Chris Johnson thinks he’s capable of 2,000 yards this year


Jets running back Chris Johnson is one of just seven players in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a season, having gone for 2,006 in 2009. Now Johnson thinks he can do something that no one has ever done: Run for 2,000 yards in a season more than once.

“I’d just retire and not play anymore if I didn’t feel like I was still capable of being a 2,000-yard back,” Johnson told the New York Daily News. “I know I have the ability.”

That seems awfully unlikely: Johnson hasn’t even reached 1,400 yards in any season since that breakout performance in 2009, and his yards per carry average has declined to a career-low 3.9 last year. But Johnson still believes in himself.

“I don’t feel like I’m getting older or I lost a step. I still feel good. I still feel explosive,” he said. “I just know the type of player I am, I’d never sell myself short.”

A 2,000-yard rushing season is still one of the great individual accomplishments in the NFL, something that only Johnson, Eric Dickerson, Adrian Peterson, Jamal Lewis, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis and O.J. Simpson have done. If Johnson becomes the first player ever to reach 2,000 yards twice, he’ll be well on his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But the reality is, in a Jets offense that plans to spread the ball around, Johnson will have a tough time getting 1,000 yards. Another 2,000 yards is a pipe dream.

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  1. “I’d just retire and not play anymore if I didn’t feel like I was still capable of being a 2,000-yard back,” Johnson told the New York Daily News. “I know I have the ability.”

    and Rex GUARANTEES IT!..the Jets have nothing but a bunch of talkers.. enjoy drafting another crappy QB with the first pick in next year’s draft

  2. Thats right its an individual accomplishment. But Chris its not all about you. Your O-line is part responsible for that feat. Yet I see you rather walk away without a ring. So selfish.

  3. A Super Bowl victory AND a 2,000 yard rusher? 2014 is going to be quite a year for the Jets!

  4. Even if you did 2k yards again you still aren’t worth the $8m per season you have been getting. No RB is worth more than $4m per season. Not even delusional old AP, who seems to think the NFL would collapse without him.

  5. Of course he’s CAPABLE of 2000. Great, but so what. The question is his effort.

    If he had been the playmaker he claims to be, he would still be in TN. But he spent more time complaining and dancing around than actually RUNNING.

  6. It must be oldtimers delusion day. First Vick with the “i’m the original running QB” and no CJ .5k talking about running for 2000 yards. What’s next, Chad Johnson coming out of retirement wearing his oversized “future hall of famer” jacket?

  7. I think it’s worth noting that OJ ran for 2,000 back when the NFL had a 14 game season….

  8. whatever happen to players talking of taking their teams to the playoffs and maybe further?? jets players are ME type of players thats why they wont accomplish anything

  9. The ship sailed already, you are closer to retirement than a two thousand yard season.

  10. “Chris Johnson thinks he’s capable of 2,000 yards this year”


    In a related story, Chris Johnson is mistaking windmills for giant monsters, and has been attacking each one he’s encountered.

  11. This sure has become an annual offseason ritual for him. Might as well have Rex Ryan predict playoffs, a Seahawk get caught with PED’s, and Favre come out of retirement. We already have Vick over hyping himself again and everyone picking Peyton Manning’s team to win the SB.

    How long until the season starts? Ugh.

  12. “I don’t feel like I’m getting older or I lost a step.”

    For the secret hidden meaning, just skip the first four words in that sentence.

  13. I think he can do it. Not a Jets fan, but they like to run the ball, and they have a good oline. Commenters need to stop acting so high and mighty. I would love to see Chris Johnson go for 2,000. Or anyone for that matter. That’s why we watch the games. To be entertained. I’d rather see Chris Johnson go for 2k, than watch the passing yard/passing TD record fall…again. Talk about washing out those records.

  14. Guys need to stop yapping about it and just perform. Legarrett Blount said the same thing before the 2012 season…how he was going to lead the league. He was benched during the pre-season for Doug Martin.

  15. Settle down people. He just answered a question about does he still think that he has a 2000 yard season in him. Do you expect him to say no? Lots of haters out there. Guy has never missed a game and makes defenses have to respect the threat of his speed. I bet he has a bounce back year.

  16. As happens every season, today is the first day of summer and the Jets have won this coming season’s Super Bowl already as they always predict this time of year.

    Fran Tarkenton is still laughing about Michael Vicks comments and Chris Johnson is projecting getting over 1000 + carries to get to 2000 yards but then again when Geno Smith is your QB the ground game is your only hope. Rex Ryan is dead man walking as Idzik wants his own flunky.

    Five more years until Jets fans can celebrate their Silver Anniversary of Super Bowl less seasons as most Jets fans cannot even remember.

  17. He state this every season, it’s his only way of staying relevant in media. Everyone know’s it won’t happy, he just need to stop kidding himself.

  18. What a great ‘team’ guy…

    He’ll hit 2000yds…if you add up the yards he’s gonna get in practice and the regular season…

  19. Well so far this off season I’ve learned, Lesean McCoy is the best RB, then AP is the best RB, then AP is the player overall, Chris Johnson is going ot rush for 2000 yards, Johnny Manziel is the second coming of God and hasn’t played a down in the NFL, Ray Rice wants to fight in the UFC, and Desean Jackson is a crip.

  20. He doesn’t sound confident. He sounds like he believes that he’ll probably never do it again.

  21. Raiders, Packers, Bears, and Lions are the Jets first four games. Go and check how good those teams were vs. the run last year. He’ll have 2,000 yards by week 8.

  22. Clowns. I cant stand CJ2K but lets be serious….

    Reporter: CJ, do you think you’re still capable of rushing for 2k yards in a season?

    CJ: No. I’ve notably slowed and gotten soft with the last contract. My hearts not really in it… but I’m happy to collect a check.

    Seriously peoples… What is he supposed to answer. You can’t play any professional sport at that level without supreme confidence. Will happen? Of course not. Am I surprised by the answer? I’d be shocked if the answer was anything else.

  23. Whats he supposed to say when the media asks him if he feels like he can still do it? People act like the Jets players are on the corner of Broadway and Park Place just talking for the hell of it. LOL @ dolphins fans (specifcally hehateme2) talking trash about the Jets. I think your a little salty he chose the Jets over the doofins and you wound up with the great Knowshon Moreno who isn’t even getting any reps in OTA/Minicamp. Thats what happens when you wind up with the 9th choice for a new GM. Making a QB joke is also funny cuz I’m pretty sure it was Geno (0 picks) who outplayed Tannehill (3 picks) when the playoffs were on the line and the Jets had nothing to play for.

  24. He does realise that Mr Run Because I Can’t Read a Defense Vick is going to be his QB? Takes away a lot of attempts and possible yards for a RB.

    Now way this guy gets anywhere close to 2k again. SEVEN people have done. It is not the type of thing you can set out to achieve, it’s just happens when it does.

  25. You do have to like the confidence….well maybe you don’t haha. Believe it or not, teams like confident players. Also, like others have said, I wouldn’t expect CJ to say he COULDN’T do it. What player dogs their own ability to the press? However, as a Titans fans I feel I’m more than qualified to comment on this particular subject. Jets fans….don’t get your hopes up. EVERY season since his 2000 yard season he said he was going to do it again….he has yet to even come close. He may have a good year, but I’ll be shocked if he even comes close to 2000 though.

    Just once I’d love a CJ story to be about how good he thinks his TEAM is and what they might accomplish instead of what HE’S going to do. You don’t get labeled selfish just because people are mean…he’s selfish. Nothing wrong with telling the truth.

    Also if can comment on a diffrent CJ story right quick. When he said the Titans were nasty for not releasing him at the start of free agency. Once again, selfish! In CJ’s head it was OK for him to hold out for more money. Which he had the right to do. But when the team holds on in hopes another team that wants his services will bite at the chance to trade for him, that’s nasty. The Titans had every right to hang on in attempt to trade him. But once again, me me me me. He was right though, the titans already have CJ regrets…. it’s that contract no one wanted any part of!

  26. The plan should be 250 carries for CJ and 150 for Ivory, and <100 for the rest.

    Jets would be a 8-11 win team if the plan works. They were 8-8 last season with a rookie QB.

  27. At 2.3 yards per carry, he’d need 870 carries. Not gonna happen. He should be aiming for like 700.

  28. Let me know when any of the running back you guys like rush for 2k and as far as Vick does whether you like him or not he is a trendsetter and I guarantee you would be singing a different tune if he was on you’re team

  29. I feel like the jets could win they have a solid offensive line and they didn’t get Vick to become their starting quarterback they got him as a mentor and our recieveing game is looking a lot better

  30. Oh trust me he hasn’t lost a step…he’s still dancing around great!!
    I’m just a lil surprised that he’s lowered his normally standard of 2500 rushing yds in a season..

  31. Why would anyone want someone to not think they were capable of great achievement? Do you want your players to think they can only be good at best? He didn’t say he WILL get 2,000 yards, only that he is still capable of it and doesn’t want to play when he thinks he isn’t. I can admire that sentiment. It was like when Pete Rose had 44 hits to go to break Ty Cobb’s record and a reporter asked him how many at bats do you think it will take you to get 44 hits and he immediately said 44 at bats. When given the chance to explain or backtrack on his comments Rose said, “As a hitter, if you don’t think you’re going to get a hit each time you’re in the batter’s box then you don’t belong there.” You’ll only ever be as great as you believe you can be.

  32. He is a 2000 Yard back, come on five years this guy can get to 2000 total yards over the five.

    Looking into my crystal ball I see in the next five years an article about how this guy is broke and working at a car wash. Yes even at the car wash he says “I a 2000 cars washed a year kind of guy”

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