Hernandez victims seek unpaid bonus money


A click-bait headlines go, “Hernandez victims sue Patriots” would have been far more effective.  And technically accurate.

Via the Associated Press, the estates of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado have added the Patriots and Kraft Enterprises LLC as defendants in the pending wrongful death lawsuit filed against former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez.  The move aims to block Hernandez from getting the cash he seeks from the Patriots under his 2012 contract via a grievance filed by the NFLPA.

Hernandez wants $3.25 million in unpaid signing bonus money and another $2.96 million in guaranteed payments from the Patriots.  Because he had earned the signing bonus and the Patriots had cut him from the team, Hernandez has a strong to quite strong case for the $3.25 million.  As to the $2.96 million, his chances are much slimmer.

The estates of de Abreu, Furtado, and Odin Lloyd have quite strong to very strong civil cases against Hernandez for killing them.  Regardless of what happens in the criminal prosecutions, where the standard of proof is very high, a 50.0000001 to 49.9999999 standard applies in the civil case.  If Hernandez wins the grievance, the $3.25 million quite possibly will go to the families of his alleged victims.

It’s not known whether Lloyd’s estate has filed a similar claim.  There’s no reason not to.  With Hernandez’s cash reportedly shrinking, the only assets left could be the house he’s prohibited from selling due to the lawsuits and the bonus money he hasn’t received from the Patriots.

From Hernandez’s perspective, the civil cases represent the least of his legal worries.  And as he prepares to face trial for three murders, his lawyers have asked that Hernandez be moved to a jail closer to Boston, alleging that Hernandez’s safety and his ability to communicate with his lawyers is being compromised.  The lawyers specifically allege that Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson has colluded with the district attorney, has “abandoned” his duty to detain Hernandez in a safe manner, and has used Hernandez for “self promotion and virtually nonstop publicity.”

Hodgson, arguably seizing on the filing for even more publicity, called the contention “outrageous” and claimed the jail is “nationally accredited.”

It doesn’t really matter where Hernandez is kept as he awaits trial.  What ultimately will matter is whether he’s kept behind bars after any of the three murder trials.

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  1. Hernandez’s lawyers want this and that break given to Hernandez – by reason that we should all be “rightfully” concerned about Hernandez’s safety.


  2. 1. “…and another $2.96 million in guaranteed payments”
    I guess guaranteed doesn’t mean what I think it means.
    2. “…have quite strong to very strong civil cases against Hernandez for killing them.”
    Shouldn’t that be ‘allegedly’?
    3. If found guilty, does he qualify for the death penalty?

  3. You need to read the linked article a little closer. The families aren’t just trying to block Hernandez from getting the money, they named the Patriots and Kraft’s main company, to get into the really deep pockets.

    I’m sorry those two guys are dead, but that’s not the fault of the Patriots or Bob Kraft. No way ANY team signs that new contract if they knew he had already killed two men.

    This was a pure money grab move by those two families against Kraft and the Patrots

  4. This is not a strong to quite strong case, and it’s sad that a former lawyer is missing the obvious. The two victims in which this case stems from were killed prior to said signed contract with unpaid bonus money. That contract contains language that would make the deal null and void if prior to signing, Hernandez had committed a crime that would make him unavailable to play. Hence, if he’s found not guilty, they don’t get a dime… and if he’s found guilty, they don’t get a dime.

  5. 1. “…and another $2.96 million in guaranteed payments”
    I guess guaranteed doesn’t mean what I think it means.
    2. “…have quite strong to very strong civil cases against Hernandez for killing them.”
    Shouldn’t that be ‘allegedly’?
    3. If found guilty, does he qualify for the death penalty?

    1. If he is found guilty of the double murder in 2012 then his contract is void.
    2. Do we really need to put allegedly here
    3. Mass Doesn’t have a death penalty so no

  6. Not that I would have any sympathy for Hernandez if convicted but weren’t these other guys criminals too?

    Why should a Criminals family be entitled to anything. Donate any money to an inner city youth program to keep kids from turning into punks like this.

  7. A ” Riches to Rags ” story.

    Some one forgot to tell Hernandez that the criminal justice system is relentless…all his money won’t another day of freedom buy.

    I cannot remember a more boneheaded move from another human being in my life !

  8. Where’s the compassion? This man is fighting for his life. He’s been accused of several counts of murder and people want to take his money? Oh, right, Hernandez probably should have thought about that beforehand, eh? The only thing this chump needs his money for now is to pay Bubba to stay away.

  9. Can we push the creep to back pages ? Not a feel good story guy topic nothing…stop promoting this crap

  10. Flash Patterson is right on! These people want free money, what do u expect in a place run by lawyers who want the same? I shake your hand to this day and a deal is a deal. What happened to my country? Sad

  11. The first two were not criminals, they just had a brief chance encounter with Hernandez at a club, a spilled drink, perceived “disrespect” and murdered.

  12. Mr. Florio-
    BTW- my iPad autocorrects “Florio” to “Glorious”. Thought you would enjoy that.

    You should read the articles you link to better. It clearly states that Mr. Lloyd’s family has already made a similar claim in court.

  13. Pats turned a blind eye to the red flags around Hernandez. I wish Pats fans would stop being hypocrites to the truth. Pats should pay the money so it could be included in the civil suit against Hernandez.

  14. The civil court system is ruining this country.

    How can you be found innocent of a murder and then have to PAY for that murder. Since when is murder a civil and monetary issue.

    Only a lawyer can twist our system this way.

    Crimes are CRIMES, thus judged in the CRIMINAL system.

    If it’s NOT a CRIME, then that is when the civil courts should get involved.

  15. A little bit of an argument in the comments right now is if he’d be eligible for the death penalty. If he killed Odin Lloyd to cover up the double homicide, it would be a federal crime. And the feds can use the death penalty, even if the crime was committed in a non-death penalty state.

  16. Hernandez will probably get an arbitration ruling on his signing bonus long before a civil trial against him is completed. AH can assign his money to someone else or a retirement fund or trust. That’s why OJ Simpson kept his pension after his conviction. So the families shouldn’t expect to see any money unless Hernandez is foolish.

  17. Leave the Pats and Kraft out of it. Red flags are only predictive of future events when viewed through hindsight. Anyway, paying him to play football doesn’t enable him to commit murder. If you were convicted of murder, would your victim’s family have a case against your employer? All the money in the world isn’t going to bring the victims back. Hernandez likely would have committed some type of crime like this NFL contract or no. Why should the Pats be responsible for what he does “off the clock?”

  18. Sorry but you shouldn’t be able to do a cash grab in civil court. Why should Hernandez family pay for his crimes. And the money doesn’t bring anyone back to life. We need tort reform on this. It’s ridiculous. Just because someone is wealthy doesn’t mean people get a lotto ticket. In the end your hurting innocent people usually kids.

  19. He won’t ever face the death penalty and those families wont be able to get money from the Patriots unless they give them the signing bonus money.

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