Scott Linehan takes firm control of the Cowboys’ offense


The Cowboys have an offensive-minded head coach in Jason Garrett and an offensive coordinator in Bill Callahan, but it’s passing game coordinator Scott Linehan who’s running the offense in Dallas.

Linehan led all the offensive meetings throughout the spring, Albert Breer of NFL Network reports. That fact confirms the widespread belief that while Garrett is Linehan’s boss and Callahan is technically above Linehan on the organizational flow chart, it’s Linehan who is making the decisions on the Cowboys’ offense.

So what will a Linehan-run offense in Dallas look like? It will probably feature more passing than Cowboys fans are accustomed to seeing. During Linehan’s previous job, as the offensive coordinator in Detroit, the Lions were always among the league leaders in pass attempts. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has averaged more than 42 passes a game the last three seasons, while Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has averaged only 36 passes a game the last three seasons. With Linehan calling the shots, Romo should expect to throw more.

If Linehan’s offense can get the Cowboys out of their 8-8 rut and into the playoffs, the decision to bring him on board will be hailed as a wise move in Dallas. If the Cowboys go in the other direction, Linehan, Garrett and Callahan will all likely be looking for new jobs.

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  1. Scott Linehan takes firm control of the Cowboys’ offense?

    LOL…..My Condolences!

  2. Linehan is a very good Offensive Coordinator, but, his scheme requires a Quarterback who is NOT turnover prone and a Defense that will hold up because the Offense will not be on the field long (either from scoring quickly or…turning the ball over).

    Judging by the current personnel, that seems like a prescription for disaster in Big D.

  3. Jason Garrett is a politician, so talking is all that he does to answer that question.

    And maybe Linehan can do a good job for them, just don’t count on him to teach your QB how to play the game because that certainly won’t be happening, you need a QB Coach for that. He just calls the plays.

  4. Only in Dallas. Seriously. The only thing I can give Jerry is he isn’t being knee jerk in launching a coach like so many teams are.

    On the flip side. He has coaches that probably NEEDED knee jerk launches.


  5. Bill Callahan should be thankful. When their offense sucks in 2014 it won’t all be his fault.

  6. LOL, my condolences. But I guess its better than what yall had last year. Good luck throwing the ball that many times Romo. This is not going to end well.

  7. Garrett was the one who decided to keep Callahan and bring in Linehan… Jerry wanted to release Bill after Jason took over play – calling after the bye-week. So If bringing your own play caller in makes him a puppet is he Kermit. . Elmo or big bird?

  8. Wow , Garrett,Callahan and Linehan. Dallas sounds like a pretty offensive team.

  9. IMHO… At this point in Romo’s career he’d b better served by a strong run game. I think he’s a great qb but all the hits he takes has taken its toll….

  10. I think Linehan has a pretty creative offense. Those misdirection screens were hard to stop in Detroit last year. But a poor man’s Megatron isn’t going to carry that offense.

  11. I would MUCH rather see 6 FEWER passes per game… that would be another 30 yards on the ground per week for a very under rated Murray. Plus it would mean a healthier Time of Possession which would help protect the Defense a little bit. Hopefully Linehan will bust out a new bag of tricks, but I’m not holding my breath.

  12. Cowboys fans in Dallas are welcome to join with their more intelligent brothers and sisters in Tyler, and become loyal followers of the Cleveland Browns.

    Or you can keep throwing your money at Jerrah, I suppose.

    GO BROWNS!!!

  13. After watching game after game with Linehan calling the shots in Detroit, two conclusions may be drawn. 1. Linehan knows how to draw up some explosive plays. 2. He has know idea when to call those plays.

  14. No Offensive Coordinator did less with more than Linehan did with the Lions last year.

    The Lions have crazy good personnel on offense, and Linehan’s offense was middling at best. Dallas and Romo are going to struggle again this year.

  15. To all the Detroit fans bashing Linehan…

    Did yall see the offensive genius Jim Caldwell after Peyton Manning went down.. yeaaaaa……..

    My grandma always said you don’t miss ya water until the well runs dry…

  16. The Cowboys need to run MORE not less. They’ve had a few decent backs over the last few years, but they rarely consider running. They hope for the home run deep ball too much. There is a lot of hate for Romo, but the real decision maker in Dallas is the reason they suck. Balance balance balance! And getting rid of Rob Ryan as your DC was an epic blunder. There was your knee-jerk reaction.

  17. Jerry still hasn’t found anything Jason can do so he puts him in a position of no responsibility.

    My concern with Linehan is a lack of commitment to the run game which is what Dallas really needs. I do think Linehan will make good use of Dez and I look for him to have a big season.

  18. LOL..throw more?
    Does he realize tony “pitch it up” romo is his QB this year. Not that Matt “I’ve been in the league 5 years and still cant read a defense” Stafford is much if any better. But at least he had Calvin Johnson to throw too.

  19. Doesn’t really matter. By midseason, Jerrah will have fired Linehan and will call the plays himself!

  20. Linehan is a very good Offensive Coordinator, but, his scheme requires a Quarterback who is NOT turnover prone and a Defense that will hold up because the Offense will not be on the field long (either from scoring quickly or…turning the ball over).

    Judging by the current personnel, that seems like a prescription for disaster in Big D.

    Except you seem to not know in the past three seasons Stafford had 52 ints to Romos 39. Quit letting the media think for you.

  21. Wow. As a Rams fan, I always despised the “Pats” (you know the whole spygate thing plus lots of envy), now that Scotty is in Dallas, they are my number one. Dallas fans deserve much better. I think the window has closed on the Cowboys.

  22. One thing that is no JOKE is that young, athletic offensive line they’ve developed in Dallas. And I’m a REDSKINS fan……HAIL

  23. Get ready for a total lack of game plan shifting even when it’s painfully obvious that it is needed, predictably running the ball on EVERY 1st and 2nd down and lots of 3rd and 6 or 3rd and 8 plays, and never throwing the deep ball Dallas.

    Linehan had brief spells of genius looking misdirection plays for a quarter or two, then he got conservative and played soft for the rest of the game.

    Good luck Cowboys, you will need it.

  24. Hey, Jerry’s making coin and that’s all that matters to him right now. Don’t like how he’s running things? Then stop giving him your money.

  25. “So what will a Linehan-run offense in Dallas look like?” 8 – 8. And more passing? Oh boy….

  26. As a detroit fan, wait until it’s 4th & 1 and he lines ya up with 5 wideouts, doesn’t even threaten the run and then you will know why this loser has been bounced around the league so many times..oh and runs up the middle every 1st down those get old real quick too!

  27. If, as one commentor put it….Dallas’ problem isnt offense, but defense. Id have to add, that an owner who thinks he is a GM is also a part of the problem in Dallas.
    Jerry, yeah its your team….but owner & GM are 2 different jobs.

  28. Lots of fans from other teams making comments. Too bad they celebrate if their team wins 5 games. They pull it out and try to enjoy making fun of Romo but then they realize that Romo has a model wife and millions of dollars. All they have is a tattered girly magazine and a pinto on blocks. lol

  29. Wow! We could not mount a consistently effective offensive attack last year and the answer is we need to throw the ball more? Exactly where is this core of big, fast,strong high quality possession type receivers supposed to come from? I don’t think Tony can run fast enough and throw accurately enough to get it done even if he had the receivers.
    Please tell me this is all talk and no substance. PLEASE!

  30. Linehan said he did a lot pass calls because of the running game. If the o-line hold up and run game show promise I think you will see a balance run game. Let’s see what happen! I bet half the post in here are not Cowboy fans. Just saying

  31. “his scheme requires a Quarterback who is NOT turnover prone”

    Good, because they have a QB with a career 2-1 TD to INT ratio.

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