FedEx CEO refuses to say whether he supports Washington name

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The name of one of the nation’s most successful delivery companies is attached to the building where the Washington NFL team plays.  But its CEO refuses to say whether he believes the name of the franchise should change.

Initially, FedEx CEO Fred Smith tried to avoid the question of whether the team should change its name, in an appearance on CNBC.

“Well first of all, let me answer that question from the standpoint of FedEx, which sponsors FedEx Field,” Smith said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.  “We have a long-standing contract with Washington Football Inc.  The Redskins play at FedEx Field, but there are many many other events there: the Rolling Stones, Notre Dame, Army and Navy football, Kenny Chesney.  So that’s our sponsorship, and we really don’t have any dog in this issue from a standpoint of FedEx.  From a personal standpoint, I’m a shareowner in the Redskins football team, but Mr. Snyder — who’s the majority owner — and the Redskins speak for the franchise.”

Asked more directly whether he believes the name should change, Smith finally answered.  By saying he won’t answer.

“Gonna remain personal,” Smith said.  “I think that FedEx’s contract is with Washington Football for the stadium.  And I’m here representing 300,000 FedEx team members and FedEx shareholders.  So our sponsorship is a good one for FedEx Field, and the Redskins need to speak on the Redskins name.”

That’s a weak response, especially since FedEx necessarily endorses the name by continuing to lend its name to the stadium whose primary tenant is the Washington NFL team.  Smith likewise endorses the name by continuing to be a minority owner.

But Smith didn’t get to be so rich by being stupid.  With plenty of delivery alternatives and the issue becoming a hotter and hotter potato politically and quite soon perhaps commercially, stating his views would risk alienating those who disagree with him.

It doesn’t make his position in any way courageous (because it’s in every way cowardly), but it makes his position smart.

Even though it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Smith supports the name.  The fact that he won’t declare that he does underscores the problem of having a name based on a word that has evolved into a racial slur.

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  1. Who cares what he thinks? Why do they need to be dragged into this? The Redskins name has been around for 80 years, and all of a sudden anyone associated with the team is a racist that needs to answer for it? Stop it. Just stop it.

    p.s. come out here to New Mexico and meet some Native Americans. Come see who their favorite team is. I’ll give you a hint: It’s the one in Washington.

  2. Wow, White Liberals are destroying this country. It’s just a nickname people….if you don’t like it don’t watch it or support them…now HOA are is that…exactly

  3. funny how Florio refers to them as The Washington NFL Team. Funny how you weren’t calling them that as early as 2 years ago. But hey, everyone else is doing it, so I guess I’m offended by the name too.

    80 years they have had that name now all of a sudden it’s offensive. Pathethic.

    REDSKINS name stays

  4. Now they’re gonna drag the sponsors into this to put pressure on Dan Snyder. The media is really despicable. Good thing Smith doesn’t give in that easy. DON’T CHANGE THE NAME!

  5. Smith would have hurt 300,000 FedEx employees and shareholders if he took a position either way. I’d call that a courageous and responsible stand in the face of persistent “gotcha” questioning from a journalist.

  6. It’s only a racial slur in the minds of he media and special interest groups looking to get paid off. To everybody else, it’s just the traditional name of a football team.

  7. The fact that he won’t declare that he does underscores the problem of having a name based on a word that has evolved into a racial slur.
    And there is the crux of the argument for many “traditionalists” who see no reason to change the name. Over-sensitive people believe they have the right to feel good about everything and everyone else should be obligated to comply with those personal feelings (even as they change over time). It wasn’t meant as a racial slur but since some people don’t care for the word (and confuse that with actually being offended) they believe it should be eradicated and the rights of Dan Snyder, the business itself and anyone in support of them/it do not matter. The PC folks are horribly wrong here and just a little thought beyond “feelings” would surely show that.

  8. “Evolved into a racial slur…” This is such utter nonsense. The only reason it’s a racial slur is because so many PC-crazy writers and broadcasters in the media keep stirring up the issue so they don’t have to get off their butts and do some work by researching new and interesting stories that NFL fans actually care about.

  9. Good answer. Screw the media. What do you want him to say? Maybe he has Native American heritage and is more offended by the Cowboys brand.

  10. It’s not a weak response, it’s the right response and the truth. He has nothing to gain by taking a stand either way. Why would he want to align his name and the company he represents with either side and become a victim of, or a slave to, a political agenda?

  11. It’s a shame you can’t say what you really think in this country now. I’m not a Braves fan, but I do want to get to Turner Field before the tomahawk chop goes the way of the dodo bird.

  12. If this has been such a major issue, where was the public outcry 3 years ago. Typical bandwagon politicians and media. If the OWNER doesn’t want to do something, thats his perogative – it is his franchise. It is the perogative of everyone who doesn’t support the name to not purchase and/or support the Redskins. I’m sick of these small special interest groups controlling the entire population with their mind assault on what is okay and isn’t okay for us to think.

    If there is really so much outcry for the change, the US government should tax us more and spend 3 billion to buy the franchise. At least I can get behind a purchase that should eventually allow the government to tax me less. Or at least give all the profits to the native American population to better their quality of life.

  13. Smart answer. If he says one or the other people will complain 1 of 2 things.

    1. He’s racist
    2. He’s against freedom

  14. From the WSJ: “We’re agnostic in the Indian symbol debate, though we’ve never understood why the critics think fans and athletes want their team names to represent something other than strength, courage or pride. If names were meant to convey dislike—of, say, Vikings, Yankees or the Irish—then Redskins owner Dan Snyder would have converted to the Washington Harry Reids years ago.”

  15. contrary to what Florio thinks, this is a good response. what good can come of answering the question.

  16. The name “evolved” into a racial slur? So it didn’t use to be a racial slur?

    I see. It became a slur when PC do-gooders recently decided it was. Not in 1932 when it was created. Nice ex post facto way of doing things.

  17. From a CNN article today:

    “With its common law rights intact, the team is free to continue to call itself the “Redskins.” Moreover, it can still sue you for selling counterfeit Washington Redskins gear, and it can still block someone from starting a Washington Redskins dodgeball team. The Washington Redskins still have trademark rights, and strong rights at that.

    If the team owners still have rights in the trademark, why is losing the registration a big deal? What does a registration give you? It gives you a few statutory presumptions in the event that you go to court over enforcement of your trademark. It gives a presumption of ownership and validity. In simple terms, the cancellation only means that if there is a trademark infringement lawsuit, the Washington Redskins team is going to have to pay a bit more in attorneys’ fees to win its case …

    To justify such censorship, the government must demonstrate that the harms it seeks to address are real and that its restriction will in fact alleviate them to a material degree. In addition, the courts have found, such a restriction “may not be sustained if it provides only ineffective or remote support for the government’s purpose.” These mandates are “critical,” for otherwise “[the government] could with ease restrict commercial speech in the service of other objectives that could not themselves justify a burden on commercial expression.”

    In this case, what is the governmental purpose in depriving the Redskins of their trademark registration? Is it that the government is serving as a morality teacher? Is it choosing a favored position, and then enforcing it by only giving government benefits to companies that agree with that orthodoxy?

  18. Florio is becoming that guy who blasts no matter what someone says. Brilliant for this guy to keep his mouth shut in this day and age.

  19. I can’t help but think of franchises that have been staples of their respective leagues. Lakers, Celtics, Cardinals, Steelers, Packers, Bruins, and Red Wings to name just a few. What these franchises have had for the most part, is strength at the GM, President, and ownership levels for decades. Not that any of the aforementioned haven’t had bumps in the road, but stability brings leadership and with such, those bumps in the road don’t become mountains. Like it or not, this isn’t going away and the more Snyder is defiant, the more this gets brought up on Sundays. The coaches and players will get tired of this and it is inevitable it will be reflected in their play. The sad thing is this a reflection of our government. No one is willing to comprimise.

  20. .
    In today’s social media / flash mob world Smith is taking a big financial risk with his position. The FedEx brand is top shelf and any divisive controversy will not enhance it.

  21. Well, it’s not like FedEx is party to a contract that obligates it to pay sponsorship money for the benefit of stockholders, and can’t be casually discarded, regardless of the political stand writers want the company to take.

    It’s unfortunate when people become so single minded and self righteous about an issue that they are unable to understand nuance.

  22. “In 2007, the court approved a $54.9 million settlement of the race discrimination class action lawsuit by African American and Latino employees of FedEx Express. The settlement required FedEx to reform its promotion, discipline, and pay practices.”
    In 2012, FedEx To Paid $3 Million To Settle Hiring Discrimination Charges”FedEx subsidiaries FedEx Ground and FedEx Post were accused of discriminating against job seekers because of their race or gender at 23 facilities in 15 different states. “The affected workers include men and women as well as African-American, Caucasian and Native American job seekers, as well as job seekers of Hispanic and Asian descent,”
    There is no doubt where they stand.

  23. Seriously Mike?

    It’s clear that you have a dog in this fight, and frankly, I agree with you to the extent of the name.

    But why stop with Fed Ex?

    Why not impugn the construction companies that built the thing?

    How about the companies that produce the food that’s sold there?

    How about the manufacturers of the seating?

    … the manufacturers of the containers that food & drink that are sold are put into?

    … the beer company that sells beer there?

    … the providers of the electricity for events?

    … the D.C. water authority for daring to provide water for the restrooms?

    … the emergency personnel at events on event days?

    … for anyone that attends any event there? … what’s next, calls to hose down spectators to events as they dare try to enter the premises on event days? I think we tried that at least once in our sullied history of civil rights. Or heck, how ’bout outright beatings by police for anyone with a Redskins logo on?


    I mean shouldn’t anyone that doesn’t picket there on game-days be held accountable too?

  24. It’s nowhere near “a weak response”. It’s a brilliant response to those who want to drag his company into the fray.

    Why should he play your game? Why should he roll over to the latest made up moral crisis? Libs always cry and stamp their feet when they don’t get what they want.

  25. put your money where your mouth is florio! host a poll! I double dare you

  26. Change the name to the Washington AKECHETAS, a Native American term for warriors/ fighters, and be done with this. It would be an honor to the Sioux who settled in/ around that area.

  27. I wonder if the Senate will subpoena Smith in a Congressional hearing to elicit a formal response from him about the name.

    Obviously, Congressional Democrats have nothing better to do with their time…

  28. p.s. come out here to New Mexico and meet some Native Americans. Come see who their favorite team is. I’ll give you a hint: It’s the one in Washington.

    Sorry, but I know a few Lakota, and a couple of Cherokee and they do not agree with you. Look- we confuse free speech to say the word versus making money off the word. Eventually the natives will win in court and it will cost the NFL, MLB and NCAA millions to retain the names. The natives will win.

    ps- when you address a native you do not call out -‘hey Redskin’- or do you?

  29. The Liberals are working overtime on this one.

    It’s change the name or else. “But wait” they think, “What does the Corp with the stadium naming rights have to say”?

    The thought?…Maybe they can find another despised 1%er who is complicite in this racial hatred and isn’t towing the PC thought party line to harass…And the ensuing outcry to destroy his career and business..

    Next..They think they saw company employees that run the concession stands at the field still wearing Redskins jerseys…They will not work in this town again !!!!

  30. Every time i read the comments of a washington article my IQ drops. But i just keep doing it, pretty soon i’ll be believing things like this “all of a sudden happened.”

  31. jayniner says:
    Jun 21, 2014 2:15 PM
    I wonder if the Senate will subpoena Smith in a Congressional hearing to elicit a formal response from him about the name.

    Obviously, Congressional Democrats have nothing better to do with their time…
    Now that is funny, since republicans come up with a new hearing everyday for imaginary scandals. Do they have civics in your school system?

    What hearings have the Dems had?

  32. I have friends who are hard core redskin fans and they will boycott NFL if this absurdity reaches the final absurd level of finality. You want to alienate fans, go for it! I’m sure there are other outlets for time, $ and attention.

  33. As I predicted over a year ago– There will be a government bailout for the Washington Redskins name change.

    Think about it:
    –leftist ubermoralists always find some current outrage they can work on without much more effort than typing on their computer
    –Politicians jump on the bandwagon so they can get good PR
    –Snyder stands to lose tens of millions on any name change
    –The NFL is always looking for public money to pay their expenses. They certainly won’t foot the bill for this.

    Who will pay? Every taxpayer reading this.

  34. Good for Fed X CEO, tired of all the foolish pressure and people jumping on the band wagon.

  35. I agree..Put out a poll Florio. I guarantee 80+% support the name. Media keeps talking about public opinion prevailing. Too bad for you jokers that public opinion supports the name.

  36. What I find insulting is all the white people telling natives they are being insulted. Those same people are just using this to distract us from the real problems in the country that they created.

    Stand strong Snyder!!! Never change!!

  37. Is there a good reason under our laws and Constitution he should be expected to answer it?

  38. “If his team nickname really isn’t’ an offensive, racist term, if it is, as he claims, it’s a point of pride among Native American tribes, how come not once in his letter doe Dan Snyder actually refer to actual Native Americans as ‘redskins?

  39. I used to respect the press but I am beginning to see them as one of THE most disruptive groups of people in our beloved country, always looking for a hornet’s nest to stir. Mr. Smith would be foolish to side either way on this issue and because he chooses not to be foolish, the press chooses to call him a coward. In my mind, it is a coward who chooses to attack someone whose “hands are tied”. Mr. Smith was courageous to answer questions on the issue to begin with since he was under no obligation to do so in the first place.

  40. I love how people keep saying that, “now after 80 years it’s SUDDENLY a problem.” Clearly these folks have never heard of the Red Movement, who on the heels of the US Civil Rights Movement tried diligently to get the name changed because it is a racist slur. That was OVER FORTY YEAR’S AGO in the late 60 and early 70s. This didn’t come about “all of a sudden.” The name has been racist since its inception. It took a nationally recognized Civil Rights Movement to even attempt to change the name. They were unfortunately unsuccessful. Typical American perspective on history. I guess it’s to be expected considering they hide information like that in books…

  41. The ONLY reason the Redskin name is a hot topic is because those who oppose it by continuously putting this attack on Washingtons’ NFL team is to keep those opposing it in the news, its making money for those opposing it. Has NOTHING to do with the actual American Indians being repulsed. Politicians look for topics which will be nearly impossible to change in order to keep their names in the news and keep them relivant. What is the ultimate goal of these people. That is what should be asked. Why media jumps on it so easily is to keep selling their views which makes them money. Get over it.

  42. So, it seems you’re going way beyond covering football. Now we’re trying to convince a minority owner to sell off his interest in the ‘Washington NFL Team”. In other words, give up a profitable business investment. Guess we can’t make money in the country until we please everyone’s political agenda.

  43. FedEx and CEO Fred Smith are class acts. Fantastic organization. Jobs for the US and the world. As to the class action lawsuits mentioned earlier … FedEx is one of the top 3 corporations in the world that hire minorities … Gave jobs to some that couldn’t even get a job washing cars and look where it got them and Mr. Smith is a coward?…racist ? yeah right… what a joke. The lib media is a joke and all this wasted time on a team name ? get over it all you good deed doers. I hope this doesn’t hurt my political career, LOL.

  44. I really wish we can just leave the right wing / left wing stuff out of this conversation. I’m about as liberal as they come, and I feel as strongly as anyone else that the name should not be changed.

    As the polling shows, the vast majority believes the name should stay. Assuming about half are liberal, and about half are conservative, it’s not hard to see that this is not a black and white partisan issue. In today’s political climate, it’s not often that both sides can agree on something. This just happens to be one of those times. HTTR

  45. Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!
    Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!
    Beat ’em, Swamp ’em,
    Touchdown! — Let the points soar!
    Fight on, fight on ‘Til you have won
    Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!
    Hail to the Redskins!
    Hail Victory!
    Braves on the Warpath!
    Fight for old D.C.!

    What’s so offensive about this song??

  46. “… a name that has evolved into a slur”

    PLAHAHAHAHA!!!! Really??? When did this happen? Oh yea, I remember now… it was when the bored sports writers thought they would take on a manufactured issue and repeatedly tell people it’s a slur even though they never considered it a slur until they were told to.


  47. How come The Browns get a pass? Isn’t that offensive to Brown people? Just saying but wouldn’t be surprised if that happens

  48. It is scary to think the direction our country is heading. Slowly , now with steam , we are quickly becoming a socialist country! Hidden behind Political Correctness, they are changing laws and tradition! I for one, fear what we as a society will look like in 20 years!

  49. Is anyone against the name ever going to cite a verified example of when “Redskins” was actually used as a slur? You know, like a real live human being denouncing a Native American by calling them a “Redskin.” In the real world, such examples are known as evidence. And are used to provide objective support to an argument.

    There certainly must be a litany of such examples, since the name has purportedly “evolved” into a slur.


  50. casurferho says:
    Jun 21, 2014 3:37 PM
    It is scary to think the direction our country is heading. Slowly , now with steam , we are quickly becoming a socialist country! Hidden behind Political Correctness, they are changing laws and tradition! I for one, fear what we as a society will look like in 20 years!
    All due respect, fellow American, you are free to buy a passport and leave anytime, if you’re so dissatisfied with our direction.

    You still have that liberty … planes, trains, ships and automobiles. There must be somewhere can go to disrespect people without criticism.

  51. Stop with “it’s been a name for 80 years” baloney. Who cares. Americans could own other human beings for 400 years but that no longer the case. Just because something has been don’t a certain way for many years doesn’t mean it’s right. I give you- Brown vs. The Board Of Education. That and many other decisions changed the USA for the good.
    You know why Native Americans only represent 2% of the countries population? Because of mass genocide on the part of the US government. That’s why. Get over your unevolved selves and think for a change. If you can. The name will change and the lily-livered sponsors will then come out and endorse the change en-mass. His royal highness Goodell will take credit for everything. As usual.

  52. I hate political correctness! The name is really an affirmation of the courage, tenacity and toughness of Indians. The modus operandi of the left is to demonize anyone who disagrees with them. I, for one, am happy to disagree with them. As Obama has so clearly showed us, liberalism is a disaster.

  53. People need to stop with the”would you call a Native American a redskin? Then it’s a slur” garbage. Nobody ever calls a Native American a redskin. Has anybody ever heard the term used in the context of a slur? The N word is a slur bc bigots use it with negative connotation. I have never heard of a bigot saying “get outta here you redskin”. BECAUSE IT IS NOT A SLUR. Redskin was not even in reference to their skin, it was for the mud they wiped on their skin before battle.

  54. Freedom of the press does relate to message boards- the public has become part of the press…yet they still want to steal my microphone because it’s against their views and I call them out for it.

  55. Yikes, Florio… getting a little personal calling the guy cowardly for avoiding an issue that has little to do with him. If he had answered one way or another, there’d be a story for whichever side he took and you’d rip him apart for whichever side he was on.

  56. Hey Florio, why do you insist on calling people cowards for keeping their opinions to themselves. So RGIII is a coward? Hell he even has the aduacity to cash those big fat checks from the REDSKINS. You wouldn’t know courageous if it bit you in the butt.

  57. Of course the name should and will change, but part of me doesn’t want the story to go away simply because I always love the hissing sound of angry white conservatives losing their minds as the structures of white privilege crumble around them.

  58. Florio, Fred Smith is anything but cowardly. Vietnam Vet, Awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. What have you done.

  59. Native Americans themselves can’t agree on whether it’s a slur or not. Yes, the term has been used in a derogatory fashion in the past.. but it’s all about context. Sure if you say ‘you’re a damn Redskin’ or something to that effect, with a condescending tone, sure it can be considered a slur. But that could be said for many words, even ‘white person’. But whether the word in and of itself is a slur is up for debate, that’s as far as I’ll go on that.

    Also, this patent ruling only deals with the name, not the logo. And even if the team loses the appeal, they still have many options for protection, read the article by McCann on SI’s site. Worst case, sure, somebody can produce knock off merchandise with the name on it, but no logo and certainly not the NFL shield… and possibly not even in the official Redskin ‘font’. So the bulk of the good merchandise would still be produced by the team. And this appeal could take years so nothing is going to change for quite some time anyway.

  60. The inescapable fact of the matter, on this particular issue is, Fred Smith wants it all ways. I say all ways because obviously he has given the term no small amount of consideration and determined that for all intents and purposes, it’s a no win. You could say he’s hedging his bet, however that isn’t completely accurate either. If you choose the politically expedient course, which he did, and try to shield your “personal stance” on a public debate, which he did, in this case you’re supporting the status quo, which is, wait for it…wait for it… the perpetuation of an offensive racial epithet, Another fun inescapable fact is, he knows that the blatantly racial term has a negative connotation, and he can ill afford to be found supporting it’s perpetuation in public. What to do? I wholeheartedly endorse Florio’s characterization, simply on the grounds of it’s transparency. The courageous thing to do in this instance would probably be to leave your personal views out of it and, dare I say, attempt to see this issue from the other perspective, because there doesn’t seem to be a third alternative. I for one have found a deeper as well as shallower meaning in the immortal words of Samuel Johnson. “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Particularly on this issue, truer words were never spoken.

  61. What is the definition of intolerance?

    An attempt to get this poor guy to divulge his opinion, just so you can trample upon it, would certainly be a fitting example.

  62. Look at that picture, the top priority for this guy is crushing the USPS, and privatizing parcel/letter delivery.

    Do you think he really gives 2 cents about the name?

  63. patc14 says:
    Jun 21, 2014 2:51 PM
    “If his team nickname really isn’t’ an offensive, racist term, if it is, as he claims, it’s a point of pride among Native American tribes, how come not once in his letter doe Dan Snyder actually refer to actual Native Americans as ‘redskins?
    Probably because he doesn’t view the word as one to describe a group of people by race or heritage. He likely does not view them in a demeaning way either, hence no reference to them as idiots, bastards, degenerates or any other name-calling kind of term.

  64. Can someone explain how the argument “would you call a native “redskin” to their face?” Makes ANY sense?

    The answer is no. I also wouldn’t call them “Chief” or “Brave” either.

  65. It’s about time the people who write the checks to prop up Snyder get dragged into this. It’s one thing for Dan to cling to the outdated nickname for his team, it’s another for a company like FedEx to endorse it by attaching their name to Snyder’s continued attempt to cling to a demeaning nickname for his team.

    Snyder isn’t going to change until the dollars dry up.

  66. Fred Smith is a weak minded fool…shocking he is a CEO huh?? i will not be using FED EX for any of my shipping needs and I’m not going to purchase anything that uses FED EX to ship until the NFL Football team in Washington name gets changed…i invite all others to do the same…

  67. Fred Smith is a weak minded fool…shocking he is a CEO huh?? i will not be using FED EX for any of my shipping needs and I’m not going to purchase anything that uses FED EX to ship until the NFL Football team in Washington name gets changed…i invite all others to do the same………………………………………..

    Are you sure this is enough? Should we try to find out where he lives..maybe try to ruin his career? Hope Fed Ex is financially ruined from your grass root campaign? Then maybe you can look at prime customers of Fed Ex and demonize them as well? Would that be enough to satisfy your predictably laughable liberal outrage?

    Maybe treat him like the Mozilla CEO

  68. It has been the Washington Redskins from the beginning of time. Why all the issues now concerning the name now?????
    Unless a particular group deems royalty’s should be paid for the name………….. but racial, make me believe that it is……………..

  69. Like it or not, there is a group of Native Americans that finds the team name offensive and I don’t think that anything anyone says or does is going to change that. There is no statement that the team can issue that is going to make this group cease being offended. What Snyder must now do is decide if he wants this controversy to be the only thing anyone talks about when they discuss the team. Do you want the conversation to be about what the team does on the field or about the controversial name? The people who are against the name change need to understand that even if they don’t find the name offensive, there is a group that does and they are not going away.

    Does the nfl want this controversy to be front and center every week during the season or do they want the conversation to be about the actual games? At some point a business decision will be made, much the same way the nba made one with Sterling and they will decide that the controversy is hurting revenue and the name will be changed.

  70. Fred Smith took a strong stance by not answering about a topic brought on by weak minded fools.

  71. FedEx CEO Fred Smith was born in 1944 … in Mississippi. His attitude is hardly a surprise.

  72. If you want to really fix this country,you have to
    get a handle on the media(all forms)but I’d rather
    start with something easier like the NRA.

  73. Some native americans think its a honor to be recognized by an NFL team with a beautifully portrayed indian emblem as the teams logo and the Redskins name.

  74. Has anyone else just about had it with this social media craze. All they are is a bunch on do nothings with the assistance of the media to whip up a frenzy. Got a question for you. How come when Justin Beiber uses the N word a bunch of time the story goes away in 2 days? How come when Jonas Hill tears into a guy with a gay slur, the story goes away in 2 days. How come when an owner for an NBA team is illegally recorded and the tape is played the story last for months. I will tell you why. Sterling is not part of the media, that’s why. I get so sick of these politically correct (non media) stories.

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