelope.

  14. You mean the same Demarcus Love that never made it off the practice squad? The Vikings released him the very same DAY his suspension was lifted and he’s been with the Jaguars and Giants since then… Unlike the Seahawks, whose confirmed cases came against starters that coincidently made the Pro-Bowl that same year. Nice try though!

  15. Funny how the Seahawk fans get on Viking fans for this. Did you read the article? It’s basically stating the drug manufacturer was wrong for now appropriately labeling the bottle. Which basically states the players may not have actually known what was in there. To put it simply no one is going to link this to the Seahawks so stop your whining.

  16. 1) Star Caps was never on the NFL’s approved substance list.

    2) Players are always responsible for what they put in their mouths.

    3) The viking players claimed they had weight incentives in their contracts. Rather than legitimately losing body fat they claimed they took the steroid masking diuretic to lose water weight.

    4) Improperly reducing body water during training camp is foolish especially given the vikings previous history of player death in training camp.

    5) viking players are suspended for substance abuse often regardless if a viking customer can’t
    remember what is easily googled. LB Erin Henderson was suspended for PED violation.

    6) The viking players lost more money on lawyers than they lost being suspended, which was more than the fine of the head of Balanced Health Inc., Nikki Haskell.

  17. If I remember correctly, the whole thing became a big deal because the NFL approved StarCaps, then wanted to suspend the players for having bumetanide in their systems. The NFL may have legitimately not known it was in there, but if it was on the approved list, no players should have been punished for taking it.

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